Best horror dating stories of all time

best horror dating stories of all time

Love gore and scary stories? Load up on books by the best horror writers of all time.

best horror dating stories of all time

'Tis the season for #relationshipgoals and cute couple pictures blowing up my Instagram feed this summer. However, what about those relationships that aren't goals or never became relationships at all?

What about those first dates that never made it to a second date? Though I call them failures, other people deem them "learning experiences." As in learning what I don't want to experience with a certain person. So here it is: a compilation of awkward, horrible, cringe-worthy date stories that people have stored in the recesses of their minds. If you're feeling bad about your single status, or just want a laugh, these stories are for you. Note: to protect the identity and dignity of these failed relationships, I'm allowing these stories to remain anonymous.

1. The Good Samaritan "Once I took a girl to Olive Garden where we had a wonderful time. Later, she asked me to take her shopping at the grocery store. Having been satisfied with dinner, I agreed to help her out, as she was someone in need without transportation. After shopping, she kissed me, but later when I asked if she needed help carrying things in her house, she told me 'No, I think my boyfriend and I can handle it.' Taken aback, I looked at her funny and then a guy ran out of the house and greeted me with a smile and a handshake.

After they got their stuff, I left and never heard from her again." This is not a valid email, please try again. 2. The Unsuccessful Hint "This guy and I had become friends through mutual friends, and one time he asked me to go to lunch.

I invited other friends to go with me because I knew he wanted it to be a date but I really didn't want to go on a date with him. I showed up with my friends and we sat through this lunch where he perpetually stared at me and tried way too hard to relate by laughing way too hard at my jokes and over-exaggerating the jokes he thought I would enjoy. My friends and I went to the bathroom together at one point and awkwardly joked about it, clearly having failed to prove my point that I did not want to date him.

Afterwards, he followed me to my car and proceeded to ask me out on an actual date where I then cried because I felt terrible about turning him down. Our friendship fell apart and we haven't spoken since. Yay." 3. Family Ties "It was in middle school that this girl and I started dating.

Eventually, we ended up kissing. Our relationship lasted about three months before ending. However, on a seemingly unrelated note, I met my best friend who also happened to be my second cousin by marriage. One day after my relationship with the girl ended, I happened to be hanging out with her and my best friend. He mentioned that we were all cousins. As it turned out, this girl I had dated for three months was something like my fourth cousin.

Did I mention she was also my first kiss?" 4. BO-y Trouble "Before our second date, one guy picked me up at my house. But when he came in and hugged me, I got a whiff of the worst BO I had ever smelled in my whole life. I felt bad, but I was sure he realized, so I didn't mention it.

After using our guest bathroom, my mom called me to her because apparently the atrocious smell had lingered. She wanted him out of our house immediately. We left, though the date was terrible because I couldn't handle the smell. The next time he asked me out on a date, I politely declined. When he asked why, I was completely honest with him, and I may have added the fact my parents thought he was disgusting.

He immediately called me, humiliated, and kept asking me why I didn't say anything about it. I told him that it was so bad I thought there was no way that he hadn't noticed. Then he told me he can't smell. He's never smelled anything in his life, and he can hardly taste anything either. So now I looked like the jerk." 5. Target Practice "It was prom, and my date was this guy I sort of liked, though I knew he liked me more. We had an okay time at dinner and at the dance, but I realized I just wanted to be friends with him.

Then this slow song came on at the dance. Groan. We slow danced way too close and eventually I rested my head on his shoulder. But then, he tried to kiss me! I wondered, how are you going to get to my lips if my head is on your shoulder?!

But I guess I instinctively turned away from him, because somehow his lips landed on my ear! The worst part is, he didn't immediately back off, he sort of just kept kissing my ear! It was horrible! I ended up leaving early because I had such a horrible time." 6. A Downpour of Dumb “Once, I went bowling on-campus with a guy on our second date. It had been raining all week and the skies were still looking ominous, so I grabbed an umbrella before I met him.

The actual date itself was kind of fun. When we left, we walked outside and found it was absolutely pouring. I offered to share my umbrella with him because he didn’t have any rain gear. After about a minute of walking, he grabbed my umbrella as if to hold it for me, but instead shifted it so that it only covered him, leaving me in the rain.

When I asked him about it, he said, ‘I can’t let my shoes get wet. You’ll be fine.’ So, I proceeded to walk for fifteen minutes across campus in the pouring rain while my kind date strolled so slowly under my umbrella to protect his precious tennis shoes and continued to make conversation.

