Best is dating good or bad gd

best is dating good or bad gd

Or worse, they could be a vegan, or missing a leg. Then you have to awkwardly ignore it and somehow, despite all this shit, carry on a pleasant conversation while trying to simultaneously decide whether or not you like this person. Sounds fun. Unfortunately, that’s not even the most “fun” part of all this shit. As I mentioned before, girls have had some bad (bad’s a huge understatement) experiences using online dating, and just dating in general. So on a more serious note, let's talk about this very uncomfortable subject So to finally answer your question, is online dating good or bad? Well, I’ve had two relationships stem from online dating. The first one was fun, if you think being with someone treats you like shit is fun. It only lasted a month and a half. I’ll leave it at that.

best is dating good or bad gd

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How does Vocal work? Creators share their stories on Vocal’s communities. In return, creators earn money when they are tipped and when their stories are read. How do I join Vocal? Vocal welcomes creators of all shapes and sizes. and start creating. To learn more about Vocal, visit our . I’ll never forget my first online date.

It went very well. Nothing weird happened. It was a normal date. With a pretty normal girl. Even though I was partially expecting something bad to happen, nothing did. See there’s this dumb stereotype that online dating is dangerous and you’re gonna meet weird ass people who are gonna rape you or tell you their life story 15 minutes after meeting you.

Now, for the most part, I’ve been very fortunate in the online dating department. In fact, me and my current girlfriend met on OkCupid (if she knew I was telling you this though I probably wouldn’t have a girlfriend anymore), and I understand that most people who’ve used online dating services such as, Tinder, POF, OkCupid, Match, bumble, have had some pretty fucked up experiences. Especially girls, beause some guys are literal pieces of shit and should be flushed down the toilet of prison to be-butt fucked for 20 to 30 years with the possibility of parole.

On that pleasant note, let me try to answer the question I asked at the beginning of this post: is dating good or bad? Of course trying to answer a question like that is equivalent to trying to figure out whether or not a restaurant is good or bad. The restaurant may have been enjoyed by Mark and Phylis on their 40th wedding anniversary as they simply partook in some light conversation about how their kids are doing in college while they quietly ate the chefs special and thought the waiter was a fine young man but didn’t really care for his tattoos.

And Phylis had too many glasses of wine so she gave a big tip to tatted up waiter guy because she thought he was kinda cute. Oh, Phylis. Or, you could have Susan who instantly thought that the waiter was a dumb prick and sent three different dishes back because they were too cold even though she burned the shit out of her mouth on the first bite with all three dishes.

Oh and she’s probably going to leave a one-star review on Yelp with along with a whiny 500-word complaint about how much the place fucking sucked and of course how she’ll never ever ever eat at this shithole again. So, in other words, everyone is going to have their own experiences.

Everyone is going to go on dates with people they’ve never met in real life, and have to calm down their nerves enough just to make decent conversation so the other person doesn’t think they’re weird or boring. So as awkward and, quite frankly, dangerous as it is to go out on an online date, there are some positives. For example, if you go to college and you only meet people who go to that college, your dating pool is constrained to just the students (or professors if you’re into that kinda thing) of whatever school you go to.

Whereas, if you live in a major city like I do, where there are multiple universities, online dating can broadly expand your dating pool to like literally thousands of other people my age from all around the city. So technically, the chance of me finding someone that I actually like is increased by, well, a lot. I’m not good at math so I don’t have any fancy statistics for you, but you get what I’m saying. So in that regard, online dating allows you to talk to people you may otherwise have never met before.

For example, I’ve met and dated girls from all over my city that unless we met at some random place and just so happened to strike up a conversation, I would’ve probably never even seen that person for the rest of my life. The best example is my girlfriend that I mentioned earlier (she’s totally gonna fucking kill me).

We actually live in two different cities. As much as I hate to say it, I would’ve never met her if it hadn’t been for mother fucking OkCupid. We’ve been dating for about five months now and it kinda blows my mind that if it wasn’t for online dating we probably would’ve spent the rest of our entire lives not even knowing the other existed.

