Best heather elvis dating married man

best heather elvis dating married man

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best heather elvis dating married man

As always, with these videos, I try to get the most accurate information possible with the resources that I'm able to use. If you have pieces of information that were left out, please feel free to add them in the comments below. SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram: Twitter: SOURCES: Kiran Jadhav Il y a jour Shauna, Though Sydney got away with 10 years, what I feel funny is how will Tammy survive 20 years in prison after his release out in the world without handcuffs!

Heather may or may not be with us, but her perpetrators have been brought to justice. Tammy will suffer every second of her life while Sydney is out flirting and someday hopefully will meet the same end.

Love you Shauna and your videos -all the way from India! • Th3greatscott Il y a 5 jours I think when people "victim blame" they arent saying that she deserves what she got or that she is 100% responsible.

Obviously the person responsible is the person doing the action in every single case. If I cuss at someone and they hit me. Well they are responsible for hitting me. BUT I could have lessened my chances of being hit by not cussing at him.

I believe thats what people are saying when they "victim blame" Heather obviously didn't deserve whatever happened to her. Clearly not. But at the same time I don't think its wrong to tell young women that it is probably best to not have affairs with married men.

Many of us know how it feels to get cheated on and it isn't good at all! So to practice proper safety in life its best to choose safe options. For instance, when choosing a parter to date. Look for people that aren't currently married with children. I will teach my child to not play in the streets. Not because if hes hit by a car then its his fault.

But because we can avoid other peoples craziness and mistakes by him not being in the street in the first place. • Ashley Jones Il y a 9 jours Omg! I’ve been following the moorer trial on FRreporter! As soon as you put up that picture of Tammy, I realized that you were talking about that case! I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to watch a video lol. I’ve listened to so much of her testimony, now I can’t wait to hear the victims side.

:-) • Brandy Yolidio Il y a 10 jours This is so sad, his wife would not let it go and could not until Heather was dead. A sweet young lady at my church (Pastor's granddaughter) was dating a married man of 6. The wife found out and beat the young lady with a club and put her in the hospital. Even though I am sure the wife was hurt, she took it way too far. She only got 2 years probation for what she did.

She is still recovering, very sad situation • Morgan StarChild Il y a 12 jours Yeah the defensive attorney's friend 1000% should NOT have been on the jury,smdh kangaroo court system the "good ole boys looking out for one another ". I agree wholeheartedly about the disgusting "people " that victim shame especially in this case she was a 17 yr old young girl ,yeah most states it's the bullshit age of consent law that says at 16 someone over 18 can legally have sexual Intercourse with that minor just because they are willing, in my opinion as a mother & bc I was a 15 yr old in a sexual relationship with a 22 yr old man so I feel that I've got a insight ,yes every situation is different but in that line of thinking if a 16 yr old can give consent to have sexual relationship with someone over 19/20 I'll give it a little bit more lead way but 16 yr Olds can't legally drink alcohol they can't legally buy & smoke cigarettes, they definitely can't join the military.

All those things are morally looked at as adult things ,sex is the ultimate adult act in many ways because once you do it , in a way it's taking control of your why is sex legal for them at 16? They are still so childish in every way. All those things are illegal for 16 yr Olds to consent to bc they're minors and that means that their parents/guardian are responsible for them.

Why in the hell do more people not have any problems with the age of consent law? In this case a older man took full advantage of a naive and unexperienced minor child and put her in an adult sexual relationship. yes maybe bodies are ready at that time but emotionally and mentally a 17 year old is not ready to be in a relationship with a grown man in that manner and vice-versa for young boys and older women that are minor boys.

Of course teenagers are going to have sex and at the very least experiment that's why proper education should be taught and about respect, consent and love.

It's only human but to shame the victim is just wrong. It doesn't matter if she wanted to be with him, it doesn't matter if she wanted to have sex, he was the older supposed to be wiser and know better than to even entertain the minor girl. Damn shame people say such nasty things but if it were a loved one of theirs they wouldn't stand for it.

So sad. I feel that if age of consent to have sexual relationship with someone over 19/20 depending on the low/high end of the teen age i.e. 15 & 17 yr old that's maybe expected but not a 17 yr old with a 25 plus yr old man or even a 21/22 yr old. If they love them they'll wait until they are 18.

If 16 yr Olds can give consent then they should be able to buy alcohol /cigarettes and join military. I know it might be extreme but think back to when you were 17 did you truly grasp a serious loving relationship and being monogamous as well. Nobody deserves to die or go missing for loving the wrong person.

The couple is outrageous they're the definition of wretched hateful disgusting scum. Rest in peace Heather . I agree it doesn't matter what she did , nobody deserves that. I feel so bad for her mom her dad and family, friends. Such a horrible injustice I hope she's found and the people who are responsible get what they deserve. • Jessica Blakeslee Il y a 13 jours So I watch alot of eleanor neale and Georgia marie.

