Best long distance dating texting rules dating book

best long distance dating texting rules dating book

Cute Good Night Text Messages (SMS) And Rules Of Texting. March 28, 2016 By Kate 5 Comments. Tweet These are the night messages to send if you aren’t officially dating but know who you want to be with. It doesn’t really matter who this person is, just as long as you signal to them you are falling head over heels for them. Think subtle first and you’re on the right track Do Send Texts Long Distance – Long distance relationships are hard and it’s truly powerful the sort of immediate connection a text can create even when you’re a zillion miles apart. This is in- the-moment messaging that doesn’t have to cost you, not like long distance calling anyway. Do Text Goodnight And Good Morning – A great way to start off your day is by receiving a quick text from your love interest.

best long distance dating texting rules dating book

1. Trust each other You're probably reading this, and thinking to yourself, duh. That's an obvious one for any relationship. But for a long distance relationship to work, trust has to be a huge priority. Jealousy is going to play a role in any relationship. You need to both know, with certainty, that neither of you is going to do anything you wouldn't want your significant other to know about.

When you talk to each other, you will tell each other about people in your lives. And you need to know that just because one of you is spending time with someone that you could be attracted to that it is platonic and will not undermine your relationship. I wish I had some good tips for building trust. It is difficult to do when you are not near each other.

That's why it's a really hard one for long distance. You have to speak with both actions and words, and speak with sincerity. The best advice that I can give is that you need to tell each other that you trust each other. Telling someone you trust them encourages them to live up to that trust, and to trust you as well. If you are suspicious of every action they do, they will start hiding things from you. It's easy to hide stuff if you want to when you don't live near each other.

That's why you need to make a point to be open about what you do and about your trust for each other. 2. Have something to look forward to Whether it's an upcoming visit, a phone call, a letter, or a Skype date, it is important to have something to look forward to.

Something that you can count the days to each other until it happens. When you don't know the next time you are going to see each other, it is easy to feel down. So make something to look forward to. Nothing feels as good as seeing the days in a countdown get lower. This will keep positivity in your relationship and make being away from each other seem like it lasts less time.

3. Talk about your life, even if it seems meaningless We tell each other most of what is going on in our lives. Even the small stuff. When you think about it, it is often the small stuff that keeps a relationship going. Of course I will tell Lars if something bigger happens in my life, like getting a good grade on an assignment, but I also tell him lots and lots of little stuff, like the corny joke my professor says during class.

Keeping a connection to each other's lives is really difficult in a long distance relationship. That's why you should tell each other seemingly meaningless things, things that mean a lot to the person who can't see you when they want to. I love hearing about anything he's doing, whether it's deciding how to best exclude pomegranate seeds from a smoothie, or planning out his future career directions.

The small stuff counts. 4. Send pictures This is one of my favorite things that we do. Luckily, we have technology to help us through our long distance relationship. I like to send Lars pictures on days that I am feeling particularly cute, or sometimes to illustrate what I'm doing. This helps us feel like we are participating more in each other's lives. Or if we miss each other a lot, we can ask each other to send pictures to picture ourselves being together.

We send each other pictures a lot. Lars at his desk at work. Me with a pile of books. Laying on your pillow at night. Trying on clothes. The first successful omelette I ever made (mine always turn into scrambled eggs). The title picture from this post is from pictures we have sent to each other. This is a great way to include each other in daily life without actually being together.

5. Make contact, even if only for a few minutes You don't get to see each other often, so you have to make up for it. Lars works two jobs and is a busy guy. My schedule is more flexible, so we usually try to find time on his breaks. He calls me on his walk to work, or his lunch break. I use him as an excuse for study breaks. We have longer Skype sessions on the weekends when we are both free. Take advantage of the little time you have (especially if you're in different time zones!!).

The first time around, when I was still in Chicago and Lars was in Florida, he spent about a month working the night shift. It was really hard for us to find time to talk. That's why regular contact in little bits is so great.

