Best golf dating australian seniors

best golf dating australian seniors

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best golf dating australian seniors

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best golf dating australian seniors

best golf dating australian seniors - Seniors Dating Australia

best golf dating australian seniors

Let’s face it: When you are over the age of 50, you might feel a slight decrease in strength, flexibility and general fitness. On the green, this results in slower swing speeds, less distance and less height on each shot.

If this is the case for you, you may want to look for options targeted at senior golfers. Golf is far more forgiving than other demanding sports like tennis or football. At the same time, it still requires stability, speed and strength to drive the ball hundreds of yards.

Bottom line? Manufacturers for seniors, to offset the decline in performance and make your experience more enjoyable. In this comparison review, we will look at some of the best golf clubs for seniors available in on the market today and how to find the right one for you. Let’s dive in. # Preview Product Rating 1 2 3 4 5 Best Driver for Seniors: Many golfers do not like to tinker with the settings on their clubs.

But if you are about to get your first senior grade golf club, adjustment features can be helpful in figuring out what works best for you. The Cobra King F6 has a lightweight titanium head with multiple adjustable weights to help increase or decrease spin on your shots. The loft of the club can also be adjusted from 9 to a maximum of 12, which should help if you suffer from decreasing swing speeds, by launching higher.

The club shaft is available in stiff, regular and the recommended senior flex levels. Best Hybrids for Seniors: The more senior golfers in their 60s and 70s often find they have trouble even with the regular short irons, let alone the drivers and woods. If you are in such a dilemma, then Majek golf clubs could well be the answer to your problems. Hybrids have become such a hit in recent years due to the sheer ease with which you can handle them.

So it makes sense to design a full set of hybrids with senior shafts to cater to the demands of an elderly golfer.

This is a complete set containing: • a #3, 4 and 5-hybrids to do the work of a driver, 3-woods, and long irons • #6, 7, 8, 9-hybrids stand-in for the mid-, short-irons, and the Pitching Wedge Pros • The senior flex graphite shafts on the entire set make them easy to wield and swing.

• The large heads on the hybrids provides maximum forgiveness, so this set is ideal for golfers in their 60s, 70s and above. • The longer hybrids add great distance to your long shots from the tee and the fairway. • All the clubs are lofted higher than the regular golf clubs, ensuring that seniors can still get great launch heights on each shot. Best Irons for Seniors: If you are not yet at that stage where you need to go full-hybrid and would still like to swing a proper iron set, the Blue Combo Irons is it.

This set from Adams Golf has optional regular or senior shafts to choose from. The hybrids include a 3 and 4-hybrid, along with a full set of irons from 5-PW. Both irons and hybrids come fitted with graphite shafts, which decrease their weights and improve your swing speeds. The set doesn’t offer any adjustable features, but each club in the set sports Velocity Slot technology to promote forgiveness.

Pros • A mature and classy looking set of clubs with metal finish and Adams Blue badging. • The set has low-weight graphite shafts on all clubs, which makes them easy to swing for senior golfers.

• The large clubheads have generous sweet spots. They are very forgiving and might be ideal for high handicappers. Best Value Golf Set for Seniors: The Wilson brand is well known for providing affordable golf clubs without compromising on quality. Are you a senior who picked up the sport in your retirement years, or want to start fresh? Then the Profile XLS might be what you need to get the ball rolling!

This is a complete set including: • a driver, • a fairway wood, • hybrid, • irons from #5-SW • a putter, • a stand bag. Each club uses higher lofts and is available in lightweight graphite shafts with senior or uniflex designation. Pros • Stylish looking clubs with a metal finish and no flashy branding.

• It includes every club in a set, so you are good to go, from driver to hybrid, irons, woods, and putter. • Due to the affordable price it’s a great option for older players starting out or getting back into the game.

• Higher lofts on all clubs will suit the average senior golfer. • All the clubs except the putter come with graphite shafts ideal for seniors. • The set comes includes a handy golf bag. Best Golf Set for Seniors: This set ist for those senior golfer looking for premium quality than the Wilson set at a much higher price point.

The Tour Edge senior set offers a complete package. It comes with • a driver, • 3 and 5-wood, • a 4-hybrid club, • regular irons from #5-SW, • blade style putter • a lightweight stand bag with head covers for the longer clubs.

The set is available in regular or senior flex. You can also decide between an all graphite or steel irons/graphite woods+driver combination. Pros • A lightweight set of clubs in a lightweight bag with a convenient stand.

• These senior grade clubs are all lofted higher than regular clubs for improved height on shots. • The large titanium driver and the cavity back irons offer large sweet spots for increased accuracy.

• The hybrid and woods’ lowered Center of Gravity offer increased launch height. What Problems are senior golf clubs supposed to solve? Before covering of how senior clubs differs from normal ones, lets first look at three challenges senior players are dealing with: • Slower Swing Speeds – With advancing age, senior golf players often experience a drastic decrease in their swing speeds. • Less Precision – They may also face trouble in the precision on swining heavier clubs, due to a decrease in overall stamina and fitness.