When I have a day off, while I get dressed, when I'm on my lunch.. etc. So obviously I watched all of their videos and then didnt have anything to watch. I'm pretty picky about who I watch and I am so happy to have found you! Jackpot! • jeremy mclouth Il y a 14 jours I understand and agree people shouldn't be nasty about people who make unwise decisions and then die because of it. On the other hand why not say "let this story be a warning to where this behavior could lead." People are so worried about not calling out unwise behavior while claiming they care.

Social pressure is a good thing if done to keep others in check. More people would think before they act. • Thomas Paxton Whitaker Il y a 20 jours In regards to the post that Terry made about burying a body. I would say depending on the date that the post was made...he was more than likely making a statement to the Moorers because they were harassing his daughter so intensely.

I don't believe it's related to her disappearance. • Denise Davies Il y a 21 jour Also he said 5hat tammy was in the truck waiting g for him, while he bought that pregnancy test...I'm hopi g that they eventually let something out, since they can't stop posting crap about heather...karma!!!

Tammy must be very insecure that she just couldn't let it go, maybe they got wind of her maybe being pregnant....I hope they find her • Denise Davies Il y a 21 jour This is frustrating g, that those 2 seem to be getting away with her disappearance, they for sure did it...and for them to cut heather down is ludacris, they are both bullys to that 20yr old girl...he lured her for sure...the friend of heather I believe what heather had told her... • Cynthia Thomas Il y a 21 jour Nobody knows what happened to her we r still wondering but what we do know is that Tammy Mooore is in prison for yrs i think 30yrs and maybe 30 more back to back shel never get out of prison,Sidney is now incarcerated and hel be on trial soon for the same charges as Tammy they both know what happened to her .I thin k Heather may have been pregneant as they say and they got the preg test took it to Heather forced her to take it and when or if it came up positive Tammy went off the deep end and she did something to Heather They will meet their maker one day and answer for it all • eeviegrl Il y a 22 jours Hi New Sub here ✋I love the way U did this case especially, what U said at the end about Heather because above all else, she was a human being.

I'm sure you're up on it , but are U working on the update to this case or did I just not see it in your video posts? 30 huh? 🙏 thank U God. • zadose Il y a 24 jours Affairs ruin families. Don't know why people are stupid enough to do them. Although cheaters deserve humiliation, they don't deserve to be murdered. It's important to FORGIVE... otherwise you find yourselves doing worse things than what was done to you.

I don't know what happened but that's all I can say, don't fuck with people and learn to forgive and move on. Sydney cheated too, and that's worse, he had a family! Pretty disgusting. • KatKaleen Il y a 27 jours Dafuq is wrong with Tammy's face? I know, I know, no jokes about funny looking kids. Tammy is not a kid, though. I'd fuck any woman even slightly prettier than her. Unless, of course, I was chained to a bed or had a knife held to my neck. Yeah, Sidney did it, but he was forced to do it by Tammy.

Good thing I'm not a judge. • Ewelina Duda Il y a 29 jours Hi. I binge watching your videos and was going to post comment after about an amazing job you're doing Shauna. But I come across this case and it made me so upset. She was only a young girl, he filled her head with sweet nothings and empty promises and she fell for it. So she is not the one to blame. Tammy on the other side... Psycho b*** from hell. Her smile while on the way to court and in court gives me shivers. I feel for the family and friends of Heather.

She had all the life in front of her which was taking away from her way too soon. I'm hoping that she will get found so they both can be charged for the unspeakable crime they committed. Thanks again Shauna. You're doing amazing job! • gary lee Il y a 29 jours what is it with girls having these true crime channels, set up in this exact style, I love it and I consider myself a amateur sleuth, yet I everyday find another channel of a cool girl giving us the run down on the latest mystery of crime or disappearance, I'm not complaining, I'm just wondering • Dawn Everhart Il y a mois I think Heather may have actually left a note on his car saying she was pregnant or she thought she was which is why he called her out of the blue.

He met her at the bar to make her take a pregnancy test. His wife could have been waiting in the truck to help him get rid of her if it was positive. Maybe him and Heather took a ride in her car to talk about the pregnancy, but his wife followed because the actual plan was to get rid of her and then they return to the bar so that he could be seen there without her and then him and his wife left again to get rid of her car.

• Trisha Emde Il y a mois I have to say this..... Shauna, you are truly wise beyond your years!!!! This world is blessed to have you!!!! I mean this with all my heart!!!!! You are a remarkable young woman!!!!! Please don't stop making these videos, and please do not EVER change your way of thinking.

I'm 45 and you see things very much the way I do!!!! I've noticed this in MANY of your videos. THANK YOU so much for all you do!!!! We love you up here in Canada 💖 So proud of you for all your hard work! I wish everyone had the compassion you show 😇 May God bless you earth angel 💖 • Kathy Petty Il y a mois The moorer's are with out a doubt the weirdest , most creepy couple in this world.

They look like devils and we all know he lured Heather out to cause her harm. We should all use these types of stories as an example why we shouldn't fool with married people because you're never sure if people involved are stable. Why did he buy that test and cigar, so he could tell his wife Heather was pregnant, or the other way around so he could see them fight over him.

