Best dating winchester model 70 270 value

best dating winchester model 70 270 value

Winchester M70 - это доработанная модель Винчестера 54, который, в свою очередь, клон Маузера 98. Модель 70 начали выпускать на заводе в Нью Хэйвене в 1936 году. До 1964 году эта модель выпускалась с несколько модернизированной затворной группой на базе Маузера 98, то есть с так называемой контролируемой системой подачи патрона из магазина (controlled round feed action). Потом в целях удешевления производства и снижения себестоимости винтовки затворную группу изменили на толкательную, (т.н. push feed action). В таком варианте винтовку выпускали до 1992 года. Потом .

best dating winchester model 70 270 value

In order to answer your question,3 different things need to be included in your question.First you need to supply a serial number to age your Winchester,second you need to give the overall condition of your Winchester to determine the value of your Winchester,and third any special features ordered with this rifle will help to establish the value as well.

Assuming that this 1950 built M#70 is a standard grade off the shelf rifle and not only "almost mint" but also absoluty original, I would put a value of $1000 to $1200 on it. This assumes you sold it yourself (and had the patience to wait for the right buyer) to a privite party an not to a dealer.

N … ote that a M#70 collector might pay a little extra if the gun truly reaches close to mint condition. the value is about, around $6,000 I do not know who answered your question but the value posted is not even close to the real value of your winchester rifle.First of all your winchester model 70 was made by winchester in the last 2 months of 1954.That being said you have a nice pre-64 winchester mod … el 70 that is chambered in a standard and popular caliber.I have one myself that was made in 1959.These fine rifles value are based on the amount of original finish that remains on the firearm and a good bore.Your rifle is currently valued at between 650-1,000 dollars if it has between 60%-90%original finish remaining.

I know for a fact that the "lightweight" version of the model 70 was made in 1985 and 1987. There was a short action "carbine" lightweight, and a lightweight with the longer barrel. Mine was made in 1987, and has a slightly lower serial number G1903xxx.

Yours was made in 1987 and is probably the lon … ger barreled version like mine, also a .270. As for value, I paid 470 for mine @ a gun show, so it is by no means a collectible, but I could not ask for a better shooting rifle. These Winchester,s are going for a very good sum of money now,if they are all original including the factory finish and blueing.They are selling on gun for between 800-1200 dollars in standard chamberings,(30-06,270 win,).If the rifle is chambered in .300 savage,257roberts,300 H&H,etc the … se could bring up to 2,000 dollars.I would have the gun checked by a Winchester collectors assoc.

member or serious gun collector,for a overall percentage grading(60%etc.) first. There is many variables that will effect the price of a winchester model 70.First is it a pre-64 model 70 rifle,or is it a post 64 model 70 rifle?What kind of condition is the rifle in?Is the wood and metal in good condition or is it worn?The best way to answer your question is to know the serial nu … mber so that your rifle can be dated and have you describe in good detail the condition the rifle is in.

Yes.A long action is defined as a rifle that uses a cartridge of overall length in excess of 2.800 inches.A short action is one that uses a cartridge of 2.800 inches in length of less.These measurements represent the overall length of the cartridges used.A example would be the .308 Win.Cartridge whi … ch is loaded to a length of 2.800 inches maximum(short action),and the 30-06 cartridge which is loaded to the maximum overall length of 3.340 Inches(Long action).

The Winchester model 270 was a part of the Winchester 200 series of rifles made from 1963-1965 until 1976.This included the models 250,270,290,275.the model 270 was discontinued in the year 1974.The value cannot be expressed without you providing a more detailed description of your rifles overall co … ndition,original finish remaining and the bore,s condition.

best dating winchester model 70 270 value

best dating winchester model 70 270 value - winchester model 70

best dating winchester model 70 270 value

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best dating winchester model 70 270 value

It's still the Rifleman's Rifle. No other bolt-action in history can inspire the passion, command the loyalty or create a sense of excitement among dedicated marksmen like the Model 70.® Since 1936 it’s been the benchmark against which every other bolt-action rifle is measured. Discover the rifleman’s rifle for yourself. Get your piece of the legend. Three-quarters of a century of total performance is what comes with every Winchester Model 70. Today's Model 70 has the addition of the M.O.A.™ Trigger System, improved fit and finish and enhanced accuracy to go along with its classic Pre-’64 controlled round feeding.

