Best gay dating tips how to find cheap flights

best gay dating tips how to find cheap flights

As mentioned, the best tactic for how to find cheap flights to anywhere is to be FLEXIBLE with your travel dates. Give yourself the best chance by searching a couple of days, or even weeks, either side of your preferred departure date. If you are locked into exact dates, it will be more challenging to get the best deal. 5. Adjust the time of day for flying. If you can’t change the date of your flight, play around with the time of day you choose to fly, which can change the price of your a ir ticket dramatically. Flying at unpopular hours, such as the red-eye or early in the AM instead of late.

best gay dating tips how to find cheap flights

Top 50 Ways To Find Cheap Flights We invite you to explore the best strategies, techniques and resources regarding how to find the cheapest flights on the planet. 1.) Discover Meta-Meta Search for Cheaper Flights. It is well known that the cheapest flight will not be found on one particular site every single time.

Due to this fact it is imperative to check numerous sites before committing your money. The quickest way to do this is by using a metasearch engine or flight aggregator. These are clever sites that search numerous sites for you with one single user query. However, the ' Secret' that not many know is that a single metasearch site will not weed out the cheapest deal for you every single time ..... This is due to 2 reasons - 1.) There is not a single flight comparison site in existence which searches every single travel site on the internet.

Each comparison site tends to have different relationships with different travel agents and airlines thereby producing varying results. It is very unpredictable as to which one will produce the cheapest result. As a solution to this quandary we have developed what we like to call... - A ' Meta-Meta Flight Search' Engine .

This is a new concept in online flight finding where you can search multiple metasearch engines or aggregators with one single search.

is the world's first meta-meta search engine and allows you to search all of best aggregators in seconds eliminating the need to laboriously enter your details in each one over and over again. In other words it is "The Mother" of all flight searches. CheapFlightsFinder searches flights from , , , , , and more from 1 single dashboard making it our first indispensible resource when hunting the truly lowest fares online.

or 2.) Use Experts By Outsourcing Your Flight Needs However good you are at finding cheap flights - there is always a possibility that someone out there is better than you. In fact new services have sprung up which allow you to outsource your flight needs to travel experts who have made a veritable career out of finding the cheapest possible flights on the planet. these experts or flight hackers have spent hours upon hours researching various routes and their knowledge can often beat the best price any flight aggregator can discover on its own.

Services such as , and all offer to utilise their experts to find the best deals in return for a finder's fee which varies according to the type of flight you require. The fee usually starts from around $27 for a basic return flight. These sites state they will find a cheaper flight for you - guaranteeing to save you more money than the finders fee or you get your money back.

Well worth a try as there is nothing really to lose. The following points in our list utilise some of the tactics used by flight hackers to shave some extra money off your ticket. 3.) Hidden City Ticketing Search Hidden city ticketing has been a well known flight hack for those in the know for a number of years now.

The basic principle is that if you wanted to fly from city A to city B it is sometimes cheaper to book a flight from city A to city C with a stopover in city B. What you would need to do is simply get off the flight at city B and not continue on to city C. There are a few downsides to this type of behaviour - 1.) is that it is sometimes against the terms of the airline and you may have to pay a penalty for this type of activity such as having your frequent flier account suspended 2.) You can not check in luggage as it will only be available at city C.

Some new sites have sprung up in order to find these hidden city tickets - one such site was which was actually sued by united and american airlines for promoting such fares. In the end the case was settled as its not technically illegal just something the airlines dont care too much for. Nevertheless if you are not concerned with the downsides of this strategy it is an avenue well worth exploring. 4.) Take Advantage of Your Age Airlines often give discounts for children under the age of 12 and for adults over the age of 65.

If your child is under the age of 2 you will usually pay a discounted infant fare. You should have the option of carrying the child in your lap. If you choose to use the seat the fare could be increased from an infant fare to a child fare. Discounts vary from airline to airline, nevertheless It is imperative that you mention the ages of your child whether you book your flights on the internet or not.

