Best more dating games on roblox

best more dating games on roblox

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best more dating games on roblox

Roblox is quickly overtaking free games market with its unique combination of social network, video games platform, and MMO-like place for different communities where you can find people to chat, hand out, and play games together. And if you're up for some fun on Roblox you can get overwhelmed with the sheer number of games available the moment you visit the site or open the app.

There literally are thousands of different virtual experiences to choose from and many of those aren't really of the highest quality. But if you check out our list of best games played on Roblox in 2018 you will find a healthy number of cool titles you can play in weeks and months to come.

Mining Simulator If you like playing games similar to Steamworld Dig and Super Motherload then you have to check out Mining Simulator available on Roblox. The game isn't much of a looker but it is loads of fun. You start with zero bucks and just with basic equipment in the form of rusty pickaxe and ultra-small backpack which can be filled in half a minute. But once you visit the local quest giver, finish a couple of quests and start digging precious materials things become quite interesting.

Soon, you'll earn enough money to buy better equipment allowing you to carry more ore and mine higher quality resources while getting better and better paying quests. In a couple of hours, you will have backpack large enough to keep you in mine for dozens of minutes and mining tool capable of picking through almost anything. And then the real fun starts. Special quest givers have missions that ask for specific, hard to mine materials, power-ups that give you better rewards but ask for a sacrifice (like Rebirth) become available and with those special worlds can be accessed.

The game features plenty of in-app purchases that give all sorts of bonuses but because it is basically a single player experience you can enjoy it without spending a dime. And special, private mines feature allows players to play the game in private servers with their friends.

The never-ending nature of Mining Simulator combined with the game's excellent quest and reward mechanics will make you hooked for days on end. Ultimate Driving Series Ultimate Driving is one of the most ambitious games available on Roblox and it is comprised out of four games each offering a huge open world with the complex road network and lots of different towns.

While they sound like simple racing games Ultimate Driving games are so much more than that. The games could be described as life simulators where you can drive around the games' huge map, partake in one of half a dozen jobs, earn money, buy properties and new cars and simply live a virtual life in this MMO-like experiences filled with cool stuff to do.

Once you decide which game to play and enter it simply pick one of the few free cars and then try making some money. After you create some dollars try landing a job and then, if you have enough money for a job-specific vehicle you can become a mailman, bus driver, trucker, and more!

There are races to partake in which can be created by players and you can purchase season pass in order to play as the police of firefighter service. Each Ultimate Driving game offers hundreds of hours of fun, it's like playing those GTA roleplay servers except these games can be played by anyone because they are completely free. Each map is huge and we must say that cars feature pretty advanced driving physics, especially if we consider Roblox games usually are pretty simplistic.

If you're looking for a cool MMO game on Roblox, check out one of Ultimate Driving titles. Welcome to Bloxburg Another life simulator but this one features entry fee of 25 Robux so skip this one if you just want to play free games.

But if you're ready to pay the fee Welcome To Bloxburg can be a fantastic experience for everyone who wants to visit a cool-looking open world map filled with stuff to do. For starters get a job, and then slowly earn money.

After a while, you will be able to get some of the cool items but we recommend that first thing you get is a new house. Just get your hands on an empty lot and start building a house of your dreams!

And building is always better with friends so call some buddies and let them help you in erecting your dream house. Welcome to Bloxburg does feature other stuff to do, aside from working and building. You can hand out with friends on beaches or in the city; or maybe you want to talk while hiking around nearby mountains? The possibilities are endless in this game.

There's also the option to roleplay, to simply explore the huge map, or to try buying every single item available for purchase. Sure, the game asks for a couple of Robux to play it but the fee is cheap and for the price (which is around $2.5) the game offers tons of stuff to do.

The map is huge and varied and it looks like a city from the Sims just many times larger. The game looks beautiful by Roblux standards and it offers an advanced life simulator experience that is even better and more complex than the one offered in Ultimate Driving games.

Work at a Pizza Place Roblox is known for its huge amount of different roleplaying games that don't include combat but are instead more in the vein of Second Life and GTA's roleplaying servers. And one of the best new titles that allow you to roleplay and have some fun while doing it is called Work at a Pizza Place. Its name says it all; yep, this one's allows its players to work at a pizza parlor and fill out one of the jobs available there.

You can play as cashier, pizza chef, delivery dude, Pizza boxer (the one who puts pizzas in boxes), and supplier. Each job has a detailed tutorial so you'll be able to learn everything about the game in just a couple of minutes. Once you pick your job you can work for a while and the great thing is that there's an option to switch roles at any time, meaning you can jump from one job to another every minute or so. Different jobs cater to different people so chances are you will find a couple of favorites and then switch between them.

Each job gives you regular paychecks and the money earned can be spent on getting a better house (each player receives a free basic house as soon as they start playing the game) or equipping your house with cool furniture.

The best thing is that the restaurant depends on all workers to run it properly. Chefs have to fulfill orders cashiers receive from customers, boxers receive orders from houses and delivery people then have to get pizzas to right addresses. And suppliers are responsible for the restaurant having enough ingredients to create pizzas. Work at a Pizza Place is a relatively new Roblox game so it features a pretty small world map and houses still have a relatively poor choice of furniture and other items you can buy but the game is pretty fun and it is a great way to spend a couple of hours each day playing it.