He is disgusting and needs to be castrated! • mrcynthiag mrcynthiag Il y a mois NO MOST people DON"T have run ins with the law and MOST people don't have disgusting secrets as you mention. Not sure what your life was like, but nothing like MOST people's lives. That was a very ignorant and naive statement to make. I don't think you have lived long enough, dear.

• Vicki F. Il y a mois Sidney is a pig and Tammy is a hog. And their attorney is a jackass. I work for attorneys and the first thing we look for is if the defendant is posting on social media.. and we always advise our clients is not to post anything at all about their case, even if its as simple as a minor fender bender. • LA BP Il y a mois I really wonder if the Moorers saw Heather out on her date that evening.

I get the feeling that if Tammy saw Heather laughing and having fun it would really irk her. I can see things snowballing from there and some sort of plan being hatched to either play a cruel prank on Heather which then snowballed into murder. Or just full on plan to kill her. In either case what really gets me is how unbelievably smug they look in all of their pics. RIP Heather • Victoria Bachlotte Il y a mois Great job Shauna Rae! Your hard work and detailed researching along with beautiful delivery makes your channel one of the best in this genre.

Thank you for another great story. Like most, I too believe Sindey and Tammy killed Heather. Bless Heather's family. No one should be put under the suspicion this family has gone through. It seems clear to me; why doesn't everyone see Tammy's guilt and Sidney's compliance? Sidney is a Master minipulator, yet Tammy is the driving force behind Heather's murder. • Alyssa Weatherly Il y a mois I live in Myrtle Beach where she went missing.

I remember seeing the huge banner on Socastee high school of her face. This case has broken my heart, Tammy just got charged for kidnapping and I’m so happy. Because it took place in the south she got judged a lot for having an affair with a married man at least I feel like and I don’t get it.

He was the one that had more to lose and made a commitment not Heather. And I bet he made excuses like I’m not happy in my marriage and I’m gonna leave her anyway. • Richard Cline, M.D. Il y a mois Today, Oct 23, 2018, Tammy Moorer was found guilty of kidnapping and conspiracy to kidnapping of Heather Elvis. She was sentenced to 30 years for each count. However, the judge ordered the sentences to run concurrently, instead of consecutively.

So, she is going away for 30 years with one year credit for the year she was incarcerated when she was first arrested She was out on bail prior to trial. Watch the streamed trial for Tammy’s testimony at her trial.

It is indescribable • Jessie Keating Il y a 2 mois I feel like Sydney and Tammy are one of those couples that kill. I think they have an extremely strong bond and may have been excited to plan and commit a murder together.

I’m not buying the battered husband idea. Tammy may be the brains of the operation but I believe 100% he was a willing participant. The only way they’ll ever get the truth is if someone plays their mind games and somehow convinces either Sydney or Tammy that the other one turned on them.

I just don’t see them turning on each other any time soon, unfortunately. • Jennifer Shepherd Il y a 2 mois Heather was a beautiful young vibrant woman. So sad this happened. I know the couple are guilty. Tammy was not youthful or attractive and insane. The blame lay solely on Sydney for cheating. He is the one married to her. Heather cheated on no one! Women kill me that blame the other woman when their man strays. The woman never took vows with you.

Your man did! • Natalie Mccaffrey Il y a 2 mois I personally think he rang Heather to say he's left his wife and was excited to have a life/baby with her and he got the test for her to prove she was pregnant but it was a plan with his wife to lure poor Heather out and kill her if he loved her...

and he rang from the payphone to show he had no cell phone (mobile in ireland) And the wife done the sexual acts to get him worked up to kill Heather... so so sad • Angela Rainey Il y a 2 mois this is my opinion ... I believe while riding around having sex everywhere Tammy talked Sidney into calling Heather on the pretense of having a 3 way and Sidney really wanted to and that is when He called her...

she went to that place because " He told her to meet him there" When Heather got there Tammy and Sidney was fussing probably about how eager he was to get Heather there to have sex with them and as Heather sit there and they might have even been having sex watching her sit there waiting on him. 1. Tammy might have been in the back once Heather actually got into the truck and SHE drove the car and because he wasn't rushing to follow her to the landing she turned around and went Back and that is probably when all hell broke loose that is why the phones pinged there for so long.

then 2. Tammy probably had Heathers phone trying to keep calling Sidney so that He could meet her and her get back into the truck with Him.. I have a feeling Tammy got Heather into the vehicle with them... ended up killing Heather and Sidney helped her do it and then disposed of her body on the way to that landing or waited a little long for her to be thrown away like trash...

they both will go to hell if they did anything to that girl •

best heather elvis dating married man

best heather elvis dating married man - Exclusive new details on Heather Elvis case come out

best heather elvis dating married man

Youtube This week, Tammy Moorer was found guilty of kidnapping and conspiracy to kidnap her husband’s former mistress, Heather Elvis. From the get-go, Tammy and her husband, Sidney Moorer, have claimed that neither of them was involved in Heather’s disappearance.

