Best great date ideas ever

best great date ideas ever

Best date ideas ever! My wife and I get babysitting once a week so we can go out and remember why we got married. Here’s what we’ve discovered… Go to You can choose a category: Romantic date ideas (16 ideas). Cheap date ideas (59 ideas) Adventurous date ideas (22 ideas). How often do you just look at each other and say, “What do you want to do tonight?” The responses vary from “Dunno” to “Whatever you want to do” to “Let’s do anything except visiting your parents”. Women love to look forward to things, especially dates, according to John Gray, author of Mars and Venus. If she likes a surprise then don’t tell her the specifics… just drop a hint and suggest what she’d probably want to wear. So what are you waiting for?

best great date ideas ever

My wife and I get babysitting once a week so we can go out and remember why we got married. Here’s what we’ve discovered… Go to You can choose a category: • Romantic date ideas (16 ideas) • Cheap date ideas (59 ideas) • Fancy date ideas (8 ideas) • Adventurous date ideas (22 ideas) How often do you just look at each other and say, “What do you want to do tonight?” The responses vary from “Dunno” to “Whatever you want to do” to “Let’s do anything except visiting your parents”.

Women love to look forward to things, especially dates, according to John Gray, author of Mars and Venus. If she likes a surprise then don’t tell her the specifics… just drop a hint and suggest what she’d probably want to wear.

So what are you waiting for? Get out the diary and go to

best great date ideas ever

best great date ideas ever - 100+ Best Date Ideas Perfect for Date Night in Summer 2017

best great date ideas ever

By your 40s you’re usually set in your ways when it comes to “dates.” Even if you’re single, you’re actions probably mirror that of your married counterparts: You like the same restaurants, go to the same movies, and generally act like someone befitting your age.

But the truth is, you may be missing out on an opportunity to push you out of your comfort zone, resulting in an experience that brings you and your partner closer together. Though it’s easy to hurt your brain trying to come up with the most novel date ideas, we’d urge you not to. Instead, just read our ultimate list right here! And for more advice on owning your best decade, check out the . Visit a dark sky park. If, like 80.7% of Americans you live in an urban area, your chances of seeing the night sky in all its splendor are very slim indeed.

That’s why dark sky parks exist. Go to find one near you. Then, pack a picnic, grab a blanket and head out with your squeeze to soak in starlight that’s been traveling for thousands of years to reach you. Fun fact: V762 Cas is the farthest visible star to the naked eye at 16,308 light years away from earth.

And if you’re man, allow us to offer some helpful advice: Here are Take in some live music. Even if you’re mosh-pit days are behind you, make a date to take in some live music and reconnect with how exciting a live show can be. A lot of acts that filled stadiums in the 80s and 90s can be enjoyed in smaller and more intimate venues nowadays—and your experience may be all the better for it. And to get more amazing relationship advice, soak in the .

Go the the beach in wintertime Usually, when we hit the beach we do it in our bathing suits and slathered in sunblock. Walking over the dunes in wintertime can will be freezing—so wrap up warm—but it will be quiet and beautiful and incredibly romantic. Need some help finding beach to explore together? Here are the . Go berry picking at a local farm While apple picking can often see hordes of people stripping orchards bare in the weeks before Halloween, berry picking can start as late May (strawberries) and go stretch well into August (blueberries).

Take your pickings home and extend your date by making jams, pies and berry-infused alcoholic beverages. And to ensure you make the most of the experience, memorize—and then forget—the Go on a long hike together. Find an area of natural beauty within an hour or two of your home then hit the trails. Recent have shown that, in addition to having a fun day in nature together, you and your date will be engaging in some mental self-care as you leave the trappings of city life behind you.

Learn each other’s origin stories. Dig up boxes of old family photos and spend a night swapping memories and childhood pictures. You may uncover aspects of each other you didn’t previously know about and even get a better perspective on your own journey so far.

If you’re looking to wow your partner with some knowledge, know the Screen a movie in your yard. A portable movie theater can be set up on even a modest amount of outdoor space.

All you need is a screen, a projector, and bluetooth speaker—all of which can all be picked up for less than the cost of a mid-priced dinner for two. You could even try curating a movie series and use your al fresco cinema set up to screen a series of movies over the course of the spring, summer and early fall. And for more on this, here’s Take part in a Color Run If you’re like me, you’ve been wondering why you’ve been seeing social media photos of rosy-cheeked people covered in powdered paint in recent years.