Needless to say, there was no third date, although he did ask and did not seem to understand that he had done anything wrong.” Dear You, You didn't give me enough credit. I put you on a pedestal; I praised you for everything you did right, and even when you did wrong, I still thought you were the greatest. You see, I know what it's like to appreciate what is in front of me. I have loved, and I have lost.

And when I found you and got to know what was deep down inside you, I began to fall for that. But that's not who you were. That's the person you wanted to be. You wear a mask every day. You put on a big show for everyone around you. Well done! You have them convinced. But me? Not so much. I challenged you to really think about the person you wanted to be. The person you don't show to others. And for a while, you were that person for me.

I got your best. And it was wonderful. This is not a valid email, please try again. But when you were done putting in the effort to treat me with respect and love, it went downhill.

When you stopped cherishing the time spent and the deep conversations shared, you resented me. You resented how I made you think further than your comfort zone. You resented how much time of yours I took. You resented the effort it took to be a better person for me. You resented my emotional nature and the huge heart God blessed me with. And it was hurtful. But that's what I love about myself.

I am not easily won over, or impressed. I don't want to settle for mediocre or half your best, I want rawness and wholeness. I want vulnerability. I want someone who isn't afraid to shout the way they feel about me. I want someone who is able to recognize I am a prize. I want someone to appreciate that I have opinions and I am a free thinking individual.

I want someone to reciprocate the neverending love I have to give. I am not a brainless individual. I am an intelligent being, with opinions and thoughts on the world around me. I am a loving and giving person.

Always accepting, always patient, always generous. My love is rare. Mostly because I love without conditions. And you won't find that just anywhere. My emotions were never yours to toy with. I trusted that you would take good care of me.

I gave you some of the most precious pieces of me, but you played me for a fool. You left me unsatisfied with a broken heart and nothing to show for the time we spent together.

But I have come to terms with the truth. What I had to offer was much too great for what you were willing to give back. You were not ready for what I was able to provide for you. It frightened you. I wanted to grow with you. I wanted to learn with you. I wanted to build you up, pamper you, shower you in love. But then again, you showed me you weren't worthy. I had to pull myself up from my boot-straps, and move on.

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best horror dating stories of all time

best horror dating stories of all time - The Top 15 Best Horror Movies of All Time to Date

best horror dating stories of all time

Horror is powered by Vocal creators. You support by reading, sharing and tipping stories... Horror is powered by Vocal. Vocal is a platform that provides storytelling tools and engaged communities for writers, musicians, filmmakers, podcasters, and other creators to get discovered and fund their creativity.

How does Vocal work? Creators share their stories on Vocal’s communities. In return, creators earn money when they are tipped and when their stories are read. How do I join Vocal? Vocal welcomes creators of all shapes and sizes. and start creating. To learn more about Vocal, visit our . Horror is one of those genres that's exceedingly difficult to be good at writing. There's a reason why so many horror stories come off as dull, hackneyed, or just too unrealistic—and why the worst horror movies always are laughably bad.

It takes real skill to write great horror books, and that's why the best horror writers of all time end up being so respected for their works.

Many of them, including the ones on this list, end up being iconic in their own right because of how great their stories are.

If you're looking for great reads that never cease to scare, the following writers have withstood the test of time and continue to be the biggest names in the genre. If there's one guy who could probably be called the father of modern horror, it's . He basically owned the genre of gothic literature and was a serious trailblazer when it came to creating a morose, dread-filled atmosphere using writing.

Whether it's poems like "The Raven," or his short stories like "The Cask of Amontillado," Poe's work remains timeless and a cornerstone of pop culture.

Anyone who is even remotely educated knows who he is—and probably has read his work. Poe is a must-have on any list of the best horror writers in history. 'Nuff said. Few writers of any genre have seen as much success, fame, and wealth from their work during their lifetime as Stephen King.

His works have been translated into multiple languages, sparked blockbuster movies that were popular enough to warrant remakes, and even got a dedicated episode on Family Guy.

Along with being one of the most well-paid writers in the world, Stephen King earned recognition as one of the best horror writers to ever live. Maybe it's his unusually descriptive style of writing, or just the fact that the stories have an oddly realistic tone to them, but whatever it is, King's writing gets people spooked. Though we may make snide jokes about Cthulu and the like, it's undeniable that H.P Lovecraft was one of the best horror writers to ever live.

