Best perth dating places to eat west

best perth dating places to eat west

Spent two nights having a staycation in our home city, Perth! If you wanting to come here - these are some places to eat and stay in our little city .

best perth dating places to eat west

Perth has been Australia’s boom town for over a decade, with the mining industry attracting workers from interstate and overseas, and the city completely transforming from a sleepy backwater town to a vibrant metropolis complete with a thriving café and bar culture, world-class festivals, and great mall and boutique shopping.

There’s plenty of fun things to do in this beautiful city, and some of them are hidden gems that even many locals don’t know about! Check out our list of the best things to do in Perth: 1.

Caversham Wildlife Park Source: Caversham Wildlife Park Naturally, if you’ve come all the way to Australia, you’re going to want to see the local wildlife. Most tourists will head straight to Perth Zoo, but for a much more natural, authentic environment, Caversham Wildlife Park is the place to go.

With quieter foot traffic, the animals seem more relaxed and at-home. You can hand-feed the kangaroos, take a photo with a koala, and snuggle up close with a wombat!

Source: Kings Park Botanical Gardens Western Australia is famous for its wildflowers, with over 12,000 species of wildflowers across the state making it the world’s largest collection. Since 60% of these are found nowhere outside of Western Australia, seeing the wildflowers is a truly unique Australian experience not to be missed.

The good news is, you don’t even have to leave inner-city Perth to get a taste of them: the height of the wildflower season in Perth is September, when Kings Park Botanical Gardens burst into bloom.

Depending on where you go in WA, you can enjoy wildflowers for 6 months of the year: the season starts in June in the north of the state, and finishes in the south in November. Source: Cottosloe Beach Named for its stunning sunsets over the Indian Ocean, the Sunset Coast is a 40km stretch of white sandy beaches, widely considered to be the most beautiful beaches in all of Australia. Start at Cottosloe Beach for a morning coffee and some people-watching, and head to Scarborough Beach to enjoy fish and chips for lunch on the beach.

Then, enjoy a stroll at Hillary’s Boat Harbour: you can stop by the aquarium, or catch a ferry to Rottnest Island from here to see WA’s beloved quokkas. Finally, drive up to Australia’s largest marina, Mindarie Marina, stroll around the Mediterranean boardwalks, and enjoy a local beer at the microbrewery. Source: London Court Step into the past at London Court and Trinity Arcade, which are both gorgeous examples of WA architecture within close walking distance of each other.

London Court was built in the 1930s, but styled in a mock-Tudor fashion that seems much older, and Trinity Arcade dates all the way back to the 19th Century! Perth’s inner-buildings are mostly very modern, so these are a sumptuous glance at WA’s past, and the contrast between old and new is striking. Source: Elizabeth Quay Now that we’ve seen some echoes of WA’s past, let’s check out its future: the latest major urban redevelopment, Elizabeth Quay.

Opened in 2015 to much fanfare, Elizabeth Quay is built on the foreshore of the beautiful Swan River, and has a bit of something for everyone, from a great playground for kids, to gourmet restaurants, to farmer’s markets in the summer.

The Quay is architecturally stunning, and well worth a stroll, especially at night when the bridge is lit up with rainbow colours. Elizabeth Quay is also famous as an event and festival space, so it’s worth checking out its website to see what’s on.

Source: Heirisson Island Telling a local that you’re visiting Heirisson Island will often result in a “where?”: despite being smack-dab in the city centre, most people have never heard of this hidden treasure where you can chill out with kangaroos in their natural habitat while surrounded by cityscape. This kangaroo sanctuary is situated on the Swan River, between East Perth and Victoria Park, and its connected to the two foreshores by the Causeway bridge. The roos are very friendly, and the island is lovely as well.

You can even use the public BBQ facilities to have a true-blue Aussie BBQ! Source: Future Music Festival Perth This once-sleepy city now boasts an impressive array of festivals: from hawker food festivals and comedy festivals to Shakespeare festivals, there’s something for everyone, practically every day! is a great resource to find out what’s going on during your stay.