Well, by and large, they are participating in a Color Runs. The Color Run was started in 2011. It’s basically a 5k run where runners are doused in innocuous paint. Don’t worry about the running too much. The idea is to have fun. That’s what makes it such a great date activity. for one near you! Head to the rink If you’re in your 40s, it means that you’re probably old enough to remember romantic rollerskating to an 80s power ballad.

Relive it all by lacing up and heading out to a rink near you. If you happen to live in a larger city, you might even be able to find a 70s, 80s or 90s-themed night. Get up to greet the rising sun. Dawn isn’t your usual time for a date. That’s why carving some time out for yourselves and your relationship at this time of day can be so memorable. If tomorrow morning promises to be clear, set an alarm, have some coffee ready to brew and head up to your roof or an east-facing nearby hillside outside to take in a glorious, life affirming sunrise together.

Recreate your first date. If you’ve been together a while, put yourselves back in the place where it all began. You may find that the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells of wherever you started your relationship will put you back in touch with how you felt about each other when you decided to join forces.

Head to a weird museum Middle age is a great time to start indulging your eccentricities. Enjoy the eccentricities of others by visiting places like The Museum of Bad Art, in Boston, or The National Mustard Museum, in Wisconsin. Places like these are all potential venues for dates that’ll leave you scratching your heads and marveling at the strange forces that brought them into being. Rent your dream car. Ever dream of tooling around town in a Bentley, screaming along the highway in a Lamborghini, or cosplaying as 007 and a femme fatale in an Aston Martin?

Well you can if you live anywhere near a handful of major US cities. Exotic car rentals enable you to live out your automotive dreams even if you can’t justify dropping a cool half mil on a set of wheels. Make planning a date a date. Turn analysis paralysis over what to do into a date activity in and of itself. Get comfy, grab a beverage, and spend the night dreaming up date ideas that don’t require a lot of planning. Write them on to strips of paper to be randomly drawn from a jar next time you can’t decide how to spend a night out.

Experience Zero G. If you’re ready to splash out some cash on a date to remember—a little over $5k each—a company like will take you up up and way for 15 parabolic maneuvers in a modified Boeing 727 that will each create 20-30 sessions of weightlessness. To discover more amazing secrets about living your best life, to sign up for our FREE daily newsletter!

best great date ideas ever

My best date was my first date with my husband. We went to a movie before dinner, which was fun because we could talk about the movie at dinner—no awkward silences! Funnily enough, we ended up seeing The Lives of Others, an intense foreign film, which was basically the opposite of a romantic comedy, but it definitely got our hearts pounding.

Then we went to dinner at a pretty restaurant in my neighborhood and got a glass of brandy as a nightcap. I don't think I'd ever had brandy before, and it was delicious and made us all warm and giggly.

After, he walked me home and we kissed on the street, and people walking by whistled. It was a simple but lovely date—and I definitely recommend the whole movie-then-dinner thing. —Joanna Goddard, It was with a guy named Dan—it was our first date, and he planned a litany of fun activities. We took a ferry ride, with ice cream, to a local beach that I'd never been to, where we drank margaritas in the sand. Later, we went to a bar he knew of with Ping-Pong tables, where we challenged each other to a contest, ate pizza and laughed.

He later walked me home and kissed me on my doorstep. A-plus date all around—great company and conversation, and we tried something new. —Julie Gerstein, • We had met once before, but this was our first date. It had taken weeks of texting and both actual and fake rescheduling—a girl can never be too hard to get—to finally get together. I don't remember exactly where we went, but what I do remember was conversation that could only be described as magical.

It was laden with quick, snappy banter, and one story begot three more. I could barely get in my signature "So one time at Oktoberfest…" story amiss all of his "So one time when I was working in Asia…" stories.

The date lasted for eight hours without one awkward silence—surely a world record. —Megan Beckley, After a month of dating, my now-husband and I were out to dinner at a nice restaurant, and I could tell he was really nervous about something. After picking at his food all night, he finally admitted that he had told his parents all about me and that he wanted me to meet them.

I knew it was a big deal for him because he's incredibly close with his mom and dad and because he had never introduced a girl to his family before. It was my best date ever because I immediately knew how serious he was about me, and it solidified my feelings for him as well. The following weekend, I met his parents—and he met mine!—and the rest is history. *—Cheryl Brody Franklin, * • Being the country-lovin' gal I claim to be—a pretense half based in truth and half part of my "look what a cool down-to-earth chick I am" shtick—it makes sense that my number one date wasn't in the city.

