Best dating template joomla 3.8

best dating template joomla 3.8

Looking for Free Joomla templates? With simple and professional Joomla 3 templates (now with Joomla 3.9 templates), easy to download, install and customize!. Welcome you to our new best Free Joomla templates for Joomla 3.8.! We provide free, professional design for all the main Joomla versions including Joomla 3.8 templates. Our Joomla templates design with a modern, trendy look & feel that fits almost any device with different screen sizes. Responsive Layout template layout come with mobile-first approach, our templates are optimized to load faster on all mobile devices. Why Should You Use Our Premium Joomla 3.8 Templates. All Joomla! templates are easy to install and customize, without coding skills.

best dating template joomla 3.8

Free Joomla! template. Responsive layout. Screen resolution: minimal width: 620px, maximal width: 1920px. Header with headline and slogan text. Multifunctional footer module positions for content.

Support for mobile devices. 73 module positions. 15 module positions in the header. Smooth light effect of the horizontal and vertical menu. Free template compatibility: Joomla 3.9, Joomla 3.4, Joomla 3.2, Joomla 2.5.x, Responsive layout. Screen resolution: minimal width: 620px, maximal width: 1920px.

102 module positions for the different types of content-photos, ads, menu, text, images, flash, banners, news flash, random image, slideshow. Left and right column for vertical menu. Responsive layout. Screen resolution: minimal width: 620px, maximal width: 1920px. 102 module positions for the different types of content-photos, ads, menu, text, images, flash, banners, news flash, random image, slideshow.

Header with headline and slogan text. Support for mobile devices. Multifunctional header module positions. Free template compatibility: Joomla 3.9, Joomla 3.2, Joomla 2.5.x.

32 module positions for the different types of content-photos, ads, menu, text, images, flash, banners, news flash, random image, slideshow. Left and right column for vertical menu. Header with headline and slogan text. Flash animation in the header. Free templates compatibility: Joomla 3.8, Joomla 3.7, Joomla 3.6, Joomla 3.5, Joomla 3.4, Joomla 3.3.6, Joomla 3.3.3, Joomla 3.3.2, Joomla 3.3.1, Joomla 3.3, Joomla 3.2.3, Joomla 3.2.2, Joomla 3.2.1, Joomla 3.2, Joomla 3.1.5, Joomla 3.1.1, Joomla 3.1, Joomla 2.5.28, Joomla 2.5.27, Joomla 2.5.24, Joomla 2.5.23, Joomla 2.5.19, Joomla 2.5.18, Joomla 2.5.14, Joomla 2.5.11, Joomla 2.5.7, Joomla 2.5.4, Joomla 2.5 : Template Features : - Responsive layout.

Screen resolution: minimal width: 620px, maximal width: 1920px; - Support for mobile devices; - Header with headline and slogan text; - Multifunctional footer module positions for content; - Multifunctional header module positions for content, logo. text, images; - Art vertical menu; - Horizontal menu and submenu; - 73 module positions for the different types of content-photos, ads, menu, text, images, flash, banners, news flash, random image, slideshow: - 3 top module positions: - 15 module positions in the header: - 3 bottom module positions ; - 8 module positions in the footer ; - +15 module positions in the footer: - Left and right column for vertical menu.

Left column width-25%. Right column width-250px: - Smooth light effect of the horizontal and vertical menu: Category: Free Joomla 3.3 templates.

best dating template joomla 3.8

best dating template joomla 3.8 - Weekend Updates: 8 templates and 1 extension updated for Joomla 3.8

best dating template joomla 3.8

Details 08 Dec 2017 This weekend, we are releasing 5 JoomlArt Joomla templates: JA Social ii, JA Events ii, JA Mood, JA Simpli, JA Brickstore and 3 Gavick Joomla templates: GK Photo, GK John, GK template and 1 Gavick Joomla extensions for Joomla 3.8.2 compatibility, 3rd party extension upgrade and bug fixes.

Please check release details below: Weekend Updates: templates and extension updated version 1.0.8 • Cant like or comment on jomsocial page • Missing Custom field group on edit article page • JA Social Incompatibility with Stackideas (Easysocial) • CB - Css error on connection page • Missing notification module on firefox • Should redirect to easysocial dashboard page after login • MIssing search and clear icon on tag item page • Missing fontsize icon on k2 item • Cant close k2 item when edit k2 item on the frontend • Contact page is changed display format • Improve off canvas style • Jomsocial - Update override for JA Hello Me module • Links to password/username restore do not follow Joomla!

