Best my best friend is dating my ex husband

best my best friend is dating my ex husband

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best my best friend is dating my ex husband

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best my best friend is dating my ex husband

best my best friend is dating my ex husband - Why My Ex

best my best friend is dating my ex husband

I dated a close friend once. We saw the world through the same lenses — literally. We were budding photographers, who loved to travel and make photo journals of our adventures together. We told the exact same jokes. We rarely argued. We spent a lot of time mucking around doing absolutely nothing.

A perfect match, one might think. We eased into dating after months of being in the friend zone. It was simple. Until it wasn't. As time went by, a budding realization crept up — that we never, not once, considered each other The One. That we both spent more time looking over our shoulder for the next good thing than ogling each other. That's because we were friends, not partners. He soon met his One, but it would be another handful of years — and a few important relationships later — before I would meet mine.

We were not friends first. We were definitely not best friends. And today, after a decade of marriage, I still don't consider him my best friend.

Best love? Yes. Father of my children? Yes. Partner? Sometimes nemesis? The one I want near me for the rest of my days? Yes, yes, and yes. Best friend? No. When we met, we came together with speed and vigor. There was no easing in. Within a week, we were living together. Within two weeks, engaged. Within a year, married. And we fought — oh, how we fought. An introvert and an extrovert. A musician and a writer. One of us loves to travel.

The other doesn't. We are passionate and complicated, and so very, very different. We don't like many of the same hobbies, books, or TV shows. But we love each other. We share values. And we share space. When I want to talk about friend things, I call a girlfriend. We like the same movies, the same music, the same conversations. We talk about our husbands — like only friends can do. When I want unwavering support and unconditional love, I call my mother, who has known me every second of my life.

When I want to simply live my life, I have my husband. I don't need to call him; he is right there, in the house we share. The conversations we have about how to raise our children are — surprisingly — so much better than any child-raising conversations I have with my friends. Because they are about our children.

When I need to talk about my job, a terrible boss, work overload, I could call my friends — they would relate, of course. But I have to talk to my husband. He's the one who helps me decide if we can afford to change directions. He's the one who can give me a break at home, and who rubs my shoulders to get rid of tense knots and pending migraines.

When I am sick or hurting, he takes care of me. When I need to be challenged, he challenges me. And when I tell him my accomplishments, like, "I got something published!" he responds, with the full and casual confidence of a husband, "Well, yes, of course you did.

Why would you expect anything less?" When our buttons are pushed, we both say things to each other that we would never — in a million years — say to "friends." But we also do plenty of other things that we would not do with "friends." I am grateful that we have fewer boundaries and more space to let loose with each other.

Besides, the work (and arguing) we have to put into finding television shows that we both like makes them all that more exciting to watch, together, snuggled on the couch, fighting over whose turn it is to get snacks. Just as I love my children differently than I love anyone else (they are my babies, not my "friends") so goes the relationship with my husband. I love him as a spouse — not a friend.

With any luck, and a lot of mutual hard work, he will never fade. He will never fizzle. And he will never be my "best friend." He will be my husband.

best my best friend is dating my ex husband

4 shares “What do you care?” would be the first logical question when thinking about this topic. And really, what do I care? It’s not like there was anything between the two of them while we were dating… or was there? Well, yes, the truth is that I have no right to be hurting, but what does the truth have to do with anything? Just because I shouldn’t be feeling something, it doesn’t mean that I’ll stop feeling it.

Yes, he is my EX, and the emotions should be cooling off by now, and they were, but you never know the right equation for how to feel about your ex. No one has studied this important life question yet. Could it be that I’m hurting now because somebody else has something that was mine, or does it hurt me this much because that somebody is so close to me? … …WAS SO CLOSE to me*; excuse my typo.

You know what hurts even more? The fact that my best friend is trying to stay in my life and I just don’t feel like I can handle it. We’re supposed to tell each other everything and advise each other when we’re in doubt. How can she expect such a thing from me? Yes, I’d be her best advisor because she’s dating somebody that I used to date and somebody I know so much, but it feels so wrong. It feels like I’m discovering our deepest secrets, the ones that should be held only between him and me.