Phantom Forces Phantom Forces is by many the best first-person shooter on Roblox and the game holds the accolade for a reason. It features advances weapon ballistics not found in other Roblox shooters (and, to be honest, not found in many shooter games available on PC and consoles), many different maps, found different game modes, huge number of players, excellent graphics for a Roblox game, and active community and developer team that keep the game updated, are quick to squash bugs, and give the game constant stream of new content.

If you are looking for a competitive multiplayer shooter on Roblox look no more because you simply cannot find a better shooting experience than Phantom Forces. Each weapon behaves in a unique way and you will spend hours upon hours until you find your favorites.

Each map is built in a way that it forces upon players to be on the constant move because sitting in one spot (or camping) for too long will make you dead pretty fast, and each map is fun to play. Four game modes include classic Team Deathmatch, King of The Hill, Domination Mode, and Kill Confirmed where players have to collect dog tags of people they killed if they want for their kills to count.

We love playing Phantom Forces and, for a free game available on Roblox, it offers amazing depth, excellent gunplay, loads of maps, and superb visuals. Parkour Okay, the name says it all. This game is all about traversing a pretty large urban map made out of sky-high buildings while trying to stay alive, pick up orbs shattered all across the map and trying to complete all of the courses, similar to those we saw in Mirrors Edge 2.

The game features leveling system and you can level up by collecting orbs or finishing courses. There are loads of different runs scattered through the city and the challenged is not only beating them but also reaching them because you have to reach the start line in order to try beating one. And this is the main feature of Parkour and its best part - the fact that the map is completely open leaving the player to find out different routes that lead to hard to reach places, new orbs, and harder runs.

You will spend most of the time running across roofs and discovering new routes. This combination of complete openness of the game map, loads of different runs to beat, and constant learning is the reason why Parkour is one of the best Roblox games you can play at the moment. Epic Minigames Epic Minigames surely is one of the most entertaining games available on Roblox Platform.

The game features loads of different minigames that put you in awesomely huge number of different situations in which you, or your team, have to come out as a winner. The game is cool because it offers loads of different competitive multiplayer scenarios and their number is huge so you won't be bored with this one for months! Games are pretty varied and they offer different kinds of challenges. In one you have to collect more marbles than the opposing team before time runs out; other game places a crystal in random places across the map and the first player to get their hands on the crystal wins.

One game asks to stop water leakages from pipes and the player who ends with the least amount of leaked water wins. One team-based game asks for teams to chop down forest made out of more than a dozen trees first.

Epic Minigames is cool because games found on it ask for different skills. Some ask for cooperation between players, other value quick reflexes, there are games where smart strategy is most important, and there are some where you just have to be in the right place at the right time. There's no need for spending real money and, as we said, the number of games is huge guaranteeing lots of fun each time you play. The game features a simple leveling system and each win grant you in-game currency that can be spent on getting different cosmetic items.

Overall, Epic Minigames is simple but oh so fun game that is often overlooked when talking about best Roblox games. Everyone should try it, especially those who want to make new friends and who like competitive multiplayer games. Mega Fun Obby Mega Fun Obby is a huge obstacle course and you can play this one for hundreds of hours.

The game features one immensely big map with over 1500 levels filled with different obstacles. Quick reflexes and right jump sequences are most important feats for this game because one wrong step and you will fall down and find yourself at the start of the current course. The game saves your progress after you beat each level so you can exit it without worrying that your progress won't be saved.

As you advance through the game obstacles become trickier and trickier and levels harder but that's cool because the game is extremely fun to play. Other players are also there along with you so you will be able to chat with them, asking them how to beat a specific level and they can also tell you about best general tactics used in the game.

Also, the presence of others means you will see people constantly falling through the air which is great because it shows that other people can fail too; you're not the only one who can fail a level ten times in a row. Filled with a stupendously huge number of levels this never-ending obstacle course in the clouds is one of the best experiences we have found on Roblox and it just has to be tried by everyone who looks for a cool pastime that will test their reflexes.

And the best of all is the fact that the creator of the game constantly patches it, removing bugs and adding new levels. So, even if you think you can conquer all of its 1620 (!!) courses you can bet that by the time you finish them all you will have hundreds of new ones to beat. SharkBite SharkBite is a cool mix between survival and multiplayer where players have to survive the huge shark until the timer runs out or until the shark gets killed.

Once the game starts one player is randomly selected to play as a shark while other players are survivors. You get to pick your boat and they all have their strengths are weaknesses. Faster ones have less health, while armored ones are not so good at running away from the predator.

The game takes place on a huge sea map with one central island surrounded by sea and players have to stay inside their boats, they cannot simply run away to the shore to seek refuge. In addition to boats, survivors have one weapon they can use to try killing the shark but the catch is they have to be stationary while shooting giving the shark chance to destroy their boats and to kill them.

Sharks can destroy any boat pretty quickly so the trick is to be constantly on the move and to know where the shark is at all times. And when you play the role of the shark you have to know which boats have the least health and try destroying them first.

Also, you have to attack players who dared to shoot at you because that will either make them stop shooting or will make easy targets out of them in case they continue dropping lead on you. A small but fun game for passing time and an excellent title to play with friends.

Jailbreak We cannot create the list with best Roblox games without mentioning Jailbreak, the most popular Roblox game of all times. This one is a massively popular role-playing game where you can pick to be a cop or a criminal and from then you will either cause havoc or trying to apprehend criminals and make the world of Jailbreak a safer place.

The game features plenty of stuff to do and while its start is a bit slow and the huge number of option can be a bit confusing to new players once you play the game a bit and get to know it, Jailbreak will become your go-to Roblox game.

