Best guy dating older girl movies

best guy dating older girl movies

Older guys probably have nieces or nephews or neighbor kids by this point and can interact with a child in a normal way. And holy shit, is it cute. 13. He doesn't try to get away with not using a condom. In his years of dating, he's probably been with a woman during a pregnancy scare and now fully understands the value of family planning. 14. He has his own friends and job and hobbies and schedule. I.e., he won't be one of those lamewads who clings to your friend group and sits around the house eating Cheez-Its and waiting for you to come over and watch Netflix with him.

best guy dating older girl movies

When Taylor was 19, she dated John Mayer who was 32 (and a jerk!) | Source: INF PhotoWhen I was 19, I was dating an older guy–and when I say older, I mean really older. He was 30! Often when people hear this, they think he took advantage of me, or that he was preying on young girls–but the reality is that I sought him out.

I saw him at a dance club one night and thought he was super beautiful. I marched up to him, told him I thought he was cute, and from the minute we started dancing until the end of that summer when I moved abroad for school, we were inseparable. He was really popular in the club scene, so a ton of people knew him (or at least knew of him)–but a lot of people worried about me being with him, and not just because they didn’t like me dating an older guy!

My elder Romeo had a pretty bad reputation. He’d been married and divorced already, was a recovering alcoholic, was known to do drugs, and it was rumored he’d slept with just about every girl in town.

I knew all of this, and the truth is, that’s exactly why I wanted to date him. Up until then, I’d only had two real boyfriends–both of them were super sweet and so good to me–but both of those relationships were so serious. I wanted to finally date someone just for fun–just to go out and make out and have it not be this whole dramatic epic romance. I thought with this guy, it definitely wouldn’t be.

Plus, I loved how dangerous he seemed. He was exciting in a totally different way than the boys I’d dated before. When she was 20, she dated Jake who was 29! | Source: INF PhotoLooking back, I definitely put myself in what could have been a scary situation.

Being as inexperienced as I was (did I mention I was still a virgin?!), he could have totally manipulated me into all kinds of things–but lucky for me, this guy with his Big Bad Wolf reputation treated me like a princess. I was so determined to live on the edge for once, but instead of taking me up on it, he was uber-protective of me–making sure I never ever got into trouble or felt threatened.

When we went to wild parties together, he’d whisk me away to the kitchen and cook for me–that man made great pancakes. And when I told him I hadn’t had sex, he respected that. Sure, he asked if we could (and I think he knew I was thinking about it!) but he never made me feel like I had to sleep with him.

It all made sense–and came to a very disappointing end–when he finally admitted that he’d fallen in love with me.

That he hadn’t loved anyone as much as me since his wife. Here I was looking for my first no-strings fling, and Mr. Dangerous had turned into a big, mushy “I want a commitment” puppy dog.

Woah. This was way more than I was looking for–and more than I could handle. Luckily, I already had plans to leave The States and study abroad that September, so I had an easy out. Over the years, I’ve looked back on those few months with him and although I totally understand why I was into it, and what I was looking for in that relationship–I still can’t quite understand what was in it for him (of course, besides my sparkling personality and drop-dead looks–I kid!

I kid!). Maybe I made him feel younger? I have no idea. The bottom line is, I was really fortunate that he was so good to me at a point where some really bad things could have happened. A lot of guys who date girls that much younger than them are predators. I know girls who’ve and been completely taken advantage of. Obviously I can’t tell you not to date an older guy after telling you a story like mine–but if you are, or if you’re thinking about it, just make sure he’s really respectful of you, that you never feel forced into anything, and that your friends or family know about him and know where you are.

I don’t have any regrets, and I don’t want you to, either. Have you ever dated an older guy? Are you dating an older guy right now? What do you think about an 11-year age difference? Tell me everything in the ! One thing that I hate about my dating life is that Im 19 and my bf is 38 and noone knows that we are dating.

Its frustrating because he met me at a younger age, but over the years we started falling in love with each other. He is sweet,smart,handsome and treats me so well never controlling or anything in that matter. I also never dated, he was my first bf and I feel like his family thinks im using him because they always see me with him. I dont know if i should be with him? • Turning 15 I fell in love with this gorgeous guy who was 32.

Many will find this ridiculous. A week before I turned 15, I lost my virginity to him. I was curious and adventurous and he wanted me sexually. I knew that because he told me. He was so sexy and I liked the way he took control and made me feel I was in heaven.