It was during Fashion Week. My date aptly observed my quickly rising stress levels and decided to whisk me away to the Berkshires. While he put our promptly packed bags in the train's overhead compartment, I called my coworkers pleading the flu and a self-imposed quarantine—for their sake, of course.

(And if they're reading this, I'm hoping they'll forgive me in the name of love.) He and I spent the weekend eating numerous lobster rolls and then swimming in the lake—without waiting the recommended hour. The thrill of skipping work and forgoing my childhood lifeguard warning was just enough excitement to really heat things up. —Laney Crowell, • The best date I ever had was my first date with Los Angeles native Mark. Hours after a chance meeting in the middle of a TV-show shoot in New York City's East Village, we reunited for dinner at a cozy Italian restaurant, where we quickly fell into effortless conversation.

From there, we strolled over to Central Park for a moonlit carriage ride—the backdrop for our first kiss. The chemistry and conversation continued by Pulitzer Fountain in front of the legendary Plaza Hotel. We talked for hours, until Mark walked me home. It was a magical night—one that ended up sparking a lengthy long-distance love affair. I still smile every time I walk by the Plaza.

—Melissa Braverman, • My best date ever? It wasn't with my current boyfriend. In fact, it wasn't even with a boy. Junior year of college, I studied abroad and traveled all over Europe with my roommate Kate.

There was one exceptional afternoon in Venice. We kept walking in circles through twisty passageways and over canal bridges, laughing as we ended up right where we started. The sun was shining. There wasn't a cloud in the sky.

And there were quite a few handsome Italian men willing to help us find our way. After an hour of being lost, we arrived at the Peggy Guggenheim museum.

I saw my first Picasso painting. Then, we shared pizza and red wine at a café on the Grand Canal. I just kept thinking to myself, This is the best afternoon ever. Who needs a guy to have the best date ever when you have a good friend and the world is your oyster? —Kristen Flanagan, For my sixth birthday, I asked for two things: gorgeous white Rollerblades with neon pink laces and two tickets to see The Phantom of the Opera on a date with my dad.

When I was growing up, he kept the Broadway-cast recording in his car, and we used to listen and sing along. My favorite part was playing the prima donna—go figure. I still remember what I wore when my dad and I went to see the show—an ivory eyelet Empire-waist dress with a Peter Pan collar—and where we went to dinner beforehand: Froggy's, for my favorite cheeseburger in town.

It was a magical night I will never forget. I chose this "first date," of sorts, as my definitive "best date ever" because it was spent with a man who I know will always love me, no matter what.

—Lara Hillier, • The date itself was pretty standard—Italian restaurant, bar after. But what made it the best date ever was that this guy was on a totally different level from every other guy I had dated. I remember there were a lot of "me too, me too!"s as we discovered everything we had in common. He showed interest in me as a person, and he got an A+ for being über-respectful.

As in he never looked at my chest and he kept his hands to himself, even after several drinks. We just sat there me-tooing with this big happy bubble of respect between us. I finally saw how I should always be treated. I wish other women could experience that too. *—Erin Meanley, * • I've been taken to a lot of fancy-shmancy restaurants on Valentine's Day because that's what guys think girls want.

But for me, securing a reservation at some stuffy eatery isn't all that romantic or original. My best date was on February 14 a couple years back, when my current boyfriend had me over to his place for dinner. There were no boxes of chocolates or red roses but instead what must have been close to 100 little candles flickering light throughout his entire place.

The ambiance was simply magical, and it felt so indulgent to have someone cook for me. Plus, there's nothing more sensual than a plate of steaming risotto on a winter night. I loved watching him maneuver around the kitchen while I sipped my red wine in the doorway. The whole night felt thought-out but not in an overly calculated sort of way. And any time I can go on a date and remain barefoot, it's a winner in my book. —Emily Schuman, • My best date ever was with my current boyfriend.

Last fall, he took me apple-picking. We drove to New York's Hudson Valley and admired all the changing leaves. Then we stopped for lunch at a cute café owned by a local farm that had the most delicious apple-cider doughnuts.

We picked and sampled lots of crisp apples, went to a great museum and drove home feeling totally content—and full. —Jessica Strul, • • • • • © 2018 Condé Nast. All rights reserved. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our (updated 5/25/18) and (updated 5/25/18) and Glamour may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers.

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