Best rich dollaz dating monieces

best rich dollaz dating monieces

Moniece Slaughter Exposed her Ex-Boyfriend Rich Dollaz dirty intention: He was only Dating her for Fame? Moniece Slaughter was with her ex-boyfriend Rich Dollaz for some period of time before she exposed the dirty intentions of the man. The controversy which claimed that Rich Dollaz used Moniece to gain fame has attracted a lot of attention and is being talked by many people around the world. Perhaps, Moniece’s birthdays haven’t gone very well since the upsetting relationship with Rich Dollaz According to the recent reports, Moniece Slaughter and Rich Dollaz do not seem to be having very good opinions about each other after the controversial breakup. Anyway, from Moniece’s behaviors, it seems she is not very much bothered about the breakup. In fact, she is more relieved.

best rich dollaz dating monieces

After hinting at wedding bells just a little over a month ago, Moniece recently revealed on Instagram that she and Richie D are no longer together.

“Best of luck to @richdollaz and his new boo @_miyanation,” Slaughter wrote in a caption of a photo of Rich and his new girlfriend on Instagram over the weekend. She has since deleted the image, but not before screenshotted it. Check it out: Though Moniece and Rich appear to be happy and in love so far this season on LHHH, their relationship has been on the rocks since last month when they seemingly broke up at the beginning of September.

“I just watched the man I’m in love with walk away from me….and words can’t explain this feeling,” she shared on Twitter. I just watched the man I'm in love with walk away from me….and words can't explain this feeling — Moniece Slaughter (@KalisWorld) She later followed up with a confusing (now-deleted) Instagram message: “My heart is beyond broken. It aches so deeply. To know that I’ve evoked positive change in you, yet I unknowingly evoked such pain and rage has rocked me to my core. When I thought I couldn’t love anyone else, when I convinced myself that I didn’t want marriage and a family, I found you.

You made me feel like a queen. Little did I know then, me trying to convince myself that I would never want those things was me simply trying to guard my heart because I never felt worthy. And then came you.

We planned forever together. And today bended knee turned into the most painful day I’ve ever experienced. I do…til death do us part I do! It’s not about the cameras, it’s about us, and I do! I just want this day back, that moment and I need it to go the way you planned, the way I dreamed it would. No tears, no pain, love, smiles, kisses, hugs and happiness! #myheart #ido #momod @richiedollaz.” A few weeks later, Moniece revealed in an other now-deleted IG message she and Rich (real name: Richard Trowers) were engaged and working on starting a family together: “From here on out….

all you skank heauxs need to address me as Mrs. Trowers. Don’t be mad at me cuz in less than a year a n*gga put a ring on it, loved me down in front of the world, claimed me, and been working on a baby. And after 2+ years w/yo man you ain’t seen sh*t but some spa money, a handbag, a few selfies for the gram, and a couple of fancy dinners!

#yallbitchesain’tsh*tiswear.” But obviously things didn’t work out for the two because here we are just a little over a month later, and Moniece and Rich are clearly not together anymore. How this will affect their storyline on the show remains to be seen — Rich had a sit-down with Moniece’s mother on this week’s episode and was #TeamMoniece, and next week’s episode shows him still on Moniece’s side — but it looks like we’ll have to just have to continue watching to see what goes down.

best rich dollaz dating monieces

best rich dollaz dating monieces - Rich Dollaz 2018: dating, net worth, tattoos, smoking & body facts

best rich dollaz dating monieces

About Born Richard Trowers, he created the management company Dollaz Unlimited in 2009 and was the acting CEO. The company represents musicians, models, media personalities, actors, and authors.

Before Fame He began his career as an intern at Bad Boy Records where he helped build the careers of artists such as and . Trivia He appeared on the VH1 series . Family Life He began a relationship with TV personality Jade Watson. He previously dated in 2015. He has a daughter named Ashley. Associated With He also helped build the career of rapper .

best rich dollaz dating monieces

“You are the love God promised me” Moniece Slaughter Confirms Rich Dollaz Dating Rumor Although it seemed as though she and her baby’s father were rekindling an old flame, is confirming that she’s moved on. The “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star who has a baby with Lil Fizz, recently confirmed that she’s not only dating but madly IN LOVE with “Love & Hip Hop NY” star Rich Dollaz.

Obviously insanely happy with Rich, Moniece has been tweeting nonstop about finally finding the “love God promised” her… and even called Erica Mena’s ex her “daddy.” Oh word??? Hit the flip to see what else Moniece had to say about Rich Dollaz. TheShadeRoom/Instagram

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