Another plus is that you actually get to at least message the other person before you go out on a date with them. So you can try to see if you can tell whether or not the person you just matched with is a rapist or worse they hate puppies.

Which you should probably ask them about, cause that's a dealbreaker. No decent person in this world hates puppies. Its written in the bible somewhere. Look it up. But seriously, whenever I’m messaging someone, I treat it as more of a screening process. I ask them questions. I try to make conversation of some kind with the basic goal of finding out whether or not they’re batshit crazy. Sometimes they are, and sometimes they aren’t.

But I never just say, “Hey, you wanna meet up somewhere and hang out?” I never say that for one, its creepy as fuck, and two because that's literally like going out with a total stranger. Now I’m a guy so I’m not too afraid of being assaulted or whatever. But I am weary of going out on dates with weirdos or girls that I don’t really like. Cause that's time, and money being wasted on someone that if I had just talked to before asking the said person out I probably would not have asked said person out in the first place.

I can’t say that you’re gonna find the one just by messaging them a little bit first, in fact, you’re probably going to end up wasting money and time on the person anyway. But it does help weed out the people that will possibly give you scary ass nightmares after the first date. Now for all the bad shit. For starters, most of the time you’ve never met this person. I mean on occasion you’ll find someone you’ve met before, but let's be honest, nothing is more awkward than accidentally matching with someone you know in real life.

So go ahead and throw that out the window. So essentially you have to meet a stranger, in public, for the first time ever. For all you know, they could be a serial killer. Or worse, they could be a vegan, or missing a leg. Then you have to awkwardly ignore it and somehow, despite all this shit, carry on a pleasant conversation while trying to simultaneously decide whether or not you like this person.

Sounds fun. Unfortunately, that’s not even the most “fun” part of all this shit. As I mentioned before, girls have had some bad (bad’s a huge understatement) experiences using online dating, and just dating in general.

So on a more serious note, let's talk about this very uncomfortable subject. I have heard way too many God damn horror stories about guys assaulting girls or being just way too creepy. It makes it even worse when I hear this kinda shit happening to my sister or my friends that are girls. It makes me sick, actually. I find it genuinely sad that a girl can’t go on a simple fucking date without having to worry about a guy reaching over and grabbing her boob without permission while they’re just supposed to be having a nice conversation inside of his car.

This isn’t a subject to take lightly, even in a post like this that's supposed o be funny. This is the main thing that makes online dating bad.

Not completely bad, in my opinion, but certainly not perfect by any means. One can overcome awkwardness on a date, or even the surprise that their date is missing a leg. But its hard to enjoy online dating or reap its benefits if you keep on having traumatic experiences on your dates.

So to finally answer your question, is online dating good or bad? Well, I’ve had two relationships stem from online dating. The first one was fun, if you think being with someone treats you like shit is fun. It only lasted a month and a half. I’ll leave it at that.

Maybe Tinder isn’t the best place to find long-term relationships after all. However, second one though is still going and I’m happy to say that OkCupid was actually pretty accurate with our 90 percent compatibility rate or whatever the hell you call it. Cause my girlfriend is pretty damn amazing (maybe if I compliment her she won’t be too pissed about me mentioning her so many times in this post). And I think that the two first dates I went on using online dating, that actually grew into relationships, are a pretty decent microcosm that proves online dating is actually good.

Not perfect, but still a good thing for society. See, I went out on a ton of dates. Most of them didn’t work out. But that's not a bad thing. Going out on dates with creeps can certainly become a bad thing, especially if they turn out to be dangerous.

But finding out what you don’t like or even wasting time on some weirdo who collects his own toenail clippings in a jar can be productive because every time you fail with a date like that, it just brings you closer to the right person whom you could actually date for reals. And who knows, that right person could even be the one… I know, playing the online dating game can be nerve-racking, scary, awkward, or even dangerous.

But so is life. It gives you an opportunity to meet someone from anywhere in the world and takes the awkward bar flirting scene out of the equation. Yeah, it sucks. I hate online dating actually. I didn’t enjoy it at all. But online dating (or dating in general) is kinda like school. It sucks, but you have to do it if you want to ever get out of it and finally graduate, or in this case find your FBFL (Fuck buddy for life).

