Best dating vocabulary words with hindi meaning

best dating vocabulary words with hindi meaning

Learn English Vocabulary with Hindi Meaning. Wear : पहन लेना ये थे कुछ आसान से word meaning| मै आपसे रोज़ 10 word meaning शेयर करूँगा आप रोज़ पर विजिट करके उन meanings को पढ़िए और daily life जब उन शब्दों की ज़रुरत हो बोलिए. अगले चैप्टर में हम पढेंगे fond of का इस्तेमाल कैसे करे| How to use of “Fond Of” – English and Hindi Sentences with Meaning. इसे भी पढ़े⇓. How To Use of Able To, Preposition, Adverb and Conjunction in Hindi.

best dating vocabulary words with hindi meaning

vbhvRwt Mam My Date Of Birth Is 07/07/1988.ANd I M From General Category.I Filled SSC-CGL Form,Its Shows No Error Related To Age Limit,Why?As We Know That The Age Limit Is 27 Years,Which Is Crossed In My Case Just Because According to SSC-CGL-Age limit will be reckoned as on 1st August, 2015.It will be Issue After Clear The Examination Or Not??

best dating vocabulary words with hindi meaning

best dating vocabulary words with hindi meaning - Learn Basic English Vocabulary with Hindi Word Meaning

best dating vocabulary words with hindi meaning

Retrospect • (noun) review of a past course of events or period of time; “a full retrospect of the battle” Retrospect (ट्रस्पेक्ट) meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi meaning) • बीती बातों की जांच Retrospect Origin • early 17th century: from retro- ‘back’, on the pattern of the noun prospect.

Retrospect in a sentence (word usage in recent Hindu newspaper) • If the dream was to become reality, this was the time to do something about it,” he writes in retrospect. • In retrospect, Kriti Sanon believes that she does not belong to Bollywood. • As I was saying, it is too late to think in retrospect when, and if, no serious thought was given when the regime was in the Bill stage.

• In retrospect, it would have been ideal if Ravi Shastri had continued as coach and not been replaced a year ago by Kumble. • Hitesh considers this good thing, in retrospect, as it offered him a chance to explain something to new to others.

Mnemonic trick to remember the meaning of Retrospect • retro (back) + inspect Retrospect pronunciation Retrieve • (verb) get or bring (something) back from somewhere; “I was sent to retrieve the balls from his garden” • (verb) (of a dog) find and bring back (game that has been shot); “labradors are used to retrieve the birds after the flush” • (verb) reel or bring in a fishing line; “when he reaches the breakers, with you retrieving furiously, he’ll probably change course” • (verb) find or extract (information stored in a computer); “other features include the ability to store, update, retrieve, and print your data” • (verb) recall (something); “the police hope to encourage him to retrieve forgotten memories” • (verb) put right or improve (an unwelcome situation); “he made one last desperate attempt to retrieve the situation” • (noun) an act of retrieving something, especially game that has been shot; “watch the dog make the long retrieves” • (noun) the possibility of recovery; “he ruined himself beyond retrieve” Retrieve (रिट्रीव / रीट्रीव) meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi meaning) • वापस पा लेना, बचाना, सुधारना, पता लगाना, लौटा देना Retrieve Origin • late Middle English (in the sense ‘find lost game’): from Old French retroeve-, stressed stem of retrover ‘find again’.

Retrieve in a sentence (word usage in recent Hindu newspaper editorial) • Update: Woman injured in April accident to retrieve dog has died. • Everest rescuers retrieve bodies of two Indian climbers. • Mount Everest rescue team attempts to retrieve body of climber. • Man who drowned trying to retrieve purse in Lady Bird Lake identified.

• Search suspended for man who jumped off boat to retrieve hat. Mnemonic trick to remember the meaning of retrieve • Labrador Retriever Yaad rakho…. ball feko leke (retrieve) aayega Retrieve Pronunciation Retrenchment • (noun) the reduction of costs or spending in response to economic difficulty; “this period of retrenchment will see companies shed staff”.

• (noun) the action of making an employee redundant; “he ordered the retrenchment of 420 civil servants” • (formal) reduction in the extent or quantity of something; “the retrenchment of the welfare state” Retrenchment (रीट्रेन्च्मन्ट) meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi meaning) • छटनी Retrenchment Origin • late 16th century (in the now formal usage): from obsolete French retrencher, variant of retrancher, from re- (expressing reversal) + trancher ‘to cut, slice’.

Retrenchment in a sentence (word usage in recent Hindu newspaper editorial) • General Motors has confirmed that out of a total workforce of 1500 people‚ close to 600 workers are to be retrenched by July 2017. • General Motors issues retrenchment notices. • Karenju Muguini was retrenched at 60. He hadn’t seen it coming. He wishes he had had more time to work. • Meanwhile, employers are being asked to explore all their options before deciding to go the way of retrenchment.