Not many had the imagination he did, nor the talent to make terrifying tales come to life in his way. He created an entire genre of warped and twisted horror that was entirely based on the concept of something so terrifying, the mind itself cannot even conceive of it—even when faced with it.

Over the years, Lovecraft has become a cult classic and helped other writers push the limit of what horror is meant to be. Bram Stoker is a name that any goth, paranormal romance fan, and vampire enthusiast already knows.

He's the guy who switched the traditional legend of a vampire into the sinister, predatorial, and slightly seductive creature we know today. His most famous work, Dracula, is still read by horror writers today in hopes that they'll be inspired by the legend and lore he sparked. Countless movies and shows have been based off the Bram Stoker vampire trope, so it's safe to say that he's left an indelible mark on horror literature.

Stoker's unique take on storytelling earned him accolades in life and afterwards. His staying power in pop culture is what makes him one of the greatest horror writers to ever live. Bram Stoker is so famous,. Known for falling in love with Lord Byron and being the mother of modern horror, Mary Shelley was one of the best horror writers in history and also helped pave the way for female fiction writers across all genres.

Her most famous work, Frankenstein, created one of the most famous monsters of all time and also served as an impeccable remark on the dangers of technology. Even though her epic novel is 200 years old, it remains as relevant as ever. As one of the first female writers to point out that the real monster may not have been the spooky one, her depiction of the was haunting, poignant, and telling about human nature at its core. Going back to more modern names, let's talk about Clive Barker.

Most people who aren't into the horror scene may recognize his most famous work, since it became a major horror movie franchise that took the 80s and 90s by storm.

Of course, I'm talking about Hellraiser. Yes, if you aren't into the horror scene, you might not have realized that Clive Barker was the name behind Pinhead. Sexual, chilling, and downright horrifying in their own right, the Hellraiser saga that he penned definitely became a major part of mainstream movie lore for a reason. Hellraiser may be what put him on the map, but the truth is that all his books have that same eerie twist to them.

Younger crowds would like The Thief of Always, which just gives you a light (and less disturbing) take on what his skill's capable of. All things considered, he's one of the best horror writers to make it big in Hollywood. Anne Rice has one of the most loyal readerships out there, and it's easy to see why. She gives a lot of classic monsters a more modern make and her works were behind some of the biggest hit movies of the 90s. If you loved Queen of the Damned or Interview with the Vampire, then you'll understand why Anne Rice is one of the best horror writers of recent years.

To a point, Anne Rice set the standard for modern vampire lore. Lestat and her other vampire characters all were human, seductive, and at the same time, possessed a strangely dark, ethereal vibe to them. Her books are sophisticated, eloquent, and terrifying. The Vampire Chronicles are everything that the Twilight books wished they could be. What's not to love? Prior to Stephen King, Robert Bloch was one of the biggest names that Hollywood movie producers would turn to when they wanted to create a major motion picture based on a book.

Known for being the author who penned Psycho, which was later turned into a hit movie, Bloch's career spanned decades and included novels, screenwriting, and even magazine entires. If you're a fan of Alfred Hitchcock's show, you've probably watched episodes he wrote.

Fans of Psycho already know they've experienced the chills Bloch became infamous for. He was a psychological thriller writer who always knew how to include a Lovecraftian twist. Even 20 years after his death, many critics still consider him one of the best horror writers to ever live. Deen Koontz is one of those rare authors that can take a seemingly typical concept, then use it to make readers feel like they're grabbed by throat and shoved in a rollercoaster.

That's precisely what makes him one of the best horror writers still making books today. Known for being a modern master of suspense, thriller work, and speculative horror fiction, everyone who enjoys horror probably has read his work at one point or another. His hit works include such terrifying tales like The Watchers, Phantoms, and of course, Mr. Murder. With well over a dozen New York Times bestsellers under his belt and over 450 million books sold, it's safe to say that his fame is well-earned.

Admittedly, I'm putting this on this list because he's my personal favorite—and possibly one of the best horror writers who remains relatively unknown in the mainstream horror scene. You might recognize his work as the writer behind the sci-fi series Bioshock, or from his sci-fi work. However, you probably didn't realize that he was a writer for the hit horror movie, . You also might not know that his horror work is one of the most bizarre, Lovecraftian reads you can pick up.

