Best indian dating blogs on travel

best indian dating blogs on travel

Online dating in India tends to be focused on marriage and serious relationships (except for one of the sites I will mention below). The scene is not like dating sites in the United States or Canada where a large portion of the membership base is just looking to find someone new for nothing more than a good time. Your best bet for finding success dating online in India will be to live in a city where there are lots of singles. Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, and others, are well set up for this. However, don’t get me wrong.

best indian dating blogs on travel

Travel is the truest test of love and these travel blogger couples know it well. They have embarked on several journeys together and celebrated their wanderlust through amazing stories and visuals from across the globe. Here's a list of 11 blogger couples from and all around the world celebrating their togetherness in the most exotic destinations around the world.

1. Savi and Vid of Bruised Passports They were schoolmates, friends and now they are on a journey of a lifetime. Based in , the couple has been on the move around the most fantastic destinations celebrating their passion for travel.

They have driven with zebras in South Africa, cavorted with bedouins in the Sahara, befriended soldiers in , and partied in a nuclear bunker in the Czech Republic and the list is long.

2. Yuriy and Julia of Mr and Mrs Globetrot They are husband and wife, best friends, business partners and travel companions. They visited 16 countries as newlyweds and since then the couple developed a permanent itch to travel. They are officially Mr and Mrs Globetrot now and their blog is their travel journal documenting the best of their journeys. 3. Dariece and Nick of Goats on the Road This Canadian couple has turned their travel into a lifestyle, a lifestyle that can make you go green with envy.

Leaving their inhibitions behind on this journey, they call it a 'laptop lifestyle'. They are location independent travel bloggers who have been working from their computers from some of the most exotic destinations around the world. The Goats have a life of freedom, travel and adventure and just that. 4. Meenakshi J and Jey Sushil of Artologue This special couple deserves a special mention on the list! They have been on a journey of purpose around India.

Meenakshi is an artist who wants to bring art galleries to homes and hearts of common people. Sushil is a storyteller and together their chemistry of colors and words has brought the happiness to all the places they've travelled to.

From painting school walls with students in a village of to spreading colors on the walls of Dasna Jail with the help of the inmates, this couple is on a rewarding journey. And at the end of the day they call each other their best friends!

Now isn't that a relationship goal? 5. Zara and Ashray of Backpack Me They are the A to Z of travel. An Indian boy with a half-Portuguese-half-Spanish partner is on a mission to circle the globe - for free.

Ashray, a software engineer, and Zara, a former production manager, met in and left on a jet plane on an incredible journey. For them travel is the true test of their love.

6. Vicky and Ish of Empty Rucksack Together on 28th November 2012, Viky and Ish began a journey and now their rucksack is overflowing with memories and stories from all around the world. Ishwinder describes herself as a good Indian girl gone rebel and Vikram is her partner in crime wearing a cloak of coolness in this journey.

Empty Rucksack is full of stories from 25 different countries and the list is growing. 7. Sandeepa Chetan's Travel Blog Sandeepa Chetan's first trip together was their honeymoon in the Western Ghat in Coorg. From there the moved ahead in baby steps and are now recognized as one of the most celebrated Indian travel bloggers. They took the decision to not wait to travel till they turn old and start the journey now. 8. Revati and Charles of Different Doors This married couple from are advertising professionals by day and ameteur chefs and travel bloggers by night.

Their mantra is to travel uncommon and to open different doors for travel to the world. If you're on a hunt for lesser known interesting destinations, different doors are waiting to be opened.

9. Mark and Camille of 365 Travel Dates They dated, got married, got a dog and lived comfortably in China, until they decided to give an interesting turn to their lives. The couple has since then been on a round the world honeymoon after firing their respective bosses and 365 Travel Dates is about this fantastic journey that has given their relationship a new meaning.

10. Captain and Clark of The Modern Cartographers They met at , courted in Korea and got engaged at the Taj Mahal. Travelling is their passion and together the search for, not just the exciting, but the honest moments in their journey. The modern cartographers are on the move to trace the beautiful world for you. 11. Jeff and Marina of Latitude 34 They say 'travel like you mean it' and from their awe-inspiring journey around the world, Jeff and Marina bring to you the best stories.