Tonight, ABC News will interview Heather’s friends Jessica Cooke, Jodi Davenport, and Deborah Woods. Here’s what you need to know about the case. 1. Sidney Became Involved with Heather While She Was Working At a Restaurant in Myrtle Beach Once upon a time, an angel and a devil fell in love. It did not end well. — ▲Moonchild▼ (@HeatherElvis) When Heather and Sidney met, she was just 20-years-old.

He was 38, married, and a father of three. October 2013, according to prosecutors, was when Tammy uncovered that her husband was involved with Heather. That’s when the relationship ended. Friends and colleagues of Sidney said he and Heather fell in love during their romantic escapade. “…with Sidney often coming by the restaurant when she wasn’t working to bring Elvis coffee and bagels.” Friends even testified that Sidney talked about hiring Elvis to be a nanny for his kids.

Elvis, meanwhile, was more vocal about her concerns about the relationship. In a September 2013 tweet, she wrote, “Once upon a time, an angel and a devil fell in love. It did not end well.” On November 5, she retweeted a tweet from comedian Daniel Tosh. It read, “Hey married fellas… You can either cheat on your wife OR murder her.

Never both. That’s when you get caught.” 2. Heather Has Not Been Seen in Nearly Five Years A Horry County woman was sentenced to 30 years in prison for kidnapping Heather Elvis in 2013. — The Post and Courier (@postandcourier) Heather is still missing. She has not been seen in five years. Her car was last seen at Peachtree boat landing in Socastee. When she met Sidney, she was working at a pub called the Tilted Kilt, which was Celtic-themed.

Sidney, , did maintenance at the restaurant. The relationship did not last long, though, and eventually, Heather moved on.

In December 2014, she was seen out with a new man. She even called friends afterwards to talk about the date, The same night she called to talk about how her date went, according to People, Heather also received a call from Sidney who asked to get back together. Phone records show that she spoke to Sidney at 3:19 am on December 18. Heather’s body has never been found, and police believe she is dead. 3. Tammy Moorer Was Sentenced on Tuesday to 30 Years in Prison for Kidnapping Her Husband’s Mistress VERDICT WATCH: Tammy Moorer on Trial for Allegedly Kidnapping Husband’s Mistress Heather Elvis.

Everything You Need to Know from Closing Arguments ==> — Law & Crime (@lawcrimenews) On Tuesday, Tammy was convicted of kidnapping and conspiracy in Heather’s disappearance. Prosecutors argued that Tammy Moorer had grown jealous of her husband’s relationship with Elvis, which incentivized the kidnapping. , “When you mix jealousy, deceit and just an absolute crazed woman so worried about [Elvis] stealing her husband, that is when unnatural things happen.” Heather’s mother, Debbi Elvis, is reported by the Myrtle Beach Sun News as saying, “She knows where Heather is.

She knows what happened to Heather… She needs to tell what happened to Heather.” Last week, Supreme Court Judge Justice Donald Beatty denied the request to move the Moorer’s cases under a single judge.

4. Sidney Moorer Is Currently Serving a 10-Year Sentence BREAKING: sentence for Moorer on obstruction of justice charge: 10 years, credit for 1 yr served — Liz Cooper (@LizCooperABC15) And where is Tammy’s husband these days? He’s in jail, serving a 10-year sentence for obstructing justice in the case. He received 1 year credit for the time he had already served. Moorer’s attorney, Kirk Truslow, told reporters after his conviction, “I’m not convinced that he’s not convicted for kidnapping still… But it was called obstruction of justice.” It took the jury less than an hour to come to an agreement.

One juror said that only one man was undecided when they went into deliberate. Heather’s mother, Debbi, said in repsonse to his sentencing, “We haven’t been able to take a step and go anywhere and do anything. And finally, we took a step today.

It’s not good, it’s not a great happy thing, but it’s a step.” 5. The Couple Was Intially Charged with Murder & Kidnapping A jury has found Tammy Moorer guilty of kidnapping charges in the Heather Elvis disappearance case. — ABC News 4 (@ABCNews4) In Febrary 2014, the couple was taken into custody and charged with murder and kidnapping. The murder charges were dropped two years later. Sidney Moorer did go to trial on the kidnapping charges, but the jury deadlocked.

In March 2016, the murder charges against the Moorer’s were dismissed. In an exclusive interview with Dateline when those charges were dropped, Sidney Moorer said, “I feel good about it [the dismissal]. I feel we’re moving in the right direction… We didn’t do anything that we were charged with. I’m glad we’re moving forward, that the state – the solicitor – had the courage to do the right thing.” Although he went on to serve 10 years, he did say at the time that he was 100% sure he and Tammy “were innocent on all charges.” Tonight, ABC News’ 20/20 will investigate the circumstnaces of the case, and uncover new truths we hope will lead to finding Heather Elvis.

Anonymous Shhhh don’t disabuse those with delusional representation of their race. It is easier to obsess on the very disliked/hated minority/minorities, than it is for a set of people to actually talk about what goes on in their own race as well as taking first steps to taking personal responsibility (see the pain killer and meth overdose and overdose related deaths “epidemic” and those silly marches claiming no one is going to replace them while having limited or no basic education).

best heather elvis dating married man

Heather Elvis has not been seen nor heard from since December 17th, 2013, and there has been no credible sightings of her to date.