As a criminal you can try robbing banks, escaping from the prison, or trying to generally make law enforcement after you. And as a cop, you have to catch criminals and make sure they stay inside the prison. Each side gets regular missions they have to beat each day and they reward money used for buying weapons, cars, and other gear.

There's just so much to do in the game you will need dozens of hours to explore all possibilities the game offers. The map is really huge and has lots of locations for both cops and criminals including the main prison area, a couple of police stations and criminal hideouts, different locations that can be robbed, a couple of cities, and other open areas where cops and criminals can chase and try to kill each other.

The game is loads of fun and we have to think just how awesome it would be if developers made it as a standalone multiplayer title, not just a game available on Roblox. And it is a joy to play with friends.

Granny If you played this massively popular smartphone game you will know what to expect. This survival horror is based on the game bearing the same name and it places you inside a creepy mansion with just one goal: escape it before Granny finds you! The game is pretty scary and it offers lots of challenge while you try to escape from the mansion. It is filled with interesting puzzles to solve and it won't bore you quickly.

The constant tension of Granny showing up combined with the ticking of the ten-minute counter makes for an extremely tense atmosphere that will make everyone to just and start screaming once they see the old lady appearing in front of them.

The mansion is huge and filled with lots of rooms and it takes time to get to know its layout making every playthrough an adventure on its own while you try being better than the last time.

A great horror game - possibly the best Roblox horror game - and a title you can return to just to see will you be able to escape the creepy mansion just one more time.

best more dating games on roblox

best more dating games on roblox - Online Dating in Roblox

best more dating games on roblox

The list on the best Copycat games on ROBLOX. It is pretty much a known secret that a lot of games on ROBLOX are inspired by other games. ROBLOX has an engine for building games that people can access through ROBLOX Studio. With that program you can build your own games. It also lends itself to scripting and much more so you can see interesting results on what is build.

There are tycoons (or as some call them incremental games), shooters, strategy games and music games. Check out the rest of the blog to see some examples. I made this list because there are a lot of games inspired by other games, and I wanted to see which ones are the best copycats of other games. For the record, I do not say these games are bad. In fact, they are on this list of the best copycat games because they did a great job at doing so!

But without further ado, lets go check out the best copycat games. With a bit of eye-squinting you too can see what games are supposed to be their counterpart. Number 1. The name itself leaves for not that much imagination. I think we all know what this game is inspired by.

Even the name of the developer-group is ROLVe, VALVE, close enough I guess. The game itself also plays like it. You have the same guns, the same teams and even the same maps. Remember Dust 2? Yes, it is included.

Check below for some screenshots. Oh boy this one is cheating. There are a lot of Pokémon games on ROBLOX. Lets make a list of the most popular Pokémon copycat games. A list in a list. Inception. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. These games are pretty much all the same. A few are in 3d, some are in 2d. The maps can be fairly interesting if you are a fan of the Pokémon games. Some of the games are pretty big and offer a lot of content. They all have the same battle-system. Kill pokémon, level, and defeat gyms.

Check some screenshots below to get an impression. These are taken from Pokémon Brick-Bronze. It has everything a survival game needs. But where Day-Z falls short with glitches, bugs, bad hit-registration and more Day-Z improved on that.

If you get past the blocks and low graphic details it is a very intense shooter suitable to play with friends and have a blast. Open public servers make sure you always find new players to fight against or sniper blast from your little tower you found. This game plays like a well known Gmod game that you can purchase on Steam. When you play this minigame you will be either an innocent, a detective, or a murderer. The murderer has to kill everyone without being caught by the detective.

I recommend you play this game with a few friends over Discord or Skype. It will become hard to keep a poker-face while you kill your friends. Check below for a few screenshots

best more dating games on roblox

1 Phantom Forces It's unbelievable that this game is at 106. Phantom Forces is an engaging first person shooter that requires strategy, caution, and skill.

In my opinion, it is unrivaled by any other first person shooter within Roblox. The only complaint I can think of would be improved lighting. Overall, Phantom Forces proves to be a skilled, outstanding game that deserves to be at the very least in the top 10.

As a phantom forces player, the game has grown immensely with fresh content and tons of choices on attachments and crazy detailed gun models, it is by far the most advanced game on roblox and continues to push boundaries never explored by other developers, with a serious community and a growing player base it deserves number one. I am also exited because school for the devs is finishing and we can now have all the things they have been working on pumped out rapidly, new maps, new guns, new attachments, new mechanics and gameplay!

this game has so much potential but needs more attention and time put into it so, litozinnanon and the rest of the development team if yo are reading this, we are still here and we believe that you guys can help this game get the attention it deserves.

By far the best graphics I have seen, great and realistic gun mechanics, and overall exciting and amazing fast paced first person shooter. They aren't just one of those cheap tycoons or roleplays that spam free models and get to the front page really quickly for some reason.

Phantom Forces is a serious game, and is constantly adding new guns and maps. It may be boring at the beginning, when you keep dying, but if you get good, it becomes really fun. I feel like this deserves to be at least in the top 5, if not first.

If a ROBLOX game has the best graphics you've ever seen, you haven't seen a lot of games. For Roblox though, the graphics are definitely up there. - MKBeast It has a lot of graphics...:V 2 Apocalypse Rising Apocalypse Rising is a strategic post-apocalyptic game where you can do anything from splattering zombies with a tractor, to creating a gigantic army of survivors and an impressive fleet of vehicles to go along with it.