The couple has been travelling together since 2008 and moved to in 2013. They are professional photographers and documentary film-makers with true passion for visual storytelling and at Latitude 34 you discover the best of their travels. Are your favourite travel bloggers on the list? If I missed them, add their blog link to the comments section below. We are also waiting for your amazing travel stories.

best indian dating blogs on travel

best indian dating blogs on travel - 11 Best Couples Travel Bloggers, Couples Travel Blogs

best indian dating blogs on travel

With stunning beaches, a rich culture, ancient heritage buildings and majestic temples, India will always be one of the world’s most enthralling destinations. It’s no wonder, then, that this country has produced a whole host of trailblazing travel writers who are taking on the world one blog post at a time. We highlight 12 of the best below. Shivya Nath Shivya Nath is a female adventurer on a mission to inspire other young women to travel solo and be independent.

And that is exactly what she does through her award-winning blog, . In 2013, Nath received the title of ‘Best Travel Blogger’ at the Indian Blogger Awards for sharing her expertise and tips on how to travel like a local and find those off-the-beaten-track destinations.

As someone who quit the corporate life to become a full-time traveler, Nath’s life story and adventures are inherently fascinating. Karthik Reddy After completing his MBA in 2012, Karthik Reddy decided to leave his comfort zone and start traveling. Reddy soon started his own travel blog, , to share travel stories, give advice and publish some of his favorite photos.

This blogger has a love for world cuisines, discovering new cultures and meeting new people. To learn a little more on what to do or where to go, check out his blog. Karthik Reddy, Romancing The Planet | Courtesy Karthik Reddy Anuradha Goyal Blogging since 2004, Anuradha Goyal loves sharing ideas about her two biggest passions: traveling and reading. Goyal’s book reviews are all listed under , and her travel stories are on her other blog called .

Goyal gives a lot of practical information about travelling around India, including walking tours in some of the major Indian cities, and shares her stories related to international travels. Goyal is also the author of . Lakshmi Sharath Lakshmi Sharath is a multi-talented world traveler. On top of being a media professional, she is a full-time traveler, blogger, journalist and photographer.

In her fantastic blog, , Sharath shares both her worldwide experiences and her travels within India, and in 2008 she won the award for India’s Best Travel Blog of the Year. Throughout her blogging career, Sharath has worked with big brands such as Thomas Cook, Nokia Lumia, Airbnb and Virgin Atlantic. Lakshmi Sharath | Courtesy of Lakshmi Sharath Arnab Maity Arnab Maity’s blog, , has a beautiful story behind it. The blog began as a way to help Maity’s mother, who passed on her passion for traveling to him, travel virtually through her son’s words and pictures.

However, as more and more readers began contacting Maity to tell him that The Wireless Wanderer actually inspired them to hit the road, the mission of the blog became bigger. Maity wants to show people that traveling can be inexpensive, that working people can travel too, and, finally, that the people you meet have some of the most incredible stories to share and valuable insights to offer.

Parnashree Devi Parnashree Devi, also known as Shree, is a travel blogger from Assam who is currently based in Delhi. Devi started to share her personal travel stories; she loves exploring remote corners of the world where she meets local people, tastes the local cuisine and learns about different ways of life.

Devi hopes that, through her blog, she can inspire others to pack their bags and travel out of their comfort zones. Parnashree Devi | Courtesy of Parnashree Devi Shalu Sharma is one of the most knowledgeable travel bloggers writing about her much-loved home country, India. Sharma is a proud Indian housewife from Bihar and has children.

As she loves the outdoors, sightseeing and travelling in India, Sharma writes about domestic travels whenever she finds the time. Sharma’s aim is to provide travelers to India with valuable and honest information, including places of interest, best times to visit, what to bring with you, vaccination requirements and everything in between.

Sankara Sankara is by far one of the top travel bloggers in India right now, and his adventures aboard a motorcycle have been featured in many top media outlets such as BBC Worldwide, The Times of India and National Geographic.

discusses a wide range of topics, including vegetarian cuisine (Sankara is a vegetarian himself), wildlife holidays, unique cultures, and visas for Indians. This is a valuable blog for those looking to travel cheaply and efficiently, and especially for those wishing to explore India. Sankara Subramanian | © Sankara Subramanian Ankita Sinha Ankita Sinha has one of the most stylish adventure blogs on the web, , where she manages to beautifully convey what she feels about certain places.

