Best dating your neighbor a bad idea

best dating your neighbor a bad idea

People are different, so what's a good idea for one person may or may not be a good idea for another. You don't tell us what you're after--just dating, which can mean anything from burgers and beer to occasional hookups to living together--or something more serious. Would you consider a three-month period of dating a success if it ended your friendship? Three years? Thirty years?

best dating your neighbor a bad idea

Wherever you might be living be it either in an apartment or in your local streets, you must have neighbors. Some neighbors can be very helpful they can take a package for you when you are away, give messages on your behalf and even help you out in other important issues but on the other hand some neighbors can be very troublesome and make your blood boil. You can live in your house peacefully if you have a good neighbor, but bad neighbors can make you have sleepless nights but in any case you should know how to deal with bad neighbors.

You should try your best to solve disputes with your neighbors with as little aggression as possible. Let’s take a look at a few ways on how to deal with bad neighbors without losing your cool: 1 Who Are My Neighbors? This is a question one should ask him/herself before moving into a particular neighborhood. You might want to move out so you can live at a quiet place, but then you find noisy neighbors right next to where you want to move to. If you find yourself in this kind of a situation you must know how to deal with noisy neighbors.

Take time and ask around if the neighbors at a certain neighborhood are nuisance neighbors or not. Who are my neighbors is a question that can help you not to find yourself in a quarrelsome situation because if you know upfront that the place has nuisance neighbors, chances are you will not move to that place.

2 Talk to Your Neighbors No matter if your neighbor is a good one or a bad one you should get to talk to them and know each other. Most people dread talking to neighbors because they are strangers and they fear having a confrontation with the new neighbors. In order to know how to deal with bad neighbors, you should first of all know them.

It’s not a must to know them to a personal level but just get talking with them. If you have any problems with your neighbor do not hesitate to talk to them and let them know what is going on. If the neighbor is good and understanding they are going to stop doing you whatever wrong they are doing. 3 Be as Polite as You Can Having arguments with neighbors is common but what matters is how you deal with the problems you have as neighbors.

To know how to deal with bad neighbors with less or no quarrels at all, avoid having unnecessary confrontations you should approach your neighbor politely and be as less aggressive as you can especially if it is the first time you are approaching them because of something wrong they did.

Approaching bad neighbors with an attitude can be dangerous because you might not know what kind of a people they are. Do not accuse them of anything; let them know what problem you have and together find a way to solve it.

4 Be a Good Neighbor Yourself You should lead by example. If you want your neighbor to act accordingly and as a good one try your best to do things that would irritate your neighbors because they might be doing the same thing as you do and yet you are there on their door complaining.

Before you go complaining that you have noisy neighbors make sure that you are not as noisy as well. Chances are that they are doing it to spread the misery to you. Before you go asking for advice or searching on how to deal with bad neighbors make sure you are not one yourself.

5 Ask for Advice on How to Deal with Noisy Neighbors The most irritating kind of neighbors you can have is noisy neighbors. They make frequent irritating noises at any time be it night or day. If you do not have an idea on how to deal with noisy neighbors, you can ask advice from a friend or from the fellow neighbors.

You can also seek legal advice on how to deal with bad neighbors depending on what they do. Mostly this is tied to the lease agreement because it might have been stated that one should disturb the other neighbors with noise. 6 Talk to Other Neighbors Around When you have a bad neighbor and you live in an apartment or a place where there are many neighbors around talk to them.

Let them know about the problems you are facing and chances are that they are undergoing the same problem with that neighbor and if so come together and talk to the neighbor. It is easier to come up with solutions on how to deal with bad neighbors when you come together to address the problem.

7 Talk to Your Landlord If you have tried all of the above steps on how to deal with bad neighbors and it just seems like it’s not working or your neighbor is too stubborn to listen its time that you talked to your landlord. Let him know what is going on with the bad neighbor and inform him of all the steps you have taken to try and resolve the disputes in vain. 8 Conclusion Living around nuisance neighbors can be nagging enough to make one consider even moving out of a certain place to another but if you do not know how to deal with bad neighbors or you have not even tried doing anything to deal with the bad neighbors, moving out may also be in vain because you can move out and still face the problem of a bad or even worse neighbor somewhere else.

