Best dating st petersburg russia tours stores

best dating st petersburg russia tours stores

Between Moscow and St Petersburg Moscow & St Petersburg Exploring Russia's beauty Adventure Tours. Moscow & St Petersburg. Embrace Moscow for its intriguing history and spectacular architecture and St Petersburg for its sparkling waterways and unrivalled elegance. The enigmatic capital, Moscow, and its younger sibling, the graceful St Petersburg, are without doubt two of Russia’s greatest possessions. Exclusive. NEW FOR 2019! Two Capitals Private tour. 8 day tour Incl flights. City Breaks / Individual Tour. New and exclusive for 2019!

best dating st petersburg russia tours stores

F.A.Q. F.A.Q. TJ Travel is registered at the Federal Agency of Tourism in the Russian Federation. Our registered license number is MBT#011381. We are a founding member of the Baltic Cruise Association in St. Petersburg. TJ Travel is a member of the Cruise Industry Association in St. Petersburg. General information Yes, we are.

Our registration number in the Russian Federation of Tourism is MBT 011381.As we are officially authorized by the Russian government we will supply you with a tour ticket which will allow you to easily pass through customs and immigration. In addition, we have a contract with the new St. Petersburg sea port “Morskoy Fasad”, so we can guarantee to meet you directly near your ship. Lastly, we are board members of the “Cruise Industry Association” and “ASTA” (American Society of Travel Agents).

We will meet you inside the commercial port area, just outside your ship. On the morning of your ship’s arrival, we will be there waiting for you! We will meet you after you pass the customs holding the sign of our company (TJ TRAVEL) and introduce you to your private guide and driver. We will be waiting by your ship well before you arrive.

If for some reason you can’t find us, you can call us using the telephone number on your tour ticket, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please, note: meeting times listed in tour programs is given approximately and will be adjusted depending on your ship arrival time. We strongly feel that your trip’s success depends on your guide’s knowledge, personality, and the ability to create a friendly atmosphere.

We take this very seriously and pride ourselves on giving you a truly memorable experience in St. Petersburg. We provide you with full service excursion packages: both inside and outside excursions. As we are a small company, we put special emphasis on choosing only the most experienced guides with an incredible record of success – our guides are the best in the industry, and are natives of St. Petersburg – so you will see our city through the eyes of a local!

They speak excellent English, are fully licensed, have a good sense of humor, and create excursions that are flexible – depending on your interests, on your pace, and whether you are with children or not. We use only air-conditioned, non-smoking, western cars, mini vans and buses (mostly Mercedes). All of our drivers are friendly, professional and some of them speak English – which is rare for Russia. Each has great experience working only with cruise passengers.

You can be sure you will never be late to your ship at the end of the last day. We are always prepared for the unexpected and always have a special extra van on stand by in case of any emergency, to provide you with another vehicle or whatever means necessary to return you to your ship at the appointed time, at our expense. All of our itineraries are insured to take into account unforeseen circumstances which may arise on the way back to the port.

If by any reason you are late and miss your ship we will take the responsibility to deliver you to the next port at our expense. The situation in Ukraine is definitely a matter of concern for us and we follow all the latest news. We hope that military actions taking place at the moment in the territory of Ukraine will be over soon. The Slavic nation has always been united and we are so saddened that these war actions are creating a distance between our countries. Our relatives and friends in Ukraine are facing hard times now and we are praying together with them for the end of war and for peace.

We deeply empathise and condole with anyone who lost their relatives and friends in this war. We would like to point out that the situation in St. Petersburg is very safe. At the moment we don’t expect any changes with visa policy and we believe that the situation will stabilise soon and it won’t affect travel regulations approved between the Russian Federation and the rest of the world. Our team is happy to say that we are very children friendly and we are ready to provide your little ones with baby seats absolutely for free (only in St.

Petersburg). If you are going to visit museums in St. Petersburg, please be aware that most of them allow strollers with white wheels, otherwise, you need to take a baby carrier with you. Travelling with your children will be real fun with us, as our professional guides will keep your kids interested throughout the whole tour and make your time much more exciting and memorable.

We have developed a number of children’s tours that can be interesting both for you and your kids! NOTE: Our drivers and guides would love to help you out and hold your children, but for liability reasons, they are not allowed.