Sinha has, in the past, conducted Indian-traveler meet ups across cities to bring like-minded people together. She has also won a couple of awards for her writing, and is known as one of the best adventure bloggers in the country. For those of you in search of an adrenaline rush, this blog should be perefct, as Sinha will show you how to indulge in the most extreme adventure sports, including mountaineering, cliff jumping, zip lining and more.

Siddhartha Joshi Siddhartha Joshi is one of India’s most successful travel bloggers. He strongly believes in the power of traveling to break down barriers and make people more tolerant of one another.

Joshi lives for human moments, as it is through the various interactions with local people that he finds his happiness. Through his blog called , Joshi hopes to share his passion for people. Siddhartha Joshi | © Siddhartha Joshi Thommen Jose Thommen Jose is the brain behind . His blog posts promote eco-tourism and focus on the challenges faced by local people. Jose highlights what people can do to understand local culture and traditions better and become more conscious and responsible travelers.

This blogger is very concerned about development issues, and is keen to raise awareness among the travel community. Deepak Patel Deepak Patel is a passionate travel blogger and technology lover.

It is thanks to his tech tendencies that his blog, , was born. Patel loves exploring ancient places, which he wishes to convey through the posts on Travel N Thrill. From reading ancient scriptures and gazing at historic architecture to reflecting on the rich cultural heritage of India, Patel clearly has a passion for what he does.

This blog is the perfect platform for history and culture lovers looking for an in-depth description of India’s most fascinating destinations.

best indian dating blogs on travel

India’s best travel bloggers Update: We had released this list last year, but since then many other new bloggers have come up and few had missed this list because they were travelling at that point of time. So we have taken all the request, checked many more blogs and have added a few more which deserved to be on this list!

Hello there! A few days back, had called out to all the travel bloggers in India with a chance to get featured in the The Ultimate List of the Top Travel Bloggers in India. The response we received was amazing – over 300 bloggers signed up for our project ‘India’s Top Travel Bloggers’! However, only the best travel bloggers in India made the cut by providing us quality, reliable reads.

Apart from , which is known for having a wide database of every kind of travel destination in India, we bring you all the ‘must see’ blogs. Now you know where to look when Google doesn’t show you the desired search results!

We have divided this list into 10 categories so that you may easily find what you are looking for. In terms of blogs, all the categories do overlap but they have been divided so on the basis of the general impression which the blogs give out. Voila! The Ultimate List of the Best Travel Bloggers in India! 1. Most Informative Travel Blogs in India: These travel bloggers in India have a keen eye for detail and have (almost exhaustively, in some cases) jotted down relevant information – what to do, where to go, where to stay and other travel tips which may come in handy when you visit any of the destinations which they talk about it their blog.

Source: 1. Anuradha Goyal - 2. Anuradha Shankar – 3. Iris Isac – 4. Umang Trivedi – 5. Rangan Datta - 6. Oindrila De – 7. Vishnu Kumar – 8. Nilabh Ranjan – 9. Vrinda Maheshwari – 10. Prachi Garg – 11. Gaurav Kumar Srivastava – 12. Ankita Shreeram – 13. Adyasha Dash – 14. Megha Jamb – 15. Rohan – 16. Shilpa Mary George – 17. Swati Saxena – 18. Ruby Singh – 19. Pooja – 20. Shilpa Balakrishnan – 21. Surya – 22. Parampara Patil Hashmi and Parichay Mehta – 23.

Yayawar- 24. Rajiv Verma- 25. Ankit Kumar Parsurampuria, Ambrish Rawat- 26. Amit Sengupta – Top Travel Blogs about Offbeat Destinations: If you want to explore underrated and hidden destinations and are looking for information on the same, we have a plethora of Offbeat Travel Blogs for you by the top travel bloggers in India! These have been hand picked by us especially for those looking for an unconventional holiday.

Source: 1. Parnashree Devi – 2. Archana Singh – 3. Snigdha Jain – 4. Nisha Jha – 5. Divya Prasad – 6. Antarik Anwesan – 7. M.A. Razzaq Siddiqui – 8. Shubham Mansingka – 9. Aakash Mehrotra – 10. Shruti Shah – 11. Manish Kumar - 12. Leena Bansal – 13. Gitanjali Banerjee – 14. Hari Narayana – 15. Yayawar - 16. Vaisakhi Mishra – 17. Srijal Sahu – 18. Shailza Sood Dasgupta- 19.

