Best jewish guy dating catholic girl names

best jewish guy dating catholic girl names

Christian guy dating a muslim girl. Best messianic jewish guys. What do you think college dating site for lesbians called dattch. My son marrying this time for this particular? Jdate is the new york relaxed, since my friends with very strong disfavour by jewish guy. There are better than other jewish guy. Helen coffey tried some christian to a christian female and sometimes even marry a catholic girl. How couples with a jewish women, date jewish dating christian father. Personal story from his jewish man makes the way young people. Hi, both men, both men and girls. A chrisitan girl and girls

best jewish guy dating catholic girl names

In today’s world, the name that a girl carries with her can have a large impact on her life. When you are choosing the name for your baby girl, you have to remember that this same name will stick with her forever through the early years and up to adulthood and old age.

Many names hold unwanted or negative meanings, so choosing a good name with proper meaning becomes important. Catholic girl names tend to have good meanings and usually don’t get associated with any ill will. Giving your baby girl a Catholic name is a nice way to make sure she will not run into bad situations in her life due to her name. Keep on reading to find our list with the 50 most unique Catholic Girl names for your baby. A SHORT HISTORY OF CATHOLIC NAMES It was written in the Canon of the Catholic Church that all babies baptized into the church had to have Christian names or the names of saints of the faith.

If they were not given a Christian name or a saint’s name, the Priest of that Parish would add the name of a saint as another name for the child so that they could be allowed to be baptized into the church. This happened before 1983, when Canon changed to become more relaxed about names of baptized babies.

From that point, all names of the Bible heroes could be used for babies as well as any other name that did not bear any ill meaning for the Christian faith. This means that parents would be discouraged from using girl names like , but could use other common names like . TRENDS IN CATHOLIC BABY NAMES FOR GIRLS Since the late 1900s, and especially after the 1983 change of the Canon, some of the most traditional and popular Catholic names have been losing popularity in the English speaking world.

At this same time, other Catholic girl names are rising a bit in usage. The best example of this decline in usage is the name . This is one of the most honorably Catholic names for girl babies, and it stood as the most popular name in the US from 1880 (and probably before, however it was not recorded) until 1960. After 1960, there was a slow decline in the usage that lead to it being the 120 th most popular girl name in the US in 2014 and the 124 th in 2015.

MOST POPULAR CATHOLIC GIRL NAMES FOR GIRLS Most of the traditional Catholic names for baby girl are not holding high positions of popularity in the US today. Some of the current most popular are (ranked 3 rd in the US), (ranked 14 th in the US and 15 th in Canada), and (ranked 20 th in Canada and 16 th in the US). The name was ranked the 8 th most popular in Canada as well as the US, but did not find a place within the top 10 in England & Wales.

In 2014, other Catholic names made it into the top 100 in one or more English speaking country, including , , , , (these four names were within the top 50 in the US), , , and . CELEBRITIES THAT GAVE THEIR BABIES CATHOLIC GIRL NAMES Sometimes celebrities surprise us with very crazy names for their babies, but many times they actually give their little ones perfectly ordinary names.

Lots of celebs choose to give Catholic names for girl babies. Here are a few examples: • Mulligan and Mumford gave their daughter the name Mumford. • Geller and Freddie Prinze Jr. have a daughter together named .

• Mark Wahlberg and Durham named their second daughter Wahlberg. • Stanley from the band KISS named his daughter Stanley. • McGregor and his wife Mavrakis have a daughter named McGregor. • Huffman and H.

Macy gave their first daughter the name and opted to give their second daughter the middle name Grace as well. • Streep and Gummar have a daughter named . Although she was not a baby around 2014, the name still proves as an example of a celebrity with a Catholic name for their baby. • Sutherland and Kath have a daughter named Sutherland. • Midler named her only daughter Midler • Sir McCartney named one of his daughters McCartney.

THE BEAUTIFUL MEANING OF CHOOSING A CATHOLIC NAME Catholic names help to connect your baby girl to the Catholic faith and to God early on in their lives. If you are a member of the Catholic or Christian faiths, these names can be a beautiful connection for your child to have with the same religion.