Similarly with senior citizens, you should be eliglible for a discount up to 10% of the actual flight. Just make sure you enter your ages accurately when doing your preliminary searches. Prices could vary quite drastically if you fail to do so. 5.) Collect and Redeem Frequent Flier Miles Many airlines offer frequent flier programmes which allow you to collect air miles or points whenever you fly on their carriers and allow you to redeem those points for free or discounted flights in the future.

These programmes have partnerships with numerous other companies allowing you to collect points when spending at those venues - These other avenues include everything from using particular credit cards to spending at various hotels. You should make sure you redeem your miles in good time as they usually have a time limit on when they can be used. Accounts are usually deactivated if no activity takes place for around 36 months You can also collect points if you fly with any of the airlines under a particular programme.

For example the following airlines all operate under the one world partner airlines programme, and you can collect frequent flier miles whenever you travel with them: British Airways - American Airlines - Cathay Pacific - Finnair - Iberia - Japan Airlines - LAN - Malev Hungarian Airlines - Qantas - Royal Jordanian 6.) Choose Your Season of Travel Wisely 7.) Claim Compensation for Overbooked Flights You may find yourself in the unfortunate position of having your flight overbooked.

Airlines tend to overbook flights occasionally due to the fact that a certain percentage of passengers inevitably fail to show up. If you find you cannot board your plane you may be entitled to compensation - a miscellaneous charges order may be offered to you which could range in value from $200 - $400.

Make sure you take advantage of all your rights and ask for compensation if anything like this should ever happen to you 8.) Use Specialized Travel Agents Even though the advent of the internet and online booking has revolutionised the way we book our flights the need for travel agents has not yet come to an end. You may find that in particular areas where a particular ethnic group reside you could find discounts to their homeland due to special deals they have negotiated with the airlines due to the volume of visitors they send there.

For example Southall (in London, England) is a centre for the south east asian community and you can find remarkable deals back to south east asia if you asked travel agents for flights in that locality. 9.) Check Nearby Arrival and Departure Airports When checking for flights always check airports at a close proximity to your nearest airport for flights to your required destination.

You could end up with significant savings. It is a similar situation with the arrival airport - always check alternate airports to see if you can get a cheaper deal. For example - if travelling to London - Check flights to Gatwick, Stansted, Luton and Stansted aswell as Heathrow international airport. The decision ultimately boils down to whether you want to save a little extra for the price of travelling a little further for a cheaper flight. 10.) Keep an Eye out for Error Fares Due to the extremely busy nature of airlines and airfare pricing - a phenomenon known as error fares are sometimes published.

It most commonly occurs when fuel surcharges, airport tax and other fees are not added onto the final price of the flight. If you do go ahead and book an error fare it may be cancelled by the airline after they notice their mistake - however there have been instances where the error fare has been honoured.

A quick way of discovering error fares on is to go to > choose search everywhere > then select flexible dates > then select whole year search. Our search engine will quickly find the best fares found in the entire year and any error fares will quickly show up. 11.) Begin Your Search Early 12.) Use Price Trends to Book at the Right Time Kayak has a handy feature called "" based on data from over a billion flight search queries.

They will indicate whether the price is good to book now or you should wait for prices to drop. Once you have located your flight and you are happy with the price you have found you should proceed to book your flights immediately. One of the common ways in which people lose money is by procrastinating on buying the flight only for it to snapped up by someone else.

13.) Book Your Flight and Other Needs Together If you require hotel accommodation and car hire as well as a flight you may receive discounts by booking your needs altogether.

is a popular site which often gives an overall discount on the entire package if all things are booked together on their site. What I would recommend is to use the best comparison sites for flights, hotels and car hire - check the total price - and then compare it with a package deal. Then simply book the one who wins. 14.) Fly Late Night or Early Morning You may receive discounts on your flight if you look for very early morning flights or very late night flights.