I personally like fixing up jeeps and then sending them out on a convoy in order to find supplies, and kill any other survivors. There are many play styles, like a Survivor, who only shoots if shot at, and who is always on the move to find new supplies and gear.

There might be a few Heroes, who go out of their way to help other players, or Bandits (like me) who go out to kill other players to gain loot for their raiding party. I personally think this should be #1 on this list. Here is a picture of me and my army (with a fleet of vehicles behind us) in Apocalypse Rising: If you don't like this game, I respect your opinion.

I'm not the people who are like, "Shut up! You suck! You're a noob! " Yeah, I respect your opinion, but I'm going to be like, what to you. I only hate that people always turn on me, and keep trying to kill me with weak weapons.

'Apocalypse Rising' a great title for a great game! Post apocalyptic survival games are awesome when coded and designed right, this game is a great example of a successful attempt, also the fact you can meet other survivors and either team or kill them is an awesome concept. The downside is it runs terribly on laptops making them have a disadvantage against other players, try to make it run better and more shall play! This kid in my school told me about the 2nd one and he told me the game graphics were so good until I saw it and boy it was trash 3 Catalog Heaven I think catalog heaven should be number 1 because it is very unique because it lets you try out all the gear without having to beg your parents for money or taking up all that time to earn robux.

It also has a battlefield which changes everyone in a while from the original to the new. Love ya people. This game should be the 1st game that anyone should play. You can make so much friends and you can practice your weapons. If someone hates or dislikes this game than they need more sleep! Also you can test every weapon and see if you like it to kill someone.

So why do I like it?! Well I can hangout with my friends and see who can kill someone first! This game gives me more energy to do it on a different game and win for a weapon fighting game. This game gives me the chance to see which weapon to choose best to kill and plat it on a different game and then I will slay ALL ROBLOX FIGHTING GAME!

This should be #1 because it lets you get free things that you already own. Then you BATTLE. Jackpot. I'm usually so picky when it comes to roblox, but this is no complaining matter. It's awesome and I know it.

EVERYONE knows it. There's only 1 thing wrong about this game: it's TOO good. It's not glitchy, it's not bad. It's better than legendary it is so super-fun. I've been playing this game since 2015 I joined Roblox on 2014 but still when I played this game I think it had nostalgic feel to it you can really say for players who joined 2006 - 2010 you bet they had Deja Vu but still this game offers changing hats,gear and I guess that's it but still I will rate this game Rate:10/10 Nostalgic,Awesome and Creative 4 Theme Park Tycoon 2 Theme Park Tycoon 2 was one of the most difference making games for me.

I have learnt to much from that game for example, Roblox's potential is mind-blowing! This game was inventive, imaginative and awesome to play! Rollercoaster tycoon was a game that came out in the late 90's, and then in 2014 a roblox creator made one of the most addicting and fun game into roblox, and it was amazing It should get that looping rollercoaster thing Well it's a really great game! I agree! 5 Jailbreak I wouldn't particularly say that this is the best game on ROBLOX, but it definitely is the best jail game on ROBLOX.

I think it's the best jail game because, 1. When you escape jail, you can actually do things other than go back to the jail and murder cops (I'm talking about Prison Life). 2. It's a great game for role playing. I've never actually role played on this game, but considering every single time I join the game someone is rope playing, I think it would be great for role playing.

3. There is a gigantic world, the world in Jailbreak is so huge, that it could probably fit more than 20 jails through out the map. Games like Prison Life have a pretty tiny world and is mostly focused on the jail. This not only makes it easy for cops to find you, but it makes less room for you to have a police chase. 4. The game is constantly coming out with updates.

These updates aren't only quick to make, but they are well made. The makers of Jailbreak are very active and make it so that the game ... Jailbreak is a good game, it is better than prison life, you can rob banks after escaping, jewelry stores, and even get guns! Dislike Prison Life you can not do all of that stuff. You can not rob in Prison Life. They might not update anymore. In Jailbreak it is cool you can pickpocket keys from cops. But whats VERY ANNOYING is cops say Free keys!

Then someone pickpockets a cop, then ARRESTS them right away to get free money. Another weird thing is called... CAMPING COPS. Literally, there's a cop camping at a store when you try to rob them arrest you.

Even though a campfire is added already. It's fun and you get to rob banks and jewellery, you can have a immense bank robbery or capturing thugs from the Donut shop. You can steal keys or arrest robbers from a immense car chase. The possibilities are endless. Being a real life robber also awares people how bad things people can do and the honor to chase e'm down to the end.

Jailbreak also gives a chance to be creative and run and chase and do thing children can not do and be more active in their mind, it helps them to them to think faster and make the right decision and go in the right direction.

In Jailbreak you can make friends and can improve your social life skills in making the right decision in whom to make friends with and who to avoid. It can develop one selves social skills and independence. And that is why I like Jailbreak the most, it can spread awareness, it can develop ones selves independence, life skills, social skills and help young ones make the right decision.

It’s awesome 6 Welcome to the Town of Robloxia Laugh out loud this games is epic! It is a super fun game that anyone can play on! You can make friends on it! And I go on it most of the time. I think that it should be the top 10 game everywhere! Lo When I first started to play this game I just got addicted because it was my first game and I liked it because there was burger shops and its was like a Real City!

This game had like 3 or 4k on the time I was on it was famous and EPIC! This game is the best classic game on Roblox! But the owner really needs to fix something... As in people keep hacking it and it is REALLY easy to hack! Its annoying because you are having fun and someone just comes and ruins your day by hacking the game...