6. Skype dates. Like, actual dates. This might seem silly, but it is actually wonderful. It is great to video chat with each other no matter what, but I love when we set little dates. It's our way of having dates even though we aren't together. Some examples: • Watch a movie at the same time. You can talk to each other and see each other's reactions. • Cook a meal at the same time while you talk to each other.

• Get ready together in the morning. • Play a game together. We actually set times for these skype dates and plan ahead. Sometimes they are spontaneous, but it is another one of those things that you can have to look forward to.

One of my favorites was when we both made popcorn and watched Harry Potter together. And ended up falling asleep with the video chat still going. (check out our post on to see where you can make an amazing custom monopoly board to use on Skype dates!) 7.

Express when you're having a hard time It's no secret that long distance relationships are hard. And some times are harder than others. Don't try to keep this inside, thinking it will worry the other person.

You're in this relationship together. Talk about when it's difficult for you. Explain why. Keeping contact at these times is critical. It will help you build your confidence in trust in each other, and it will help you figure out how to get through the most difficult times. Together. 8. Make a point to visit each other, and budget your travel Obviously this one will be different for everyone depending on how far apart you are and how much money you can spend. But we make a point to see each other.

Our goal is to see each other once a month, alternating who visits. This is easily justifiable for us. Just think about how much you would be spending on dates and such when you live near each other, and budget that much for travel.

Once a month visits don't seem so expensive compared to weekly dates. And each of us pays for our own travel, but we help each other out too. Sometimes it makes sense to take turns visiting each other, but sometimes it makes sense for one person to travel more often as well. In our situation, I'm away at school, but Lars is in Chicago near my family.

So when I visit him, I am also visiting home. So it makes sense for me to visit him more often than he visits me because I would be visiting my family anyways. 9. Support each other Another "duh" one.

But because you aren't together, you have to be especially clear about supporting each other. You can't give each other hugs to celebrate accomplishments.

You have to use your words. So tell each other what makes you proud of them. Tell each other congratulations for accomplishments, even if they're small (see rule 3). Don't get mad if one of you doesn't text back for hours because you were working, tell them how proud you are for their dedication. Support and trust go hand in hand, and you need to work especially hard at both for long distance relationships. 10. Always say goodnight One of my favorite things that we do is always say goodnight to each other.

Usually through text, sometimes on the phone or on a video call. It is a wonderful way to include each other in your routine. I can't go to bed without telling him goodnight (or putting on my eye cover). It's also a great opportunity to send a sweet message for the one who goes to bed first to read when they wake up. There is nothing like waking up with a smile. Having each other as part of your daily routine will make you feel closer. And knowing that you will get a goodnight text is one of the little things to look forward to.

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best long distance dating texting rules dating book

best long distance dating texting rules dating book - The Long Distance Dating Blueprint

best long distance dating texting rules dating book

The old “ding-donging watch – By Note: This article is an excerpt from the “” and it’s about 1 out of the 3 mistakes that we tend to make in our long distance relationships and end up sabotaging its success. Being Too Predictable What is Predictability? When I first hear the word predictability, the first thing that comes to mind is that old style watch that makes the “ding-dong” sound every 60 minutes.

(Did you just picture the watch?…Good!) So, predictability is nothing else but doing the same actions, saying the same words, talking about the same subjects, sending the same style text messages and overall, being the same good old you – over and over…and over again, just like that old style watch that “ding-dongs” every 60 minutes.

When being in a long distance relationship, getting stuck in the “predictability trap” is very easy. It actually comes naturally to for us humans to create routines and follow them all the time, because it’s easier for us, it’s comforting, and it doesn’t require too much effort. Why is it a deadly mistake? The problem with predictability in a relationship is that – it’s predictable!

And if it’s predictable then there’s a big probability that it’s boring, and if it’s boring – then IT’S NOT FUN! Now, long distance relationships are by definition “ boring relationships”. All you can do is to “communicate”; no touching, no kissing, no cuddling, no (real)sex…all you can do is communicate.

And if your “communication” it’s also predictable, then boy, you’re doomed to die in pain….Just kidding. 😉 But if seriously, if your communication with your partner is very predictable, following a specific set of routines like: talking on Skype every evening at around 9 o’clock for around 2 hours, and sending a text message of “good morning” every morning at around 11; then you’re not far from that “ding-dinging” clock that you pictured before.