8. Perth Cultural Centre Source: Perth Cultural Centre The Cultural Centre is home to an impressive museum, two art galleries, the State Library, the Blue Room Theatre, an Urban Orchard, and various public artworks. It also plays host to some great pop-up events, craft and farmer’s markets. There’s a fun interactive Play Space for the kids, and a massive TV screen that shows interesting video clips (everything from pop art to arthouse!) The Cultural Centre is conveniently located right next to Perth train station, and runs between Perth and the popular Northbridge shopping/eating district.

Source: PICA Bar The PICA Bar is a bar inside an art gallery. It’s a popular drinking spot with Perth’s hipster crowds, and the atmosphere inside is relaxed and friendly. The bar has an old style vintage charm, and it’s a nice place to stop for a drink and get to know some locals after you’ve had a wander around the Cultural Centre.

10. Try Aussie pub food Source: Steak and Kidney Pie Perth’s pub food is delicious. This is where the locals go to eat when they miss Mum’s home cooking: the options on offer are largely British or Irish in original, and usually affordably priced. You’ll be able to enjoy Aussie favourites such as Yorkshire pudding, steak and kidney pie, fish and chips, and the Italian-American chicken parmigiana, which has become a fast favourite in Australia as well.

Some well-known pubs include the Claremont Hotel, Fibber McGee’s, and Durty Nelly’s. However, there’s plenty of hidden gems in the pub food scene, and it’s hard to find a place that isn’t great! Available tour: 11. University of Western Australia campus tour Source: University of Western Australia Founded in 1911, the University of Western Australia (UWA) is considered to be one of Australia’s most beautiful university campuses, and there’s plenty for visitors to see: immaculate gardens, architecture that runs the gamut from heritage to futuristic, and a student tavern that regularly holds events such as an Oktoberfest.

It also has stunning views of the Swan River, and it’s just across the road from the beautiful Matilda Bay Reserve. UWA’s iconic Winthrop Tower dates back to 1932, and is a very picturesque spot, where former students frequently hold their wedding ceremonies. If you’re lucky, you may even see Macca the Pig roaming around with his band of adorable kindergartners: he lives at the on-site child care centre, and often comes out for a walk. 12. Kings Park Source: View from Kings Park Kings Park is a vast expanse of parkland overlooking Perth city centre.

It’s one of the world’s largest inner-city parks, and boasts a stunning view of the Perth city lights at night-time. There’s a beautiful botanic garden full of WA natives, which includes a lovely water garden and a Place of Reflection.

There’s also a War Memorial and Pioneer Women’s Memorial, and a family area that is popular for picnics. Events take place regularly, including indigenous cultural events, and the Kings Park Festival.

Check out the Kings Park website for the latest information. Source: Fremantle Prison Fremantle Prison is WA’s only World Heritage Listed building. It’s exceptionally intact, and was used as a maximum-security jail for almost 140 years, until it was decommissioned in 1991. The history of the building is fascinating, and guided tours are available. You can even take a night tour, but beware: ghost stories abound, as 44 prisoners were hanged in the gallows here!

There’s also a tour of the labyrinth of tunnels underneath the prison – they’re very eerie, and not for the faint-hearted. 14. Fremantle Markets and E-Shed Markets Source: Fremantle Markets The Fremantle Markets and the E-Shed Markets are within walking distance of each other, and they’re firm favourites with locals and tourists alike: they’re both great places to pick up some quirky Australiana for your friends back home, as well as for a tasty bite to eat at a reasonable price.

Many of the stores sell bespoke, hand-crafted items that aren’t available anywhere else. Both markets are only open from Friday to Sunday, so keep that in mind when planning your Fremantle trip. Source: Nostalgia Box Museum The Nostalgia Box is Australia’s first interactive game console museum, with consoles dating all the way back to the 70s.