LIKE come on! WE WANT TO ENJOY! I played this game at 5 or 6 and I started to get addicted literally addicted, but I haven't played in a few months at least a year, but I've been just checking to find the Christmas Update but then I just look at other games and just keep waiting I haven't checked today or in a few months I might check tomorrow or today. But I just love this game its probably the first game I've played on ROBLOX. This game inspires me! you can RP and make new friends and make a great family, plus you can even have a job and get paid almost twice a day, even though you don't even have to work you still get paid and I hope if you read this Opinion maybe you could take one try on Welcome to the Town of Robloxia!

Thank you! 7 Natural Disaster Survival This game is just so amazing! It lets you see what a disaster would look like without having to be in the middle of one... This game is how I made most of my ROBLOX friends.

I Think This One Is My Favorite in The Top Ten My Personal Favorite is Flood Escape and Natural Disasters is good ya know my favorite combination is surf central and A Tsunami Together Cause it to surf on the wave get it oh by the way why couldn't you share your own opinion When I thought of a game that could be put on the list, I thought of realistic, fun, detail, diversity (laugh out loud some of the games have only one map) and more.

This is the perfect one! So I added this. FUN FUN FUN! 8 Sword Fighting Tournament I like this game because you can donate to people, but the down side is there is bullying on the game and lots of name calling This game is awesome because it's easy and only swords and you can donate practice and you can buy better swords! Welcome to town of robloxia is actually a free modeled copied game, so I choose this one.

Its really good even know its gone of roblox it will remain in my hart 9 Roblox Top Model This game is fun, since you can express yourself. But because I'm a old player (joined in 2011) I am used to to good players, but the community stinks now.

Really stinks. I play it though since it has a lot of fun games now. The judges in this game sometimes only give their friends a 10, which annoys the crap out of me... One time, I got a 0 even though I did exactly what they did, and gave their bratty friend (she was a bio who bragged a ton..) a 10. I like this game still though since I play it with my friends to burn time.

This game is a very good game, you get to be a judge or you get to be a contestant. If you are a judge you have to Judge people the score you wanted to give them for the category.

If your a contestant you have to change your look by stepping on the item you wish to wear. You have to get the item you want to wear for the category chosen and you have a time limit. Anyways, I love this game I wish that the creator will create a Roblox Top Model 2 I like this game because you can express yourself. Even though some people only come because their friends are on it, and they want to just win because of that..

But otherwise, I think it's one of the best games on ROBLOX, I really recommend it. People say it's easy to hack in this game. No it's not. The creator turned on filtering enabled fools. 10 Welcome to Bloxburg! Probably the best town and city game on ROBLOX.

The jobs are all fun, there are a ton of items, and building is easy. Unlike most town and city games, you have needs to keep up with like energy, hunger, hygiene, and fun. It keeps you from working all the time.

You can be the person you want by training your character in cooking, sports, music and more. Everything is so much fun and you can visit your friends! Plus, the instruments you buy can even play famous songs like "When You Wish Upon A Star".

You can buy vehicles, work at almost ten different jobs, and party at the nightclub. Even though it has a 25 R$ fee, it's in beta so it will be free when the full game releases. It's showing real promise, to the point where it can beat MeepCity, Welcome to the Town of Robloxia, and any other Town and City games. I can't think of anything bad! - InkBlade This is clearly the best game in ROBLOX.

For those who've never played BloxBurg, it's a ROBLOX game that resembles the Sims. You work for as long as you want and get you're paycheck. The more you work the more you get promoted which gets you more money per whatever you do. The best job in the game is The Pizza Delivery. You start out with the Default house which you can sell to get more money. You can build you're own house with all the building supplies and decorations. This game has expanded so much and now it seems like real life.

You can buy gamepasses to make the game more enjoyable. You have actual moods. So if you are hungry you have to make food. Or you can get it from the grocery shop.

If anyone needs any pointers, I'm the person to come to. I've been playing this game for 1 year. And it will never change as my #1 favorite game. MAKE THIS NUMBER ONE! It's the only game where you can actually build your house and place items where ever you want. Plus it doesn't require so much wifi like the neighborhood of robloxia. Its really good please make it top 1 The Newcomers ? The Northern Frontier The Northern Frontier is an engaging game based in the 1700s where you fight in control of islands.

There are three main character accounts to choose from Colonist, Hudson Bay Company, Native. I really enjoy this game and would dare say it is in the top tens for roblox being very well made and with beautiful graphics and scenes.

- Kraazer The Contenders 11 Paintball Well its actually fun cause I never been paintball tournament. And also what I like about the game is that you can try to defeat your enemy with out actually killing em Very good game- LOTS of fun playing it.

Best game ever! You have different games like capture the flag and different maps to play on, you level up and get cool weapons like the shotgun! I don't know 12 Pokemon Brickbronze The game's graphics are awesome and it's much better than other pokemon games as it looks and feel like the nintendo pokemon games.

I also like that you can capture pokemon from different generations. Great game This is my favorite roblox game and it is creators put a lot of work into this this should be in top 5 Has the same feel as a normal Pokemon game, however, Pokemon Brick Bronze brings tons of new content into the scene, and can be quite addictive, appealing to both the casual and competitive side of play, and the fact that it's still expanding leaves so much more to the imagination as of what is to come next.

Would be the best if it was not gone 13 Work at a Pizza Place Should be higher than roblox top model, that game is cheap and uses free models - Chemicool I LOVE THIS GAME!

