Best is nicki minaj dating drake now

best is nicki minaj dating drake now

Nicki Minaj skipping out on Drake’s celebrations also came just days after Hollywood Life claimed that Minaj has no plans to get romantic with Drake anytime soon, despite the swirling dating rumors surrounding the two rappers. According to an insider, Drake has been asking Nicki to head back into the studio with him in recent weeks to work on more tracks like “Moment 4 Life,” though Minaj has been making it clear that she has no plans to collaborate with the rapper outside of the studio. “Nicki loves Drake,” an insider confirmed, adding that “they will make more music together in the future an .

best is nicki minaj dating drake now

(Getty Images) A new report alleging Rihanna feels “hurt” over rumors claiming Drake and Nicki Minaj are dating is made-up.

Gossip Cop can bust this piece of fake news, which was posted by HollywoodLife. We’re told no one from Rihanna’s camp is sharing information about the singer or her inner feeling with the often discredited site. According to the outlet, Rihanna long “suspected” Drake “had a thing” for Minaj, and now her “worst nightmare has come true.” In a so-called “exclusive,” a supposed source is quoted as saying, “Things didn’t end well when [Rihanna] and Drake broke up last year.

She still has strong feelings over it.” The outlet’s seemingly manufactured insider goes on to claim that for Rihanna, “seeing [Drake] with Nicki hurts, but she always felt like he was obsessed with her,” adding that their connection comes as “no surprise” to the Barbadian singer. What’s more, the blog further contends that Rihanna is “slapping herself” for getting involved with a man whose “low level of commitment made her feel uneasy.” The site maintains that after Rihanna heard the dating rumors she’s “more confident than ever in her decision to dump the womanizer.” “She definitely has no plans to get back together with Drake.

Nicki can have him,” continues the website’s untraceable “source.” HollywoodLies, as it’s often called, has fabricated the entire story. The site clearly saw an opportunity to concoct an article in the name of clickbait. The outlet isn’t even sure whether Drake and Minaj are dating, so it carefully tiptoed around that to allege that the “rumor” of them even being together has Rihanna “hurt.” But it’s all fake news. An actual source close to the situation assures Gossip Cop the report is “not true.” As we noted above, no one from Rihanna’s trusted inner circle is divulging such personal information about her to the often disproven outlet.

Gossip Cop called out the same site just a few weeks ago for making up a phony story about . Interestingly, blog makes no mention of that falsehood. Additionally, it’s also a little odd that the webloid published a piece just days ago that alleged , and now she’s suddenly “hurt.” The truth is HollywoodLies just fabricates one article after another, which are often contradictory.

It doesn’t have any real Rihanna or Drake sources. And it seemingly doesn’t let accuracy get in the way of its traffic.

best is nicki minaj dating drake now

best is nicki minaj dating drake now - drake and nicki minaj dating

best is nicki minaj dating drake now

Drake and were rumored to be dating and the fans wanted to hear about it all. So what's the official score now? Is she back to her ex Meek Mill? As per the latest update, to remain single was left high and dry. has done a complete comprehensive story about the on and off relationship of these talented singers.

''When Drizzy released his debut album 'Thank Me Later', there was on lyrics in particular that got everyone talking. "I love Nicki Minaj/ I told her I'd admit it/ I hope one day we get married just to say we f***ing did it/ And girl I'm f***ing serious/ I'm with it if you with it/ Cause your verses turn me on and your pants are mighty fitted".

That's one way to start dating rumours'' apparently Drake said these things which sparked the rumors way back in 2010. Professionally too this duo has hooked up together.

"Make Me Proud" from the album ''Take Care'' featured Trinidadian rapper Nicki Minaj and Drake together. has a short synopsis about this single. During The ''Hot 97 Thanksgiving Thank You Concert,'' the duo kissed on stage which fuelled the dating rumors. "I've always really, actually, really had a crush on her, always really loved her, and she's always just looked at me as, like, her little brother" Drake stated in an interview with MTV2's Sucker Free Countdown.

Meek Mill and Drake had feuds due to the relationship between Nicki Minaj and Mill. They had a twitter fight in July 2015. commented, ''Woah! Nicki Minaj went off on Twitter this week, after being snubbed for the MTV VMAs Video of the Year award. Now, her boyfriend Meek Mill is following suit.'' "Stop comparing drake to me too... He don't write his own raps!" Meek wrote. "That's why he ain't tweet my album because we found out!" In Jan 2016 Kevin Hart tried to mediate and asked both the singers to end their feud.

did a story on that. reported a few days back about Minaj going back to her ex Mill. ''Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj got back together almost as quietly as they split-and now we might know how her good friend and his arch nemesis, rapper Drake, feels about it.'' "Drake can't believe Nicki gave in and went back to this clown," a source close to Drake spilled the beans to .

"Meek being on house arrest was the best thing that's ever happened to Nicki. She was finally free from him. She didn't have a sidekick or tag-along, which is what Meek really is instead of her boyfriend. They have a mother/son relationship, and Drake knows Nicki can do so much better." , it is expected that will be released sometime soon.

This "Pink Friday" famed singer is all set to release her . The fans of ''Right By My Side.'' They want these two talented singers to collaborate again and come up with some magic.

Also the fans of have been waiting to see both the pop icons to come up with some singles together. Their stage performances and oomph factor is loved by all.

The real life couple Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill and the lovers of both of their music want more from this music world couple. had spun a blockbuster single Their alleged relationship too has been doing rounds in the gossip arenas. So on one hand, the singers are doing great professionally, they seem to be confused in their personal life equations.

So what's next coming up for these talented singers? See Now:

best is nicki minaj dating drake now

We could be looking at the newest and hottest power couples: Drake and Nicki Minaj. There were a lot of rumors in the past about the two, but now, when they’re both single, it was finally time to make it official. The two were spotted leaving a nightclub, through the back alley, somewhere in Miami, at 4:30 am.

Drake had a late night appearance at the Story club and Nicki was there to support him. Eventually, the two were pictured hugging and looking very close.

Could this be? According to a top Young Money insider, both Nicki Minaj and Drake are taking things slow, but hey, we know that they’re now dating!

Congrats to both of them and we really hope that they’ll stay together for a long time!

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