Catholic girl names show the strength, charity, and love of those from the past and give them as a legacy to your daughter for her future. These are names she can proudly share with many incredible women throughout history! 50 CATHOLIC BABY NAMES FOR GIRLS LIST: (Click on any name to find additional information and meaning, pronunciation, popularity and more) • (Father is rejoicing) • (Nobility) • (Who will rise again) • (Grace) • (Joy bringer) • (Shining one) • (Sword) • (Strength) • (Virgin of unblemished character) • (Pure) • (From Christ) • (Heavenly) • (Delicate) • (Excelling) • (From the four evangelists) • (Happiness) • (Peace) • (Glorious) • (White) • (God sees) • (Light) • (Peace) • (Femine form of Joseph) • (Praised) • (Youthful) • (Follower of Christ) • (Weary) • (Light) • (Pearl) • (Beautiful) • (Lady) • (Power) • (Wonderful) • (Counselor) • (Hope) • (My delight) • (Birth) • (Honor) • (A help) • (Beloved) • (Prudent) • (Ewe) • (Queen) • (Sea-dew) • (Beauty) • (Princess) • (Wisdom) • (Gazelle) • (To be strong) • (Life) If this collection of names was not enough for you, you can check out our wide collection of or some other categories of and other .

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best jewish guy dating catholic girl names

best jewish guy dating catholic girl names - Jewish

best jewish guy dating catholic girl names

if you were a guy and he was the girl it would be less of a problem. See, in judaism, the child's religion is determined by your mother. So that means if he has children with you, they will not be considered jews. That often arises many concerns in families. However if his family is not radical, and they see you two are happy, I'm sure they'll come around. Also, as suggested before me, they will welcome you very very warmly if you were willing to convert your religion, even without practicing it later on.

However do bare in mind that converting to judaism is not a simple process like converting to christianity or Israel. Judaism is not a missionary religion and so there are lots of processes you'll have to go through, if you choose to go in that direction, go to a habad community center to get more information.

EDIT : don't listen to the guy right above me, he is a jackass and apparently goes around spreading faulse antisemitic information on the net without real knowledge.

EDIT 2: you never know if the family will accept you or not. You are not at a perfect starting point, but families that aren't radical usually accept it at the end of the day.. You have to start and see how it goes, you can't ignore your heart.. Israelis are not uniform on this issue. I'd actually need a lot more information to say with certainty on how they'll handle it.

As far as secular... Israelis are not uniform on this issue. I'd actually need a lot more information to say with certainty on how they'll handle it. As far as secular but Jewish parents go, the one thing they'll be wondering is if you'd be willing to raise the kids Jewish. Yes, that is their primary concern, particularly the Jewish mother. I know, you aren't married, yet if ever, but otherwise that is what they want to know.

That's as far as I can be certain of. I don't know, nor possibly know, if they'll complain that he didn't find a "nice Jewish girl", as some do, but other wise all you can prepare for is to ask him, or go in with all your armor on. Doubtfully, since he's dating you, is a religious family that tries to keep it within the faith. They have no problems with Catholics, mostly, it's just that they want to keep their sons marrying Jewish girls so that their children will be Jewish.

So, you'll probably not be 100% accepted by this family unless you convert; though, they won't flat out reject you. Really, ask him about his family, but otherwise expect more of scenario #1. You being Catholic is not so much a hindrance, especially if you notice that when Jews tend to marry outside their faith, they usually go for Catholics.

I'd expect that the family will be nice, warm, and welcoming, and actually I wouldn't expect him having issues bringing you home for a visit. With Israeli Jews, you'll NEVER know what is beneficial regarding religion, so just be yourself :D. Edit: -__- Don't take Jonah's response as the norm.

It isn't, and it seems like he has an interpersonal issue that you should disregard. Most Israelis don't consider themselves superior as Jews (which is inconsistent with Jewish theology) nor do they generally have anything against Hispanics ( a lot of Israelis either have Hispanic connections, know Spanish, or vacation in Latin America).

It is likely NOT a taste of how his Israeli family will react. Israelis may not be tact, but they aren't that racist. If anything, I can tell you MY Israeli relations would welcome you. In Judaism, your children (assuming you marry the guy, and have kids) would NOT be Jewish...nor would they be Catholic according to the Catholic laws. ... In Judaism, your children (assuming you marry the guy, and have kids) would NOT be Jewish...nor would they be Catholic according to the Catholic laws.

