Best next dating show mtv

best next dating show mtv

NEXT was a dating reality series on MTV. Once in a while it had gay people. Most episodes were boy/girl. It was mostly fake and scripted. Writers told the .

best next dating show mtv

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best next dating show mtv

best next dating show mtv - Tinder Tests Out Looping Video Profile Pictures, Inadvertently Reboots MTV Dating Show 'Next'

best next dating show mtv

Premise: A guy or girl went on three blind dates, but with a potential suitor’s mother. The guy or girl then had to choose someone based only on his or her awkward date with said (usually awkwardly overeager) mother.

Calling card: Because of the true blindness of the premise, amazing moments like tended to happen.

best next dating show mtv

Sadly, many of the episodes are hard to come by these days, unless you're really dedicated to scouring MTV's late-night schedules.

Happily, has done just that, and has been compiling the best contestants' intro shots on her and tribute feed, . Below, a selection of the highlights, and I encourage any/all of the folks below to get in touch and let me know how they're doing these days, please (particularly you, Brad, #11).

Is riding on a bus still traumatic?!? 1. Stache, 21, is afraid of Muppets. Wow, things got serious all of a sudden — but it's OK Shay, God holds a special place in the Kingdom for anyone prepared to make a fool of themselves on national TV. 10. Justin, 18, thinks his eyes have magical powers.

11. Brad, 20, wants to live off his parents until he's 30.

Room Raiders August 11, 2005
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