Best dating with acne prone skin serum routine

best dating with acne prone skin serum routine

The best moisturizer for acne prone skin is non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic. Morning skin protection routine. 1. Cleanse once. If you had applied a repair mask the previous night, you should wash your face using a mild cleanser Serums targets problematic areas like acne blemishes, wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots. By using serum on a daily basis, you will be treating any underlying damage. 4. Emulsions & creams. You can use either of these, but creams are highly recommended as they help the skin to lock moisture in better. Ensure you have rubbed your hands together before this, to increase nutrients delivery. 5. Specific treatment and sun protection.

best dating with acne prone skin serum routine

Like booster supplements in smoothies and freshly pressed green-drink orders, the use of in skin care can at first seem like a superfluous, if not costly indulgence. Sure, these shots of concentrated nutrients might add extra oomph to our complexions, but if we’re already keeping our skin clean and hydrated, can adding a serum to the mix make that much of a difference?

Whereas creams sit on top of the skin to form a , serums are typically made from active ingredients that contain molecules small enough to penetrate the outer layer of the skin and deliver intensive doses of collagen builders, antioxidants, and other anti-aging ingredients deeper in the epidermis. And, as Dr.

Lupo points out, because many formulations are water based, serums can also serve as great vehicles to deliver water-soluble ingredients, like , beyond the skin’s surface for deeper absorption and to provide a brightening effect. In fact, serums can be such heavy hitters, Dr.

Rivkin doesn’t just see them as an added bonus to a skin-care routine, but as being “very essential.” Which isn’t to say that a serum should replace your moisturizer. Dr. Rivkin notes that after delivering such concentrated active ingredients, a moisturizer is needed to lock in hydration and provide a protective barrier. To really maximize these complexion boosters, he recommends cleansing with warm water (to maximize the products' absorption), applying a serum to a slightly damp face, and following with a moisturizer a few minutes later.

So, now that we know that serums should be an integral part of our skin-care regimen, how do we find our skin-boosting soul mate? Ahead, we asked Dr. Rivkin to identify the best active ingredients for each of the nine most common skin types. Read on to find out which one you should be adding to your daily routine.

best dating with acne prone skin serum routine

best dating with acne prone skin serum routine - Restoration Beauty: The Skincare Routine That Works With My Sensitive Acne Prone Skin {And how I keep breakouts at bay}

best dating with acne prone skin serum routine

From where to start with an acne-busting skincare routine, to how to prevent breakouts, and what to use get rid of those troublesome under-the-skin spots and lingering scars – you’ve had a lot of questions about acne, and EDITed’s beauty editor has the answers… There are all sorts of one-stop-shop acne treatments out there, but the key to tackling acne once and for good, is a good (and consistent) skincare routine.

I’ve suffered my fair share of acne throughout their teen and adult life (emerging victorious with clear skin – and only the occasional breakout!), so I can totally relate to how horrific this (surpsingly common) skin condition actually is.

What’s more, over the years I’ve been able to suss out exactly what works and what doesn’t. Here’s the condensed version, along with the hero products I couldn’t possibly be without.

Ready to get achieve complexion perfection? Follow these six easy steps. 1. Cleanse your skin thoroughly It’s simple: Dirt, makeup, oils, and contact from your fingers/makeup brushes create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria on your face.

Cleansing morning and night to keep your pores free from this pore-clogging buildup is the easiest way to keep skin clear. And do you know what’s even better than a cleanse?

A double cleanse. That’s right, do it twice to ensure that every last scrap of makeup and grime is removed. Many cleansers for acne-prone skin are more harmful than effective, and can be too drying on the skin.

is the exact opposite – a super gentle cream cleanser which clarifies skin without inciting dryness or irritation. 2. Exfoliate a few times a week When excess build-up manages to get deep into pores, acne-promoting bacteria quickly follows, and this is hard to remove by cleansing alone. Exfoliate a few times a week to prevent this process and keep skin clean from future breakouts. Scrubbing can irritate breakouts and prevent them from healing properly, so for a gentle method of exfoliation that won’t irritate skin, try .

This toning lotion relies upon glycolic acid to break down build-up whilst soothing angry swelling and redness with natural anti-inflammatories.

3. Supercharge your routine with fast-acting serums Packed with super concentrated strains of hardworking, fast-acting ingredients, serums are no overnight miracle workers, but will work hard to gradually improve acne-prone skin over time.

The ingredients are designed to penetrate skin at a cellular level to really get to the root of the issue. Any serum laced with zinc will help to keep future breakouts at bay – has a particularly strong concentration of the ingredient, which is renowned for its ability to help skin heal without scarring. Plus, with no harsh chemicals involved, it’s ideal for sensitive skin. 4. Keep your skin well hydrated It might not have a direct effect on existing breakouts, but hydration is always the most important part of any skincare routine.