menu • Problem with Easysocial when upgrade to latest version • RTL - Easysocial: Calendar is overflow • Some CSS error on Editor • Jomsocial: Hello Me module title is not styled version 1.0.6 • Got css error alert message color • Some CSS errors on Editor • Can not skip compnent content • Jticketing: Warning errors • ACM - Teams [style-1]: Can not show about member • Iphone: Collapse menu button displays wrong position version 1.0.4 • Play video button displays error on video page • Missing page break on video page when view on iphone • Easysocial: Problem with Calendar module • Easysocial: Dropdown button should be change color • Css error on Editor • Easysocial: Text and counter are overlapping • Missing language on Edit module page version 1.0.2 • Line height: Missed description in backend • Improve style • Menu displays error on ipad • Can not select Heading Font in dropdown list • appearance line when hovering on the menu • 404 error when open About Us menu • Iphone: Css error on [Magazine] Newsletter module • Remove custom.css file in the template version 1.0.5 • Missing style on VM product • Restyle search filter on tag page • Got error on megafitler • Got css error on iphone when sort by product name • RTL-Got css error on shopping cart • Megafilter: Css error when display as list view • Some CSS errors on Editor • Css error on Landing page • Horizontal layout: Menu is not styled Upgrade steps: • View the comparison between versions at and replace the affected files, if you have not customized the affected files.

• Recommended : Use Component for upgrade. Watch for how to upgrade using JAEM. GavickPro weekend updates: GK Photos template version 3.23 • Upgrade Joomla 3.8, K2, and fix bugs • Menu is cropped • Cant hide template menu • Some module positions are hidden on home page when view tp=1 • Off canvas icon displays error when edit a module on the frontend • Article title on search result page displays error • Got css errors on user profile page • Image displays error on category blog page • Got notice error on email popup and should restyle this page • Got css error when edit an article on the frontend • Cant hide contact information on contact page • Css error on K2 blog page • Missing avatar image on k2 article page • Got notice error on k2 user page • Got css error on k2 edit item • Cant close k2 item when edit k2 item on the frontend • K2 featured icon displays error on iphone • Registratrion page displays error on Iphone GK John template version 3.23 • Upgrade Joomla 3.8, K2, and fix bugs • Navigation icon displays error on k2 page • Menu is not actived when open it • Some module positions are hidden on home page when view tp=1 • Tooltip displays error when hover title • Got css errors on user profile page • Article title on search result page displays error • Got syntax error on category list and category blog pages • Missing edit and print icons on the detail article page • Should restyle email popup • Got css error on edit article on the frontend • Featured article page displays error in one column, it should be in two columns • Got syntax error on news feed page • Realign captcha field on contact page • Cant show custom field on contact page • Cant hide contact information on contact page • Did you know module displays error on iphone • Navigation icon is cropped on iphone • Smartsearch displays error on iphone • Got css error on tag page when view on small screen • Missing menu style when edit user profile page GK MO template version 3.22 • Upgrade Joomla 3.8, K2, and fix bugs • Menu should be highlighted when it's actived • Article title is displayed error on search result page • Some module position are hidden when view tp=1 • Got css error on user profile page • Off-canvas icon displays error on iphone • Missing menu style when edit user profile page • Got css error on contact page • Search button is displayed ugly on iphone 5 • Submenu is not shown after logged in • Restyle print, email popup • Missing print, email icon on the detail article • Auto cancel editting article when open Publishing tab • Got error on tag page • Got notice errors on list of all tags page • Cant show custom field on contact page • Cant hide contact information • Cant show user custom field on contact page • Got 404 on k2 user page • Got css error on k2 item displaying on 2 columns page • Sub Menu: module is duplicated GK External Menu Plugin 1.0.1 • Improvement UI Backend Setting.

best dating template joomla 3.8

Looking professional joomla templates, we have pick up best free responsive joomla templates 3.x and 2.5 and more for multipurpose design layouts to help you creating responsive joomla website.

Today have collect professional free joomla templates available free download. Freebies always important beginner web developer because they can download to test and learning about those templates.

But you should read license before using public. New free responsive joomla template come with css3 HTML5 and responsive layout. All high quality free joomla templates has designed for corporate business and will suit any type of business.

Fully-packed with Bootstrap features, it empowers the site with everything it needs to perform well online. Being SEO-friendly, it’s optimized for great online performance. It’s cross-browser compatible and responsive, providing site visitors with a pleasant user experience.

If you’re looking for a template that is trendy, visually simple, user-friendly and easy to use, this free theme is for you. • LT Golf LT Drones is a free responsive joomla template 3.8 for golf sites.

All the provisions we have to offer are clean and pleasing to the eye, making them perfectly suited to a golf tournament site. The Golf Joomla template will help you give your spectators the opportunity to sign up for a golf lesson or a complete golf course.