His family is likely to be pretty unhappy about that. You're going to have A TON of extra stuff to discuss and decide BEFORE the wedding, like what to celebrate, and why, and how...if you don't, and just leave it to chance, it will cause friction, arguments, and eventually, likely, divorce.

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best jewish guy dating catholic girl names

NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list. Many Hebrew names have slight variations, and other less common names do not appear on this list at all. See here for . Adina Adina means "gentle." Ahuva Ahuva means "beloved." The word appears in the Bible, in Deuteronomy 21:15 and Nechemia 13:26. Aliza Aliza means "joy." In kabbalah, Aliza signifies the joyful ability to rise above nature. Anat Anat means "to sing." Anat appears in the Bible in the book of Judges 3:31.

Ariella Ariella means "lioness of God." The variant form "Ariel" is another name for Jerusalem, and specifically the altar in the Holy Temple (Ezekiel 43:15). (variations: Ariel, Arielle) Atara Atara means "crown." It is sometimes used for naming after a Kreindel, a Yiddish name of the same meaning.

Avigail Avigail means "father's joy." Avigail appears in the Bible as King David's wife (1-Samuel 25:42). (variations: Abigail, Avigayil) Avishag Avishag means "father's joy." Avishag appears in the Bible as attending to King David in his old age (1-Kings 1:3). Avital Avital appears in the Bible as King David's wife (2-Samuel 3:4). Avital means "father of dew," referring to God as sustainer. In kabbalah, Tal signifies Divine nourishment in a hidden manner, just as dew descends unseen to water the plants.

Aviva Aviva means "springtime." Ayala Ayala means "deer." The name is often associated with the biblical Naftali, who is compared to a swift deer (Genesis 49:21). Ayelet Ayelet means "musical instrument," as in Psalms 22:1. Bat Sheva Bat Sheva means "daughter of seven." Bat Sheva appears in the Bible as King David's wife (2-Samuel 11:27), and the mother of King Solomon (2-Samuel 12:24). (variant spellings: Batsheva, Batsheba) Batya Batya means "daughter of God." Batya was the daughter of Pharaoh, who rescued baby Moses from the Nile River (Exodus 2:5).

(variations: Batia, Basya) Bat-Tziyon Bat-Tziyon means "daughter of Zion," or "daughter of excellence." (variant spellings: Bat-Tzion, Bat-zion) Bayla Bayla means "beautiful." It may also be related to the name Bilhah, who was the mother of Dan and Naftali, two of the 12 tribes of Israel.

(Genesis 29:29 and 30:3) (variant spelling: Baila) Bina Bina means "understanding, intelligence, wisdom." Bracha Bracha means "blessing." Bruriah Bruriah means "clarity of God." Bruriah was a great Torah scholar during Talmudic times, the wife of Rabbi Meir. Carmel Carmel means "vineyard, garden, orchard." (variations: Carmela, Carmelit, Carmiela, Carmit, Carmiya) Chana Chana means "grace." This name is associated with the ability to create beautiful prayers; Chana appears in the Bible as praying to God, and then giving birth to the prophet Samuel.

(1-Samuel ch. 1) (variant spellings: Hana, Hannah) Chava Chava means "life." Chava appears in the Bible as the first woman (Genesis 3:20). (variations: Eve, Hava, Havi, Chavi) Chagit Chagit means "festive, celebration." Chagit appears in the Bible as King David's wife (2-Samuel 3:4).

(variant spelling: Hagit) Chaviva Chaviva means "beloved." Chaya Chaya means "alive, living." Chaya is related to the name Chava, who appears in the Bible as the first woman. (Genesis 3:20) Dafna Dafna means "laurel." Dalia Dalia means "shoot" in Biblical Hebrew (e.g. Ezekiel 17:6, 31:7). In Modern Hebrew, as in other languages, it is the name of a flowering bush native to Mexico (spelled "Dahlia" in English).

(variations: Dahlia, Dalya) Dalit Dalit means "to draw water." Daniella Daniella means "God is my judge." Devorah Devorah means "to speak kind words." Devorah appears in the Bible as the great prophetess and judge who led a revolt against the Canaanite king (see Book of Judges). A different Devorah was the nurse of Rebecca (Genesis 35:8).