So go on that horribly awkward date, go and message that cute guy with a dog in his profile, or that pretty girl who’s way out of your league (even though you know that you have absolutely no chance). Cause otherwise, you may be single forever.

And let's face it, that would suck some major ass, wouldn’t it?

best is dating good or bad gd

best is dating good or bad gd - Andrew Jackson: Good or Bad? : history

best is dating good or bad gd

is one of such technology which touched people from all walks of the life all around the world. Today not only rich but poor, educated and illiterate, urban and rural everybody is using media in one or another form.

Before going for the group discussion points against and in favour on topic, let us understand what is social media and its impact on the community? How do we connect with people in the real world? How do we keep in touch with them? What information do we share with them? – We meet people, share contacts, discuss various topics, share news and updates and much more.

Social media is the technology which mimics this social interaction with help of the internet. Various platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, , Snapchat, Myspace, LinkedIn, Twitter and much more known as social media or social networking platforms.

Each platform has own set of features, facilities and flair. Different social networks are used by different demographics in different ways for different reasons. Facebook is preliminary used for making friends, Instagram is used for sharing photographs, LinkedIn is best for making a professional network.

There is much more to talk about this topic but we will do that in discussion format below. In group discussion or any other type of discussion, there are two sides to it. Some participant will be in favour of the topic others will counter it with points which are against it.

So, let’s see those points. Points in favour of Social Media Networks / Advantages / Pros These are the positive points about the given topic, you can counter negative points with these. Eliminates Geographical Limitations Social media removes physical and geographical limitations of social interactions.

Now you can connect with a person halfway across the globe within seconds, can you imagine how it can be done without the help of the Internet and social media sites? This provides the opportunity to meet new people, learn from their experience, share cultures and much more.

This also gives good perspective about other’s life from any corner of the world. Instant communication With Social media network, you can contact with people instantly. You no more need to use ISD, STD to connect with people. You can use Skype, Google hangout, to do audio, video calls. There are a plethora of chat apps out there. Business Businesses also use social media for product awareness, digital marketing and customer . Social media networks like Facebook can be used to connect with product or services fan base, to have a conversion with them.

Some companies even use Twitter as customer support platform. They use YouTube and other video broadcasting services to share their message, ads, products info, how to guide and what not. Video social marketing is the best tool for businesses to connect with the consumer.

Digital marketing is much cost effective and efficient platform than traditional ways. Job Hunt Professional social networks like LinkedIn helps professionals to connect other professionals based on their , colleges, companies, the area of work or interest. It is the best way for a job seeker to connect with HR, CEOs and other hiring-related individuals and agencies.

You can build your profile in LinkedIn where you can show your credentials, work experience and achievement. You can share your knowledge in form of blog post on LinkedIn, which is the best way to showcase your strengths and a way to give back to society in form of knowledge. Facebook Balloon Companies like Facebook going one step ahead to give internet access to millions of people who are still left behind in the technological revolution.

They are working on a project where they will send a large balloon in the sky over the places where there is no internet. With these balloons, people from given area can come online and access basic internet facilities. Once they know the usage of internet later they can switch to paid data plan to enjoy more facilities.

Points in against Social Media Networks / Disadvantages / Cons These are the negative points which can be used as a counter for positive topics given above. Real Touch Missing Yes, the social networks simplified the process to find the people and to connect with them but somehow, we are missing out the real human to human connection on social networks.

Take a simple example that you and I experience daily. On average, we will more than 200 friends over Facebook, isn’t it? Are they real friends or just acquaintances? How many of them called you in last 6 months, how many of them met you in last one year? Data Theft All the data you put on the various social networks or over the internet for that matter get stolen by hackers.

They steal your data and sell it to businesses. Business pay like anything to get this data. User Data and Behavioural Patterns business one of the most lucrative businesses in today technology-driven world. Big companies run studies on your data and draw your shopping patterns, choices, track your interest, places you visit and then design marketing and advertising campaign on top of it.