Our updated styles are not only eye-catching, they’re easy to customize to your taste with color options and integration with Google fonts. Whether you need a Google map on your page about us or a contact form in your footer, you’ll find what you need in your Joomla . Taxi 3030 This free Joomla taxi template is designed in a minimalist style with lots of empty space, minimal content and great typography that catches the eye.

Different blocks have different colors so that each type of your content could stand out. The minimalism of the layout does not compromise its information value. You can highlight your pricing policy, types of transportation, testimonials, contacts, available drivers, and much more. All of these details are displayed with tables, counters, notebooks and other UI elements for a more dynamic look and better content layout.

JA Simpli JA Simpli has been created with the Joomla templates in mind. We tried to add missing features from the default Joomla templates. No frameworks, default Bootstrap version but with tons of features, no coding skills are required. JA Simpli is perfect free responsive Joomla template that should meet all your requirements: from a simple to complex Joomla projects, lading page, personal blog, business portfolio site.

The template layouts is flexible for any purpose with easy. With 4 premade Home variants, you have more choices to start with. Varianto Varianto is a responsive and search engine-friendly free Joomla template designed for advertising, consulting, finance, management and other corporate sites. Its modern design combines minimal text, large images and a contrast of blue, light and dark backgrounds. They visually divide the content blocks whose diagonal borders add an avant-garde touch to the layout.

This Joomla management company template is packaged with dynamic user interface elements, including progress bars and counters. To connect to your site more quickly, visitors can use a social connection, while navigation is a breeze thanks to a multi-column . Through an integrated feedback system, they can share their comments with each other. Video Watch Free Joomla Template It is new free joomla template for movie blog and easy for using.

ATV Club ATV Club is a beautifully designed Joomla Motor that is designed to work perfectly on a variety of desktop and pocket gadgets. He looks elegant and professional. A dark color layout style is enhanced with eye-catching orange design elements.

Non-standard content placement provides users with more interactive page navigation. The theme’s header is enriched with a drop-down menu and an integrated live search. A contact form, a set of contact information, and an integrated Google map are located at the bottom of the theme’s home page.

The theme is fully customizable and can be adjusted perfectly to your brand identity. LT Nail LT Nail is a beautiful free Joomla salon template that is intended for website design of barbershop, nail salon or .

Joomla Salon Template is the perfect solution for all your needs, giving you the opportunity to advertise your services, increase your customer base and create a truly impressive web presence. The template frame comes with Page Builder for Layout, Shortcode for Current Content Easily, Support Awesome Font, Compress Files and so on. Plus, you benefit from inter-browser compatibility and other features that make it easy for you and your customers to use your website.

This means you can change every aspect of the theme, creating a new design with powerful features and great SEO tools. Exterca Exterca is a Joomla template suitable for companies. The content is presented in a clean and pleasant background for the eyes, which offers perfect readability. To present your projects, you will find a tiled image gallery. In flight, each image is displayed with a small portion of text in an elegant frame.

This Joomla outdoor designer model puts an extra emphasis on navigation. In addition to the header, a burger menu icon is duplicated over each block for instant access. The integration of Google Maps allows you to reveal your exact location. The template also comes with a pack of user interface elements for different purposes. Traffic Signs Company This responsive Joomla will give you a hand at creating a driving school, or any similar site.

Its design is simple and direct, which allows you to put your services in the foreground. In the lower part of the template’s home page, just above the footer, is an interactive Google Map widget.

With his help, you can easily show your visitors how to reach your office. To increase the credibility of your website, use customizable testimonials, which are displayed in a .

Overall, this template is one of the most effective ways to launch a business website because it is extensible, easy to use and developed for a popular and proven CMS.

Family Center visario is the best free responsive joomla template download related website should show a visually pleasing tone that imbues the entire layout with cheerful vibes. It welcomes people in and helps with communicating the key ideas of a project. Consider using this appealing modern theme to set up your desired site in a jiffy, and convey warm greetings to the target audience. Purity III Purity III is the best free responsive joomla template with responsive layout that you won’t get enough of for almost everything: from a simple to complex Joomla projects, personal blog to professional business portfolio site, or just about any Joomla projects you have in mind.

Purity III is completely FREE. It’s our dedication to the Joomla community to welcome the new 2014 with even more challenges and excitement in Joomla template development. JA Elastica JA Elastica – free responsive joomla template and is completely free licensed under GNU/GPL V3.

Interior If you are still in doubt whether free Joomla 3 template is that good, just download this free sample of the product and carry out your own unbiased research. Find out every single change both from visitor’s and administrator’s ends. Feel this unparalleled comfort of managing your website from your tablet or smartphone.