What is found within this possible scenario? Consider: In March of 2013, or near by, she met an older man, Sidney Moorer, who was married. Heather, just 20, became involved with a middle aged man who, at this state in the young girl's life, would have a disparate level of sophistication between them. Just starting out in life, Heather would not know with certainty what she wanted in life, and this uncertainty could cause anxiety.

She was living with a roommate and just learning how to survive in this tough life. Moorer, on the other hand, could be, to Heather, a strong, stable and guiding presence for her, charming her into the relationship. After Heather went missing, Tammy Moorer, Sidney's wife, posted a nasty statement and claimed that Heather was fantasizing about her husband. Here is a picture of Sidney Moorer: Just as there would be a disparity of sophistication between a middle aged man and a girl months out of her teens, there is a disparity in natural appearance.

Heather Elvis was not likely fantasizing about Sidney Moorer's looks. It would not likely be something that a young girl sees and thinks, " Hollywood good looks!" over. From March (if Tammy Moorer's post is to be believed) when this relationship started we might find the beginning of this story.

In order for someone like Moorer to keep a beautiful young woman like Heather "on the hook", Moorer would have to do more than smile. He would have to use his sophistication, and even financial stability, to promote an ongoing relationship with the younger, and far more attractive Heather Elvis.

He would have to promise her to "do things right", and appeal to the moral upbringing that Heather had, and so many young people temporarily depart from for a season.

Sidney Moorer did not capture Heather's hearts with his looks. It is what it is. He would have had to capture her heart with things that appealed to her. Given her family background, the notion of "family", itself, would be very appealing to Heather. Whatever Moorer had Heather coming back for, it would have been something that appealed to Heather, the feeling of family, a direction in life, and success, business connections, finance, etc. I do not buy into Tammy Moorer's self serving flattery.

In her post, she was deceived by her husband and minimized the relationship, and resorted to juvenile name calling that may come back to haunt the family in a possible court case. Given that Moorer is a middle aged cheat, and Heather a young beautiful girl with her whole life ahead of her, this is my guess; Sidney Moorer was in this way deeper than Tammy ever knew, in spite of her attempt to minimize the relationship.

Sidney Moorer may have had a strong control over Heather, yet, Heather's patience may have grown thin. Somewhere along the line, the relationship broke off. The young woman may have come to her senses, perhaps even confiding in family who helped her find the strength to break off with the married man, of whom she had been attached to.

On the 16th of December, Heather went out on a date with a young man. This would be a fresh break from the imprisonment of being with a married man. It would be a new start and a more natural beginning for a young woman. It is good for the young to struggle together, for being cemented in the hard times, they may enjoy the blessings of the good times, later together, as they look back and learned much in life.

This may have been all too much for Sidney Moorer to bear. Was it that this was the loss of power and control on the part of Sidney Moorer? Was it just too much for Sidney Moorer to bear, that Heather went out on a date? Was it just too much for Sidney Moorer to bear, that Heather went out on a date with a young man? If Moorer was suffering from a middle-age syndrome, fancying himself as younger and in fear of getting older, it could have triggered a panic in him, and a demand to meet him.

If Moorer was given to violence, it is the loss of control that can trigger the most violence to the victim. Was Heather's date, after warning Sidney Moorer, over and over, the final proof that she was not simply making false threats to Moorer to break off, but proof?

He may have demanded that Heather talk to him, which she may have. He may have then demanded to see her, face to face. If this demand to meet him was rejected, was it that he then promised to leave his wife for Heather, vowing to give her a ready-made family, and a ready made home life?

This might have appealed to a family orientated Heather. A kind of 'let's make this right" mentality, as guilt, lies, and sneaking around had all taken its toll against Heather's upbringing, wearing her down, and bringing her to her senses. He may have even pleaded with her how much the kids need her, and likely disparaged Tammy as a mother.

(Tammy's own posting goes a long way in revealing her character). At the time of this possible confrontation, she was just 20 years old. Small, tiny and vulnerable, she would look towards him for guidance, while struggling to not seek guidance from her own father, who would not have approved of the middle aged man. Also, at 20, Heather might have been anxious to "prove" she could "make it" on her own, as growing children all must do. This is a time period noted for poor choices.

Most of us looking back at ourselves at that age, recognize all that we had done wrong in life and wish we had done differently. It is part of growing up. It was for me. Did she meet his children or see pictures of them, which could have provoked maternal instincts within Heather?

Did he tell her how much better the kids would be with her in the role of mother? Did he portray Tammy to Heather in a way to arouse a form of 'righteous anger', with tales of mistreatment of the children? Did he thus manipulate her by appealing to her highest interests and morals, even while promising to end the illicit nature of the relationship and "make it right" knowing her desire to live properly?

If he did promise to leave Tammy for Heather, it may have been enough to get her to leave the safety of her apartment, so very late, to meet him. We do not know.