We will send you a tour ticket (blanket visa) by e-mail and you will need to print it at home and to bring it with you to pass through Russian customs control. The following information is required to issue your Tour Ticket: • 1.Your full name (as it reads in your passport) • 2.Citizenship • 3.Date of Birth • 4.Passport number • 5.Passport Issue Date and Passport Expiration Date • 6.Arrival and departure dates in St Petersburg • 7.The name of your ship No.

We are one of the very few companies in St. Petersburg which can provide you with visa free excursions. This can save you a minimum of $130 per person! According to the Russian Federation legislation, a Russian Visa is not required for shore excursions, if you book your tour through an officially licensed tour company.

As we are officially authorized by the Russian government we have the right to issue the tour ticket (also called a “blanket visa”) and we will send it to you via e-mail, which you can print at home and bring along with you to St Petersburg.

We will send you instructions on how to pass through customs immigration as well. When you open your tour tickets (blanket visa) you will see it consists of three parts, which correspond with the number of days on which your ship is allowed to stay in St.

Petersburg (one, two or three days). Timing of days is divided into day and evening tours. We add the additional evening time just in case you decide on an evening program in less than one week prior to your arrival.

Please note (!) that it is not possible to change anything on your tour tickets on short notice as we are required to send them to the customs authorities well in advance. Group tours: We do not charge any penalties for the cancellation of a group tour and we do not ask for prepayment. But the only thing we kindly ask you to do is to inform us about your cancellation as soon as possible. Private tours: If you book any private options, we ask for 20% prepayment of the package cost.

The payment must be made at least one month before your arrival. Baltic tours: If you don't book St. Petersburg tours with us but choose any Baltic tours (either group or private) we require 100% prepayment. The payment must be made at least one month before your arrival. Train and theatre tickets: we ask for 100% prepayment for the train and theatre tickets.

1) You can pay us in the morning of the first/second day of your St. Petersburg tour in cash (Rubles only) or by credit card (Visa, Master Card and American Express).

If you decide to pay by credit card the amount for the tour will be charged in rubles according to the exchange rate of our Central bank. No transaction fee is taken. If you booked a package tour, please be aware that payment is due to be made in St. Petersburg as well. 2) If you would like to pay for your tour in advance, please fill in your credit card details using on our website. We accept Visa, Master card and Amex. If you pay by credit card (we accept both Master Card and Visa), please note that we do not charge any bank fees for the transaction.

Please also note that if you are travelling with children under 7 then the tour for them is for free. Older children and students (7-21 years old) receive a special discount ($15/$30/$50 pp) depending on the length of the tour in Saint-Petersburg; and 10% discount for any Baltic tour from the full adult cost of the whole package.

Students (17-21 y.o.) must have a valid ISIC card – please, let us know about students in your group in advance so that we can book the right tickets for them. If you travel with kids under 7 the tour is free for them.

Older kids and students (7-21 years old) receive special discounts ($15/$30/$50 pp) depending on the length of the tour in Saint-Petersburg; and there is a 10% discount from the adult cost of the whole package of any Baltic tours. Students (17-21 yo) must have a valid ISIC card – please, let us know about students in your group in advance so that we can book the right tickets for them. Please, be informed that we are unable to provide discounts for seniors.

Group tours: We do not charge any penalties for the cancellation of a group tour and we do not ask for prepayment. But the only thing we kindly ask you to do is to inform us about your cancellation as soon as possible.

Private tours: We ask for the 20% prepayment of the package cost if you book any private tour. Please note that this amount isn't refundable in case you cancel the tour less than 72 hours prior to your arrival. Baltic tours: We require 100% if you don't book St.

Petersburg tours with us but choose any Baltic tours (either group or private). Please note that this amount isn't refundable in case you cancel the tour less than 72 hours prior to your arrival. Train and theatre tickets: there are no refunds for theatre and train tickets. Gratuities to the guide and driver are not included in the tour price. The sum you wish to give to your guide and driver after a well-done tour in St. Petersburg should be up to the western standards (approximately 15% of the cost of the tour).