I love the fact that you can play multiple jobs and that you can design your own house I think there should be a new UPDATE:when it turns night I think that it should have a pop up saying would you like to go home or would you like to work over time and it should give you more money for working over time. This is actually a great and a really addicting game to play.

You can choose what job you want and upgrade your house with the money you earn. You can also set yourself a goal to get a certain badge and it's pretty fun to try and accomplish your goal.

You can also be a manager and give other players bonus. You can also ban a player if someone is going against the rules. You can also make friends and interact with other players. In short, Work at a Pizza Place is an amazing, fun, and addicting game.

It's a pretty good game 14 Flood Escape ! Its amazing. I'm level 22.I loved to play this game until Tower Of Hell came along. I still play Flood Escape 2 I just practice in Tower Of Hell. Flood Escape is my FAVORITE! Wow, this is pretty low for a fun game. I used to play this game for hours without taking any breaks, and man was I good. I was on the top 20 leaderboard! That was until I got bored of playing and all of my wins reset... - invinciblemario99 Shame this game and its sequel fell into the hands of a money thirsty lazy developer I love flood escape 15 Miner's Haven I love this game pleas try it I promise you that you will love it because I have played it This game is awesome please vote this Miner's Haven's exotic items are too overpowered, for example, The Supreme Birthday Cake furnace gives you a x70 or x700, its literary overpowered, best furnace for players life 1-250.

But this furnace is too rare for people to get. I got this on the last day of the Third Year event. The only bad thing is that the boxes is too rigged, and the Ancient Temple doesn't work for expensive ores and so does Tesla Refuter. Very good game takes time to get good at but fun 16 The Plaza Beta (Yachts!) I love this game because you can design your normal condo or super condo.

The only bad things are sometimes the games don't have the button to take you back to the plaza and when you leave the condo place it automatically signs you out and when you come back you have to get a new floor and a new room In my opinion, this is the best game ever. For people who like designing houses, this is the perfect game for you. The only thing I actually don't like about this game is there are people who put wall bandages in their houses but that is not the games fault.

This is my favorite game because it has a variety of things to do! (decorate your condo, buy a car/plane/boat etc, buy a pet and more! The one thing I don't like is that its hard to get money! Overall great game One of the most nicest games in ROBLOX, I sometimes play this.

I have the most expensive thing also, and all the stuff you get from the spinner in the arcade. - starryrcad 18 Call of Robloxia 5 - Roblox at War This is the game right here this game is so addicting I never stop and this game is much like the real games this is the game worth trying Such a well done game, spent so many hours in this, and one of the best quality games on roblox, period.

And Phantom Forces is even better! I played it before and it's suer addictive and I'm kinda bad because I have more deaths than I do kills Phantom force is a reboot of call of robloxia and from the creator of phantom forces - SuperGamer03 19 Stop It Slender! Its an alright game but I just think its kind of boring I actually really enjoyed this one, I made some new friends and played for 3 rounds. It is now in my favorites I like this game a lot, but it would be nice if they made some changes to spice it up a little.

Cause after a while, it gets repetitive... Although I dislike KinnisC, this game is decent overall. - InfinateSuperstorm 20 Retail Tycoon I absolutely ADORE this game. It was actually based on another one it clearly surpassed, "Your store tycoon", but it was sadly broken by ROBLOX updates. The best part about this game is you can build your store however you want it! Whatever shape, color, etc. You can even have your own workers, and real customers! No numbers growing for no apparent reason, you can have a low or high amount of customers, which changes your income drastically, which makes this game perfect!

I love its versatility and how when I expand my store, I think how to use that new territory and change my store accordingly, if need be.

Don't play if you get easily addicted because this game is long and EXTREMELY fun! This is my favourite game on roblox because you can make an insane shopping mall or a small, simple store. I just simply love this game. This game in my opinion is the best game on roblox I evan play it on my xbox Does anyone play obstacle paradise 21 Rocitizens This game is so much fun.

It takes a lot of work, but I couldn't improve it if I tried! You earn money by getting one of the MANY jobs, buy a house, get furniture, a car, and make friends!

You can also eat at restaurants and throw parties that you invite your friends to. Not to mention the phone! With all of the cool features, from the car app to the recipe book, the phone is outstanding! Also, I love the texting feature. Great job to all the people who created this game. You did an AWESOME job! It's really very well done! I don't understand why "The Town of Robloxia" is ranked number one. Yes, it is a very good game, but Rocitizens deserves the top spot.

Rocitezens being a better game is due to the amount of gameplay, and customization that "The Town of Robloxia" just doesn't have. In "The Town of Robloxia", you just spawn in a awkward town that is hard to get around on, and from there, all you do is roleplay.

There is no objective, meaning "The Town of Robloxia" is less of a game, but mainly a roleplay town. On the other hand, Rocitizens offers interactive jobs, a lot of furniture, cars and houses, large amounts of character customization, a great map, and a decent amount of puns.

Yes, in both games, you do roleplay, but instead of talking to random people in randomly placed cafes, you can show off your houses, and work up to become a millionaire, instead of gradually getting money for doing nothing. Simply, Rocitizens is a better game, and had more effort put ... It is an insanely complex game for what game it runs on. The idea of working, getting a family (don't quote me on that) and even trading for money just to build up your character whomever it is.

The job variety is huge, ranging f I'm working at a burger joint to robbing stores for a decent income! I love anything to do with economy so this made my number one. It is very fun I like the cars 22 Pilgrim Islands Reborn This used to be a great game but now it's gone only for a short amount though I remember coming back home everyday and working on my castle. The building style is impressive.

