Best flickr dating applications

best flickr dating applications

The Sadie Hawkins of dating apps, Bumble only permits the woman to make the first move in hetero matches. If she doesn鈥檛 reach out to him in 24 hours, the connection disappears. As for same-sex matches, each person has the same amount of time to connect before the match goes away Among the first and most widely used dating apps on the market, Tinder is quite adamant about its goal of fostering genuine human connections versus one-night stands. But, I mean, c鈥檓on. Everyone knows Tinder is very, very casual in its approach to dating, even Vanity Fair.

best flickr dating applications

The app is predominantly white text on black, which helps achieve a slick and chic look. You can discover photos in a variety of ways, such as, browsing the most recent or initiating a specific search. Results appear as tiled thumbnails; just swipe and slide to scroll through all the selections to browse what's available. Click on a thumbnail to open the image, from there, you can open a full sized view of the image itself, display technical details like f-stop and shutter speed, or view the photographer's profile page.

User comments accompany each photo and you can participate in the discussion quite seamlessly.

best flickr dating applications

best flickr dating applications - Flickr Alternatives: 10 Best Photo Sharing Sites

best flickr dating applications

By 2013-03-18 01:59:36 UTC released an update to its iOS app on Saturday, adding hashtag support to the photo-sharing service's mobile platform. While Flickr has long used a tagging system to categorize pictures on the web, the term "tags" has been renamed to follow the ever-popular trend of hashtags.

The app also introduced #FlickrFriday, where adding the hashtag let the user instantly participate in Flickr's . SEE ALSO: Much like , clicking a hashtag will take you to search results of relevant tagged photos. The addition is the latest in a series of changes after the company's at the end of 2012. Other updates similar to Instagram included usernames using the @ symbol and retro-style filters. Existing tags from Flickr's website don't translate into clickable hashtags on the free app, and the website itself doesn't implement them.

The new addition follows last week's news of to the social network. What do you think of Flickr joining the hashtag bandwagon? Let us know in the comments. Photo by Camille Bautista for Mashable.

best flickr dating applications

FlickFolio is the best gallery, uploader, and slideshow app for Flickr. With its offline viewing, show photos even when you do not have an internet connection.

Use the Auto Upload to automatically backup your pictures to Flickr. Select from a dozen slideshow animations and transitions to display beautiful slideshows. 馃摲 Take your photos offline Syncs your online albums so you never need to wait on a network again. Syncing occurs when you charge and are on WIFI. Once synced, viewing pictures is very fast as they are downloaded to local storage. Only display sizes are stored, so offline albums remain as small and fast as possible.

馃摛 Upload Use the uploader for individual uploads or autoupload to back up everything. Auto upload from a specific directory to avoid the stuff you don't need. 馃柤 Slideshow Use your device as a digital picture frame. Slideshows loop and can play videos too!

Choose from a dozen animations. Play your slideshow on a single album or show all of your pictures. Turn on auto refresh so your slideshow stays current with latest slides. 鉁夛笍 Sharing Sharing is easy. Share photos with Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Photos app, etc. Easily share multiples and post pictures online.

馃摵 Television Quickly Chrome cast photos to a TV. Run app on Android TV, like the nVidia Shield, Sony Bravia, Sharp AQUOS, or any Android TV box. 馃攼 Password Protect Protect your privacy and secure the app with a PIN code. The app will lock after a minute away.

Enter your password to unlock and gain access. Samsung phones can be unlocked using the fingerprint reader. Low on storage? Move app storage location to your sdcard. Use multiple accounts? Login to multiple accounts and easily switch between them.

Flickr Features 路 See recent activity on your photos 路 Explore interestingness, groups, and favorites 路 Your photo stream and albums 路 Add photos to multiple groups at one time 路 Sort album thumbnails by date taken, date uploaded, views, favorites, comments, etc 路 See photos already favorited when scrolling thumbnails 路 See users that have favorited a photo 路 View contact鈥檚 recent photos and photostreams 路 Add and move photos between albums 路 Easily favorite a photo in lightbox 路 View and add comments 路 Filter photos by tags 路 Set title, tags, and privacy settings on uploads 路 Search Flickr, your own photos, or your contact's photos More Features 路 Auto downloads provide fast offline access to photos 路 Batch and auto uploader for Flickr 路 Sync only when you're on wifi 路 High quality image for any display 路 Animated photo and video slideshows 路 Auto refresh slideshow slides 路 Display slides for 1 second to 24 hours 路 Play videos and animated GIFs 路 Use Chrome cast to project photos onto your TV 路 Move app data to sdcard 路 Set as device screensaver 路 JPG EXIF info 路 Resize on upload to save storage space 路 Share url 路 Support for multiple login 路 Sort by alpha, date taken, last modified, etc 路 Pull to refresh 路 Disable auto rotation in lightbox 路 Crop to fill screen so pictures always fill the screen 路 Force maximum brightness when viewing photos 路 Read only mode turns off destructive actions like delete 路 Change lightbox swipe transitions I stand by and support my apps.

If you have a problem, email me at If you鈥檇 like a refund, just email. Thanks for reading and enjoy the best Flickr App for Android!

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