• Minister of Labour says: Retrenchment Act revision coming soon Mnemonic trick to remember the meaning of retrenchment • tranch = cut Retrenchment Pronunciation Retort • (verb) say something in answer to a remark, typically in a sharp, angry, or witty manner; “‘No need to be rude,’ retorted Isabel” • (noun) a sharp, angry, or witty reply; “she opened her mouth to make a suitably cutting retort” • (noun) a container or furnace for carrying out a chemical process on a large or industrial scale; “a laboratory full of bubbling retorts and crackling electrical equipment” Retort meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi Meaning) • मुंहतोड़ जवाब, कड़ा उत्तर देना Retort Origin • late 15th century (in the sense ‘hurl back an accusation or insult’): from Latin retort- ‘twisted back, cast back’, from the verb retorquere, from re- ‘in return’ + torquere ‘to twist’.

Retort in a sentence (word usage in recent Hindu editorial newspaper) • Nani’s Retort to a crazy fan is going viral. • Asked an emotional Mamata Banerjee in her retort to a BJP leader’s comments in which he called the West Bengal chief minister a ‘hijra’. • People of Kashmir retort, is the Supreme Court oblivious of the fact that Kashmir was peaceful from October 2016 to April 2017!

• Some males bring nesting material, while others weave thin threads into retort-shaped structures. • In retort, Sooraj said he was a member of the mess and had every right to be there, and allegedly added that he would eat beef inside the mess. Mnemonic trick to remember the meaning of retort • resort mein retort mat karna… bhaga denge Retort Pronunciation Retinue • (noun) a group of advisers, assistants, or others accompanying an important person; “the rock star’s retinue of security guards and personal cooks” Retinue (रेटनू) meaning in Hindi (English to Hindi meaning) • नौकर-चाकर, परिजन, परिकर Retinue Origin • late Middle English: from Old French retenue, feminine past participle (used as a noun) of retenir ‘keep back, retain’.

Retinue in a sentence (word usage in Hindu editorial newspaper) • Acknowledging the presence of the war veterans Mr. Siddaramaiah and his retinue of Ministers, MLAs and councillors had insulted them. • Ironically on Monday, chief minister Siddaramaiah along with a huge retinue watched the Telugu film ‘Baahubali 2’ in a multiplex in Bengaluru. • But what’s truly worrying is that a retinue of prominent characters playing a significant role in India’s public life.

• This is a welcome one-up advantage that the Indian foreign services retinue will do well to capitalise on. • When celebrity writer Guy de Maupassant and a Russian empress joined the retinue of visitors to Cannes, the place gained a reputation. Mnemonic trick to remember the meaning of retinue • tum sab meri RETINA (of the eye ) ke aagey rehne chahiye 24*7 – u r my attnedants Retinue Pronunciation

best dating vocabulary words with hindi meaning

Introduction:- Hello friends, Good morning in this post “Daily Use Vocabulary with Hindi Meaning Day-3” I have tried to give you some phrases or vocabularies that will beautify your spoken English. Such vocabularies are also called ornaments. If you know such vocabularies you can express long sentences in a very simple manner or method.

I think that we should at least learn 5 to 10 such vocabularies everyday and after 6 months we may have a collection of approx 900+ vocabularies. Abbreviation Used in the Post – Sb – Somebody Sth – Something Ab – Anybody 1.

Get Up- सुबह उठना 2. Get to know/ Come to know पता चलना 3. Fall in love with sb – किसी से प्रेम हो जाना 4. Whisper in sb’s ears – किसी के कानों में फुसफुसाना 5. Wake Up सुबह जागना 6. Know how to do sth कोई काम करना आना / कोई काम करना जानना 7.

Hurt sb badly/ Cut sb to the quick – किसी को बहुत दुःख पहुँचाना 8. Mumble /Grumble – बुदबुदाना / बडबडाना 9. Apologize to sb किसी से माफ़ी मांगना 10. Learn how to do sth कोई काम करना सीखना 11. Tease sb – किसी को चिड़ाना 12. Murmur – धीरे से बोलना 13. Forgive sb- किसी को माफ़ करना 14. Teach sb how to do sth किसी को कोई काम करना सिखाना 15. Look for sth/ Search for sth – कुछ ढूंढना 16. Weep bitterly – फूट फूटकर रोना 17. Uproot sth/ Eradicate sth/ Eliminate sth जड़ से समाप्त करना 18.

Tickle sb गुदगुदी करना 19. Remember sth – याद रखना 20. Shed crocodile tears – झूठे / घडियाली आँसूं बहाना 21. Ditch sb/ Deceive sb किसी को धोका देना 22. Punish sb severely किसी को सख्त सजा देना/ किसी को कड़ी सजा देना 23. Recall sth – मन ही मन याद करने की प्रिक्रिया 24.

Steal sth – कोई चीज चुराना 25. Make fun of sb/ Ridicule sb/ Poke fun at sb किसी का मजाक उड़ाना If You Like The Post Please Do Like Share & Subscribe

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