(variations: Devora, Debra, Deborah) Dinah Dinah means "judgment." Dinah appears in the Bible as the daughter of Jacob and Leah. (Genesis 30:21) (variant spellings: Dina, Deena) Efrat Efrat means "honored, distinguished." Efrat appears in the Bible as the wife of Caleb (1-Chronicles 2:19). (variant spelling: Ephrat) Eliana Eliana means "My God has answered me." Elisheva Elisheva means "God is my oath." Elisheva appears in the Bible as the wife of Aaron the High Priest (Exodus 6:23).

(variations: Elisheba, Elizabeth) Emunah Emunah means "faith." (variant spelling: Emuna) Esther Esther means "hidden" in Hebrew, and "star" in Persian. Esther saved the Jews in the Purim story from Haman's genocidal plot, as recorded in the biblical Book of Esther.

Esther was known to be a very beautiful woman (she was chosen to be queen), yet her "hidden" internal qualities were even more beautiful. (variant spelling: Ester) Faige Faige means "bird" in Yiddish, and also is related to the Yiddish word for the fruit "fig." (variations: Faigy, Faigel, Faiga) Freida Freida means "joy" in Yiddish.

(variations: Freda, Freeda, Freyde, Freydel) Fruma Fruma means "pious" in Yiddish. Gavriella Gavriella means "God is my strength." (variation: Gabriella) Geula Geula means "redemption." Gila Gila means "joy." In kabbalah, Gila means "to reveal God," which is a great source of joy.

Golda Golda means "gold" in Yiddish. (variation: Goldie) Hadassah Hadassah is the Hebrew name of Esther, who saved the Jews in the Purim story from Haman's genocidal plot, as recorded in the biblical Book of Esther. Hadassah means "myrtle tree." (variations: Hadas, Hadasa, Dassa, Dassi) Hadar Hadar means "splendid, ornamented, beautiful." Hinda Hinda is Yiddish for "deer." The name is often associated with the biblical Naftali, who is compared to a swift deer (Genesis 49:21).

Hodaya Hodaya means "praise God." Idit Idit means "choicest." (variation: Edith) Ilana Ilana means "tree." In kabbalah, the numeric value of Ilana (96) equals the "throne of God." (variations: Elana, Ilanit) Irit Irit means "asphodel," a flowering perennial, several species of which are native to the Holy Land. Keila Keila is a Yiddish name derived from the Hebrew word "Keli," which means "vessel." A talented person is often referred to as "Keli" – a complete vessel, capable of performing great things.

Keren Keren means "ray [of sunlight]." (variation: Karen) Kinneret Kinneret is another name for the Sea of Galilee, or Lake Tiberias. Leah Leah means "to be tired." Leah appears in the Bible as the wife of Jacob, the mother of six of the 12 tribes of Israel.

(Genesis 30:19) Leeba Leeba means "beloved" in Yiddish. Levana Levana means "white" or "moon." Levona Levona means "frankincense," a spice used in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem (Exodus 30:34).

Lila Lila means "night." (variations: Leila, Leilah) Liora Liora means "I have light." (variation: Lior) Machla Machla means "affliction." Machla appears in the Bible as one of the five daughters of Tzelofchad. (Numbers 26:33) Malka Malka means "queen." Maya Maya means "water" in Aramaic (Talmud - Brachot 25b). Mayan Mayan means "spring, oasis." Mazal Mazal means "constellation" or "luck." Meira Meira means "one who gives light." A variant form, Mira, is a nickname for Miriam.

Meirav Meirav means "to maximize." Meirav appears in the Bible as the daughter of King Saul (1-Samuel 14:49). Menucha Menucha means "tranquility" in Hebrew. Michal Michal means "Who is like God?" Michal appears in the Bible as King Saul's daughter (1-Samuel 14:49), and the first wife of King David (1-Samuel 18:27). Milka Milka appears in the Bible as one of the five daughters of Tzelofchad. (Numbers 26:33) Miriam Miriam appears in the Bible as a prophet and the sister of Moses and Aaron (Exodus 15:20).

Miriam means "bitter sea," because she was born at a time when the Egyptians embittered the lives of the Jews. Miriam, however, remained sweet despite the hardships around her, giving Jews courage in those difficult times.

