Best dating zayn malik song ever photoshop

best dating zayn malik song ever photoshop

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best dating zayn malik song ever photoshop

Midnight Memories Chronology Best Song Ever is a song recorded by English-Irish boy band . It was released on March 22, 2013 by and as the lead single from the group's third studio album, . Written by , , , and produced by Bunetta, Matt Rad and Ryan, the song was recorded in 2012 and runs for 3 minutes and 21 seconds. It was announced by in a video uploaded to their YouTube channel on 25 June 2013.

The trailer for was released thirty minutes after the video was uploaded, and included a short preview of the song. The song became available for pre-order on iTunes on 26 June 2013. The song was included in the box set of the , 2014 BRIT Awards.

Background The song was first revealed via a short announcement video tweeted by on June 25, 2013. The video confirmed that the song would be available to pre-order at midnight (GMT on June 25th). In the video, mentioned that the official movie trailer for was going live in "about half and hour" and if you watched it you "might just catch a little snippet" of the song.

ended the video by saying "Hope you like it!" The official release date was July 22, 2013 with the physical CD released on August 19th. The next day, June 26th, the song had gone to number 1 on iTunes in various countries such as the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Belgium and many more. One Direction announce new single - "Best Song Ever" The official single cover was released through the use of the hashtag #BestSongEverCover' on twitter on July 3, 2013 at 7pm (GMT) The song was released accidentally by iTunes who downloaded it onto a users iPod as opposed to just pre-ordering it.

The whole song leaked onto Tumblr and YouTube on July 17, 2013. The song appears at the end of the official full length trailer for , and is played during the end credits of the film.

It debuted and peaked at number two on both the UK Singles Chart and the US Billboard Hot 100. It is widely considered one of the band's most recognizable and famous songs, and has been the tour closer for the and the .

[Harry] Maybe it's the way she walked (ow) Straight into my heart and stole it Through the doors and pass the guards (ow) Just like she already owned it [Zayn] I said, "Can you give it back to me?" She said, "Never in your wildest dreams." [All] And we danced all night to the best song ever We knew every line Now I can't remember How it goes but I know That I won't forget her Cause we danced all night to the best song ever I think it went oh, oh, oh I think it went yeah, yeah, yeah I think it goes...

[Liam] Said her name was Georgia Rose (ow) And her daddy was a dentist [Harry] Said I had a dirty mouth (I got a dirty mouth) But she kissed me like she meant it [Niall] I said, "Can I take you home with me?" She said."Never in your wildest dreams" [All] And we danced all night to the best song ever We knew every line Now I can't remember How it goes but I know That I won't forget her Cause we danced all night to the best song ever I think it went oh, oh, oh I think it went yeah, yeah, yeah I think it goes...

[Louis] You know, I know, you know I'll remember you And I know, you know, I know you'll remember me [Zayn] And you know, I know, you know I'll remember you (Oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah) And I know, you know, I hope you (Oh, oh oh, yeah yeah, yeah) Remember how we danced (Oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah) How we danced (Oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah) [Harry] 1, 2, 1, 2, 3 [All] How we danced all night to the best song ever We knew every line Now I can't remember How it goes but I know That I won't forget her Cause we danced all night to the best song ever (We danced, we danced, it goes something like, yeah) Danced all night to the best song ever We knew every line Now I can't remember How it goes but I know That I won't forget her Cause we danced all night to the best song ever I think it went oh, oh, oh I think it went yeah, yeah, yeah I think it goes...

[Zayn] Best song ever It was the best song ever It was the best song ever Music Video Music Video Information full One Direction - Best Song Ever Released July 22, 2013 Length 6:13 Director Production Co Choreographer Filmed June 2013 Location Miami, VEVO views 608,838,938 (as of December 16, 2018) Background On July 23, 2013 (the day after the video was released), VEVO tweeted that "Best Song Ever" had gathered 12.3 million views within 24 hours of its release. The video had held the record for "Most Views Within 24 Hours of Release".

It was previously held by Miley Cyrus's 'We Can't Stop' with 10.7 million views. It was later again broken by Miley Cyrus with her video for "Wrecking Ball". Behind the scenes A behind the scenes video was released on July 30, 2013 and shows footage about the transformations of the boys into each of their characters and other extras.

In the behind the scenes video Liam says, "The concept of the video is that we're in a Hollywood movie office and we've just been offered the film by some big shots." Harry completes by saying "We go in and they tell us all these ideas that we hate about how to make the film and at the end, we tell them how we want the film to be like." One Direction - Best Song Ever (Behind The Scenes) Teasers Promotion The radio premiere of the song was July 19, 2013.

The band did interviews and appeared on various radio shows July 19th, to promote it. • Harry was on BBC Radio 1 (at 4pm); Virgin Radio (96 at 8pm).

• Niall was on 102.7 (On The Ryan Seacrest show on KISS FM at 4:30pm) and NRK (In France at 3pm). • Liam was on 99.7 (NOW Radio in the morning); 95.8 (Capital FM at 4pm); 102.7 (On The Rayn Seacrest show on KISS FM at 4pm). • Zayn appeared on InDemand Radio (from 8pm). • Most radio stations played the song at around 4pm.