Ami Bhat- 20. Nirdesh Kumar Singh- 21. Deepika Gumaste- 22. Sindhu, Shruthi, Srishar- Top Blogs Led By Solo Woman Travellers: We believe that one woman’s experience travelling solo might inspire others to travel to their next dream destination by themselves. Why travelling alone is an amazing experience is something you should discover for yourself, but we can and will help you out if you have any questions, concerns and doubts regarding the same.

For this reason, we bring to you the best solo women travelers’ blogs which give you deep insight into where to travel, the do’s and don’t’s, their tales of adventure, health and safety tips and much more!

Source: 1. Shivya Nath – 2. Lakshmi Sharath – 3. Elita – 4. Deepti Asthana – 5. Namita Kulkarni – 6. Rutavi Mehta – 7. Priyanka Dalal – 8. Medhavi Davda – 9. Swati Jain – 10. Reshma Narasing- 11. Rathina Sankari- 12. Bidisha Banik- 13. Divyakshi Gupta Top Travel Blogs Led By Couples: There are some who travel solo and there are some who travel with friends. But these travel bloggers in India claim that there is nothing in the world that makes them more happy than travelling with their better halves!

Source: 1. Revati & Charles Victor – 2. Param & Shikha – 3. Johanne & Nicolas – 4. Sonia & Ankur – 5. Poorna & Brinda – 6. Swati & Sam – 7. Ashray & Zara – 8. Puru & Ekta – 9. Ram & Reshma – 10. Sandeepa & Chetan – 11.Purba and Siddhartha – 12. Rishabh and Nirali- 13. Sandy and Vyjay – Top Blogs about travelling in India by Non-Indians: This list is especially for people planning a trip to India who are keen on reading up on other foreign travelers’ experiences about their trips.

Read how some found N irvana in the hills of Himachal while some couldn’t stop gawking at the cows of Jaipur! Source: 1. Mariellen Ward – 2. Rachel Jones – 3. Wayne Seto – 4. Jacomijn – 5. Stephanie Langlet – 6. Cara Tabron – 7. Asher Fergusson - 8. Anna Phipps- 201 India Travel Tips: The Ultimate Survival Guide Top Blogs About Road Trips: These travel bloggers in India tell you about their journey to amazing travel destinations across beautiful hills, valleys and highways - be it by cars, bikes or even cycles!

They also give you valuable information about which routes to take, where even your GPS might fail.You may probably get an adrenaline kick just reading (and in case – watching) about their adventures. Road Trip Travellers 1. Dheeraj Sharma – 2. Motoreels – 3. Thommen Jose – 4. Jatin Adlakha – 5. Gaurav Jain – 6. Himanshu Barsainya- 7. Angkan Chanda – 8. Prateek Mishra – Top Photo Bloggers: Pictures speak a thousand words and these travel bloggers bring you uncountable experiences in the form of photologues.

They capture activities, emotions and the beauty of nature, wildlife and people. Found on: 1. Arun Bhat – 2. Prasad Np - 3. Sanghita Nandi – 4. Siddhartha Joshi – 5. Ajay Sood – 6. Sujoy R. Das – 7. Upendra Swami – 8. Abhi Surendran – 9. Siddhartha Joshi- 10. Srinivasa – 11.

Vijay Nambiar – 12. Nitin Bothra – 13. Wanderlost Nomads – 14. Aman Chotani – 15. Dhiren Shah – 16. Pratap J – 17. Swati Saxena- 18. VJ Sharma- 19. Anindya Sundar Basu- Top Travel & Lifestyle Bloggers: These are the top travel bloggers in India who blog about anything under the sun related to travel – food, customs, traditions, fashion, souvenirs and more.

Source: 1. Roxanne Bamboat – 2. Manjulika Pramod – 3. Madhu Shetty – 4. Arvind Passey – 5. Sangeeta Das – 6. Upasna Verma – 7. Divya Rai – 8. Shraddha Gupta – 9. Sushmita Sarkar – 10.

Pooja – 11. Bharti – 12. Ayandrali Dutta – 13. Tarun Gaur – 14. Tanushree – 15. Akanksha Dureja – 16. Gulshan Bafna – 17. Shraddha Chauhan - 18. Elsie Gabriel – 19. Salonee Sanghvi – 20. Antara Ray – 21. Indrani Ghose - 22. Ragini Puri – 23. Suprio Bose- 24. Mridula Dwivedi- 25. Salonee Sanghvi- 26. Swayam Tiwari- 27. Pooja Bhatt- 28. Aditi Mathur Kumar- 29. Nisha Jha – 30.