This is generally inconsequential if flying long haul but for short haul is likely to be a significant factor. Generally speaking people dislike travelling at these hours hence airlines drop their prices to entice people into their aircrafts and fill their seats.

15.) Depart Mid Week The best times you choose to fly would be during the week. namely on a Tuesday, Wednesday or sometimes Thursday. Weekends tend to be busier and airlines tend to raise their prices because they are aware of the demand associated with these days.

As a rule of thumb I would always recommend checking prices three days before and after your preferred departure time. has a handy calendar function which allows you to see 3 days before and after effortlessly. 16.) Bereavement Fares 17.) Research Alternate Routes One vacation searching strategy which people often use is to research alternate routes by flying to a secondary nearby destination and then take a journey by road to your primary destination.

For example, booking an airplane ticket from Atlanta to Paris could set you back around $900. To cut the price of this international journey you could take a cheaper flight to a nearby destination, such as luxemburg, and in the process save a significant amount of money. Then you could take a road trip to Paris which would enable you to take in the sights of two different countries in one vacation. 18.) Check Directly with the Airline once again the trick is to check both sources in order to find the cheapest flights.

19.) Book Your Fights Online It is generally cheaper to book your flights online, simply due to the fact that agencies can cut down on staff costs by not having to employ an operater to take your calls and book your flights. Just check that you are purchasing from a reputable site and that the page you enter your details into is a secure page signified by the ' https' found at the beginning of the url.

(The web address) 20.) Throw Away Ticketing For example if someone needs only to fly from New York to Los Angeles - they may find the one way trip is more expensive than a return trip. Its important to note that you must use the first leg of the round trip ticket as the airline could cancel the entire fare after they realise the first portion was not used. 21.) Sign up to Informative Newsletters There are literally hundreds of sites out there claiming to weed out the best deals for you and sending them directly to your inbox.

Some of the best that I have found are those of (UK and USA), (UK) and (North America only). Travelzoo is famous for it's weekly newsletter that finds the top 20 best travel deals for you - It currently has over 12 million subscribers.

Airfarewatchdog (North America only) is another site which tracks all airlines aswell as promo codes and notifies you about the best deals directly to your inbox. Dealchecker is another site which offers a weekly newsletter which contains their top ten hand picked deals.

They often pick up pretty good bargains making it a worthwhile resource to sign up to. I recommend you sign up to these sites to be notified of great deals as soon as they appear. 22.) Purchase from a Foreign Site There is however an element of risk when looking for last minute flights as sometimes you may find that you cannot find a seat due to the fact that those deals are snapped up notoriously quickly.

24.) Check Agents and Airlines Not Checked by the Aggregators Even though my top advice would be to check prices through flight aggregators / flight comparison sites first, you should note that some companies do not allow their fares to be displayed on their systems. Travelocity, Priceline and Southwest Airlines are all known not to display their deals on flight comparison sites so it is always worth checking their sites seperately to see if they can beat any offers you may have got elsewhere.

Travelocity and Priceline offer particularly good deals on long haul flights so it would be worth checking their sites if planning to travel slightly further afield. 25.) Try to Avoid Travel During National Holidays/ Events 26.) Check for Student Travel Discounts Students often acquire discounts for flights via specialized travel agents which specialize in student travel.

is one agency which is famous for finding cheap student deals. There are also particular cards you can get which give you not only discounts on flights but many other venues aswell.

If you are in Full Time education and under the age of 26 you should apply for the which not only gives you discounts on flights but can also cut the price off cinema tickets, museums, restaurants and numerous shops.

If you a student of any age or are a member of faculty or teaching staff you may be entitled to the "". Numerous benefits are available to holders of this card which is recognised in 58 countries. 27.) Learn What is Considered a Good Price Due to this it is advised to always check this point thoroughly before you commit to purchase your flight.