Hydrated skin is healthy skin, and when skin is healthy it can fight breakouts, prevent bacteria growth, and heal skin faster and better.

Look for a lightweight water-based hydrator like which gives just the right amount of moisture and won’t contribute to your breakout issue by irritating skin or clogging pores. 5. Target breakouts with spot-on treatments Stress, hormones, and dietary factors can trigger breakouts once in a while, and since you don’t usually realise they’re on their way until it’s too late, it’s necessary to have an emergency targeted spot treatment to hand. Designed to be applied directly to an existing breakout, these are the fastest ways to reduce redness and swelling.

The gold standard of blemish-busting, has an amazing track record at stopping spots in their tracks as soon as you feel them start to appear.

You can really feel it working as it works overnight to reduce blemish size and visibility. 6. Use masks to give skin a detoxifying cleanse Sometimes even double cleansing isn’t enough. Twice a week take your pore-purging up a notch and use a mask with decongesting properties to lift build-up from deep inside your pores. Masks harness some of the most hard-working ingredients to get to the root of the problem as quickly and effectively as possible.

A go-to for anyone suffering with congested skin, works double duty – both as an effective treatment for existing acne, and as a preventative treatment for future breakouts.

best dating with acne prone skin serum routine

1. Mild & Gentle Cleanser For acne prone skin people, it is preferable to find a mild and gentle cleanser which has a low pH level (which means an acidic cleanser). Why? Our skin is of a lower pH which is slightly acidic in nature.

Using a high pH cleanser (an alkaline cleanser) will irritate our skin and causes breakouts or troubles. Keeping our skin clean of micro dust, sebum and dead skin cells with a low pH cleanser is important. Low pH cleanser not only cleanses our skin without irritating it but it also maintains our natural oil and moisture barrier without stripping them off. If you ever use a cleanser and feel squeaky clean on your skin, that's totally something-to-forgo.

I use the Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser in the morning and the Cosrx Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser at night. 2. Exfoliation Exfoliation is important for acne prone skin people because it removes dead skin cells, micro dust and sebum from your skin.

This prevents your pores from being clogged which later leads to breakouts. It's advisable to exfoliate 2-3 times a week depending on your skin needs. I use the Innisfree Green Barley Peeling Pad. 3.

Toner / Skin / Freshner / Refresherner / First Treatment Essence / Starting Treatment Essence Toner has many other names but its main function is to smoothen the skin texture, provides moisture and prepping your skin for the next step. It is important to use a toner as your skin can retain moisture better and absorbs the following products better too.

Previously I used Innisfree Volcanic Pore Toner and Cosrx One Step Pimple Clear Pad. Now I'm using the Secret Key Galactomyces Starting Treatment Essence. 4. Essence / Serum / Ampoule Essence, serum and ampoule are considered as the special treatments for our skin. So depending on your skin concerns, you will have to pick treatments that work the best for you. A lot of us are struggling with acne and acne scars. To treat acne or zits or even whiteheads and blackheads and to fade acne scars, try find products that contain hydrating and healing ingredients such as green tea extract, rose, witch hazel, willow bark, allantoin, centella asiatica, snail mucin, galactomyces, AHA, BHA, Vitamin C, peptide, collagen etc.

I use the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum, Secret Key Galactomyces Starting Treatment Essence, Cosrx Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence, Skin & Lab Red Serum and The Face Shop Spot Corrector for treating my acne.

5. Moisturizing Gel / Cream Moisturizing gel and cream help to lock in all the moisture and goodness of the previous treatments you put onto your skin. It seals them in and prevents your skin from being dehydrated when the treatments are doing their job for your skin.

You can use gel or cream that provides both moisture and brightening or whitening effects to fade your acne scars. I use the Yadah Vita-Whitening Aqua Gel in the morning with sunscreen after the application and the Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream at night. 6. Wash Off / Sheet Masks I would say use sheet masks that help with your skin concerns.

Avoid using them during breakouts unless you're sure that by using that particular mask, it won't break you out even more and it's only for hydration. During breakouts your skin is very sensitive and active ingredients for brightening or other effects might irritate it even more. If you really feel like using mask during breakouts, try using cleansing mask like clay wash off mask and moisturizing sheet masks only.

I use the Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask and various sheet masks depending on my skin condition. They range from low-end to high-end masks. I have a combination sensitive acne prone skin and my advice for those of you who struggle the same as me is to keep things simple during breakouts. When breakouts happen, use the basic stuffs for your skin to provide sufficient nourishment for your skin and to avoid further irritation.

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