Assess how easy became the process of customization. Use only the best and the most advanced technologies that automatically adjust to all popular screen resolutions. Make any updates you need on the go. Find all the improvements that were not mentioned here. Notice the enriched aesthetic appeal and functionality of each element. Step into designer’s shoes and try to make the template perfect for your corporate goals. Shoe Store Shoe Store is clean and minimal free joomla template for eCommerce website template based on new VirtueMart 3 eCommerce solution.

This Joomla template was designed specially for shoe webstore, but also will fit perfectly for online store like clothes, cosmetics, accessories and any other webshop. This eCommerce website template is 100% responsive and can be easily usable with any device – desktop computer, smartphone or tablet.

Click demo button to see all the features of the free ecommerce website template Shoes Store right now! Shaper Radon Radon is a free responsive joomla template for business clean, modern design multi-purpose Joomla 3.3 3.x and 2.5 template can be used for any type of professional and modern websites.

It fully equipped by latest technology such as Bootstrap, HTML5/CSS3 and Mega Menu built-in. The template has full support for RTL language and will work on any device. Take a quick look at the Radon features below to discover more. RealEstate Free Estateis clean free joomla template for real estate template for Joomla 3.3. In the base of free real estate website that you can view on the demo is OS Joomla Blank Template and Real Estate Manager (free version).

Also in free Quickstart Package was included free Joomla image slider, search module, Joomla google maps module, dummy data and more. SJ Vinda SJ Vinda – a wonderful free joomla template for entertainment Joomla! template for both Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x, integrating K2 Component as a powerful content platform. SJ Vinda is built with Flat design, neat typography and well-structured layout. Along with 6 color schemes and 8 bonus pages, supporting RTL language and various content types.

This template would be great for entertainment, media, event, movies websites, you can also style other types of websites as the way you want, of course. OS Section OS Section is a free joomla template, that can be used to create various types of business, corporate or marketing sites – agency, portfolio, photography and blog websites. Fully responsive layout works perfectly on every screen. OS Section comes with portfolio page, responsive gallery, Google location map, advanced typography features, a blog and contact us section.

SJ News SJ News – free joomla template has been released. With a new eye-catching design and many extensions which integrated in, the template is the present of Smartaddons to thank you for your continued support. Please visit demo of us, we’re sure SJ News will make you really satisfy. Wedding Watches Shop OS Watches is free joomla template using Virtuemart.

OS Watches is fully responsive theme, that adapts to the screen resolution of the devices – smartphones, tablets and desktops.

This Joomla template may be used especially for watches store, but you can use OS Watches Joomla template for any other type of stores. Template includes lots of useful built-in features to help you build an awesome online store. Feuerwehr Music Our original free joomla template for offers an up-to-date responsive tile layout that adjusts effortlessly to fit the viewport size.

With multiple modules creating article links and dynamic tabs with tag clouds, latest comments and more, Music Free is a contemporary theme for the modern, multi-device world that great for news or entertainment websites.

Magazine The best responsive and free joomla template for magazine blog or news website Business This template is a free joomla template that designed for purpose business consulting, law and cooperation Automatic The modern design of free joomla template is a perfect fit for automatic Car site business online. The layout in contrasting colors speaks for the solid business ideas and products of the premium quality. Photography This free joomla template is best design for personal blog related to photography who photographer may like this create their own blog to show and share photos or know knowledge by online.

Luxury This sample free joomla template was created specially for your convenience and in order to simplify your future work with Joomla 3.0 Templates that have a powerful working potential. It is a perfect chance to discover Joomla template for purpose of interior design company. Helix JoomShaper is proud to release the Shaper Helix – II template.

This free joomla template is the first template with JoomShaper’s Helix framework version 2. It is released under GNU/GPL license and is free to download.

Shaper Helix – II comes with neat and clean professional designs with complete set of features at par with our commercial templates. This is first free template certainly in Joomla world that comes with lots of shortcode such to create video, gallery, slideshow, tabs, accordion etc. without install any module. Global 002071 is a free joomla template! template is the idea that will help you to start the desired web presence in no time and make it successful.

It is based on the Bootstrap Framework. The Bootstrap Framework makes it fully responsive to all screen resolutions and aspect ratios. Moreover, thus it carries a lot of useful features, for instance additional HTML5 elements, set of CSS components, grid system and much more. JSN One JSN One is an free joomla template for eCommerce site with an impressive, modern and vivid design. Inspired by street style, JSN One is designed with great creativity, modernity and youthful energy.

