Best dating your brothers best friend fanfiction

best dating your brothers best friend fanfiction

Title: My Brother's Best Friend. Author: jennlynnfs. Rating: PG-13/M for some mature content and very mild language Their families became close friends. Apparently, the Cullens dabbled in real estate and when Dr. Carlisle heard of Bella's circumstances, he spoke to Charlie about a rental he had near the university and if Bella needed a place to stay, the place was hers. Charlie was reluctant at first.

best dating your brothers best friend fanfiction

"Kai, you're a nice guy but nothing can happen between us. Sehun's your best friend and he's also my brother. It would just make things awkward for everyone." Maybe you were jumping to conclusions without even knowing what Kai was getting at, but you could tell he liked you. You might even like him too. "So you like me?" Kai spoke with a smirk.

You rolled my eyes and shook your head. "That's not what I said." Characters

best dating your brothers best friend fanfiction

best dating your brothers best friend fanfiction - brothers' best friend ✽ h.s

best dating your brothers best friend fanfiction

Ashton: You hear a knock at the door. Getting up, you walk over and open it. You are surprised you see Ashton, you brothers best friend. "Hi, Ashton." You smile, stepping out of the way so he can come in. "Hi Y/N!" He smiles at you.

"Y/B/N isn't home yet but you can hang out down here with me for a little bit if you would like." I smile, turning around and walking into the living room. "Okay, sounds like a plan." He smiles. You start to blush but keep walking. You do have a thing for Ashton. But your brother doesn't know. Nor will he ever find out. Not that thats all that important. It's just a silly crush that I will get over eventually. "So Y/N, what do you want to do?" He asks sitting down on the couch next to me.

You blush. "Ummm.. How about we watch a movie?" You suggest. "Sure." He smiles. You get up and put in the movie 'We're The Millers.' "I love this movie." Ashton says when you sit down again next to him. "Good, me too." You say, leaning back into the couch.

Ashton does the same as he presses play. "Where is Y/B/N anyway?" Aston asks. "I don't know, he just said that he was going out this moring." I shrug. He probably won't be back until later, knowing him. "Oh." Ashton nods, looking at the t.v screen. As the movie plays, you decide to get a little closer to Ashton. You grab the blanket and purpously scoot a little closer, making it look like it didn't happen on purpose.

Ashton glances over at you quickly before scooting a little closer too. You smile, and continue to watch the movie. "Y/N!!" Ashton whines. You look over at him, laughing lightly. "Yes?" You ask.

"I'm cold!" He whines again. You scoot a little closer, giving him part of the blaket that you are under. "Thank you!" He says, getting a bit closer to you. Your heart race increases at how close he is, but you choose to ignore that. You suddenly feel Ashtons arms around you. You smile, leaning your head on his shoulder. Now who would've expected this. You and Ashton snuggling on the couch together watching a movie.

Luke: "Really Y/B/N? I don't have a ride home now!" You yell at your brother through the phone. "Well Y/N, maybe if you didn't ake a year and a half to get ready, then I wouldn't have left you at school." Y/B/N says sassily. You roll your eyes, hanging up and start to walk. You hate walking home because you live 5 miles away from the school, which really isn't all that far away, but walking, it feels like 15 miles instead of 5.

You shove your phone in your pocket and start to walk. To make things even better, it starts to rain. Now you really hate Y/B/N for making you walk. Right now, he is probably laughing because you have to walk home in the rain.

As you are walking, you notice a car that pulls up next to you. Oh great! Probably a murderer or something!! "Y/N" The window rolls down and you realize it is your brothers best friend, and also your crush. "Luke?" You ask. "Why on Earth are you walking home?" Luke questions. "Y/B/N left me at school." You sigh.

best dating your brothers best friend fanfiction

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My Brother's Bestfriend
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