Asking yourself who are my neighbors is a question that has saved many people from a lot of quarrels and arguments. You should exhaust all ways there are to deal with nuisance neighbors before you move your family to any other place. It is your right to live in peace no matter which neighborhood you stay at.

best dating your neighbor a bad idea

best dating your neighbor a bad idea - How to Deal With Bad Neighbours (with Pictures)

best dating your neighbor a bad idea

People are different, so what's a good idea for one person may or may not be a good idea for another. You don't tell us what you're after--just "dating", which can mean anything from burgers and beer to occasional hookups to living together--or something more serious.

Would you consider a three-month period of "dating" a success if it ended your friendship? Three years? Thirty years? Do you consider this guy marriage material or don't you care about that? Are you hoping that your love will change him? Are you accepting of an open relationship? That's fine as long as everybody is honest about it. Your surprise that he stayed with his "current girlfriend" suggests that he was not honest with you, and it seems he has jealous feelings when you're with other guys.

These bode ill for an open relationship. It's all very well to be friends with a charming scalawag, but you've already shown some emotional vulnerability in all this and he seems to have shown some carelessness about your feelings. You should consider whether you are strong enough to handle what you think you want. If you think he's going to change and treat you any differently than he's treated you and the other women in his life up to now, be prepared for the possibility of disappointment.

If he's attached right now, think twice before becoming "the other woman"--again. If he leaves her to be with you, how can you expect anything other than that he'll someday leave you for someone else? Maybe that's okay with you.

Serious relationships require clear and honest communication. In your question, "What should I do?" is about all that's clear. Seriously, I'd suggest that while you're trying to figure it out that you put some study into punctuation and paragraphing. They're not that difficult and there are online resources available. You could even pose it as a question on Quora--"How do I punctuate this?" Clear thinking requires clear communication. Good luck!

best dating your neighbor a bad idea

Ah yes…I am committed to spending the end of my 20s making the mistakes that I refused to try out for so long. First, dating at work…now, dating my neighbor. Not only does he live in my building, he lives on my floor . Right next to me. We don’t share a wall, but our doors are about 10 feet apart. I can throw rocks in his window from my door and hit him in his bed. Of course, I would never do that… I know, it seems like the worst idea in the world. I’m not even saying that it won’t end disastrously.

You can always hope it doesn’t, right? Here are a few tips to keep this as safe and sane as possible IF you decide to take the same path. • Make sure he isn’t psychotic. Seriously. You basically live with this person. In my case, we had already lived by each other for 2 years and were acquainted, so I wasn’t too worried. I still proceeded with caution. • Be very candid with your concerns. He likely has the same feelings. • Weigh the risks vs. the rewards…very carefully.

• Take everything very, very slowly. Move about 3 times slower than you would in a standard dating situation… (so for me that means sleeping together on the 3 rd date? Just…kidding.) This is like dating someone who lives in your college dorm, except you are both older (I hope), and have bills, responsibilities, and tons of baggage (if you’re like me).

• Allow yourself to revel in the positives as well. I mean, this is beyond convenient. You can literally get ready for bed, walk over in bare feet (without anything but your keys), sleep with him, get up in the morning, and get ready in the comfort of your own apartment.

No over night bags, ever! I really hate packing over night bags. • See the humor in the situation – it will save you, and there is much of it. Make it lighthearted, not scary.

You are both adults, and you will handle yourselves well…hopefully. There is a lot of material for good jokes here, especially if you both find stalking quips amusing. • Set some ground rules. It will be quite difficult to maintain the autonomy you would usually have in a dating situation that is just beginning. If you do not have the same ideas about independence and personal space, there will be trouble. Be respectful and mindful of each other’s needs. • Be very clear about what might happen if it does not work out.

Are your schedules similar or opposite? How often do you run into each other by chance? What might happen if you stop dating and one of you is bringing someone else home regularly?

Just HOW awkward could it get? If you really like living in your building, you don’t want to have to move just because you took a rash leap into the unknown. Are both of you mature enough to handle living there if things do go sour? Make sure you have a good grasp on this. It’s crucially important. There you have it, folks. Take out your trash, do your laundry, and maybe you will run into a special man in the process.

If nothing else, it’s a really cute story. Just don’t let it become a nightmare!

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