Many flight comparison sites for example do not show addtional taxes and fees when they present the flight price to you. Also by using certain payment cards there may be an extra charge presented to you. Here we present some of the best resources to continue your research on travelling within a budget. - Packed full of tips for trips - Previously - full of in depth articles related to budget travel The next five entries are the best tools available for discovering the cheapest fares.

We show you how to make the most out of each tool to score the best deals. 41.) Use Skyscanner Flexible Functions However, for those who want to score the best possible deals its the "flexible destination" search which will show you truly cheap fares. You can either search from your local airport to "everywhere" or keep the search generic like 'UK to USA' to show best fares found by other users searching on those routes. 42.) Use the Kayak Explore Tool Kayak has a handy feature on its . Simply input your local airport - then use the filters to decide what type of flights you wish to see.

You can specify what season you wish to travel in or simply leave it at anytime and anywhere. Then prices will load on an interactive map showing you the best prices found by other Kayak users. The only downside once again is that the calendar is populated by legacy prices found by other users of momondo. Therefore you will find less data for less well travelled routes. 44.) Use Google Flexible Price Calendar Google flight search is simply the quickest flight search available on the planet right now.

Results show up almost instantaneously. With powerful maps to show the cheapest flights from your destination and a powerful flexible flight calendar, it is an excellent resource to discover optimum times to fly.

The only downside is that sometimes Google flights can be beaten by other aggregators - our best advice would be to use Google to find the best days to fly using their flexible calendar tools and then plug those dates into other search engines to see if you can get an even better deal. 45.) Use CheapFlightsFinder Flexible Meta-Meta Search As mentioned above we recommend using Google to discover the best times to fly - after which we advise you to head on over to and plug those travel details into our search engine.

After that you can quickly compare the leading flight search engines which will often beat prices found by Google flights. Alternately you can use CheapFlightsFinder's calendar function found under flexible dates. Please note that this calendar is powered by Skyscanner's API and only shows fares found by other users in the last 15 days.

The next five entries are the cheapest airlines which you should follow: 46.) Follow AirAsiaX

best gay dating tips how to find cheap flights

best gay dating tips how to find cheap flights - How to Find Cheap Flights: The Ultimate Guide

best gay dating tips how to find cheap flights

How To Find Cheap Flights Travel Tips Travel doesn’t have to be expensive, but airline tickets often are. Here are my favorite tricks for how to find cheap flights and get the best airline deals on your next vacation. Flying can be expensive if you don’t know how to book cheap flights. The price of airline tickets is actually increasing as companies merge and fuel costs rise. The flight is often the most expensive part of your trip… How do we reduce that cost and find the cheapest tickets available?

After 8 years of constant travel, I’ve learned a few tricks that will help you save money on your next flight so you can arrive at your destination for a reasonable price.

So pack your bags and let’s go! How To Find Cheap Flights: • • • • • • • • • • • • Find Cheap Flights On Skyscanner 1: Best Airfare Search Engines Using an airfare meta search engine is quick & easy, and it can help you find the cheapest flights. These sites search for tickets across many different airlines, and offer helpful tools like price prediction, price maps based on destinations, fare alerts by email, and more.

It’s a good idea to check multiple flight search engines before you book a ticket. You never know which site may show you the best price and cheapest flights. My Favorite Flight Search Sites: • • • • Generally, my first stop is when searching for cheap flights. When I find a good deal, before I book it, I’ll also double check Momondo, Google Flights, Kayak, and finally the airline’s official website.

You’ll never know if another site may have something cheaper available unless you check! However in my experience, Skyscanner is usually the best. 2: Sign Up For Cheap Fare Alerts In addition to searching on multiple flight search engines, I also recommend you set up fare alerts for each one.

Punch in the details about your intended destination, a range of dates, and let the website alert you via email when prices drop. There are also a few dedicated airfare websites you should definitely check on a regular basis, or sign up for.

These sites scour the internet for the best deals possible, doing all the work so you don’t have to. • • • • Another good one, which is a paid subscription service, is .