I am sure everyone here must have seen an e-commerce ad of the product you were browsing 10 minutes back, isn’t it frightening? How come they know what I am looking at? FOMO (Fear of Mission Out / Social Anxiety) Too much exposure to each other life on social media sites sometimes leads to Fear of Missing Out. We see how our friend relocating to the western country, getting a job in bigger companies, enjoying their food in expensive hotels, visiting exotic locations or showing off their new sports bike or makeover.

Sometimes we start comparing us with other’s achievement and feel underachieved. Some can take it as a positive thing and build our own achievement but in most of the cases we envy their achievement and undervalue ourselves.

Now things which used make you happy will no more make you happy. You constantly want more and more. And if someone not able to achieve it then they go into depression, harm themselves or sometimes even kill themselves.

Same happens with social anxiety. She got these much likes and I got only 50. He had 3000 fans I have only 450, these are the real topics of discussion in today’s world. (read more on this topic here, ) Facebook Balloon Facebook is limiting the new internet customer to their and their affiliate services only. This is not good. A new customer should not get feeling that Facebook means the Internet, that will restrict their usage and limit themselves to Facebook only.

All over the world people demonstrating against it. Cyber Stalking and bullying – blackmailing Over exposure of personal data, photos, location, check-ins, videos are hampering our privacy. Yes, you may counter that there are privacy setting and all but do you think all those teenagers understands all intricate settings. Not all people on Facebook are tech-savvy. Cyberstalker and bullies use this information to harass and blackmail the users.

They threaten user to make their private, photos, videos on social network sites and ask then to do things which user don’t want to do.

This is one of the biggest concerns of parent nowadays. Fake Accounts There are millions of fake accounts there on social media. They simply use random photos and data to wear the identity of the given person. This kind of goons can lead one to dangerous situations. Conclusion/ Yes, technology solves problems, brings new opportunities but there is a dark side to it too. Like any other technology, social media network is also exploited by bad people. You will always find two types of people good and bad.

They are there in the real world too. Then should we blame technology or we should blame bad human intentions? These sites don’t force us to join them, we do it voluntarily, we agree to tot their terms and conditions without reading them. We don’t setup the correct privacy setting, we put each small detail on social media on own no one force us to do that.

I will conclude this discussion that, it’s up to us why and how to social media platforms to our advantage and the same time be safe from bad guys.

best is dating good or bad gd

When it comes to keeping your heart healthy, what you eat plays a major role. As a fruit filled with nutrients that are good for your heart, dates make a good choice for a heart-friendly eating plan. However, because they're a dried fruit, dates are a concentrated source of calories, so you want to be careful about how many dates you eat to keep your weight in check.

Too many calories from any source leads to weight gain, which isn't good for your heart. Low in sodium and rich in potassium, dates make a good choice if you have high blood pressure. Four dates are essentially sodium free and contain nearly 700 milligrams of potassium, meeting 25 percent of the daily value.

Potassium helps lower blood pressure by helping push sodium from your body and easing tension in your blood vessels. The American Heart Association recommends you eat more potassium-rich foods like dates for heart health.

Eating more fiber-rich foods also helps keep your heart in tip-top shape. Four dates have 6 grams of fiber, meeting more than 30 percent of your daily value Most of the fiber in dates is in the form of insoluble fiber, which is the type of fiber that adds bulk to the stool to help prevent constipation. As a bulking agent, the insoluble fiber in dates helps you feel full, which helps with weight control.

And maintaining a healthy weight is important when it comes to heart health. As a dried fruit, dates are a concentrated source of antioxidants, which are nutrients that protect your cells from damage by free radicals. People who eat foods rich in antioxidants have lower rates of heart disease. Dates also contain anti-inflammatory properties, which protects against heart disease by reducing chronic inflammation in your body.

Dates may be rich in nutrients and filling fiber, but as a dried fruit, they’re a concentrated source of calories. Four pitted dates have almost 270 calories. For perspective, a whole cup of grapes has about 60 calories, while one dried date has about 65 calories.

Dates may be healthy, but eating more calories than you burn, no matter where they come from, leads to weight gain. Excess weight causes your heart to work harder.

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