I didnt mind experimenting sexually because I knew I was safe with him. It was extremely exciting and we had plenty of sex on a very regualr basis. I used to rush to his place everyday after school to have sex. Sometimes even before school I would lie to my mom that I needed to go early and I would go to his place. When I turned 16 he told me that he wanted me to be sure that he was the one I definitely wanted to be with and allowed me to go out and have fun and explore and date other guys just to understand if I still wanted to be with him or not.

He asked me to promise him that I would make sure I was safe and would use condoms if I had sex with any other guy. I did have sex with 5 other guys. Two of them were my age and the other 3 were slightly older. I was 16 but I was having so much sex. I enjoyed it but something was missing. I felt a kind of emptiness and a longing for that something that was missing. Because of this, I was thoroughly disappointed with the younger guys and the guys my age.

They were so immature and inept, had no way of making a girl feel good and didnt have a clue about what I needed. I longed for my older bf. After spending 6 months with various guys I went back to my good ol’ faithful.

I have never missed him so much in my life. The love making was just divine, the sex just awesome, his whole manner and endearing, patient attitude towards me was so refreshing. I felt so guilty that I slept with other guys and I decided to introduce him to 2 of my best friends who also wanted to have sex.

I knew they liked him because they used to come with me to his place and they really thought he was very attractive. We experimented with 3sums and a lot of other stuff. I am 19 now and am still with him. He is 36 but I dont care about his age.

He is gorgeous still and to me I would never go for anyone my age. The younger guys are too childish and immature. My experience with an older guy has been the best. I will never change that for all the gold in this world. • That is so sweet. He let you actually go with other guys? wow!! that is so cool. I dont mind age too. I started very early too and I was always with much older guys. Many of my guy friends have asked me why I dont go with guys my age.

I just find older guys a lot more attractive and interesting. I know they like sex with us but I know guys our age like sex too. I dont see what the big deal is and why everyone makes such a fuss. Sex will happen if you like the guy. So what if he is older. Do those older guys not have emotions and feelings? So why is it wrong for an older guy to want to have sex when he has a younger girlfriend?

To me it is not wrong.

best guy dating older girl movies

best guy dating older girl movies - Why Older Women Should Date Younger Men

best guy dating older girl movies

In 's "" sketch, Sally Field is a punch line. She's the go-to example of how Hollywood marginalizes women of a certain age. Whereas male movie stars are consistently paired with love interests 10 or 20 years their junior (see: who's been cast in the new Mummy movie), Field was relegated to playing Mrs. Gump at the age of 47. is merely 10 years younger than she is. Men get increasingly younger romantic partners; women have to play . But Field got the last laugh in Hello, My Name Is Doris, in which the actress pursues a man more than three decades her junior.

Field plays Doris, who finds herself smitten with John Fremont (), the new guy in her office. Bereft by the recent loss of her mother, for whom she cared her entire life, Doris passionately attempts to figure out how she could possibly win John. It turns out her zany wardrobe is a hit in Williamsburg, and the two end up becoming friends. The history of movies featuring romantic and/or sexual relationships between older women and younger men is a fraught one.

Yes, Mrs. Robinson is hot in The Graduate, but she's also portrayed as a boy-crazy lady who ruins lives. Cinematic women who engage in affairs with younger men are often sexy, but also broken in some way or another.

Though the woman has the upper hand in terms of age, she is often a conquest for the virile dude.

best guy dating older girl movies

I never got why guys like dating young chicks you know? I have a friend that's dating a 20-something year old guy and she's 14. What the hell? I don't see the appeal of a young girl. I have a girlfriend now (not braggin') but she 18 and I'm 14, yet I don't see the problem with that. Why do guys find that appealing? Someone please explain. At 5/14/09 09:49 PM, MercatorMap wrote: My cousin is 21 and is dating a 15 year old. He's pretty much the black sheep of the family because he's a welfare whale.

He smokes pot, and he doesn't do jack shit. We gave him a place to stay with my parents for 6 months, and he didn't get a job. The only thing he did all day was shop on the internet and play videogames.

When he left, he told us that he would stay straight edge and not smoke anymore. Within 3 months of leaving he's back to smoking pot and doing nothing except mooching off the government. That sucks. The taxpayers are keeping him comfortable while he just sits around and smokes weed?

I'd rather be supporting the veterans.

8 Reasons Why Men Prefer Dating Older Women
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