Best phoenix date ideas

best phoenix date ideas

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best phoenix date ideas

Dating in Phoenix can be... difficult. There are a lot of fish in the sea -- or rather, cacti in the desert -- to sort through. It’s even more difficult when the summer weather hits and everyone refuses to do anything remotely fun outside for fear of melting.

So when you find yourself on your next Tinder/Hinge/Bumble/blind-date encounter, stop going to the same restaurant and movie theater (seriously, please). We’ve put together the best things to do in Phoenix no matter what kind of date you’re on -- just put Moviepass away for tonight.

Various locations Learn something new about coffee with an expert-led "cupping" (that's fancy coffee speak for "tasting") session at . Taking place at various Press Coffee locations weekly on Saturday mornings, these hands-on cupping sessions provide java lovers a chance to sample four distinct coffees while learning about the journey from seed to cup.

It's just $10 to register. North Phoenix Packed full of 6,600 instruments from 200 countries and territories across the world, the is home to instruments played by music icons like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, John Lennon, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Admission to the museum is $20 for adults, and it's worth scanning their before you snag one.

Discover a peaceful paradise at the Japanese garden Downtown Phoenix Explore the downtown oasis that is Ro Ho En, otherwise known as Phoenix's . The walkable pathways wind through a lush green landscape peppered with plants native to Japan, koi-filled ponds, and cultural sculptures. Keep in mind that the garden is intended to be a space of harmony. It's $7 admission, and there's a to follow for a reason, but it's also totally worth the quiet. Sample cuisine from a James Beard-nominated chef Various locations Impress your date with a dinner reservation and taste the creativity of some of the most highly-regarded chefs in the Southwest at places like and .

Reservations at some of may not be cheap and they may not be the go-to first date option, but they will be worth it. Phoenix The is the largest art museum in the Southwest, making it the perfect place to impress a date with even a smattering of art history trivia.

The exhibitions are stunning too, with current runs of art tackling topics like border control, American regionalism, and one piece called "." The latter is a light show you just have to see to believe.

After, browse the artisan ice cream flavors at . Learn how beer is made at Four Peaks Tempe Go on a behind-the-scenes brewery tour with your date at to see firsthand how the beer you will be drinking later is made.

Brewery tours at the flagship location happen each Saturday for free and offer you the opportunity to sample Four Peaks' award-winning brews. Win some cash during bingo night Fort McDowell If you’re a little nervous for your date, ease the tension with a few drinks, a little friendly competition, and the chance to win a lot of money.

Once a month hosts midnight bingo, which is the perfect place for people watching. When you’re done, take your winnings to the slots to test your luck. Sip wine in Old Town Scottsdale Old Town Scottsdale Our state is home to dozens of vineyards. And lucky for you, has an outpost right here in Scottsdale. You will probably learn a lot about your date over a few glasses of wine, so visit the tasting room for flights and small bites to really get to know the person you’re dating.

Explore Sedona If your date is willing to take a day trip to escape the heat, spend a few hours driving up to Sedona, and bring your bathing suits to take advantage of the swimming holes. Skip the long lines at Slide Rock and head to instead. You’ll pay $8 to park your car and spend all day jumping off hidden cliffs into warm water.

The best part? There are three trails to take easy hikes on which make for great picnic spots. Have a cocktail and hang with a cockatoo Downtown Chandler is a like no other in Arizona.

Besides the incredible views of downtown Chandler, the outdoor garden is home to over 50 tropical rescue birds. So while you grab your date one of their 40 craft beers on tap, they’ll have someone to talk to... but their name might be Polly. Zip-line through the trees at Flagstaff Extreme Flagstaff It’s common to venture north during the summer in Arizona.

The temperature drops at least 10 degrees, and there’s actually nature to help shade you from the sun. At , they created a massive adventure and zip line course amid tall Ponderosa pine trees that are perfect for a day of active fun -- and a great workout, too.