You’ll see plenty of familiar games and consoles from childhood, as well as many you haven’t heard of before, making it an exciting crash-course in the history of videogaming and the way that technology has changed over the decades. There’s an interactive gaming area where you can enjoy your favourite games, try something new, and introduce any kids travelling with you to the wonders of Crash Bandicoot and Sonic the Hedgehog.

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best perth dating places to eat west

best perth dating places to eat west - Best Date Places in Perth

best perth dating places to eat west

Central Business District, Northbridge or maybe West Perth? Where to stay in Perth is probably the first question that comes to your mind when you decide to visit the city. While Perth is quite spread out on the sides of the Swan River, it has a few neighbourhoods that are just perfect for sightseeing and exploring the city.

To make it easier for you to decide where to stay in Perth, we have put together this list of the best areas to stay in the city.

Where to stay in Perth: Top 3 areas 1. Central Business District This is the best area to stay in Perth, especially for first time visitors or those who are in the city for just a few days. Staying in the Central Business District, you are close to everything. CBD has the best connections for public , just hop on a to travel around Perth and its suburbs.

The tour buses often leave from particular points in the CBD, so if you are planning to join any group , it is better to stay in this area. This area has a huge amount of – you can visit art galleries, museums and architectural buildings; you can shop at many of the best stores in the city; and dine at amazing restaurants. Most of the city sightseeing can be done on foot. Kings Park, Perth Bell Tower, Barracks Archway, Perth Mint, Burswood Entertainment Complex, Swan River and Perth Cultural Centre – all these places can be easily reached from the CBD.

Murray Street is the place to go for drinks and food, it caters to everyone’s tastes and preferences. Here you can find Murray Street Mall, which is a great place for shopping and entertainment. If you are interested in boutique shops and fancy brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci, head to King Street.

To see the charms of Perth, take a stroll along Riverside Drive and enjoy magnificent views. Here are the hotels we recommend in the CBD: 2. Northbridge Photo credit: / Northbridge is a small multi-ethnic and trendy area located just next to the CBD.

It is famous for its nightlife, containing many of the best clubs and bars in the city. Because so many nationalities live in Northbridge, this area has developed a wide range of ethnic and international cuisine options. Come here for a good meal and a relaxing evening. When considering where to stay in Perth, Northbridge is one of the best options. Best stays in Northbridge: 3. West Perth Photo credit: / This area is a wealthy part of the city with high residential and office buildings.

Among the highlights of things to see – Solidarity Park, the Parliament House and Perth Observatory. Check out Hay Street, Harbour Town and City West complex if you can spare time for a day of great shopping. To enjoy the variety of delicious food and drinks, Hay Street is the best. Take a look at these hotels located in West Perth: Other areas to stay in Perth If you are still unsure where to stay in Perth, here is the brief overview of other areas in Perth that you might want to consider.

South Perth Photo credit: / South Perth is another good area to stay in Perth. Here, you can you can find the Perth Zoo, plenty of restaurants, and the best night view of Perth, while still just a short ferry ride away from the CBD.

Finding available parking is less of an issue in South Perth, and it can often be free at your hotel. Check out best hotels in South Perth: These two areas are located on the opposite sides of the Swan River. In Burswood, you can find public golf courses, entertainment complexes, casinos, picturesque gardens, and fabulous accommodation options. East Perth is more of a residential area with parkland, galleries, many places to eat and drink. It is great for a bike ride or a stroll along the Swan River.

Both areas can get you to the CBD and all the sightseeing places quickly. Check out these amazing hotels in Burswood: Subiaco Next to West Perth, there is an area called Subiaco. A stylish and cosmopolitan district that is full of designer’s shops, beauty salons, boutiques, galleries, bars and pubs, restaurants and coffee havens.

The most attractive area here is around Rokeby Road and Hay Street. On the Rokeby Road, you can find a farmers market and can pick up fresh local produce. Best accommodation options in Subiaco: Fremantle Photo credit: / Fremantle is definitely the place to learn about history and culture of the region.