It is a good idea to divide any gratuity between your guide and driver and give it separately to them: 10% to the guide and 5% to the driver. Please have some cash with you (USD, EUR or RUB) for this reason, but it is, of course, always up to you.

We recommend to give the following amounts in other cities: Helsinki (5 EUR guide, 3 EUR driver); Tallinn (5 EUR guide), Stockholm (5 EUR guide, 3 EUR driver); Berlin (10 EUR guide, 5 EUR driver), Copenhagen (10 EUR guide, 5 EUR driver). But these are only our recommendations, it’s entirely up to you to decide whether to give tips or not!

Lunches/Shopping On your request, it is possible to include a meal into the cost of your tour, and we usually highly recommend that for groups of more than 10 people, as it is a great time saver. The cost of lunch in a small local café is on average $20 per person for a three course meal in The Russian style; if you prefer an upscale restaurant, the cost of the meal is on average $30 per person.

Two-day All St. Petersburg Highlights tour has two lunches included. The Two day exclusive standard group tour has one lunch included. The Three day all highlights group tour has three lunches included. Traditional Russian lunch usually includes a meat dish (f.e.

beef-stroganoff, pozharsky cutlet, or beaf pot), Russian traditional soup and dessert (for example, Russian pancakes with various fillings). We don’t include the cost of lunches in our private programs for small parties / groups because we want to give you more freedom and flexibility.

Our guides will recommend a restaurant or cafe where local Russians frequent, rather than “touristy” restaurants. We want our guests to experience real Russian life with Russian people! The cost of an average lunch is $10-$15 per person in such places like ”Stolle” / “Lindforce“ Cafe (where there is a wonderful variety of freshly-baked pies, salads, and soups) / Blinny Domik (famous Russian pancakes, or crepes, tasty soups such as Russian Borsch; and Chicken Kiev).

Please, note that it is more difficult to find inexpensive cafes when you travel to the Summer Palaces in the countryside (in the Tsars Village or Peterhof, etc.). In all souvenir shops they accept Euros and US Dollars, or you can pay by credit card. Regarding lunches, in small local cafes they accept only Russian Roubles (credit cards are not accepted there), but you don’t have to worry about this as we provide our guides with Russian Roubles and they will be happy to exchange some money for you or take you to the nearest ATM.

We kindly ask you to bring clean, crisp, un-torn US Dollars and Euros, as our banks do not accept notes with even the slightest damage. The majority of gift shops and restaurants are pleased to accept euros, dollars and most major credit cards, but should roubles be requested, your tour guide is able to exchange some money for you.

Or you can be taken to the nearest ATM to pick up some roubles. You don’t have to worry about this: we will take care of everything. Evening tours Yes, and, in fact, we recommend you to take advantage of this unique chance. Don’t miss the opportunity to see a Russian ballet or to enjoy an evening of Russian opera in one of the best theatres in St.

Petersburg. We also highly recommend a visit to the Folk Show or a night boat trip along the famous canals. Or, perhaps you would like to feel yourself as a Russian aristocrat and enjoy an extravagant dinner in one of the former royal Russian palaces. Upon your request, we will send you additional information about our “optional evening” programs. Actually there is no official dress code for the theatres in St.

Petersburg, so, please feel free to wear casual clothing. People like to dress up for theatres, but more and more people simply ignore any kind of dress codes nowadays and simply wear jeans and T-shirts. If you would like to bring a change of clothes with you, you can leave them in the back of your car while you are on your day tour.

Info about St. Petersburg museums If you travel with us you don’t have to stand in long lines – unlike those tourists who are on their own. This, as you’ll see, is a big time-saver in Russia! The exception could be Catherine’s Palace and the Grand Palace in Peterhof. Sometimes tourists have to wait about 15 minutes to enter the Palace because the guards limit the entrance.

We update and adjust our programs according to the working times of local museums. If you stay in St. Petersburg on Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday, or on one of these days, please be assured you still see all the sights listed in group/private itineraries.

We send adjusted itineraries, which match and reflect the museums’ days off in our final confirmation letter and it can also be sent to you upon request. St. Petersburg is generally becoming friendlier to travellers with disabilities, but there are some difficulties we would like to let you know about before your arrival.