Experience the ultimate trust fall Scottsdale When you're ready to give your budding relationship the ultimate trust test, go for an exhilarating trapeze session at . Located at The Phoenician, it provides classes where you and your date will learn the timing and the technique -- like a backflip dismount -- of all things trapeze.

Dine in the desert Various locations Grab two seats at the long table with and dine in the desert among cacti and a gang of friendly folk who appreciate good food and the great outdoors. Diners can expect a multi-course meal and drinks prepared by a guest chef. The dinners are pricey, but there's no other experience like it. Go horseback riding along the lower Salt River Mesa Embrace your inner cowboy and romantic side and traverse cactus-dotted desert trails on horseback with your date.

The experienced wranglers at provide guided tours and a quick “how-to” before you saddle up. It's not cheap, but at $49/hour, it won't break your wallets either. Have a drink at Arizona's only ice bar Scottsdale Pull on a pair of faux fur coats and make your way into Scottsdale's ice bar, . This Scottsdale drinkery features an ice-carved bar, ice-clad walls, and we can only assume the drinks are cold, too.

Hopefully your date will warm up to you, but play it cool with the ice puns just to be on the safe side. Kayak your way around Lake Kiwanis Tempe Delight in a leisurely paddle around Lake Kiwanis with your date in a double . Somewhat of a hidden gem, Kiwanis Park is comprised of 125 acres of parkland and is located smack-dab in the heart of Tempe. You can probably spend hours here, so plan accordingly and bring a picnic. Catch a magical Arizona sunset from a hot air balloon Various Locations What is more romantic than a hot air balloon ride at sunset, after all?

Sweep your date literally off their feet with a trip through the sky on . The ballooning outfit even provides a full dinner and glass of sparkling to enjoy after the airborne journey. Learn to cook like a culinary pro Downtown Phoenix For the foodies among us, Michelin-starred chef Alex Stratta offers cooking demonstrations at the first Saturday of each month.

Couples can learn how to transform regular home-cooked meals into restaurant-quality dishes through a hands-on demo. Upon arrival you and your date will receive a welcome beverage, and once you're done cooking, you’ll get to enjoy what you've made, of course.

Swim with dolphins (literally) Scottsdale Yes, you and your date can get in the water and swim around with dolphins at . It's not feasible for a first date by any stretch, but this is a terrific way for you and your date to say hello to one of the smartest creatures on the planet with a handshake or kiss from the pool deck. During this unforgettable experience, couples can find out what it is like to be a dolphin trainer for a day while learning about sea life and ocean conservation.

Hit up a boozy book club Phoenix For the bookish types, there's nothing more invigorating than poring over your latest read together. 's monthly boozy book club is a great place to do that.

Each month, there’s a new book and a guided discussion that follows. And you can’t go wrong with happy hour deals plus a discount on the book you'll be reading from Changing Hands bookstore. Desert Botanical Garden The are great for seeing all kinds of Phoenician plant life, and during the warmer months the park opens up their five trails at night to explore blooming plants and wildlife in the dark.

It’s BYOF (bring your own flashlight), but you’ll see beautiful flowers you never could have imagined that could pop out of cacti in the nighttime, so it’s totally worth the extra stop at CVS on your way. Watch the sunset from the top of South Mountain -- without the hike South Mountain Park You’ll probably want to avoid all forms of outdoor hiking in the summer, unless you like heatstroke or getting up at 4am.

Luckily, offers some of the best views of the city at sunset that you can drive to. The best bet is driving up to Dobbins Lookout around dusk to catch the sunset, and you’ll probably also spot planes coming and going from Sky Harbor, too.

Just make sure you have the perfect playlist for the ride up. Cheer on the Diamondbacks Downtown Phoenix There's no reason you shouldn't catch at least one Diamondbacks game this season. The tickets run cheap, the stadium is air conditioned, and you can take the light rail downtown to avoid expensive parking costs. You’ll really want to spend all of your money on the beer and food anyways.