Named “Freo” by locals, this port town has a special bohemian vibe with lots of unusual cafes, restaurants, bars, live music scene, workshops and handmade souvenir places.

If this is not your first time in Perth, why not to stay in Fremantle for awhile? Here are the recommended hotels in Fremantle: Conclusion Perth city offers a fascinating mix of cosmopolitan perks and nature’s beauty.

There are plenty of options when choosing where to stay in Perth. But to explore it all, it is best to choose the Central Business District, especially if you are a first time visitor. Other good options to consider are Northbridge and West Perth. Share your opinion right below in the comments section. All efforts have been made to verify the accuracy of this information. Due to the ever-changing nature of tourist information, some information on this website may be out of date.

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best perth dating places to eat west

Sun-drenched and laidback, Perth is simply a joy to be in. However, the West Australian capital does have tourist attractions, such as the Colonial-era mint, important in the country’s gold industry. East is the WACA, a must-see for cricket fans, and the city is also mad for Aussie Rules football. The city centre has the historic Government House and Supreme Court, both dwarfed by the ultra-modern skyscrapers a few streets behind.

The best skyline view is from leafy King’s Park, near the War Memorial overlooking the Swan River below, named after its black swans. Across the river in Perth Zoo are more native animals including koalas, crocodiles and free-hopping kangaroos. Boats to the zoo leave from the Barrack Street jetty by a sail-shaped bell tower. Other day trips from Perth include Rottnest Island and Fremantle, down the river in the opposite direction from Perth Airport.

The apartments, B&Bs and hotels in Perth are spread all over this fantastic city, interspersed with restaurants serving specialities such as western rock lobster and chilli mussels. There is also a wealth of bars, many playing the indie music that the city is known for. Local brews from the Swan Brewery and wines from the Swan Valley vineyards round off the evening. Comfortable trip from airport in hybrid taxi, informative driver, saw improvements around motorways oohed and arhed over beautiful Optus stadium, new causeway bridge, then from hotel walked to new waterfront Elizabeth Park area, one word ‘great’.

Never had time for anything further, great walk to and from Hotel, quiet environment for me to sleep before leaving at 0500 next day The location of our Hotel and the public transport system allowed us to move around Perth easily . There was lots to see and we could have allowed more time. Our accommodation at the Goodearth Hotel was all that we required and good value.

The meal and the atmosphere at the Grovener Hotel was great. We enjoyed the walks around Kings Park, the Zoo and the Ferry Rides on the River. The weather was perfect. I actually live in Perth and love it. My family and friends often rent accomodation or book hotels so that we can enjoy time together relax ,sightseeing and have a few drinks without the stress of having to get home .

Their is so many great places in Perth and if you stay in different locations you get the full benefit of whatever area you are in . Perth is one of the friendliest cities, from a people point of view, that I have been too! I arrived mid afternoon and ventured out of the Mercure Hotel, after a complaint about how shabby my room was (got upgraded, but still can do a lot better, Mercure!). I headed to Elizabeth Quay and went to the Lucky Shag Bar, which is right on the water with a great atmosphere, DJ and a proper buzz for a good time.

Within two beers, I was joined at my table, as the place was packed and little space with a lovely couple who told me loads about Perth and where to go, what to see, etc. The day after I did some city shopping, after that Rottness Island (stunning), then Fremantle (Little Creatures Brewery is a must) and then to Kings Park/Botanic Gardens (amazing views over the city scape and remembrance gardens).

All are great things to do and easily arranged. A walk to Barracks Square and the Bell Tower was only 8 minutes away. The shopping malls are close by. So many food halls and variety of different restaurants all within a few minutes walk of the hotel. The Casino was only a quick train ride, about 4 stations.

We went to watch Perth Glory play soccer only a fifteen minute walk from the city. Northbridge a10 minute walk from the city. Various Asian restaurants and other eating places. Hotel there $10 - $15 meals. Good food, good prices.

Enjoyable stay.

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