It’s like having a third VERY EXPERIENCED person with you in the relationship, just that now I am no longer sure who the third person is. When she starts speaking about their relationship, it’s like she is retelling my story. And it hurts, so f***ing much! I want my story with him to be lived only once by the two of us: ME and HIM. Anybody else is welcome to read it, but for God’s sake, nobody can relive it. It is really shitty to build your happiness on someone else’s misery.

I might even explain ‘why’ to you later. It is so wrong on so many levels, sooo many levels. This was one-too-many experiences in my life. . Or at least I wish I was. But as an intellectual human being, I perceive this as a lesson. And boy, it’s a lesson I’ll remember forever. This is what I’ve learned: • I ‘ve Learned That Trust Shouldn’t Be Given So Easily. How could I have known what the final result would be? Both of them were very close to me, and I never saw this coming.

I believed that they were sent from God to make me happy. Boy, it was quite a shipment and delivery if I may say so. Introducing my boyfriend to my best friend was very stupid. Do you know what was even more stupid? Going out together, you know the three of us. Giving her the chance to get to know him so well, to know his weaknesses, his flaws and his good sides.

You never really know when somebody is watching you and desiring the things you have in life. I should’ve been smarter and more attentive, and not a day passes by that I don’t question myself. How could I trust HER so blindly?

How could I have trusted HIM so blindly? • I’ve Learned That It Is Never, Ever, OK To Date Your Best Friend’s EX. NO, it is not OK to do it, under any circumstances!

What do you hope to gain? What do you hope to get out of it? Well, I can tell you, you can lose much more than you can gain. I’d never do it because during the whole time of the relationship, I’d ask myself, “Does he see her when he looks at me?” I’d ask myself, “How is she feeling?” and “Can I be happy when I know I’ve made my best friend unhappy?” There are 7 billion people in this world, and if we consider that half of them are male, she could’ve chosen between 3.5 billion other guys, but nooo, she had to have someone that was mine.

There is no excuse. That shit “ love just happened and blah blah blah” is ridiculous. It is a tale for small children.

I don’t buy it. • Who To Choose, My Ex or My Best Friend? If the situation was vice versa, I wouldn’t choose him. If I were her, I’d never accept the love that once belonged to my best friend. Just think about it, who was there longer? It was us girls. Who will stay there longer? Well, not the EX of course. At the end, he’s just an EX and for a reason. In the world of fake friendships, one should be happy to find a true friend and a true friend for life.

If the situation was different, I would’ve chosen her. I would’ve never thought of him in such a way, because the moment a guy starts to fancy my best friend, he remains forbidden fruit for me till the end of my life. But not all of us have the same principles in life nor do same lessons teach us the same stuff. At the end, this is what I’m left with: I’m forever left with the question if there was anything between them while the two of us were dating.

Yes, you may say that it all started after our relationship ended, but that’s just crap! The two of them met thanks to me. So, it must be that it started that day when they shook hands in front of me. I’m left with wondering if she is better than me.

Day and night I can’t stop thinking about it. What does she have that I didn’t have? How could he have chosen her since the two of us are so similar? I keep thinking that he liked her even back when the two of us were dating and that he only waited for us to break up out of respect towards me. I am left with the fear that I pushed him into her hands. I kept bringing her to dates with us.

We went to the movies together, on road trips, and she was always hooking up with somebody else. She was fun because she was single and didn’t need to respect anybody but herself (not that she did that a lot).

God, when I rewind the film, even I’d fall for such a girl. I told you that it is really shitty to build your happiness on someone else’s misery. Just know that karma is a bitch who waits on the corner for you to pick her up, and don’t worry, you don’t have to stop and invite her for a ride. She’ll jump right in on her own. Well, when karma hits these two, they will no longer have me. They are now friendless and “exless”. I do wish them only the best from the bottom of my heart, but I was their best, and they lost me.

Why You Never Date your Friend's Ex
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