If you are interested in a powerful and magnificent shopping-cart extension, JSN One would be a wise choice with J2Store Extended Style. JSN Glamo JSN Glamo is free joomla template for fashion & retail joomla website template 3.3, 3.x that you can download free edition version, it is specially equipped with an extended style for RedShop.

It has a feminine, attractive and modern design which visually captures the clients interest due to the vibrant color variations, clean layout and mobile-friendly. Baseline Baseline is flat design free Joomla template will demonstrate the best features of YJSG template framework.

Baseline comes with responsive layout , 3 template styles , custom module styles, additional team page and custom style for YJ Module Engine. As all our YJSG based templates, Baseline template core is enhanced with custom typography styles, Twitter Bootstrap and huge variety of template shortcodes. Favourite Eximium Eximium is our first free joomla template by Yjsg v2 Joomla Template Framework based theme.

To live up to it’s extraordinary name, Eximum is engineered for every possible website layout, great speed and remarkable flat design. Harvest Hills JSN Yoyo JSN Yoyo is a distinctive free joomla template that has the one-page interface which allows delivers a brand-new experience to the visitors when a website acts as a storyteller.

Besides the extended styles for K2 & Kunena, it also works intuitively on all devices with the responsive layout.

SJ Plus SJ Plus – free joomla template with bootstrap, responsive layout, SEO optimized and LESS has been released. This template used most innovative designs and code libraries to bring developers a powerful and flexible template, but FREE entirely!

With support from in-house modules, that are provided free as well, we can use this as a base for building high quality Websites based on Joomla! Avatar Tahoma Avatar Tahoma is a free joomla template with responsive layout features. It is built on Avatar Framework but have implemented & improved for many purpose.

Real Esta The new free joomla template “Real Estate, November” is released. Template was specially created for real estate and property websites. It combines clean modern design and powerful functionality.

“Real Estate, November” is based on OS Joomla Blank Template and has fully responsive layout that match to all screen resolutions. Note that we provide not only free template, but free Joomla Quickstart package that includes template, Real Estate Manager Basic, sample data (for newcomers) and also updated Real Estate slideshow module with touch functions.

And all this you can get absolutely FREE! Meet Gavern Designed to exhibit the flexibility of our Gavern Framework, this free joomla template is a free option that can be adapted to a range of requirements thanks to the extensive layout possiblities this framework provides. Run a simple blog, or expand the features with our free modules to offer new unique stylizations for a wonderful website. Avatar Nine Avatar Nine is a free responsive joomla template with great features. It is built on Avatar Framework but have implemented & improved for many purpose.

Etro Avatar vincent is fully free joomla template 2.5 & 3.x template, you can download this template by sign up free account. JSN Kido JSN Air The new released free joomla template JSN Air. JSN Air is a clean template and easy to customize. The “install sample data” mechanism and template parameters are just incredibly functional. JA Puresite (Joomla 2.5) JA Puresite is designed free joomla template with Responsive layout which help you bring your high portfolio website into tablets and other mobile devices in an easy way.

JSN Vintage Travel This free joomla template is tailored for your Travel site that need to possess great look, cool features and user-friendliness. it is perfect for travel blog website. Architecture Feel free to get the efficient Joomla foundation that will be great for a variety of projects that deal with architectural business. If you are setting up such kind of a project, make use of all that powerful Joomla features integrated in this theme. Premium Joomla Templates: Aaika Aaika – is clean multipurpose free joomla template.

It is great, professional and easy to use. You can use it for Corporate, Creative, Fashion, Photo Studio, Freelancers, Portfolio Theme, etc. Housebuild Housebuild- is clean construction & business free joomla template and retina ready. It is great, professional and easy to use template. You can use it for, business, construction, renovation, electricy, isolation etc.

Oyster If you are looking for the best free joomla template for photo blog – our new Oyster Joomla Template will help to break a new ground for your web project! Modern design and responsive framework in combination with maximum flexibility allows to customize this template in the way you like.

We have included a great variety of viewing options, so you can set your photo projects in the different styles and variations. Check out the Live demo to see this awesome template in action. Reinforce your creative ideas with Oyster Photography Joomla Template! Discover the power of CTHthemes products. Envor Envor is Fully Multipurpose and Responsive free joomla template for corporate and portfolio sites. Can be used for hosting sites and online stores in particular.

50 pre-built pages and 100 ready to use pages are able to let you make any custom website you want. Try it! Azura – Joomla Pagebuilder new version 2.0 – new look and new features.

Stable and very easy to use version. Azura Pagebuilder for Joomla will save you tons of time working on the site content. Now you’ll be able to create complex layouts within minutes! It’s build on top of the modern technologies – get the best for your lovely website!


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