Best dating york passes tripadvisor

best dating york passes tripadvisor

Your pass is good for 30 days after its first use, and also comes with a special downloadable guidebook offering attraction information, city maps, typical hours of operation, money-saving discounts, and more. For a complete run-down of attractions and activities, please review the details below. Read More It was so easy to use,even our travel agent was impressed with the site and he'd been to NYC 15 times.The Hop on hop off tour was great,with really informative commentaryWe did the night tour too and saw some unforgettable sights.We just showed the pages .More. Date of experience: November 2018. Thank Linda S. PelleBR.

best dating york passes tripadvisor

#1 of 16 · Hi Rachel, It really depends on what attractions you want to do. You will need to look at them individually and see whether they are worth the money. Not all attractions are included in the passes and some attractions "included" are free. I personally don't buy the passes as I don't think they are worth the money. I prefer to book everything separately online before I go. #2 of 16 · The only pass that I think is worth the money is the Explorer Pass (4 attractions/$88) that can be purchased through Costco and that's only if the attractions you want are included and you're not just picking 4 attractions from the available list.

The FAQ page of the Explorer pass says that it only includes one visit per attraction. #4 of 16 · Do you think you can do all that in 2 days? While it looks good on paper, weather can affect your plans easily. If you have clouds/rain then you won't be able to see much from the observatories. I would probably advise just one trip to ESB and make it night then doing TOTR during the day.

Would that work? As for SOL, are you wanting to go in the Pedestal and/or Crown or just go to Liberty and Ellis Islands? When is your trip? #6 of 16 · For what you want to do, if you can purchase the $88 (4 attraction) Explorer Pass from Costco that would be a good deal and you could use it for ESB, TOTR, 911 Museum (memorial is free), and Landmarks Cruise.

Purchase SOL through because those sell out, I'm told. However, not sure how quickly they sell out in late Feb. other than the lobby isn't accessible to the public as far as I know.

You can walk by and view it for free though. #7 of 16 · is interesting to see, but it's not a paid attraction. is really best booked direct. The passes do not provide pedestal access so you spend all that time on line, devote hours of time, but don't get to go inside the monument. (You can go inside things on though). Booking direct is not expensive. Reserve pedestal access. is the site. Top of the Rock has a timed ticket system. The time slots fill up on good-visibility days.

You can book your desired time in advance if you book directly. If using the pass, you'll need to line up at the box office then select from remaining time slots that still have room that day.

It may be hard to predict in advance exactly when you will be able to go up, so planning is more challenging. #9 of 16 · We usually don't recommend passes here. As mentioned, the is not a tourist destination, you might be able to enter the lobby for a minute or two, but that's about it. It's best viewed from a distance. For the , passes are a poor way, buy through the official seller and choose the first ferry if it's available.

It's a hot ticket, buy far in advance from Statue cruises only:

best dating york passes tripadvisor

best dating york passes tripadvisor - • Ultimate New York Pass comparison 2018

best dating york passes tripadvisor

• A free guidebook packed with useful information and maps of the city for your trip • A free one day Hop-on Hop-off City Sightseeing Bus Tour ticket to explore York and its iconic attractions • Free entry to Yorks top attractions including JORVIK Viking Centre, York’s Chocolate Story, York Dungeon, Castle Howard and York Castle Museum - there's something for everyone!

• Exlusive special offers only available to York pass holders for local restaurants and shops The York Pass is a great way to discover hidden gems and save time and money. See how much you could typically save below. Saving with a York Pass Adult Entry 2 Day York Pass York Minster £10.00 FREE North Yorkshire Moors Railway £26.00 FREE York Brewery Visitor Centre £8.00 FREE Fairfax House £6.00 FREE YorkBoat £9.00 FREE York's Chocolate Story £10.50 FREE Castle Howard £15.00 FREE Total Cost £84.50 £50.00 How it works Once you have placed your order you will receive a confirmation from VisitBritain, shortly followed by an e-voucher.

This voucher can be redeemed at the York Visitor Information Centre. The smart card you will then receive records where and when you first use your Yorkshire Pass, as well as how long the pass will remain valid for (1, 2 or 3 days, depending on what you have purchased).

Terms • Yorkshire Passes are non-refundable • Passes are activated at the first attraction visited • 2 day passes must be used on consecutive days • 3 day passes can be used within a 6 day period • IMPORTANT: 1 ‘day’ applies to calendar day.

Activating a pass at 4pm on a particular day counts as your first day of usage. • Passes must be signed and dated by the holder Where to redeem your York Pass Visit York Information Centre 1 Museum Street York YO1 7DT Opening Times • Monday – Saturday: 9am – 5pm • Sunday: 10am – 4pm • 25 - 26 December and 1 January: Closed Please see the guidebook for individual attraction opening times.