The Hermitage and the Russian museum have improved their conditions to host disabled visitors. Both are equipped with elevators and special platforms to carry a wheelchair to the upper floors. However, please note that elevators are not conveniently situated and it takes time to get inside. There is a special elevator in St.

Isaac’s Cathedral that was recently introduced. Talking about summer residences, two most important sights visited are the Catherine palace and the Peterhof residence.

The Catherine palace is wheelchair accessible and it’s possible to get to the second floor using an elevator. The Grand palace in Peterhof doesn’t have any elevators so it’s not possible to access the first floor. Instead of the Grand palace we can recommend visiting one of the small palaces on the territory of the Lower Fountain Park (it could be Monplaisir or The Bath pavilion).

The Church on the Spilled Blood has several steps up, but there is a ramp. Unfortunately, the second floor of the Yusupov’s palace with the main exhibition is not accessible by wheelchair. We can arrange a special van with lifting mechanism upon your request.

Please, note that group tours are not recommended for wheelchair users. The Gold and the Diamond rooms are not part of the regular Hermitage tour, but they can be arranged upon your request. The cost of a guided tour to the Diamond/Gold room is 165 USD per room per party of its visitors.

Maximum size of one group is up to 15 guests. You may see a short description of both rooms below. The Gold Room presents works from Eurasia and the Black Sea region. During this tour you will see the collection of Scythian works from the 7th-4th centuries B.C., including gold adornments for clothing and headwear, rich decoration for horse harnesses, gold shields, ritual bowls and vessels.

On display you will also find diplomatic gifts presented by Persia. It includes gold vessels, enamelled trays and boxes as well as a miniature table. The Diamond room shows the development of the jeweller’s art from the 3rd millennium B.C. to the beginning of the 20th century. This collection includes rare exhibits of jewellery produced by various European craftsmen during the 16th and 17th centuries.

You will see refined luxury items commissioned by the imperial court and Russian aristocracy: watches and clocks, bouquets, rings, brooches and snuffboxes, the fashion for which endured in Russia for over a century. More than that the display shows works of Carl Fabergé and of his workshop. For those who have already visited St. Petersburg and have an intention to see something new, we have made up a list of venues which you may find interesting to explore: 1.

The Summer Gardens – the first public garden in St. Petersburg, which was founded more than 300 years ago. It has been recently renovated and reopened in 2013. This park is beautifully decorated with fountains and statues. Tripadvisor reviews: “It is an oasis in the middle of the city…” “Beautiful garden worth strolling” “lovely any time of the year” 2.

Pavlovsk palace and park – the royal residence of Paul I located in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. Designed at the end of the 18 th century it still carries the spirit of the age. The palace demonstrates both parade life of the court and the private rooms of the royal family.

It is located close to the Catherine palace. Tripadvisor reviews: “If You Don’t Go to Pavlovsk, You Have Not seen Russia!!!!” “A Palace You Could Live In” 3. Cottage palace and Alexander park – this small palace was designed in The English style and concealed behind It’s English gardens. The palace was a snug residence for Nicolas I and his beloved wife Alexander. It is located next to The Peterhof residence.

Tripadvisor reviews: “Strolling in a kingly way, away from the crowds“ 4. Oranienbaum (Lomonosov) palace and park – royal summer residence which retains it’s original design of the 18-19th cent.

It is located 40 km away from St. Petersburg. Tripadvisor reviews: “ Undeservingly rarely visited ensemble ” “ And time stood still ” 5. Faberge museum – It was opened in the Shuvalovsky palace, which was specially restored to house one of the largest collections of Faberge works in the world. This unique collection numbers over 4000 exhibits, including the world famous nine Fabergé Imperial Easter eggs that belonged to the royal family, artistic jewellery, tsar’s gifts, enamel artworks, items in Art-Nouveau style, paintings of famous Russian artists and even icons!

Tripadvisor reviews: “Simply stunning” “Spectacular Museum, small venue – MUST SEE” 6. Russian vodka museum – the first museum in the country fully dedicated to Vodka. The display tells the story about this famous drink in details, it’s origin, history, drinking traditions.