• Lower launch height on shots – Seniors also have trouble getting the golf ball high into the air due to the reduction in power, flexibility and follow-through of their swings.

So, what are senior golf clubs and how can they help? Four main aspects differentiate senior clubs from their regular counterparts. • Lightweight – Senior grade golf clubs are lighter than regular clubs. The same holds true for the , which also weigh less than typical male clubs. • Flexible Shafts – They also have flexible shafts made from graphite, which offset the decrease in swing speeds and help boost distance. • Higher Lofts – This can be mitigated by adding extra loft to the clubs.

• Larger sweets spots – To offset the reduced precision, larger sweet spots help improve accuracy on what would otherwise be mishit shots. Feel free to dive deeper into differences between Senior and regular golf clubs with this video: Related: If you are looking for the , follow the link to read our selection there. Things to Look For In A Driver For Seniors Senior golfers at an advanced age may want to leave out a driver altogether and use a 3 or 4-hybrid for best results.

But this depends entirely on your body and fitness levels. If you are in decent shape, you can continue to use a driver from the tee, but you will need to get the best results with a senior grade driver. The best drivers for senior golfer have these traits: • Lighter shafts, preferably below 60g, for improved swing speeds. • Less stiff shafts, made of graphite, with Senior flex rating. • Large club heads with generous sweet spots for improved accuracy. • Increased loft to add height to ball trajectory.

You can also improve the performance of the driver for your personal needs by visiting a club fitter. Other things to consider: • Change the weight distribution along the shaft by moving more weight towards the grip. This can enhance performance, as it allows for even more flexibility.

• A longer shaft can also help you with increased swing speeds, but this is only worth it if you can regularly hit the ball with great accuracy. Here is a short instructional YouTube video with further information about selecting the right clubs as a senior: Use More Hybrids Hybrids are fantastic for seniors who struggle with distance on shots from their drivers and fairway woods.

If you are still in relatively good shape, adding some higher lofted drivers and woods to your bag will be fine. But if you are above 60, and have trouble with these clubs, you can consider the following points: • Increase the number of hybrids in your set, or even getting an of senior clubs. • Even if you are good with the driver and 3-wood, consider replacing the longer irons (1-4) with 3-5 hybrids – you may surprise yourself.

Add an Extra Wedge Senior players need more variety in their short game to make up for the likely deficiencies in the longer distance shots. When you take an extra shot where one would have sufficed, you need to make up for that closer to the green. To do this effectively, bring along a . This includes • a Pitching Wedge • a Gap Wedge, • a Sand Wedge, • a Lob Wedge, all in 4-degree loft increments, to boost your short game and get yourself out of tricky lies your long game has gotten you into.

Do You Need Senior Grade Shaft Flex? The rates of flex in a golf club shaft are typically graded into five categories: • extra stiff (X), • Stiff (S) • regular (R) • Senior (A) • Ladies (L) This is a manufacturing convention and not a hard rule to stick by.

The ideal flex level for a golfer may vary and is directly linked to the swing speed of the individual golfer. Younger players need stiffer shafts to maximize the impact of their higher swing speeds.

Older golfers should be looking at shafts with more flex. Pro level players have swing speeds more than 90-100mph and need stiff/extra stiff flex. Regular flex is for players who generate between 70-90mph.

Swing speeds below 70mph is entering senior flex territory. Another yardstick to decide whether you need senior flex shafts is to look at your max distance on shots: If they fall under the 200 yards mark with drivers or 150 with a 4-iron, consider upgrading your clubs to senior flex.

Relation Between Loft Angle and Swing Speeds Players with higher swing speeds also require lower loft angles on their club heads, since they need little assistance to get the ball into the air. The lower your swing speeds, the higher the loft angle of your clubs needs to be. Otherwise, you will end up with flatter trajectory shots that fall short of where you want the ball to go from the tee or the second shot on the fairway. will have higher than average lofts, to compensate for the lower swing speeds.

The ideal loft angle for swings speeds over 100 mph is 9-11 degrees on your driver. Consider adding one degree for every 10mph below this speed limit. For example, if your swing speed is between 80-90mph, look for a club with 11-13 degrees loft, and if your speed is lower at 60-70mph, pick a club with 13-15 degrees loft.

Our Choice If you are in the market for the best driver for the senior golfer, the Cobra F6 is highly recommended. If you are looking for the , follow the link to our article specifically designed for ladies.

The Adams Blue iron set is our top choice for classic senior irons. If you want an all-hybrid set for an older player, we recommend the Majek Hybrid set. If you need a complete set of clubs for a senior high handicap player, go for the Wilson Profile XLS.

It provides high value at an unmatchable price point.

best golf dating australian seniors

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