The best way to describe his horror work is a perfect mix of horror, sci-fi, and surrealism, topped with the very rock-and-roll influence he's experienced during his time in the West Coast. What makes Shirley really impressive as a writer is that you never know what to expect from him. Sometimes, you'll have surreal aliens that wreck everything. Other times, you'll see the monster is actually a person rather than just the world's shortest man.

That level of extreme creativity is what makes him great.

best horror dating stories of all time

Online dating has opened up new doors of meeting your soulmate but there are several dating horror stories which make this trend speculative.

Nothing comes without its but some of these online dating horror stories and real-life incidents will make you think twice before opting for this dating option the next time around. Have a look at the 15 creepiest, scariest and weird online dating horror stories that should act as a caution for anyone and everyone availing this service.

1. Revenge through a fake account “After chatting for about 15 days with the guy (and we were really hitting it off well), I found out that he was my best friend’s ex-boyfriend.

He had in fact created a fake profile and got in touch with me just to get back at her. Another reason was that since she (my best friend) was no longer willing to talk to him, he wanted to know about her life and get in touch with her through me, by using this fake account.

I had read about such online dating horror stories but never thought it would happen to me.” 2. Awesome threesome “I hit it off really well with a well-settled and handsome guy. We even met up a few times and it was going strong for a few weeks. On our fourth date, he confessed that he actually already has a girlfriend and they have been together since 3 years. He had made the profile and approached me with the intention of having a threesome.

I understand that it might be his lifestyle and personal choice, but I would have appreciated if he had told me so upfront instead of misleading me for so long.” 3. A double-date “I met a girl through a popular dating-app. We met after chatting over the app for a few days. The date went pretty well and we enjoyed each other’s company. We parted saying we should meet again soon. She told me she was headed home.

I thought I’ll stay behind and stroll around since I had no other plans. Turns out I made a good choice because I saw her chit-chatting with some other guy at a cafe. Later she confessed that she had planned two dates back-to-back as she wanted to explore more options.” 4. Disappearing act “I met her through online dating. We hit it off instantly as our choices and lifestyles matched perfectly. We went out for over 8 months, during which time we met each other almost 2-3 times a week, chatted with each other constantly and were becoming quite serious in the relationship, at least I was.

But, then suddenly, she disappeared on me. It was like we never knew each other or she never existed. Her phone number was out of service, she unfriended and blocked me everywhere on social media. We had no mutual friends, so I did not know how else to contact her. It was shocking and heartbreaking for me.” 5. No getting to know people in my life “He was quite the charmer. We met through a dating app and within the first three meetings itself I was falling hard for him.

So taken was I by him that I introduced him to all my friends after about one month of going out with him. My friends too had grown to like him very much.

Things started to seem wrong when despite asking him several times he never introduced me to any of his friends and neither did I ever get to meet the people close to him. My suspicions were proved right as I heard him talking to someone on the phone saying, “What’s the point of meeting her?

I’m going to break it off soon anyway?” I guess the warning bells were always there.” 6. Clearing my orientation is not an invitation “It happened over and over again.

Every time someone’s profile would match with mine and once we got to chatting for over 10 days or so, they would ask me if I wanted to have a threesome. I could not understand why this was happening. But one of my friends pointed out that because I had mentioned ‘bisexual’ in my bio people were taking it as an open invitation for a threesome. My only intention was to be honest about my sexual orientation with someone who I might end up dating or being in a serious relationship with.

But I guess people see bisexuality and threesome as the same thing.” 7. In it for the money “I installed the app and started using it in the hopes of making my love life a little better. Within just a few hours, I had some great responses to my profile and one even ‘superliked’ which I later came to know was better than just ‘like’.

Anyway, she seemed to be quite cool and we started chatting. After a few days, I asked her out on an actual date. We went for dinner at a place she picked. It was the kind of fine dining restaurant one goes to only on special occasions.

At least in my social circle that’s how it is. Anyway, I ignored the pricing factor and went anyway. Over the entire course of dinner, she ordered only the most expensive items on the menu and hardly spoke to me.

In fact, she seemed to be talking more to the waiter than to me. That should have been the warning signal. When the time came for paying the cheque, she did not even offer to share the bill 50/50. I ended up paying almost 15k for a dinner where I only had a glass of wine and some appetizers. I guess she just wanted to have a taste of the luxurious lifestyle on someone else’s money.” Also See 8. Dream girl “I was chatting with this guy I came across on a dating app.