At the end of the tour you will have a chance to taste some kinds of vodka with traditional snacks. Tripadvisor reviews: “A different type of museum!!!! – a different slant on Russian culture” “Happy People invented Vodka” 7. Blockade of Leningrad State Museum – this museum is dedicated to the history of The 900 days siege of Leningrad city during 1941-1944. Tripadvisor reviews: “Old fashioned presentation but still worth a visit” “do not miss this small museum” 8. Dostoevsky memorial apartment – the museum of Fedor Dostoevsky organized in one of his former apartments.

Dostoevsky wrote his Karamazov novel while living here. Tripadvisor reviews: “Surprisingly good!” “A must-see sight for lovers of Dostoyevsky’s novels” 9. Pushkin Museum and Memorial Apartment – the last apartment of Russia’s famous poet and writer Alexander Pushkin, where he died.

Tripadvisor reviews: “a very emotional visit” “Dedicated to Russia’s most loved poet” 10. State Russian Museum – has a wonderful collection of Russian icons, paintings of Russian artists of the 18 th and first half of the 19 th century, contemporary art, including paintings of world famous Malevich, Kandinsky, Shagal, Petrov-Vodkin, Old Russian Decorative and Applied Art, graphic art and sculptures. Tripadvisor reviews: “Best collection of Russian art in the world” “Excellent for art lovers”

best dating st petersburg russia tours stores

best dating st petersburg russia tours stores - Private Tour Guide in St Petersburg Russia

best dating st petersburg russia tours stores

Best guides in the world. Knowledgeable, kind, funny with sense of humour. I’ve even some tip given.)))) Liked that tour because it differs a lot from a usual boooooring excursion with thousands of historical dates and facts.)))) Well composed and good considered tour.

Had no time to be weary. Good job!!!))) - Alicia, US I liked the free tour very much. my girlfriend & I didn’t have much money with us, so it was the best way to get acquainted with the city.

A lot of pleasure for free! - Sam And Janny Perfect! Breathtaking! Enthusiastic and so good-looking guides:) For sure these guys know what they’re talking about. Informative and fun tours, a lot of information. Very friendly and very kind:) Highly recommend!!! - Maria, Madrid WHY TO CHOOSE US • We are the original Free Tour of St. Petersburg • A big set of daily tours in English • Great routes which cover all the must-see places, as well as sights off the beaten track • Great guides with overwhelming personality, full of energy and creativity WE GUARANTEE • NO prepayments • NO cancellation fees!

• 100% guaranteed satisfaction! • St. Petersburg’s best prices WE OFFER TOURS FOR GROUPS OF ALL SIZES, IN ANY WEATHER! TOURS RUN 7 DAYS A WEEK. CHOOSE YOURS AND BOOK TODAY! Hermitage Daily Tour Be inspired by one of the most famous art museums in the world! You’ll see one of the best known museums in the world which found its place in the former winter residence of Empress Catherine the Great.

Its collection contains over 2.7 million exhibits including some of the world’s greatest works of art. Take a guided tour with us to see the best of Hermitage within 3 hours. Communist Leningrad Get to know the hidden pages of Soviet Leningrad history!

On our Communist Leningrad Tour you will see the KGB headquarters (called Big House by city dwellers), infamous Crosses Prisons and Peter & Paul Fortress, the Aurora Cruiser, which gave the signal for the start of the revolution, and many other most important sights of the Soviet era.

best dating st petersburg russia tours stores

Luxury St.-Petersburg at first sight! 5 days/4 nights Explore the best attractions of the city, visit the Empire suburbs and make shopping! During this tour you will watch the most significant city landmarks, visit the treasures of world famous Empire suburbs, such as Pushkin or Peterhof! You will have much free time for exploring the city with its shopping malls in the historical centre.

1 day. Meeting guests, hotel check-in. Free time. 2 day. The sightseeing tour «Greetings, St-Petersburg!» — you`ll see the main city sightseeings: Nevsky prospect, The Palace Square, The Admiralty, The Spit of Vasilievsky Island, The St.Isaac`s Cathedral, The Mars Field and The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood.

3 day. An optional tour St-Petersburg suburb, where you will watch the worldwide treasures of Pushkin or Peterhof.