It is all there: Three-Position Safety and solid, sure handling. The M.O.A. Trigger helps the model 70 deliver the extreme accuracy benchmark 1" group at 100 yards. It’s what you deserve. With the Triple Zero Advantage.The Model 70’s new M.O.A. Trigger System is the most precise three-lever trigger system in the world. Operating on a simple pivoting lever principle, the trigger mechanism has been completely redesigned to exhibit zero take up, zero creep and zero overtravel.

The pull weight ranges from 3 to 5 pounds and is factory-set at 3 3/4 pounds. Because of the enhanced ergonomics, wide smooth triggerpiece and 2:1 mechanical advantage created by the unique design geometry, it actually feels like half that weight.

Click "Read More" below for the rest of the story. Zero Take Up. Take up is the distance the triggerpiece travels prior to the sear moving toward release and the shooter feeling resistance. The new Model 70 M.O.A. Trigger System has no take up because the take up spring keeps the triggerpiece in constant contact with the actuator. Zero Creep. Creep is the perceptible movement of the trigger prior to the release of the firing pin or striker.

Creep has a negative influence on accuracy because it adds inconsistency and uncertainty during the trigger pull.

This contributes to jerking the trigger and thus adds to the movement of the firearm during firing. The 2:1 mechanical advantage created by the trigger design’s unique geometry is how creep has been virtually eliminated in the new Model 70 M.O.A. Trigger. Zero OverTravel. Overtravel is the rearward movement of the trigger after the firing pin or striker has been released.

It can actually jar the gun away from its intended point of aim and is also very distracting to the shooter. That’s why the new Model 70 M.O.A. Trigger System is set at the factory to have no perceptible overtravel .

Where you aim is where you shoot. The Model 70 is no ordinary bolt action. The Model 70 still has the famous 3-position safety which is convenient to operate with the thumb of your firing hand, lifting the firing pin away from the sear. When the safety is in the intermediate or middle position, the action can still be operated, allowing unfired cartridges to be cycled with the safety on. It's smooth to engage and easily identifies the safety status of the rifle. A blade-type ejector gives you full control when ejecting a fired case.

If you pull the bolt back slowly, the empty case doesn't fly anywhere, so you can catch it in your hand and the case is not damaged as it hits the ground. If you pull the bolt back quickly, it ejects the cartridge with more force, throwing it well clear of the action.

The forged steel receiver starts as a forged from a solid block of steel. (What could be stronger?) This is expensive to do, but the regal Model 70 is worth it. Each finished forging is precisely machined, creating a strong, stiff and solid receiver that resists flexing and delivers uncanny accuracy. The bottom profile of this receiver is flat to offer greater surface area for bedding.

It is bedded with a two-part epoxy in two places, at the front and rear to keep things from shifting around inside the stock during firing. Why all this trouble and time? So pinpoint accuracy is preserved. If there were a single feature responsible for the Model 70 being known as the "Bolt-Action Rifle of the Century," it would be the classic Controlled Round Feed (CRF) bolt design.

This is a massive claw extractor that smoothly slips onto and secures about one-quarter of the base of the cartridge. This exerts full control over the cartridge from the time it leaves the magazine, as it enters the chamber, gripping tightly until the cartridge is fully ejected. This design also allows an unfired cartridge to be extracted even if it is not yet fully chambered. It's another feature found on the Model 70. Most rifles have a recoil lug that is installed between the barrel and the action, much like a washer on a bolt.

It is a metal piece that extends below the receiver and fits into a matching recess in the stock. It helps spread out the hammering effects of recoil across a wider surface so the rifle won't be damaged. The recoil lug in the Model 70 is not added during assembly. It's forged and machined as part of the receiver. This allows the barrel to be trued in perfect alignment to the front ring of the receiver for greater accuracy.

There is nothing to move or shift the barrel out of alignment, ever. A rifle is not worth a grain of powder if its barrel is of low quality, either from inferior steel, poor workmanship or poor fit.

Every Model 70 barrel is cold hammer-forged from a solid blank of high-grade steel, shaped by heavy, massive rotary hammers over a mandrel (a metal bar that serves as a core around which steel is forged and shaped).

After this, each barrel is stress-relieved to ensure accuracy stays straight, even during the heat of rapid firing. Free-floating a barrel in the stock means no part of the forearm area touches the barrel. The slightest pressure from the forearm as it cradles the barrel can adversely influence accuracy.

Try pulling a dollar bill under your current rifle's barrel. Does it slip all the way to the receiver without hangup? If not, you're missing the kind of accuracy that produces results in the field.

30-30 Winchester vs. 300 Savage
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