Save room for the asada dog for lunch, and then the churro dog for dessert. Tee off your night at Topgolf Scottsdale Even if you or your date has never swung a golf club before, is a fun game for everyone, especially when fueled by alcohol. Reserve a bay on a Friday night, but get to the venue early to grab a drink at the bar and play some foosball before your time slot. For $45 an hour, you’ll want to spend at least two there because it’s a blast trying to hit the targets, and also hilarious to watch when a newbie doesn’t know how to aim.

Explore Africa (in Arizona) Camp Verde If you’ve ever wanted to hang out with lions, tigers, and bears, now’s your chance. is a little over an hour outside of Phoenix, but the close-up experience you have with these huge creatures is worth the drive. But if you’re really trying to impress your date, splurge on the Expedition Passport, which is $53 for adults, to see all of the shows and to get the chance to feed a tiger.

best phoenix date ideas

best phoenix date ideas - 214 Phoenix,�AZ Date Ideas

best phoenix date ideas

Scoring a “yes” to that often time nerve-racking question, “would you like to go out sometime?” is a relief! That is until you realize it’s time to plan the perfect unique date agenda. Of course the goal is to make it memorable, exciting and an experience open to conversation. The best dates are those that allow you to get to know one another while having the luxury of distraction to keep the conversation moving along. Nothing is worse than sitting across the table from a complete stranger, chewing your food awkwardly and trying to force conversation.

Lucky for us singles out here, Phoenix has a few unique date spots to offer: Tempe Town Lake – If you’d like to test the waters on the cheap, simply taking a walk around the lake in the evening can be quite romantic. If you’re ready to jump in, the City of Tempe offers a moonlight kayaking class for all levels and for only $30 each. There is also an onsite boat rental company that offers electric boats, paddleboats, kayaks, hydro bikes and even paddleboards.

Check out and Phoenix Zoo – Some of the best dates are the ones that make you feel like a kid again. Popping by the zoo for a day-date or even an early evening start is not only a pretty cute idea; it’s likely to please everybody. There’s no need to make an arduous trip out of it. Simply make it an opportunity to get to know your date, find out their favorite animals and chat it up on the way to see those exhibits.

Learn Together – Cooking classes are a great setting for those first couple dates. They can be quite fun and offer a lot of insight into your dates personality without having to drill them with questions.

Can they cook or want to learn? Are they having fun with it or are you dealing with an OCD perfectionist? It’s also a good way to open up conversation to discover what are your dates likes and dislikes. Plus you can usually combine the date and dinner in one! There are a few different places you can find classes but two great ones are and .

There are plenty of more great ideas around the valley just waiting to be discovered. What are your unique ideas to intrigue your date and show that you’re different from the rest?

best phoenix date ideas

Ready for a little single fun in the sun? Then we’ve got the guide to for you! 1) The City is the capital of Arizona, and it is the second largest U.S. western city, after . It is called the Valley of the Sun, or just the “Valley,” and the residents are called Phoenicians. This dynamic, ever-growing town gets its name from the mythical bird that rose from the ashes. And, hot it is in Phoenix, although the low desert humidity helps.

While tourists flock to town during the winter months, the locals just generally take it easy in the summer or seek cooler climes in the North. Phoenix is an exceptionally inviting town in which to date, whether you are a local or you are a visitor. 2) Working You will find many opportunities to meet interesting date possibilities in the workplace. Forty-four percent of the population is aged 18–44, so it is a youngish city; and the ratio of female/male is about even (100f/103m).

Phoenix has a high Hispanic population (34 percent), so being bilingual is a huge advantage for job seekers. Government, education, tourism, and technology lead the way in employment, but there are also seven Fortune 1000 companies in town.

3) Getting Around Phoenicians enjoy the use of Valley Metro, which has buses and rideshare. But, they are really looking forward to the projected, highly anticipated Metro Rail, scheduled to open in December 2008. Many residents prefer using their cars and can easily scoot to their destinations via interstates. Also, the city is laid out in rather straight and long blocks, so finding your way around is easy.