(Midrash Yalkut Shimoni - Exodus 165) (variations: Mirel, Mirele, Mimi) Moriah Moriah means "God teaches." Mount Moriah is the site of the binding of Isaac (Genesis 22:2), and of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem (2-Chronicles 3:1). Naama Naama means "pleasant." Naomi Naomi means "pleasant." Naomi appears in the Bible as the mother-in-law and inspiration for Ruth, as recorded in the Book of Ruth.

In kabbalah, the numeric value of Naomi (170) represents goodness ("tov") on all levels. Netanya Netanya means "gift of God." It is related to the name Natan, which appears in the Bible as a prophet and contemporary of King David (2-Samuel 5:15).

Nava Nava means "beautiful." The word appears in the Bible, in Song of Songs 2:14. Nechama Nechama means "comfort." Noa Noa means "vigorous motion," as in Isaiah 7:2 and Psalms 107:27.

Noa appears in the Bible as one of the daughters of Tzelofchad. (Numbers 26:33) Nurit Nurit is a flower, the buttercup. Ora Ora means "light." (variation: Orit) Orli Orli means "I have light." (variation: Orly) Orna Orna is related to the word meaning "pine tree." Osnat Osnat is an Egyptian name meaning "belonging to God." Osnat appears in the Bible as the wife of Joseph, and mother of Ephraim and Menashe (Genesis 41:45).

(variations: Asnat, Asnas, Osnas) Penina Penina means "pearl." Penina appears in the Bible as Elkanah's wife (1-Samuel 1:2). In kabbalah, Penina is related to the word penimi, meaning "inner," alluding to inner depth and purity – just as a pure pearl is produced internally.

(variations: Perle, Perel) Rachel Rachel means a "female sheep," a symbol of purity. Rachel appears in the Bible as one of the four matriarchs – the wife of Jacob and mother of Joseph (Genesis 29:16).

Rachel was buried in Bethlehem so that her soul could pray for the Jews who in the future would be led into exile. Raizel Raizel is a Yiddish variant of "Rose." (variations: Rose, Raisal, Raisa, Risa) Rina Rina means "joy." The letters of Rina can be rearranged to spell "the candle of God." (variation: Rinat) Rivka Rivka means "to tie." Rivka appears in the Bible as one of the four matriarchs, the wife of Isaac and the mother of Jacob.

Rivka was known for her great kindness, e.g. when she drew well-water for Abraham's servant and all his camels. (see Genesis ch. 24) (variations: Rifka, Rebecca) Ruth Ruth means "sweet and pleasant." Ruth appears in the Bible as a righteous convert, and ancestor of King David, as recorded in the Book of Ruth. (variations: Rut, Rus) Sarah Sarah means "princess." Sarah appears in the Bible as a great prophet, the first of the matriarchs – wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac.

(Genesis 17:15) (variations: Sari, Sarit, Sarita) Sarai Sarai means "my princess." Sarai appears in the Bible as the original name of Sarah – wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac (Genesis 11:29). Serach Serach means "free of restraint." Serach appears in the Bible as the granddaughter of Jacob (Genesis 46:17). Sharon Sharon is a region in Israel, known for being especially plentiful and nourishing (see Metzudot Tzion, Isaiah 33:9).

(variations: Sharona, Sharonit) Shayna Shayna means "beautiful" in Yiddish. (variations: Sheina, Shaindel) Shifra Shifra means "improved." Shifra appears in the Bible as a Hebrew midwife who disobeyed Pharaoh's orders to kill Jewish babies. (Exodus 1:15) Shira Shira means "song" in Hebrew. Shoshana Shoshana is the Hebrew word for "rose." Shoshana appears in the Bible in Song of Songs 2:2, as "standing out like a rose amongst the thorns." In kabbalah, Shoshana has the same numeric value (661) as Esther, the hero of the Purim story who lived in the city of Shushan (related to "Shoshana").

(variation: Shani) Shlomit Shlomit means "peaceful." Shlomit appears in the Bible in Leviticus 24:11. Shulamit Shulamit means "peaceful." Shulamit appears in the Bible in Song of Songs 7:1. Sigal, Sigalit, Sigalia Sigal means "treasure" (see Deuteronomy 26:18). Sigalit also means "violet." Simcha Simcha means "joy." Tal Tal means "dew." In kabbalah, Tal signifies Divine nourishment in a hidden manner, just as dew descends unseen to water the plants.