We do not know what happened to Heather after the phone conversation, but we know that she has been missing for an extended period of time, and that things do not look good.

Sidney won't cooperate with police. He won't do, as others do willingly, in taking a polygraph to clear himself. It appears that Sidney, Tammy, and even Tammy's family has "circled the wagons" rather than coming out and plainly declaring that Sidney was not involved.

Hence, the face off between desperate father Terry Elvis, and the Moorer clan. If the answer to Heather's plight lies within Sidney Moorer, he needs to give this information and he needs to give it now. If he was involved, public sentiment will only grow darker should he be caught, having delayed justice and allowed the pain and agony of the unknown to remain in the Elvis family. This same public could be the jury of his peers. If something unintended happened in those early morning hours, Sidney Moorer should come forward now and explain what happened.

Tell the truth. Heather remains missing and answers are needed now. OT. Has anyone been following this case? Jury deliberations resume in Michael Dunn murder trial in Florida. Dunn, 47, who is white, is accused of firing 10 shots and killing Jordan Davis, 17, who was black, during an expletive-laden confrontation over the volume of rap music coming from an SUV on Nov.

23, 2012, at a Jacksonville convenience store and gas station. Three of Davis' friends were also in the vehicle and were uninjured. Dunn has argued that he shot in self-defense because he felt his life was in danger and that he saw what he thought was a shotgun barrel. No weapon was found. Dunn faces five charges including first-degree murder, three counts of attempted murder and one count of firing into a vehicle.

If convicted of the top count, Dunn could spend the rest of his life in prison. The other charges also carry penalties of 15 years or more in prison.

The jury can also consider lesser charges.,0,1523783.story#ixzz2tPdH78Yo Anonymous My thoughts, exactly. You just have to see their FB pages to know they are good at putting up a facade.

They obviously have no conscience. Their lack of morality is very troubling. Makes sense they would love Disney, the land of make believe. How ironic his name is a word jumble for Disney. SarahSmile Heather reminds me of myself at 20. A free spirit on the outside and worried about her future on the inside.

How easy to slip into a position once occupied by a delusional woman who left her husband at one point for a rock star (cough,cough) only to decide to come back and carry on as though nothing had happened. Check out her FB page, open for the world to see. She'll go down in infamy. TM shouldn't be raising children. IMO I'm sure Sidney would have loved to swap out Tammy Fay for Heather. Who wouldn't? He got in over his head. Caught between a rock and a hard place.

If he couldn't have Heather, no one could. Age old story. Not complicated at all. Peter, please consider the case of missing Charli Joann Scott. She is a pregnant 27 year old. See below the link of interview transcript. In applying statement analysis principles, the ex-boyfriend's statement indicates deception. @Sarah, Thanks for the reading recommendation.

I just went over and checked out TM's Facebook. "Doth protest too much" is all that comes to mind, as is the disparity between what she says and what she does. She just recently opened her FB page to the public, then posts things taunting the "stalkers" that are looking at her page. Nothing like saying no but meaning yes, huh? Also, an interesting post, I thought, professing her undying devotion for her prince-of-a-husband.

She said he is a phenomenal husband because he always puts her and their kids first. Really?? When did he put her first? How recently? Not when he was "banging some ho" back in March, which she just found out about in October/November. I'm thinking she didn't think he was a phenomenal husband in November when he told her, so what has he done recently that she is so over-the-top in love again and sure that she's his one and only? Dotty Why would a "nice" girl carry on with a married man?

I mean, that's not nice behavior. So how do we know the victim was a "nice" girl? Bad choices often lead to bad outcomes. Its sad.

Undeserved YES. But had she not carried on with another woman's husband she would prob be alive today. I'd be looking at the wife as a suspect. Good afternoon John, how are you? The ex-boyfriend's statements automatically tell us he knows she is dead. There is another missing mother (Mo Monsalve) from Maui with an ex-boyfriend that fled to California after he met with the police but not before he filled up the Mauinow facebook page. There appears to be several missing women in the last year or so from the same island.

pam Anonymous Tammy Caison Moorer 21 hours ago . For my husband Sidney... 7 Reasons Why I Love You More Than Ever 1. You are a phenomenal husband. 2. You always put me and the babies are an amazing father.

3. You are an awesome chef. 4. You have never lost your temper, hit me, or hurt me in any way. 5. You work hard and pay the bills on time, no matter what we have to live without. 6. You are the most gracious, kindhearted, compassionate man I have ever known. 7. You are Sidney! Before I met you most of my boyfriends were rockstars. In '97 I was burnt out on that lifestyle and ready for a change. I tried so hard to forget about that life and concentrate on our marriage, and was successful for many years.

In 2009 I reconnected with my past and that changed us. I begged you to leave and you stayed anyway. Here and now I want to apologize for running out on us. I wish I had never hurt you, and I want to thank you for always being there.

