Best junior dating freshman boy weird

best junior dating freshman boy weird

Brittney was a junior, and I was a freshman pretending to be a cool fella without a care in the world. My words would tumble into each other whenever she turned around and smiled at me, or when she’d make a joke. I was the 14 year old high school failure at the time It was a good lesson that I took to heart in the later years. It’s better to go for the opportunity than to lose it forever. Thank goodness I learned it so early. 2.9k Views · View Upvoters. Related QuestionsMore Answers Below. I am a freshman boy who likes a junior girl.

best junior dating freshman boy weird

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best junior dating freshman boy weird

best junior dating freshman boy weird - Is It Weird To Date Someone Younger Than Me?

best junior dating freshman boy weird

Answer . well of course its okay, i mean if you really like this girl, you shouldn't care or think what other people think and i know it might be hard but its either take the chance or lose it. And don't worry about people talking, let them talk for hours and hours, they just have nothing better … to do.....

Good luck ;). Answer . Yes, go out with who you want and express your feelings, no matter what your friends think. As long as you two feel comfortable about that, then it's okay. Age shouldn't be an issue as long as you don't break any laws. For some, it might be hard to trust one another since you're in different schools and can't always watch one another. However, if you both believe you're mature and loyal … , go for it!

Middle school kids versus high school kids have very different mentalities. In middle school, kids change boyfriends and girlfriends like they change their Facebook statuses. In high school, kids are feeling more grown up and responsible.

There could be a disconnect with the two people's mentalities, and this could cause problems. This is again where the maturity of the 7th grade boy comes into play. Well it all depends. Is either one of them really slutty of whorish? If so, it might be a horrible idea, but if they just want to give their relationship a try, it's ok. I dated a senior boy, no in peoples eyes that isn't the same, but it worked just fine.

And who gives a crap if other people don't … like it, you only have one life and live it how you want. most girls want guys who are matured. now dont go acting all high and mighty or big and bad. but act cool, strong, dont do stupid things, try to find out what she likes, you can try to be in the same spot that shes at, notice her and let her know that she is being noticed, and dont wait forever to m … ake your move.

most of the time girls wait for the guys to make the first move. Well, hon, I think the only thing you can do is move on. Somebody's lying, and I don't think it's the mother.

Whatever the reason, he doesn't have the courage to be honest with you, and that's the kind of guy you want to stay far away from. You're worth more than that!. Take the time to find somebo … dy that's worth your time, smart enough to carry on a conversation, and brave enough to be honest.

It will be worth it! Well as long as his and her parents are ok with it then it should be ok. No they shouldn't because the senior boy will manipulate the freshmen girl into having sex with him.

And he will try to get any and everything he can out of the girl. Then he will dump the girl because he got what he wants. … Well say what you want, but I like this senior guy and he likes me and we are perfect for each other. We are exactly alike, and I know he would never do anything to hurt me, because he cares about me way to much and would go beat up the person that ever tried to hurt my feelings.

We did start off as best friends though and later on we had a bit of a spark to some people i guess. Soon everyone asked if we were dating and if we liked each other.

So i guess we both thought about it and finally confessed to each other. It's great and all, but we're not going to date, we're just going to admit that we like each other. Which to me is enough, but we still hug and act like we like each other, there's nothing to hide.

Just dating isn't the smartest thing. Although everyone supported it, even my parents. Us, personally just aren't really okay with it. Plus, he will be graduating soon and we don't want to get into that mess. I can not se why not. If your chemistry is right, then go for it. Because girls are mostly more mature than boys at the same age, most girls tend to choose older boys that match their own maturety. I have known girls at age 13 that act a lot more mature than their parents combined, and I h … ave known boys at age 13 being more responsible and sensible than girls age 18+ It is all individual matters.

Girls should not date younger boys just because they want to help being their mother though. If it is truly love, then it will overcome the agegap. The agegap and differences in maturety will become less obvious as time goes on.

Another aspect is what your "friends" will say, think and do, but this only shows what they really are like. If they truly are your friends, they will accept your choises even if they themselves would not think of doing the same. A lot of people do what they are told to do by their friends, but this is often not right.

Girls tend to chat and talk with other girl"friends" about anything and everything and not even think about how their boyfriend react to it because they have allways done so. Most of us males does not enjoy having our sexual life discussed openly (or hidden) with our spechial loved ones girlfriends.

Tends to make us feel extremely inferior and makes us very sad. It is ultimately up to the pair of you. You two should discuss the matters involving the two of you. Friends are nice to have, but a friend is only a friend. As life goes on, you keep your beloved spechial one, but friends may or will change.

Hey, Theres heaps of ways to attract a guy. One of the most common for girls is to dress like skanks go to the parties that he will be at get pissed and by the end of night hook up with him. If he is likemost guys then the best way is to becom frinds with him first then take it slow and see where th … at leads you. After all its betterto be friends than nothing at all. I hope i helped you :) The chance to "attract him" is rather close to zero. While boys don't have a problem with younger girls, they're not the first where they look for partners, so unless you two meet in clubs or other occasions, your chances of "attracting" him are very low.

You'll have to go and talk to him yourself. … Don't be afraid, guys like it when girls come and just talk to them for no apparent reason, younger or not. Be nice, smile, ask him about himself and so on. It really depends. I'm guessing you aren't talking about freshman and seniors in college. So if you're talking about in high school, I would say no. The age difference might not seem like much, but it definitely is. Not only that, but doing anything other then just hanging out could be seen as bein … g illegal.

(Statatory rape.) And you probably don't want him to get in trouble for something that really isn't his entire fault. But if you really have strong feelings for this boy, then people's opinions shouldn't matter. You should listen to your feelings, and do what you think is right. If she doesn't know you, then that will be slightly awkward and weird.

If she was already asked to prom then that would be kinda awkward telling you that And why would you take a senior girl to prom when you're a freshman and she doesn't know you? I think you should just wait 3 more years and th … en go to prom when your a SENIOR with a SENIOR girl

best junior dating freshman boy weird

Whats your opinion on that sort of thing? I don't have one, just wondering on your guys'. Yes there is a reason I'm posting this thread. CruxisXIII Its happened before alot at my school...

sometimes people get talked about for it... but its like whatever i guess. Just remeber when u turn 18 and she is still 16 or whatever... thats like bad lol well i can see why there'd be a poblm i am a junior and i know if i was the parent of a freshman girl who just finished 8th grade i wouldnt want her dating some of the guys in my grade, they would probably try to take advantage of her.

Then again if they are just normal people two years makes no difference and they should go right ahead. I dunno about you guys, but i was under the distinct impression that freshmen girls typically don't date other freshmen, and rarely sophomores. It's always seniors and juniors. HardQuor wow really in my school its so different, sophmore year my friend dated 3 freshman.

There goes that theory. And i am a junior now and i know way more osphmores then freshman who i barely know any. [QUOTE="Big_Bad_Sad"][QUOTE="markop2003"] that's perfectly fine, people at my high school were 13 and going out with 18 year olds ssc0n Now thats wrong One of my friends is like that.

:( Hes a senior, shes a freshman.... EWWWWWW. I look at it not by age, but by Personal Maturity. both Physical and Mental. [QUOTE="ssc0n"][QUOTE="Big_Bad_Sad"][QUOTE="markop2003"] that's perfectly fine, people at my high school were 13 and going out with 18 year olds freshgman Now thats wrong One of my friends is like that. :( Hes a senior, shes a freshman.... EWWWWWW. dating doesnt equal sexOf course not, it just leads to it...

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