A long distance relationships needs fun and excitement to stay alive (well besides many other things that are outside ) and you need to make sure that the fun and excitement does not miss. If you want your girlfriend to be excited about talking to you over and over again for hours in a row, and never think about dating other guys; you need to give her good, positive emotions so that she has something to look forward to. You see, if you know anything about attracting women, then you must know that predictability is one of the biggest killers of attraction.

Imagine… Imagine that you were a girl and you were dating this great but very predictable guy. You’d follow the same routines every day, and when you’d try to imagine how your relationship is going to look like in 2 weeks, or in 2 months, or in 2 years;… what you see is the same “what did you do today” conversations, at the same time, the same text messages etc.

Now or in 2 months, it’s all the same… Now let me ask this: “When you know that; are you excited about this relationship?” I’d like to think that you’re answer was NO; otherwise it means that you’re in trouble. Now, you’re still a girl, and you have a long distance relationship with this very cool, creative and a bit crazy guy. He’s got a spirit of adventure and he’s fun to be around, because you never know what’s coming next.

Now, when you try to imagine you relationship two months ahead, you realize that you don’t really know what to expect. The only thing you know is that you want to be at his side, and find out what’s gonna happen. So, women are these creatures that are always looking for a bigger portion of fun. As one friend of mine used to say “women are seduced by shiny things”, they look for someone who is going to rescue them from their usually boring lives.

And if you are not that guy who can bring a smile on their face by doing something crazy with no reason, just out of the blue; Or if you are not someone who can get them surprised over and over again; And if you’re not that guy that makes them think…”hmmm, soo, what’s next?”…Then I can assure you that your long distance relationship won’t last long enough for you to get to the point where you move in together.

How to avoid predictability? Being fun, creative and unpredictable is not that complicated either, it’s just a matter of being in the moment and looking for ways to do things that you normally do in a slightly different way.

What I want you to do right now is to take 2 minutes and think about your long distance relationship. Think about all the stuff that you do in the same way – every single day. For example it could be that: you talk at the same time every day, or you send her a text message every day around the same time, or you start your conversations on Skype or phone with the same line “hey baby, what are you doing?”, or you talk about the same subjects over and over again etc.

You might also consider making a list with all these routines that you’re following every day. The great thing about writing things down is that they become more real and are not just some random thoughts in your head that come and go.

So, you have them in from of you, and you’re ready for the next step, which is to start a little brainstorming about what can you change, what can you do differently, what you can include, what can you exclude etc. Don’t take this too seriously, it has to be fun, and don’t worry if you can’t come up with a lot of new ideas.

The point here is to get your mind thinking about new ways of doing the usual things. I hope you already did this simple, yet powerful exercise. If not, then do it right now: 1) Take 2 minutes (not more) to think about your LDR daily routines.

2) Make a little list with all the routines that you identified. 3) Take another 15 minutes to brainstorm a bit about what you could do differently…and write those ideas down!

Simple, isn’t it? So do it right now! ……………………… ….Aaand, we’re back! Next time when you’re about to call your girlfriend, write her a text or have a Skype talk etc.…go back to your list and get yourself inspired. A few personal examples of being unpredictable Now, because you’ve already done the exercise, and because I am proud of you for doing that; I am gonna give you below a list of some of my ideas that I came up with, a long time ago when I realized that things need to be spiced up a little.

So, you want to: • Send her text messages at different hours of the day (not every day at around noun, or every morning when you wake up) • Write different types of texts: love texts, funny texts, updates about your activities, sexy texts, etc. Here are in order to avoid predictability and . • Call her in the middle of the night and tell her to go wash her teeth, wash her face or even better – to go pie. • Take your laptop or Smartphone and have a Skype conversation in a cool place other than your usual room.

• Vary your clothes, groom yourself and dress nicely… (Read: avoid always appearing in your pajamas and with your unclean hair in front of the camera when you talk to her on Skype.) • Talk about other subjects that the ones you normally do. • Write her an email, rather than a text message, and then send her a text to check her email. • Start a conversation on Skype with you being naked in front of the camera.

