Best role playing dating games android 2015

best role playing dating games android 2015

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best role playing dating games android 2015

Our lives are be surrounded by technology and each and every day, new things come out on the market, that are meant to out-date current technology. Although some updates fail to be considered as actual updates, the competition is still harsh. Since 2014 is almost over, we have decided to offer you a list of some of the best Android games that you can enjoy in 2015 as well. This top has everything from puzzles, strategy and adventure games to racing and shooting games.

Find out 20 of the best games for Android to play in 2015! 1. Into The Dead – Free This is one of the best free Android games in the endless runner type of games. The world has been overtaken by zombies and you have to find your way out. Interesting, huh? Check out the download link . 2. Batman Arkham Origins – Free Another great game when it comes to best android games, for action game lovers.

Become Batman and save the city, for free. Download this app from . 3. Baldur’s Gate – $8.99 Definitely one of the best android tablet games, as it is optimized for both smartphone and tablet. Even though it is not a free game, it is a must-play game for any RPG enthusiast.

Download the App from . 4. Despicable Me – Free Despicable Me – the game is an adaption of the popular movie with the same name.

It is one of the best games for Android and it’s suitable for both adults and kids. The App is available . 5. World of goo – $5 Although World of Goo might seem a bit peculiar at the beginning, it turns out to be one of the best game apps for android for any casual gamer. This game works best on tablets or big smartphones.

Download World of Goo from . 6. Plague Inc. – Free A very popular strategy game in which you are a disease and have to sicken everyone in the world. Check out for download. 7. Clash of Clans – Free One of the best android strategy games, which also has multiplayer.

Download link available . 8. Total War Battles: Shogun – $2 Yet another contender at the title of best android strategy games, Total War battles is a great mix of war, puzzles and gaming. Download the game by following this . 9.

Lionheart tactics -Free Being a great tactical role playing game with amazing graphics, Lionheart Tactics is definitely one of the best free games for Android users. Click to download this game. 10. Going Nuts! – Free Another app for endless running game fans. Go Nuts! As you try to get the squirrel up in the tree, go nuts for the game you can find . 11. Re-Volt 2 – Free Complete missions, win races and have loads of fun with Re-Volt 2, a 3D racing game.

Download link available . 12. Real Racing 3 – Free With stunning graphics and a meticulous car designs, Real Racing 3 is definitely a step up when it comes to the best free games for Android race-game lovers. Click to download the game. 13. Plants vs Zombies 2 – Free The sequel of one of the best games on Android and PC, Plants vs Zombies 2 mixes action with strategy and adventure and can be quite addictive.

Find the game . 14. Call of Duty – Free If you enjoyed the shooting game Call of Duty on your PC, then you will be delighted to find out that this game is also available as an Android App. What’s even better is the fact that it’s free so it will probably become the best Android game ever.

Follow to download the game. 15. Candy Crush Soda Saga – Free The younger sibling of the already known and popular game Candy Crush Saga. Although many people cannot decide whether they hate or actually love the game, one thing is for sure: these games cause addiction! Download the game from . 16. Temple Run 2 – Free New graphics and environments and more achievements than the original Temple Run.

You must try this endless running game out and the fastest way to get to it is through ! 17. 4 Pic 1 word – Free Try to find out what word do 4 pictures have in common from !

18. Angry Birds -Free You can never go wrong with the classic and in terms of best game apps for android, Angry Birds is considered to be one of the classics. Check it out . 19. Kids Doodle – Color and Draw – Free As the name suggests, this is a great game for kids to doodle on your device, not using real pencils. However, adults are allowed to doodle as well every once in a while.

Doodle your world starting today, ! 20. FIFA 15 Ultimate Team – Free The ultimate Android version of the popular PC soccer game, FIFA. Become a football pro, at least on your mobile device by following. Hopefully, this top helped you find out about some of the best android games FREE.or paid for. This top was put together with information provided by Android Apps users and Google Play store.

best role playing dating games android 2015

best role playing dating games android 2015 - Best role

best role playing dating games android 2015

best role playing dating games android 2015

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