The York Pass will give you free admission to (among others): Barley Hall Merchantr Adventurers York's CHOCOLATE Story Benningbrough Hall North Yorkshire Moors Railway York Cold War Bunker Captain Cook Museum NRM Road Train York Maze Castle Howard Quilt Museum York Minster Cliffords Tower The Richard III Experience Yorkshire Air Museum DIG Roman Bath Yorkshire Museum of Farming Eden Camp Scampston Walled Garden Fairfax House Treasurer's House Goddards House & Gardens York Army Museum The Henry VII Experience York Boat Mansion House York Brewery Visitor Centre Benefits of the York Pass • Free colour guidebook for inspiration and to help you plan • Great Savings – the more you see the more you save • Over 30 top Yorkshire tourist attractions • Discounted evening entertainment and dining offers • Convenient and easy to use – no need to carry cash for entrance fees and it’s a smart card – it works everything out for you!

best dating york passes tripadvisor

The New York Pass claims to offer visitors access to over 80 popular attractions for a single daily price, starting at $85 for one day. Wow, this sounds like a fantastic deal -- I can go to 80 different New York City attractions in one day for $85?

Not so fast. It would be impossible to cram all 80 attractions into one week, let alone one day, but that doesn't mean it's not a worthwhile purchase for your trip. As with just about everything, whether you should buy a New York Pass depends on many things. • You might want to buy a New York Pass if you're an aggressive sightseer or if you're here for several days or a full week and plan to see several different sights each day.

• You might also want to buy a New York Pass if you're looking to control your costs -- while it might not be the best deal, you'll know exactly how much you're spending to see a variety of different attractions, and that might make budgeting for your trip easier.

• A New York Pass can also be a fantastic gift idea if you know someone who is planning a trip to New York City. Whether it's a family vacation or a honeymoon, the recipient is sure to enjoy having 50 different attractions to choose from while they're in New York City.

New York Pass often has online promotions, so if you're planning your trip in advance, watch for a sale and buy your passes when prices are discounted. They can be used at least a year from purchase, so you don't have to worry about them expiring before your trip. Sometimes they discount prices up to 20% or offer free additional days.

You can also buy New York Passes at most of the participating attractions, but your not going to get any special deals this way. Keep in mind that the New York Pass is good for contiguous days -- if you have a three day pass and validate it on Monday, it will be good for Tuesday and Wednesday as well, not two additional days of your choosing. I am happy to report we didn't have any trouble using our passes -- every ticket counter attendant was familiar with the New York Pass and knew how to handle issuing tickets to us.

You can only visit an attraction once per day, but if you have a multi-day pass, you can return as many days as you like for the duration of your pass. This is a great feature for museum goers who want to scope out a few museums and might want to return to their favorites later in the trip. It's also a good choice if you want to see the view from the both during the day and at night. In my experience, the "Fast Track" feature of the New York Pass is of little value. For most attractions where it is offered, lines are short, and for the attractions where it would really matter (like the ) it's not available.

It does enable you to skip the ticket line at the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Ferry, but it doesn't let you skip the line to wait to go through security and board the boat -- and this is the long line at the attraction.

A quick calculation will help you determine whether buying a New York Pass makes financial sense: Divide the cost of the pass by the number of days you’ll use it (i.e. you may choose to buy a 7 day pass, even though you’ll be here for just 5 days), to come up with a "per day breakeven" cost.

This is the amount you'd have to spend on sightseeing each day in order to break even on the New York Pass. Most attractions featured on the pass cost $15-20 dollars.

There are a few "big ticket" items (, Circle Line Ferry, ) that cost more. I recommend using $15 as a guideline -- divide the cost per day by $15, and that should give you a rough idea of the number of attractions you'd have to see to break even.

A leisurely sightseer will probably check out 1 or 2 New York Pass attractions a day. This leaves visitors tons of time for shopping, leisurely meals and little rushing around. For most leisurely sightseers, the New York Pass isn't a great idea, unless you're here for a full week and contemplating purchasing the 7 day New York Pass. In my experience, most people overestimate the number of things they'd like to see and do on vacation in New York City, so if you're coming up close to the break even point, it might make more sense to pay a la carte for your sightseeing.

If you're going to be in town for a week, the New York Pass is a great deal, especially because you can evaluate a few different attractions and even return to the ones you like the most. • Spend some time reviewing the list of attractions included with the pass. • Sort the list into three categories: Must See, Might See and Won't See.

• Find the must see attractions on the included map, and mark their location with an X. • Circle the locations of the "Might See" attractions on the same map. • Identify areas of the map where you have several attractions that you want to see and coordinate seeing them on the same day.

Remember to double check the schedules enclosed with your pass by calling or visiting the attractions' websites. • Picking attractions that are close together will save you from spending good parts of the day traveling from one attraction to the next. This is good advice for visiting New York City regardless of whether you're using a New York Pass.

It's amazing how much more you can see when you organize a day's activities around a particular neighborhood or area, rather than spending lots of time below ground on the Subway. • Make the most of the day by identifying activities that you can start early and/or do late in the day.

Nearly all attractions can be visited from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m., so it's good to find something to do early in the day and after most of the other options are closed. • Suggested Morning Activities: • • • United Nations Tour Suggested Evening Activities: • Circle Line Harbor Cruise • • • It's a good idea to include a variety of different activities on your agenda for each day.

Again, this is good general advice for anyone visiting New York City -- even the most intrepid tourist will be worn out from standing all day, and most people (me included) reach "museum saturation" after just a few hours. Putting together a day that includes a museum, a tour or two, one of Circle Line's Cruises and perhaps an evening visit to the or is a great way to "get your money's worth" and pack a lot into one day, without wearing yourselves out or whining about aching feet or minds.

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