I suggest any serious builder to join this game. This game offers specific sizes to be easily created and even angles. Want to move your build away from greifers? Use the vote kick or even move your build using the slide tool! I can play this game for hours you can do lots have things it's super fun RIP 23 The Complex V2.0 I have never played this game but I here its amazing and there is amazing graphics What these are the best graphics?

Maybe in the old days of roblox but now? No - spodermanfan1000 The most best game I have ever played. Best graphics ever seen. When I saw the graphics, I was like ;O (yes I was winking! ) It was so cuul 24 Roblox High School BLEH. This game would be fine if people actually LISTENED TO THE TEACHER or CAME TO SCHOOL. The teachers are bad when the students are actually there and listening.

And I bet 25%-50% of the people there either just hang out/party/decorate (at) their houses. If you wanna decorate your houses, go to The Plaza Beta/RoCitizens! And if you wanna get a drink or bite, go to Sizzle Burger or something! Anything other than this stupid game. - LadyLulu Roblox High School! It is very fun because you get to make friends, hang out, and have your own house! There are also very fun places to go to while at this place like club red, sports fields, stores and all that.

This game deserves to be very well known because of its music and art! I think roblox high school is so fun because you can do lots of fun things as well as pretending to be a student or teacher. You can make friends and have fun! This is most definitely my favourite roblox game and it should be number 1! I like it but the uniforms shouldn't cost robux because that's just uhhh I don't know. And students should start going to the class.

I mean, what type of role playing game would this be if no one is role playing students at school, or a teacher to teach everyone. I'd rather play Robloxian High School than Roblox High School.

25 Life in Paradise People hate when you get placed in a stroller for no reason while trying to role play!

Guests, regular players, hackers, scammers all roam free in this world. The one thing that really annoys me is the fact that hackers and mods can freeze you in place against your own will! The only solution to this is either the green hyper bike or a reset, and I hate both. Please fix the game so More people can play it happily.

I don't like when people put u in strollers and u fall out of the world, it's very annoying. But I like to role play a lot so, I guess it's okay. This game gets a bit boring after a while and I hate it when people put you in strollers and walk you off the edge of the map 5/10 I think some ODer put this on here.

- InfinateSuperstorm 26 Murder Mystery 2 This game is not only unique in its design, but also the concept, even if this game was a lone game, many people would still play it, it also allows trading and crates, which I've learned was on the first to do so, also it's a older game, so it should be in the "Best Games over the age of 3" category.

Just, great all around... This game is definitely the best murder game out there on Roblox. Murder Mystery 2 is one of the best games out there. It should be first. Those new games took its place. That's the problem. But it still should be first. Its awesome 27 The Mad Murderer Me and my friend prefer this game over Murder Mystery 2 because there is one round EVERYONE is murderer.

Also, you always know if you will be murderer next round or not. The points help with that. Please I know this is not higher than murder mystery but it should be close.

the list need to be updated is all This game is better than Murder Mystery 2 because in The Mad Murderer, there is a murderer showdown or something and it is good.

Was good now sucks with, at least, 388 exploiters per servers. - Ice-T 29 The Stalker This game is very fun especially when you start getting abilities and skins it really brings some variety to the game and this has been one of my first games I've played in roblox so I'm giving this my vote.

Great game, especially when you buy VIP. The engineer comes in handy and is normally on one of the servers, making the stalker more of a challenge. Balances the game out. I have played it it's not that scary but it is really fun! I am great at being the combine fighter and the stalker. - RPD6478 Great 31 The Quarry At first you mine and it is slow but later boom super fast!

This game was based off epic mining. One of the first games I ever played, not so popular anymore, but every now and then I play and it's still amazing, definitely a great game! U can mine and get better pick axes to mine better and u get a hand glider and u can get TNT and also get ores worth 13 million!

lit 32 Restaurant Tycoon To me this is one of the best tycoons! It's a mixture of retail with having employees, customers, cleaning, and other sorts of things. Then you have the normal tycoon part of it because you have to make money and upgrade your business in order to maximize your profits. Love this game so much!

I always hated tycoons but this game has really made me interested in so many other tycoons! One of the best games I have ever played My Favourite game of all with hardly any violence! - RealUprising 33 Epic Minigames One of the best ROBLOX minigames-related games on ROBLOX. 10/10, very addicting. The pro servers are also easy as the normal servers, but a bit harder. - starryrcad Do you like minigames? Then this game was created for you, many fun and interactive games, many items to select, and even titles!

I like the mini games because some of them get super hard lol I need to check my grammar. This game should be at the top 10 at least - SuperGamer03 34 Welcome to the Neighborhood of Robloxia This should be further up there, I mean the houses are free and the best, you can be who ever you want:even a horse! It has great detail and it even has weather changes and hurricanes..! This is so cool! I first discovered this after Town of Robloxia shut down, and it's absolutely AMAZING.

You can customise your character, get a car, plus, it doesn't get hacked very often! I remember having to find a server that wasn't being hacked on TOR. I don't have to do that here! 10/10.(also there are barely any ODers) It's a rare chance to find ODers around, mostly just people asking for a kid or something. But yea, it's a really nice game. Hurricanes happen, and weather changes. If a hurricane happened, the whole server panics by the way.