Mind you, we hadn’t even met yet and had been chatting regularly for about ten days or so. I’m glad I never actually met the guy because he confessed that he had been having wet dreams about me since the day he saw my photos on the app. What a creep!” 9. Masala Dosa “I ended up being matched with a foreigner. I was pretty pumped about it as who gets to date a ‘gora’, that too through a dating app.

He had been visiting India at the time and we met up three times before he was about to leave the country. On his last day here, he messaged me asking, “So, can I put my masala in your dosa today?” Needless to say, I didn’t meet him that day or ever after that.” 10. Body Types “I’m on the slightly larger side and I’m pretty open about it too. My photographs on the dating app don’t hide this either, except maybe a few head shots.

This guy apparently didn’t bother checking my complete profile. After having chatted with him for a few days we decided to meet up. The first thing he says after looking at me, “Oh! I didn’t know you were fat”. I simply walked out without even replying.” 11. A scary and sad date “My son was brutally murdered under the pretext of a date. He met a girl who he had been chatting with through an online dating app. I was unaware of the whole thing till I got a call from some girl demanding for money or else she would kill my son.

I was scared to no end. We belong to a lower middle class family so arranging for such money took some time. By the time I could reach them with the demanded ransom money they had already killed my son.

It turned out that the woman was a regular offender and had been getting away with such crimes since years. But, we did not let her go this time. She is under trial for murder as of now but I have lost my only son forever.” 12.

It stinks “I came across this history scholar on a dating app. She seemed too good to be true from her bio so I was instantly interested. We hit off well and things were going quite smooth. I was even understanding of her not being okay with eating non-veg. Though the deal breaker came in the form of a medical disorder. I’m quite empathetic about such things, mind you.

But she should have told me about the problem instead of leaving my car stinking every time because of her incontinence. While this may not be a typical one for online dating horror stories, it mattered to me because I love my car.” 13.

Consent matters “I was rather skeptical of using this dating app anyway but the lack of any social life made me do it I guess. I installed it and got to chatting with a guy whom I liked. He asked me my number and even said he wanted to meet up (more than once). I kept turning him down saying that I hardly know him yet. Good thing I did that because I don’t know what would have happened otherwise. One day, while I was leaving from my office, a guy on a motorcycle approached me (just outside my office).

At first, I could not identify him but when he wouldn’t stop smiling as if he already knew me, I realized it was the same guy I had been chatting with on the dating app. He invited me to join him at a friend’s party but I denied. He did not take it well and went on to say that I was lucky he was taking interest in him as many girls would kill for a chance like this.

I still denied but he threatened me by saying that he will continue to pursue me as he knows my office and my number (I don’t know where he got my number). I ignored his threats and walked off saying he can do whatever he likes but I was not going to give in to his demands.

Thereafter, I reported him to the police, blocked him, and uninstalled the app. Thankfully, I have never seen him around my office premises after that incident. I would say mine would be one of the scariest online dating horror stories for everyone to be cautious.” 14. Money makes a woman go mad “I met a decent looking girl through a dating app. After chatting for a few weeks over the app and then on WhatsApp we decided to meet up.

Everything was going smoothly except for the fact that I had to travel a lot to meet her, meaning I was spending too much money on cab fare. Also, I was the one who paid the bills all the time. Meaning the relationship (if there was any) was turning out to be standing on my expenses alone. I should have smelled something was wrong but being the chivalrous kind, I decided to ignore it. Things went downhill when one day she called me to meet up at a mall where she said she was shopping for a cousin.

She asked me to meet her at the shop where she was shopping as she was almost done. I thought fine, that way I’ll get to spend more time with her so I went to the shop where I found her in the billing line. When her turn came, she handed over all the clothes she had bought and started shuffling through her bag, I guess looking for her card or the money to pay.

Mind you, this was a Sunday so the queue was quite long and people were getting agitated as she was not paying up. She turned to me with pleading eyes and asked if I could pay. Again, me being the gentleman paid up some 5k. After coming out of the shop she apologized and said she will ask her cousin and pay me back within 2-3 days. I asked not to fret and return the money whenever she can.

A week went by but she neither paid back nor brought it up that she will. So I gently reminded her to do so. Turns out that I was the bad guy after all for bringing ‘money’ between our relationship and being materialistic. I lost it and told her to pay back as soon as possible. She said she will do so by the next day. But the next day, she had promptly blocked me everywhere (WhatsApp, Facebook, phone) and had even deleted her account from the dating app.”

Anti Social - A Modern Dating Horror Story
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