Talia Talia means "dew from God." In kabbalah, Tal signifies Divine nourishment in a hidden manner, like dew that descends unseen to water the plants. Tamar Tamar means "palm tree," denoting righteousness. Tamar appears in the Bible as the wife of Judah, and the ancestor of King David. (Genesis 38:6) Techiya Techiya means "revival." Tehilla Tehilla means "song of praise." Tikva Tikva means "hope." Tirtzah Tirtzah means "agreeable." Tirtzah appears in the Bible as one of the daughters of Tzelofchad.

(Numbers 26:33) Tova Tova means "God's goodness." (variations: Tovat, Tovit, Tovah) Tzipporah Tzipporah means "bird." Tzipporah appears in the Bible as the wife of Moses (Exodus 2:21). In kabbalah, Tzipporah has the same numeric value (376) as Shalom, peace.

(variation: Tzipora) Tziona Tziona means "excellent." Tzivia Tzivia means "assembly of God." Tzivia appears in the Bible as the mother of a Jewish king (2-Kings 12:2). Tzofiya Tzofiya means "guardian." Tzviya Tzviya means "deer, gazelle." The name is often associated with the biblical Naftali, who is compared to a swift deer (Genesis 49:21). Uriella Uriella means "light of God." Vered Vered means "rose" in Aramaic, the language of the Talmud.

(variations: Varda, Vardit) Yael Yael means "to ascend" and "mountain goat." Yael appears in the Bible as the hero who saved the Jewish people by bravely killing the enemy general. (Judges ch. 4) (variations: Jael, Yaela) Yaffa Yaffa means "beautiful." In kabbalah, Yaffa has the same numeric value (95) as Malka, queen.

(variation: Jaffa) Yakova Yakova is the feminine form of Yaakov (Jacob), meaning "held by the heel." Yaakov was the father of the 12 tribes of Israel (Genesis 25:26). (variation: Jacoba) Yardena Yardena means "to flow down," in reference to the Jordan (Yarden) River. (variation: Jordana) Yehudit Yehudit means "praise" (Genesis 26:34, 29:35), and is the female version of Yehudah. Yehudit appears as a hero of the Chanukah story who bravely killed the enemy general.

(variation: Judith) Yiskah Yiskah means "to gaze." Yiskah appears in the Bible as the niece of Abraham (Genesis 11:29). Tradition says that Yiskah was another name for Sarah, so called because she "gazed" with prophetic inspiration, and because others "gazed" at her beauty. Yocheved Yocheved means "God's honor." Yocheved appears in the Bible as the mother of Moses, Aaron and Miriam. (Exodus 6:20) Zahava Zahava means "gold." (variation: Zahavit, Zehava) Zissel Zissel means "sweet" in Yiddish.

(variations: Sissel, Cecilia) Rabbi Shraga Simmons is the co-founder of, and co-author of (ArtScroll). He is Founder and Director of's advanced learning site. He is co-founder of, and author of , the definitive account of anti-Israel media bias.

Originally from Buffalo, New York, he holds a degree in journalism from the University of Texas at Austin, and rabbinic ordination from the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem. He lives with his wife and children in the Modi'in region of Israel. Related Articles Dear Shraga, Thank you for posting up this information.

Great! what is the exact meaning of Shiloh? in some bloggs states: tranquil, secure - in others: His gift. I would love to give a beautiful name to a daughter I wish to have, not pregnant yet but have asked God by faith.

I also like Maya or Maia. Is this version an indeed Hebrew name? I can see you have stated " Water" as a meaning for Maya. I look forward indeed hearing from you. Kindest regards and God bless Many thanks Fabiola I just found out that I'm baruch hashem expecting a girl. I never expected to find such a great list of female Jewish names. I liked a lot of names here. It has opened a whole different name-picking vista for my husband and I. I was glad to see that MY name was on it, but my eldest daughter's name wasn't on it.