(I gave you this example just to show you how crazy you can be) • Have DATES. Me and my girlfriend we have online dates: Monday – Movie night, Friday – We cook something and eat together.

• Etc. The idea here is to add some more variety in your relationship. Otherwise, the 11 o’clock love message, the 7 o clock Skype conversation, and the good night text message…and just like that for a few months – will get your girl bored to death. It does not mean she won’t love you anymore, I am sure she will. However she might think about finding “the fun” in someplace other than her relationship with you. And that “someplace other” could be in a relationship with another, more unpredictable guy.

Last thing… Next time when you’re about to go on with one of your LDR routines, remember the old style “ding-dinging” watch, and ask yourself “Do I want to be like that watch or do I want to be a more creative and fun person?” Good luck! BUT, that’s not the only mistake you may be making, there 2 other very harmful mistakes that I’d love you to be aware of and learn to avoid, and I talk about them in my free eBook CLICK ON THE COVER FOR MORE INFO ON THE BOOK.

Or get it right now for free directly on your email: With Love & Respect, Besski Livius

best long distance dating texting rules dating book

Forget what your naysayer buddies or relatives have told you: Long-distance relationships can work. In fact, there’s a growing stack of research that shows couples who are geographically distant may be just as strong as those that live close to each other.

Consider the findings of one recent study from the University of Utah: Couples in long-distance situations reported similar—or in some cases even greater—levels of relationship and sexual satisfaction than traditional pairs. How is that possible? “Being apart from your partner forces you to work on areas of relationship maintenance that geographically close couples may take for granted,” explains study coauthor Karen Blair, Ph.D.

Long-distance daters are forced to pratice good techniques—like having meaningful conversations and discussing sexual matters—in order to stay intimate, Blair says. But if you live near—or with—your partner, that proximity makes you more likely to neglect the habits that keep you emotionally close, she adds.

The big takeaway is that any relationship requires effort, Blair says. And if you want your long-distance love to last, research provides a blueprint for success. 1. Set aside 15 minutes a day—every single day—to talk to your partner about the heavy stuff, suggests research from Cornell University.

That includes your life goals for the coming weeks or months, your family, your job—the big factors that shape your success or happiness. Even if you aren’t in a long-distance relationship, this tactic can help you feel closer to your partner, the study authors say. 2. Flawed technology is your ally. Whether you use Skype or FaceTime, the annoying connection problems or delays that interrupt the flow of your conversation force you to pay more attention to her facial expressions and tone of voice, finds a study from Ohio State University.

And your increased focus helps you both communicate more effectively, the researchers explain. They suggest Skype activities like cooking or tandem movie watching to keep things fresh.

3. Add some spice—but not in the kitchen. We mean phone sex, erotic letters or videos, and sexually suggestive pics. Sex is an important part of any relationship, explains Greg Guldner, M.D., author of Long Distance Relationships: The Complete Guide. And engaging in some digital foreplay and fornication helps maintain the physical bond severed by geographic challenges, Dr. Guldner adds. 4. Have a real rendezvous, at least once in a while. The more time you spend apart, the more likely you are to build up an idealized, near-perfect image of your far-away partner.

And because she’ll never be able to live up to that standard, you’ll end up feeling let down—and more likely to break up—when you do finally unite, shows more research from Ohio State. Try to arrange a visit at least once a month—especially if you two have never actually spent time living in the same place, the study suggests.

5. Think long term. Whether you’re apart for a month or several years, you both have to be certain that you’ll eventually end up in the same place, Blair explains. “One of the biggest predictors of a successful long-distance relationship is the level of certainty individuals felt about their relationship's future,” she says. Get on the same page about getting together down the road, and you’ll improve your odds of making it, her research shows.

6. Adjust your attitude. The most fruitful bicoastal relationships are ones in which both partners fully believe their situation can work out, Blair says. When couples doubt the validity of their arrangement, their success plummets, she adds. Embrace your unconventional partnership. Yes, you can make it work.

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