You are my BEST FRIEND. You have and always will be the only rockstar I need. I love you baby! Happy Valentines Day — with Sidney Moorer. Sidney Moorer 18 hours ago . Well here are 8 of the reasons I love you. Sorry I had to one up you...haha 1. You are an amazingly strong woman 2. You have stood by me through so much, when other people back away you walk right into it with me 3. You have always given it your all even when it gets tough. 4. You put up with my many flaws and still love me. 5. Duh, you're the most beautiful, sexy woman I have ever met and the way you love me makes me feel so good.

That's why I can't exist without you. You make me whole. 6. You are the best mother and wife anyone could ever ask for and I am lucky to have someone so awesome to help raise our kids. 7. I'm not a rock star but you have always treated me like I was and no one ever has done that for me.

8. You are my best friend and I could never thank you enough for being an amazing one. Happy Valentines Day I Love You Anonymous to say you know what attrated heather and what didn't about sidney --- eh, it doesn't ring super insightful. sorry -- I know you mean well but I don't get the impression she thought like that, I think a lot of it was physical for her.

which was also tied to deep emotions. and there was the problem because he likely treated it like it was only physical. though surely he felt emotions too he was trying not to feel. but if you look at her twitter and instragram -- she literally posts info about sexual fantasies about sidney.

and tons of stuff about sex. very little about settling down if anything. ---- it doesn't mean what she posted was a full expression of what she felt. not does the fact that tammy was accurate in saying heather was fantasaizing about her husband mean the moorers aren't some how responsible. but heather did have an extremely sexual side, as most girls do.

it's just human nature. i don't think we have to white wash that in oder to consider than she may have been a victim of a horrible crime. even if she was fantasizing about moored. and even if she was attracted to him for her own reasons we can't appreciate. Anonymous I had a relationship with an older married man for a couple of years when I was a teen-aged made me feel special Johnny wanted me more than he wanted his wife.

It made it important to me to be special and do special things for him, I was so danged special...I was easy to use because of my insecurities. I have changed a lot through the years, and become aware due to the common tangible and intangible lessons learned through my life. I often question now how I could have been so insecure and dumb as a young teenager, but there is a lot of pressure on girls to be desired and I must have been vulnerable and naive, as I believe Heather, and many other young women, may be.

It gives creeps like Johnny or Sidney the power to make young insecure woman feel adult and desirable till she grows up and see these men for the users and energy sappers they truly are.

I feel for Heather and for her family, and I hope Heather is found, safe and well xo Amaleen6 They are stuck with each other. Everyone else has "backed away" from him, and she doesn't want to admit that--since he "pays the bill on time"--she may have made a mistake in coming back to him.

Now that Heather is out of the picture, well, gee, that just makes their love stronger. Puh-lease. shelley Did Sydney and his wife really post that BS? what a joke! sorry but a man (and we know she too had an affair) does not cheat if he feels that way about a woman. its almost like hes trying to make it look like hhe didnt care about heather. lies! I think he did or at least felt like she was his and the date with another man set him off.

Anonymous Yep, those are her posts. Both of them. Sidney probably doesn't even know he has a FB page. She did make a comment that she keeps a choker chain on him. For all we know, he's locked up in the basement. She let him loose long enough to make a sorry excuse of a statement to a reporter, while she hid behind the door. She's at it again.

I just looked at "Sidney's" page. She loves to taunt. Anonymous For some reason, and maybe Peter can explain this, Tammy Moorer seems to want to stay connected to this case. Her FB friends told her to make her pages private and even explained how to do it but she said she doesn't have time. I am sure you all know how easy it is to change your privacy settings.

She is enjoying this attention very much as if to say, "See, he chose me!" There is great insecurity here because she was rejected by her husband and the public knows it. Now she needs an audience to show she "won" in the end. It is a very sad situation.

Iva I don't necessarily agree with Peter about the attraction Heather had to SM, although everything else seems to ring a little true. Heather was promiscuous, so much so that I suspect she may have been sexually abused. She was attracted to older men (perhaps she was abused by an older man). Maybe TE knew about it/found out about it hence his seeming over protection of her. To me it seems as though her sexual conquests were like another notch in her bad girl belt.

It's something she did well. A married older man was like bonus points and the attention from him would give her a sense of self worth and importance. JMO^ The Facebook posts are over the top, even people who truely feel that way would resort to posting it on Facebook. Tammy is involved in the cover up. They're both in it together. The offing of Heather brought them "closer" together. Very similar to the hailey Dunn case when the two guilty parties seemed to commit themselves to each other after her death, only to later split and cast blame.

Keep your friends close and your accomplices closer. Yes, if he couldn't have her, no one could and Tammy hates her too, why not claim he's doing it for TM, 2 birds with one stone Maggie This is my impression of the relationship between Sidney Moorer and Heather Elvis going on what I've read including Heather's twitter posts: I think Heather did find him to be very physically attractive (why I do not know especially when I feel a sensation of nauseau when looking at his picture).

She clearly found him to be sexy though judging from her twitter posts. I feel he probably "jumped at the chance" to sleep with her and probably slept with her more than 3 times but less than 10.