He has a whole team of people scouring the internet for deals, which they send to you via email. 3: Join Big Airline Newsletters The best airfare deals are often available on the airlines’ own web sites, and many come in the form of promo codes and special offers. Signing up to the airline’s newsletter gives you access to these deals, sometimes as big as 50% off the published fares. of US based airline newsletters to sign up for. I simply use Gmail’s email filters to automatically move these newsletters into a specific folder so my inbox isn’t overrun, checking it weekly for deals.

Flexible Travel Dates 4: Be Flexible With Dates/Times The best time to book a flight has been found to be 4-10 weeks in advance of your trip.

The best days to depart seem to be Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday because they’re off-peak with less passengers and lower fares. Early morning flights or red-eyes (overnight) will usually be cheaper too. Flights with long layovers are less expensive. Another way to save money on tickets is by flying during the off-season, or shoulder seasons, when there will be less demand.

For example? Iceland in the Fall/Winter, or Mexico in the Summer. 5: Book Tickets In January! Some of the best flight deals I’ve ever seen are always available during the month of January & February. Round trip flights from the United States to Europe or Africa for under $500!? You don’t need to travel during those months, it just means you should book your tickets then.

Airlines seem to love offering cheap flights in January. Probably because people are out of money after the holidays and they’re trying to boost demand. Keep this in mind when planning your travels next year, and set aside some cash to book your summer vacation flights in January.

6: Check Alternative Airports If you happen to live near a few airports, remember to check the fares for each of them, as well as alternative airports or large hubs near your intended destination. Sometimes traveling by bus to or from a different airport can save you a lot of money on flights.

In the past I’ve saved a few hundred dollars choosing a $10 bus ride to New York rather than flying directly out of Boston. It takes longer, so you’ll have to weigh the opportunity cost. Use Budget Airlines 7: Try Flying Budget Airlines In addition to searching the major airline booking sites, do research about which specific budget carriers fly to your intended travel destination.

You may be surprised at just how cheap these flights can actually be… Los Angeles to Thailand for only $307 on Washington DC to Copenhagen for only $193 on Florida to Colombia for only $67 on Pretty good, right? Some budget airlines don’t allow big meta flight search engines to include their fares in search results, requiring you to visit the airline’s website. Wikipedia has an excellent list of . Many budget airlines charge extra for services that are normally free on larger airlines.

Checked bags, snacks, drinks, legroom, credit card payment, printing a boarding pass, and anything else they can possibly think of. You can find this information on their website. Cheap tickets on budget airlines are often non-refundable and can’t be changed — plus they may fly to smaller airports outside the main city, requiring additional travel time on the ground.

All these factors need to be weighed before you book a ticket. 8: Pick Destination Based On Price The more flexible you are, the better your chances for finding cheap flights.

So try flying to where the deals are! Some websites make this easy like & . You are presented with a price map for different destinations based on your departure airport.

Being flexible allows you to plan where to go based on how cheap the tickets are. Flying to a random location can be a lot of fun, and you may end up discovering an area of the world you hadn’t planned on visiting. Flexibility and spontaneity can save you money. 9: Use A Good VPN Service One sneaky way airlines attempt to make the most profit is by charging different fares for people in different countries. For example, booking domestic flights from outside the country will often be more expensive than booking inside the country.

Prices may change based on where the transaction is completed, or the “point-of-sale”. However you can beat them at their game using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to hide your location or pretend to be somewhere else. I use because it’s so easy, affordable, has a smartphone app, and doesn’t slow down my connection. Hitchhiking on Airplanes is Free! 10: Hitchhiking On Airplanes?

Did I ever tell you ? I know, I know — this isn’t practical for most people. However it IS possible to hitchhike on small private planes from municipal airports. You need a lot of patience, some flexibility, and a little luck to find a pilot willing to take you. I only mention this to show you that just because you think something is difficult or impossible, doesn’t mean that’s the case.

There even used to be a website dedicated to flight-sharing if you just pitch in for gas! Sadly that closed down… 11: Book Flight Legs Separately For long-distance flights, it can pay to book different legs separately rather than all at once.