- starryrcad It's so coool 35 Broken Bones 2 This is an opinion on another opinion, by the way. The comment says "Amazing. So Fun. Ethan Gamer played it" my opinion on it is why does it matter that a little kid played it on his youtube channel? Does that somehow affect your opinion on the game?

This game is the best game ever my brother and his friend made this and I think this game should be number 1. Amazing. So fun. Ethan Gamer played it This game is retarted.

37 Treelands I LOVE this game! It's super addicting and the concept it great! The graphics, scripting, building, and community is also amazing! I was a BETA tester on my old account, and I had a really big tree house, but I sadly got hacked and lost everything..I stopped playing, though I have bought the gamepass to see if I really want to get where I was before (It took me like 3 months to get the silver and gold to build a great tree house and get a good car, keep in mind at the time I was playing almost everyday).

It is awesome! I am a beta tester and it is so cool I mean come on! Fun and relaxing, although it's been in beta for a while. Sooko good! 38 The Hunger Games by Ozzypig It's a fun game and exciting because you have to fight people and you do well depending on your luck I also like that gamemakers can make natural disasters happen and there's certain stuff you can't consume.

Only annoying is that you die if you accidentally start to move forward before the game starts. Best game EVER I love it with all my heart it's the best hunger game I came across yet! This should be higher up. A fun classic, what's more to be said? NO IT IS THE WORST EVER IT IS LAGGY ITS BAD AND EVEN MY FRIENDS HATE IT 40 Dead Mist Very good game, in my opinion better than apocalypse rising. I had paid access when the beta came out, and I have watched it evolve since. There's survival mode, arcade mode, and another mode.

Dead Mist is a DayZ style game where you collect items to survive a zombie apocalypse. There are clans and pvp. Its really good Its really scripty lol The best survival game I have EVER played.Apocalypse Rising may be the original,but sometimes,the original isn't always the best.This game is so heartfelt with it's old theme and is one of my favourite games ever! Unfortunately I have fright when playing it,and I am scared I may be killed by someone and lose my stuff,so I don't play it very often.Still it is a good game!

41 Intense Sword Fighting! I like using swords to fight but please make it a tycoon I love it a LOT Dear god, no more tycoons. Just look at Emoji Factory. That got millions of hits in the first day and then went back to being horrible, simply because the game was copyright.

If you want to stay on the top games, please TRY when you make the game. Just look at Phantom Forces and Lumber Tycoon 2. They are very great games, which is why they STAY on the top games.

42 Kohl's Admin House [NBC Version] I love trolling people on it its fun when there's no perms or you and a perm remove the base plate and stop people being admin I like this game because I have perm admin but I don't troll people when I see a person trolling I respawn him all time even if he has perm admin I will still do it until he rage quit and also the game is little bit racist because a person kill a black person that's just racist for real stop with bully admin - Jesusrangelreal I love making servers build instead of trolling because ima perm house 43 Roblox Wheel of Fortune I do agree it should be free, but it is worth it.

The paid access makes it so you play with players who are more experienced. Its an overall fun game I love how it has a narrator. I love this game because it makes you think and tests your knowledge. I love games like that. It is so fun and good for the brain to work things out, it's competitive because you wanna be the first person to win. :( its sad cause they deleted it :C 44 Survive the Disasters I really like how the maps change every 20-30 disasters.

The maps are really well designed. The scripts could be improved, but the disasters are still really fun. A lot of people don't like it because "It doesn't save your points", but I personally like that because it challenges you to get the highest number of points possible.

If it saved your points a lot of people would be overpowered and survive almost every disaster with their gear. 10/10 game. - snocodile This game is great and as long as you have the gravity coil you could very easily beat all the stuff This was the first ROBLOX game I have ever played and I'm glad for that. It's really fun. This game has stayed great for its entire run, and I'm proud that even if a bad youtuber plays it, I can still have fun there - BlueBobYT 45 Super Paper Roblox Great and creative story, unique characters, and fun all around with collecting the cards and adventuring through the world.

It was really fun and the story is very interesting. I like parkour and good adventures, this game has it all! It has a really creative story! Love it! Check this out please. amazing game. 46 Island Royale This game would be perfect because fortnite might be too real for some kids. People that are scared of people jumping out of nowhere and shooting them should play this! This is also a place where you can practice, then test your skills in Fortnite.

The game is based on the game called "Fortnite" a popular game that has been around for years. Many kids and teens like this game because not just because the skins it's the battle passes and guns and items that drop on the floor.

The loot llama is a loot where you can ONLY get items like a pot of shield or a med kit or traps and stuff like that. Well for me I think its kinda the same as island royale and fortnite battle royal and I think its pretty dang cool The perfect substitute for Fortnite!

It's fun, and easy to play. good game 48 Bird Simulator It's a really great and relaxing game. You're simply becoming a bird of your choice, eating & drinking.

It might be boring after a while but it's really fantastic. Great game with great graphics This game is amazing! its like your a real bird flying trough the air! It is awesome! Great game, 49 Flee the Facility Amazing game to be honest, you run from a beat that has a huge hammer and you try to hack all the computers and get out before he catches you. Genre - Horror, (Really fun and really recommend it.) Very fun new underrated game on Roblox def a favorite of mine This game ripped off dead by daylight I loveflee the faclity it's so underrated becuase its taken over by oder games 50 Build a Hideout and Fight Memories so many memories plus famas best gun on there no recoil and you can shoot through walls just some tips but it is also just a awesome old roblox game nostalgia This is a awesome fun game that no girls should be able to play Sucks the trash This game lets you build AND has PVP AND PVE

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