The official audio was posted on One Direction's VEVO channel following the interviews. Controversy Shortly after the success of the song, Fans of 1960s mod rock icons The Who demanded to be sued for ripping off the intro of their song "Baba O' Riley". Pete Townsend however said all they did was use the same 3 chords used by musicians since Chuck Berry and mentioned he and Roger Daltrey won't sue them.

Some fans suggest that the song that One Direction was talking about in "Best Song Ever" was actually "Baba O' Riley" and that the song was actually a tribute to the iconic band, The Who.

best dating zayn malik song ever photoshop

best dating zayn malik song ever photoshop - 188 best Zayn Malik images on Pinterest

best dating zayn malik song ever photoshop

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best dating zayn malik song ever photoshop

Chapter:7 It was Monday today so I got ready for school, I ate breakfast and aunt dropped me off. I saw Eleanor talking to one of Zayn's friend, I walked over and smiled at Eleanor "Hey Carrie right?" He said as I stood next to him "yeah" I looked at him and looked at Eleanor "I'm Louis by the way""good to know I will see you guys later" I smiled and walked to Veronica and Danielle "Is El talking to Lou?" Veronica said as she saw them "yeah I think she likes him" Danielle said "really?""yeah she liked him before he turned into that""hmm good to know I guess we should go to class" we nodded and headed to our classes.

In lunch we decided to go hang out by the field "So you and Louis today?" I winked at Eleanor "it was weird he came and talked to me and then asked me on a date when the bell rang" all our eyes widen "Well are you going?" Veronica asked "yeah""so you don't care of his record of girls" she asked "No Louis is different from the other boy he is like Niall and Liam" she said and drank from her soda "but they are bad boys?" "We all want to date a bad boy besides Carrie is dating Zayn" I choked on my water "I am not dating Zayn""well you are his""no i am not he hasn't even asked me to be his girlfriend or taken me on a date""true""besides I don't think Zayn is a relationship type of guy and I am a girl who want a boyfriend" "desperate much" Veronica laughed "Hey I am not complaining of being single but I don't want to be someone's toy." They nodded and we changed the subject and talked about winter break soon the bell ran making us go to class.

As I left school I got a text from my aunt telling me she couldn't pick me up got caught up in a meeting with my mom and said I had to walk since Nat and Ari are going with some friends. I put my headphone on and started to listen to Katy Perry- teenage dream as I walked home.

Not to far from school a car pulled up next to me and I noticed who it was "Get in" I ignored him and walked "Carrie stop being difficult and get in""Zayn I am not getting in so leave me alone""C'mon you really want to walk home" "I will rather walk then get in the car with you""fine I guess we have to do this the hard way" before I can ask him what he meant he Carrie me over his shoulder I started to kick and punch his back "put me down Zayn""as you wish" he placed me in his car and locked the door once he closed it.

"Zayn unlock this door" he unlocked it for a second and got in. As he drove looked out the window and noticed we aren't going to my place "Zayn where are we going?""it's a surprise""Zayn stop this car I want to go home""nope I am taking you out on a date" "A date? Where?""Surprise remember" he kept looking at the road. A couple minutes later we stopped In front of what seems to be a park all alone "Where are we?""Well I come here to relax come on" he got out the car as I did the same.

He had a blanket in his hand and took my hand in his other hand. We walked a bit until we were on a hill looking at the sun."Wow this is Amazing" I loved the view "I know sit down" I noticed he already placed the blanket down and was sitting there I sat next to him and looked at the view."So Carrie tell me about yourself" Zayn send me smile "What do you want to know?" I like this relax Zayn, he had a warm smile and then spoke "Why move to Bradford?" I took a breath and laid down and looked up at the sky."My mom couldn't handle my dad being in prison so she divorced him and sold our house saying it had to many memories and she got a job here with my aunt Sarah so we moved in with her""Your dad is in prison?" He laid next to me"yeah he was placed In there after Ariana and Nathan were born he was convicted for a murder and got life in prison" a tear escaped my eye then I felt Zayn wiped it away "hey don't cry""I just miss having my dad around I haven't heard of him or seen him since the divorce" I cried and sat up.

Zayn embraced me in a hugged and I pulled him closer "it's going to be okay" he rubbed my back, the weird thing is I felt safe in Zayn's arms."You know why I want you to leave me alone" I separated from his embraced "why?""Zayn my mom fell for a bad boy and look what happen I don't want that to happen to me but I have these feelings for you that scare me" he lifted my chin and I met his eyes "I like you Carrie and I want you to give me a chance I'm different from your dad and different from what everyone thinks" I nodded and his lips came in contact with mine.

The kiss wasn't to rough but it was passionate, I whimpered and the sudden lost of his lips "Carrie Summers will you be my girlfriend? I promise you I won't hurt you" I nodded and he kissed me again.. Best first date...

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