I discovered it was about $200 cheaper for me to fly from Boston to Copenhagen, followed by Copenhagen to Dublin on a budget airline, rather than book a multi-leg trip from Boston to Dublin all at once. You may even save money on the same exact itinerary, just booking each section independently.

Or by booking two one way tickets instead of one round trip. Spend 30 minutes experimenting and see what you come up with. Remember though, it’s important to keep an eye on arrival & departure times for these flights to give yourself enough time to transfer. Proof Of Onward Travel Rule Planning a long-term trip, not sure when you’ll return?

Or do you want to travel overland for a while? You should know that some countries/airlines want to make sure you aren’t attempting to move there on a tourist visa and never leave. It happens all the time here in the United States, and other countries too. They are trying to prevent illegal immigration. So many countries have adopted a rule called Proof Of Onward Travel.

Basically, they want proof that you have another flight leaving that country — that you aren’t planning to stay forever. It’s become a huge headache for people who prefer to book one-way tickets! But there is a solution, which I share here: Cheap Flight Tips & Tricks So, there you have it.

These are the tactics & resources I personally use to find cheap flights around the world. In fact, I recently scored round-trip tickets from Boston to Dublin for only $614 using these techniques. Like travel in general, flying doesn’t have to be expensive if you know how to find the best deals and are willing to actually put in the effort.

Flexibility combined with spending an extra 30 minutes searching can save you hundreds of dollars. ★ Traveling Somewhere Soon? Don’t forget travel insurance! I’m a big fan of for short-term trips. Protect yourself from possible injury & theft abroad. Read more about . Pin This! Hi, I'm — I’ve been traveling around the world for the last 8 years as a blogger, photographer, and digital nomad.

Adventure travel & photography are my passions. Let me inspire you to travel more with crazy stories, photography, and useful tips from my journey. Join 20,000 others who receive exclusive email updates!

best gay dating tips how to find cheap flights

You’ve , worked out a , started a and begun putting together your . The next step in the travel planning process is booking your flights. And how to find cheap flights can be one of the toughest parts of the process.

But don’t stress just yet, I’ve had lots of practice over the years having travelled on 100+ flights. I know most of the tips and tricks to getting the best flight deals and today I want to share them with you so you too can learn how to find cheap flights.

How to Find Cheap Flights: 10 Tips and Tricks 1. Start Your Research Early Most airlines generally release seats 11 months in advance. As soon as you know you’ll potentially be travelling you should start your research then. Start by figuring out rough dates of travel and monitoring the prices. You can do this by regularly checking your favourite airfare search engine or airline website and keeping an eye out for good deals. Signing up for email alerts is also a good idea. Most of the major airfares search engines and airline website have this facility available.

2. Search Multiple Websites Don’t just search on one website when looking for flights. You see, not all airlines will be represented on all websites, so shopping around will not only get you the best price but it will also give you more options. Check at least two of the big name flight search websites like , or and then check out the websites of the airlines that fly that route.

You can find out which airlines fly from and to where on your departure cities airport website. 3. Book at the Right Time This is a tough one as there is no real ‘right time” to book as airlines can announce sales at any moment. However, past trends do tell us a little about when the right time to book a flight is. The website completed a study that determined 47 days in advance was the .

And as for , they concluded that the time frames varied wildly based on where you are flying to with the number of days ranging from 46 to 318 days in advance. I find that if I follow our first rule by starting my research early and not jumping in to book too early, I generally get the best price.

Educating yourself is key to booking at the right time. 4. Travel on a Cheaper Day It is said that mid-week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, are the cheapest days of the week to fly but I have found this theory to be a little inconsistent at times.

To find the cheapest day of the week to fly I use . By simply selecting “Whole Month” in the departure date rather than one date in particular, the results will show a calendar letting you see when the cheapest days are over that month. They also have a cheapest month option now which will automatically bring up the cheapest month calendar based on the average flight price throughout that month. 5. Be Flexible In just about everything we do in life, being flexible will see you saving money.