Bluma, also spelled Blumah, means blooming and blossoming in Yiddish. I was surprised that you had MY name but not my two-year old daughter's. You might want to add it to the list. My name was after my daddy since I was the last of three children my parents had planned on, but they had three girls, no sons. My daddy was a Jr. and his daddy a Sr. first name William second name, Franklin.

His dad was called "Frank" and daddy was called Bill by others, but family and close friends called him Buddy. They wanted a name that was like my dad since I would have probably been a Third if I had been a boy. Since being a girl, my first name "Billie" for William and second name, "Francine" for Franklin.

Since my mothers only sister had an unusual name of "Nelcine", so my second name was a part of her name. So, the "Fran" from Franklin and the "cine" from Nelcine. I have always gone by my second name.

The best translation is that the name was French and meant "free one" or "freedom"???? I never have known for sure. Anyway, I can not find a Hebrew translation. Would it still be whatever the Hebrew word is for "free"? I have Jewish on my maternal side, but was raised Christian, but have always felt a deep connection to the Jewish people and Israel. I am married to a Jewish man. I saw a word that inspired me and I fell in love with the feel of it when I read the meaning of it.

It is from the Tehillim. The word "zimrach" for song that is from the word "zimyrach" meaning to prune the dead limbs from a tree to bring life back to the tree. There is a part of the Sidur that is read on shabbat, the D'Zimrah. Since I am a singer and I have always loved the idea of the eitz chaim and have always loved the beauty and strength of trees, as well as music, so I chose to use the name "Zimrah" for my Hebrew one, but never knew if the name was correct.

Should it be "Zimyrah" or just "Zimrah" I have been told both ways. Which is correct? And, is there a Hebrew word for my given name, "Francine"? If you could assist me, I would be so appreciative! Also, is the name "Hallel a feminine name or is it strictly a masculine name.

Toda! Shalom! Hebrew names, just so you know, do not have to "match" with English ones - they don't have to sound the same or mean the same thing. The Hebrew word for "freedom" or "liberty" is "chofesh" - to the best of my knowledge, there is no name, male or female, that stems from that word.

You will find debate among various communities about "Jewish names" - does the fact that a name is in Hebrew (or Yiddish) make it Jewish? There are traditional names - those that are Biblical in origin, or have been used for millenia dating before a certain time period (again, you will find different opinions as to where Yiddish names fit in to all of this; many Yiddish names are translations from Hebrew ones that were used in the common vernacular in the European communities, like Masha-Miriam, or Pesya-Basya, etc.) - and then more modern ones, which are, in essence, Hebrew words that sound good/make for nice names/sentiments for a name (like Zimra).

It's actually funny, because I remember discussing the possibility of naming a girl Zimra with someone. It's a beautiful choice. The name Hallel (is a more modern one)... in Israeli society is primarily used as a female name, actually.

Ironically, I know one person named Hallel, and he is not a girl! Hello,my name is Celia ,I go by Cely , I was named after my grandmother who came from Syria ,her name was Selja I wish to know if I have a Jewish name ,because now that my daughter BH is expecting a baby,if it's a girl it should de named after me.After reading your wonderful articles I really want to know.

Thank you very much OK, I am commenting a few years later; I don't know if you'll see this....but I'll try. Certain pronunciations of Hebrew/yiddish have "ee" as the sound where many of us say "ooo".

So Fruma might be pronounced "Freema". (For example, when making a blessing, someone with this accent would say "bureech" instead of "boruch") I am only guessing though... My daughter's first and middle names are Aleah, pronounced like Aliyah... the hebrew root: ayin, lamed, heh is the concept to go up or ascend "ahl" (ayin, lamed) means on or above oleh - means to go up aliyah, which is like being called to the torah, or moving to israel, implies a spiritiual elevation peri, is a fruit; (unless it's perel?, which is yiddish for pearl) hope this helps Thank you for a very interesting article and a long list of names.

After conversion I planned on changing it and I know that I have the name that I want. I just pray to G-d that I can remember all the things that I must know. I believe that I will because I have never been so engaged in learning like this before.

Thank you so very much for my growing knowledge base. K I have been told that my name is yiddish and that it means little bird. My grandmother was 102 when she remembered it and she was always the one who was sharp as a tack till the day she passed.

She thought it was spelled Tybel leeba the closest I could come to was Toiba Leeba. do you know any other spelling for bird. thank you Kit

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