Residents, not unlike their L.A. neighbors, seem to enjoy showing off their ”ride.” So be prepared to cruise in style. 4) More Fun for the Bucks Not only is dating relatively cheap for a city of this size, but there are many things that are entertaining and free. Unless it is an extremely hot day, you will see many people engaged in . So, lovers, make sure that you get that tan and are seen outside working your body.

5) The Look Because of Phoenix’s Hispanic tradition, as well as its Native American influence, Phoenicians have cultivated a certain je ne sais quoi look that is all their own. In the summer, unique stone/mineral jewelry and slightly toned-down, relaxed bright colors can be seen everywhere. Yet, in the winter months especially, one can see the influence of the cowboy or Southwest persuasion.

Almost anything goes in attire in this laid-back metropolis. 6) Outside Fun There are many popular outdoor activities that you and your date can enjoy. To cool off and then picnic, go to South Mountain Park, the world’s largest municipal park.

Take a dip in the great pool, then take out your and cheese and lull away the afternoon, or stay ‘til the sun goes down. You might entertain the thought of a guided tour with the Arizona River Runners and see the Verde, Upper Salt, and Gila rivers by motor vehicle or on a boat. This is a fun way to see the desert. Or take a ride out to the following mountains and hike around: Camelback and Sunnyslope (S mountain), both named for their shapes. Or if you are in the mood for some real physical exercise, try the Westworld Xtreme Pursuit Paintball club, located in a large air-conditioned building, with great lighting and professional guidance.

7) Sports If you and your date prefer watching sports rather than playing them, Phoenix has what you are looking for. Besides college events, you can always watch professional sports.

Phoenix is home to the Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Suns, Coyotes, and six other teams. The area also has exciting thoroughbred and greyhound racing. You can wine and dine on the cheap in the clubhouse and maybe make some money on betting the ponies and dogs.

8) Cultural and Educational Activities Take each other by the hand and learn some things of interest together. • Go to the Arizona Science Center and see futuristic architecture.

Try the interactive All About Me and the Fab Lab. • Visit the Pueblo Grande Museum and Cultural Park. This is Phoenix’s only natural historic site, with the first irrigation system. It also has Hohokam adobes and ruins.

• Spend a day at Copper Square. This has what the two of you are looking for. It entails one full square mile, including the Phoenix Museum of History and the Museo Chicano, as well as nightclubbing at Alice Cooperstown and Networks and special events at the Civic Plaza or Symphony Hall.

• See St. Mary’s Basilica, made famous by Pope John Paul’s visit in 1987. Enjoy the beautiful stained-glass windows and carillon tower. • Not so educational, but a date pleaser: Stuffing Bear Factory. Guys, buy her a teddy bear; you will score many points. 9) Restaurants and Bars There are so many good places to dine, drink, or have fun that it is difficult to know where to go.

But you can’t go wrong with the following: • Phoenix City Grille, in a shopping center, but nice ambiance, American menu, with Southwestern nuances. Modest cost. • Cibo Urban Pizzaria, excellent food and ambiance, middle-of-the road price. • Donovan’s of Phoenix, rated best ambiance, value, and steak and wine selection in town. • Barcelona Restaurant, for a Spanish flavor and décor. Somewhat pricey. • Nothing is more romantic than a fondue dinner.

Dip and delight at The Melting Pot. • Four Peaks Brewing, rated as one of the city’s best. Good selection of brews. • Go to happy hour at Sapporo; you won’t believe the drink deals and atmosphere. • For terrific cocktails and live music, dream about your mutual future at Martini Ranch. • For fantastic, cheap healthy food, check out Pita Jungle. The portions are enormous, so the two of you can probably split a dish.

With locations in , Tempe, Phoenix and Scottsdale, there’s always a Pita Jungle nearby! 10) Entertainment • You and your sweetie want some laughs together? Take in a fun-filled evening at the Rascals Comedy Club.

Also, modest-priced food and drinks. • Dance the whole night through: The Axis-Radius Club has two large dance floors and good service. So, there you have it. Good luck with fun and romance in happening Phoenix. What are your top tips for dating in Phoenix? Learn more about now!

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