When booking flights you can save by being flexible with the dates you travel and even with the airport you fly into. Also considering flights with lay-overs or multiple stops could save you hundreds of dollars.

The more flexible you can be the cheaper your flights will be. On my trip to Canada, I originally wanted to fly direct from Sydney to Vancouver.

However, once I researched flight prices, I found that stopping over in LA was going to save me a massive $1,200. The direct flight was $2,200 and I ended up paying just under $1,000 by choosing to stopover route. But remember that sometimes it isn’t always worth it to be flexible. If having more quality time in your destination is the most important thing then a flight with multiple stops that takes half a day longer might not be right for you.

6. Browse Incognito Search engines and booking sites store your previous search history so that they know what they offered you last time. To get around this and ensure you are getting the best deal possible, turn your internet browser so they can’t see you’ve been searching previously.

This way you will get fresh prices, not prices based on what you have browsed for before. I know, it seems crazy that they would do this, but it happens. 7. Fly To/From Alternate Airports Some of the biggest cities around the world don’t just have one major airport, they might have .

Checking out whether it is cheaper to fly to an alternate airport could potentially save you a bit of money. London for example has five airports within 50 km of the city centre. All of which are well connected to public transport. While Heathrow Airport is the biggest, most budget airlines will fly into the smaller Luton or Stanstead Airports.

One thing to consider though is just how far away these alternate airports are. If they are significantly further from the city than the major airport and have limited transport options then it might still be cheaper to fly to/from the closest one even if the flights are more expensive.

on Universal Jetsetters 8. Use Frequent Flyer Miles If you are a frequent flier then being a member of a is a must. Each program is a little different but basically how they work is for every mile you fly you earn a certain amount of points which once accumulated can be used instead of cash to book future flights. There are also many other ways to earn miles these days too, not just by being a frequent flyer. Using certain affiliated credit cards will earn you point just for day to day spending and some programs have special bonuses for shopping and booking with their affiliated partners.

Sign up bonuses with major credit cards could also start you off with a stack of points. I recently got a card where I got a bonus 90,000 points just for signing up and using my card for three months. I use my card for everything I can, even rent, and find that my points are growing rapidly. You just need to make sure when using a credit card that you are not spending beyond your means.

I keep a budget spreadsheet to make sure I’m not spending more than I can afford each month and pay the card off in full so I don’t incur hefty interest charges. 9. Consider Budget Airlines & Forgo In-flight Luxuries At least one services just about every airport in the world these days. Using them might mean you have to forgo some of those in-flight luxuries like meals and entertainment but if saving money is your number one priority then you can easily go without.

Bring your own device loaded with TV shows and movies or a book/magazine to keep you entertained. Have a substantial meal pre-flight and pack plenty of snacks and water to last you the duration of the flight. Also consider travelling with only carry-on baggage to avoid the hefty checked baggage fees that budget airlines are famous for enforcing. And if you have good quality travel insurance (which you should) then cancellations, while still a hassle, will be covered. 10. Follow the Airline on Social Media Over the last few years, most of the major airlines around the world have turned to social media to spread the word about their brand.

So if you want to be the first to know when their biggest sales are happening you need to be following them on platforms like or Twitter to hear about these deals. PIN THIS FOR LATER! Disclaimer : This page contains affiliate links. If you found this article helpful, please consider using them to book your trip. It costs you no extra and helps to keep The Trusted Traveller running. Over to you! Do you have any tips and tricks to add on how to find cheap flights?

Let me know using the comments section below or join me on social media to start a conversation. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post. For me the most valuable part of this post is the one that said we should start on time. but what caught my attention the most is when you said browsing incognito. I never knew such a trick works but now that u said it I think I’ll give it a try on my next trip.

Take home tip for me this post is to start early. Si i think planning for my next vacation starts this morning.

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