4 day. Free time. Shopping in the centre of the city (optional). 5 day. Check-out. Departure. Luxury Saint Petersburg invites you to join New Year 2019 celebration in the State Hermitage Hotel 5*, Saint Petersburg! The tickets for New Year`s Eve and Gala Dinner are now on sale! The New Year`s program includes staying 5 days in fabulous the State Hermitage Hotel 5* with breakfasts*!

The New Year`s Eve celebration “ Imperial Amusements” with two actions includes: • Musical and theatrical shows, that include something original, unexpected and even intriguing scenes, performed by the best St-Petersburg creative teams • Festive dinner with a special menu, which revived in time a rich palette of tastes of Russian imperial cuisine • Immortal dance hits performed by one of the best cover bands of St.Petersburg Splendid St.Petersburg weekend with Tchaikovsky Evening concert (including caviar degustation with restaurant sommelier) 3 days / 2 nights in Luxury Belmond Grand Europe Hotel 5* (Thursday-Saturday) • Transfers included • Breakfasts included • City tour with Tchaikovsky Evening included • Dates: October, 16 2018 — October, 15 2019 From Belmond Grand Hotel Europe, St Petersburg is yours to explore.

The hotel has played a central role in the life of the city for 140 years. A truly iconic building, it stands on Nevsky Prospekt among the city’s great architectural treasures. Positioned adjacent to Arts Square, it is one of the most glamorous hotels in St Petersburg, Russia. We’re deeply connected with the worlds of theatre, music and dance. A stay here shows you the true spirit of the country, especially during the White Days of winter—when snow lies outside and a warm welcome awaits within.

Guarded by two marble lions at the entrance, our historic Hotel sits within the walls of a 19th-century royal palace in the Admiralteysky district, where the opulent stylings of imperial Russia are alive and well – and every bit as inspiring as they were centuries ago. From private access to iconic landmarks to an evening ride down our city’s beguiling canals, let us show you the magic of St.

Petersburg. In the spirit of Russian royalty, let us offer you a glass of champagne and delicious black caviar as you decide what to explore first. Lotte Hotel St. Petersburg features 150 rooms, decorated in classic and contemporary styles, The Lounge, an elegant restaurant with a stained-glass dome, MEGUmi, the first premium class Japanese restaurant in St. Petersburg, L Terrasa, a terrace bar with a spectacular view of St.

Isaac’s square, and a Balinese spa salon called Mandara Spa. The Grand Hotel Astoria stands nearly St Isaac`s Cathedral and a short walk from leading attractions such as Palace Square, Nevsky Prospect and the Admiralty. Since opening in 1912, this elegant Art Nouveau hotel has hosted many eminent guests and celebrities, from dancer Isadora Duncan to poet Sergey Yesenin.

Each of hotel`s 83 sophisticated rooms, individually designed by Olga Polizzi, depicts the style and historical heritage of the city. The unique hotel Taleon Imperial 5* provides tourists and business guests the opportunity to stay in the very centre of the city at the intersection of Nevsky prospect and Moika river in the palace building of the 18th century.

A high hotel service is due to a variety of services. The luxurious restaurants of the hotel allow you to feel the authentic atmosphere of the Palace life, as well as enjoy delicious dishes. Opened in summer 2013 as a new part of The State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, the Hermitage hotel5* has embedded the philosophy and the values of the great Museum into its design and service concept.

The finest values of Russian hospitality lie at the heart of The Official State Hermitage Hotel experience. All rooms and suites in this Hotel have been decorated with particular attention to a stylistic richness and ‘heritage’ that only The State Hermitage Hotel can offer.

It is truly a Royal St Petersburg experience. METEORS TRAVEL The Journey for you Luxury DMC in St. Petersburg We are pleased to introduce Meteors Travel as one of the leading travel companies in Saint Petersburg.

We are well known for the outgoing tourism. Yet we consider our main goal is to attract people from all over the world to visit our unforgettable city Saint Petersburg and enormous Russia. WHY TO CHOOSE US? Meteors Travel for nearly 20 years of activity has proved itself to be one of the most stable and reliable DMC in Saint Petersburg with high level quality service. Currently Meteors Travel is a multi-profile DMC, and inbound tourism is one of the priorities.

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