(If you read Heather's twitter it just does not seem like they had regular contact with each other. Her posts also seem to come from a depressed, confused individual who is not in a regular, secure (whether sexual or whatnot) with a man (married or not). My feeling is that Peter is absolutely right about the "control" factor inherent in Sidney being much older than her. She was not the one "in control". My guess is that one way in which this control manifested was probably making her feel "unloved" (she does not seem to be someone who felt "loved" in her twitter posts) and my guess is that he probably did not make her feel like he loved her more than his wife.

He probably tried to make her feel very insecure, so that she was not sure if he wanted her or not, was not sure when he would see her or not, etc etc. Most of her posts seem depressive--I do not get the feeling of someone who was involved in an exciting, regular affair. Rather Sidney was probably using her, making her feel used, and not giving her the security of seeing her regularly.

(This would actually support the theory that he may have lured her to meet him at the dock. If he constantly had her feeling very insecure about when and if he would see her, than that would make her more likely to "jump when he said jump" and go see him.) I question whether Sidney had deep-rooted feelings for her.

He may have, however, he may very well have been treating her very disrespectfully as just someone to use without much of any emotional investment. Would he have become overcome with jealousy about her going on one date? Maybe. But if you look at his relationship with his wife, he does not seem to be a man who explodes with homicidal rage when his "woman" cheats on him or wants to leave him.

Otherwise, I do not understand why or how his wife would be publicly announcing on facebook that she was going to leave Sidney for a rock star, as well as announcing that she had a boyfriend herself for a couple of years while she was married to Sidney.

This is not to say that he did not harm Heather, he may have. However, if he is someone who responds to perceived infidelity in a violent way, I don't understand why his wife brags about all her infidelities publicly?? Anonymous I don't think Sidney is posting any of the nonsense. The verbiage is identical on both pages and both include ellipsis. I think she has serious mental health issues. What kind of person leaves her family to chase "rock stars" on tour?

Then when she couldn't land one she came running back with her tail between her legs. Rumor is she's a Wiccan. So I guess morality isn't a concern for her. Anonymous I don't think most people who snap necessarily have a history of violence. Maybe being controlled for so long by TM finally got to him. All I know is when someone is the last to talk to a victim, lies to LE about it, won't take a lie detector test, or speak out publicly to shout his innocence, that sets of a lot of alarms in my mind.

Anonymous Ok. come on now. THis is usually interesting here but it was too melodramtic with the emphasis on their looks/whatnot. Heather Elvis is not a standard beauty, she is a young cute kid.

But that was so over the top laying it on thick for the sake of dramatizing. She knowingly dated a married man at the adult age of 20. She is not some 'small helpless' as you put it child she is a grown woman who made a very bad choice (which likely ended up getting her harmed as it looks he is shady) IT is sad for her , we all make dumb decisions when we are younger.

This guy looks like a flunky you'd see drinking at a bar during the day. Anonymous maybe tammy is nuts --- thats super weird to post fake valentines to herself., always thought -- if heather told her friend Sindey had called her saying he wanted to leave his wife but heather was crying -- that heather's instincts told her to know better than to believe it but she was still in love so was feeling torn.

and thats why she was crying. it sounds like the work of a woman knowing how to hurt another woman -- dangerous liasions style,. it sounds like Tammy got Sidney to say that stuff to heather with the aim to then take it back and humiliate her, ----- I think heather could have commited suicide as a result of this torment . and tammy's guilt is making her nuts not. -- but gee I really dont know. Iva I think Tammy had Sidney lure her to the location her car was left and they kidnapped her. I don't think she was hurt there.

The sun was starting to come up so they took her somewhere else. Maybe Tammy's crazy dad and her sister are involved too or know information. Sid and Tammy's dad were arrested together for fighting with a neighbor, I think he would help them get rid of the evidence Anonymous Anon at 7:44: I see no reasons why Wiccans can't be moral, but she certainly doesn't strike me as Glenda the Good Witch.

Pure speculation, but I'd bet money she's Christian. The most bizarre thing to me about this couple is the utter lack of any statements that they're sorry the family is going through this. If they're not involved in Heather's disappearance, they're sure going out of their way to show how little they care about it. If they were just private people, I could buy that they're simply taking a lawyers advice to keep quiet.

But making all this lovey-dovey, "look at us, we're the victims here" crap public on their FB pages is just...hinky. rob Lot's of young women go for the older 'bad boy' image. I believe she was infatuated with SM and because it wasn't really going anywhere, she decided to date others. But that only works if the object of the infatuation knows you are dating others. Big thing in this picture is, SM was married to a nut-job, who, even though she brags about having other men, she don't want SM to do the same.

My money is on one or both are involved in the dissaperance, and now they are bonded in silence. Anonymous Interesting, because it has initially been stated that Mr.

Moorer called Heather Elvis to tell her to quit calling him. (This was after he lied about talking to her at all that evening/morning.) However, just today, Mrs. Moorer stated on her Facebook: "Tammy Caison Moorer Shanna, he answered call 2 out of 6 at 3:17. That was the last time he spoke with her.

The other calls were not answered."

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