Sachin Bhandary and Mohit Pradhan – Top Adventurous Backpackers who Blog: We admire people who stuff all their belongings into a sack and are hop on from one adventure to the next. These travel bloggers in India write about their treks to hills, beaches, roads and valleys, and have valuable insights (routes taken, where to camp, how to pack your bag etc.) to offer to those who plan on backpacking across the country. Source: 1. Avanish Maurya – 2. Shally Makin – 3.

Sanket Thodge - 4. Jitaditya Narzary – 5. Nikhil Jain – 6. Abhinav Singh – 7. Satyajith Jammu – 8. Shubhajit Chakraborty- Top Blogs related to Spiritual Travel: For those of you interested in learning about various temples across India or religious festivals that take place in the country, do give these blogs a look.

However, they don’t talk about just spiritual travel. You may find information on offbeat destinations as well! And that’s all folks! A Note to Our Readers: This list has been compiled solely for you. If you are planning your itinerary, it is better to do so according to first hand experience of seasoned travellers like the ones mentioned in the list above.

You may contact them by leaving comments on their blogs or connecting to them via Twitter, Facebook or E-mail. Most of them, being professional travel bloggers, are on the road for the better part of the year, and may not be able to revert back to you immediately. However, don’t shy away from asking for their help or requesting them to take a look over your itinerary.

We are sure they would appreciate a word from you. Also, in case you believe your blog deserves a mention on this list of Best Travel Bloggers in India, mail us about the same at or leave your details in the comments below. Finally, share this post and spread the word to your friends who love reading travel blogs and are on the constant hunt for information related to new destinations.

Happy reading! P.S.- The list is in no particular order and does reflect ranking of bloggers. If you have been featured in this list and if you are looking for a travel badge, please mail at .

This list was last updated on 5th July 2016 and will be updated only after a few months now. If you think your blog deserves to be in this list, then please mail on . We will consider all of them when we update the post next time Visit At : An obvious choice for low prices and free amenities, Zuji never charges for any changes made to bookings, cancellation costs or booking fees. The loyalty reward system of Zuji enables you to yield more discounts on future travels.

Check out the latest Zuji voucher codes and discounts at CollectOffers HongKong. Thanks for sharing your experience. Our India has so much beautiful places but many people are less concerned about this. Exploring a different India through your superb writing and the usual awesome snaps. Looking forward for more wonderful blogs like this one.

Searching for best deals at holidays in himachal with ritual holidays. #HolidaysInHimachal #HimachalTourPackages #TourPackageToHimachal I should say bravo like in a single word. This updated list is really helpful for getting all the bloggers altogether. Basically, I am owner of “Namaste UI” and follow some of blogger that you have mentioned in the list.

Things like, this surely motivate all the new bloggers who are getting hike among the blogger’s platform. It would be really good if regular basis update stays constantly in this list. Thanks a lot. – Regards, Sourav Basak [Blogger, Entrepreneur, Thinker] Udaipur Popularly known as the City of Lake, its beauty from the numerous lakes set amidst the green Aravalli Hills in the desert State of Rajasthan. Visit This Amazing City of Rajasthan & Spend Few Days in the Lap of Nature & Culture.

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It is located in the Raigad district. It is approximate 90 km from Mumbai, and 120 km from Pune. There are around 38 adventurous attractions in Matheran like the Display Point which gives a 360 degree view and the Neral town.

by road. Quite glad to be inlcuded in the Solo travel list..My travel has been so unique like Solo travel in kerala for 9months, Europ backpacking for 2 months, Lakshadweep for 2 months, Rickshaw Run riding rickshaw from Jaisalmer to shillong in 12 days.

…Hoping to inspire more women to travel through where I also share stories of other travelers. Come by and tell your stories incase you want to ! Kerala is the most famous state for tourism adventurous. In the state Kerala famous city Kochi , which isformerly known as Cochin, is a city in the Indian state of Kerala.

The city is one of the principal seaports of the country and is located in the district of Ernakulam, about 220 kilometres (137 mi) north of the state capital, Thiruvananthapuram. It has an estimated population of 600,000, with an extended metropolitan population of about 1.5 million, making it the largest urban agglomeration and the second largest city in Kerala after the capital.

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