Best sleeping dogs date amanda

best sleeping dogs date amanda

Author of the Video: JayShockblast • Download and Play • Sleeping Dogs - Date with Amanda at Victoria Point (Emma Stone) • Video Games Online.

best sleeping dogs date amanda

Sleeping Dogs - Date with Amanda at Victoria Point (Emma Stone)

best sleeping dogs date amanda

best sleeping dogs date amanda - location of 2nd date with Amanda?

best sleeping dogs date amanda

Amanda Cartwright CHARACTER Amanda Cartwright Appearance(s): Full name: Amanda Cartwright Also known as: Amy Status: Alive Gender: Female Date of birth: 1990 Home: United States Nationality: American Main affiliation: Vehicle(s): Voiced by: So, uh, was this like, uh... a date? Amanda Cartwright Amanda "Amy" Cartwright is a character in . She is a potential that can date. Biography Background Amanda is an American citizen with aspirations to become a writer and photographer.

After finishing her term at college, she began traveling for experiences and inspirations for writing on her blog and journalistic pursuits. During which, she went to on a tourist visa and applied to several English Language Schools. Amanda also entered a series of relationships with several men during her stay in Hong Kong.

Events of Sleeping Dogs While in visiting several points of interest in her guidebook, Amanda turned to , asking if he could speak English and for directions. Wei offered to drive Amanda around town, which she accepted, giving her a brief tour of some landmarks.

Upon reaching the martial arts academy, Wei encountered his old teacher - , who assumed Amanda to be Wei's fiancee. Both Wei and Amanda refuted the claims, and briefly studied and practiced kung fu at the school. Amanda gave Wei her phone number and told him to call her. The two went on a date at the Magistrate Park. However, the park was closed at the time but Wei bribed the guard at the gate. Amanda roamed through the park with Wei taking pictures of her for her blog.

The date concluded with Amanda and Wei flirting with other, leading to a brief sexual encounter. As a result of her repeated contact with Wei, a police surveillance team followed Amanda for two weeks.

It was later revealed in the that her teaching experience on job applications was either false or greatly exaggerated. She was also seen flirting with or romantically interested in other Chinese men, making a relationship, with Wei, unlikely. Quotes • "Uh, excuse me-- Do you speak English?" Amanda to Wei when she first meets him. • "Words to live by." Amanda after listening to Wei's advice. • "I need to get home, but I will definitely call you later".

• The following quotes are heard if Wei collides with another vehicle during the 'Amanda' mission: • "Could you drive a little less like you're trying to kill us?!

Please?" • "Oh my God! I thought I was gonna die back there!" • "Wei, you're scaring me!" • "Look out!"

best sleeping dogs date amanda

Dating In Sleeping Dogs, dating comes in the form of missions, some girlfriends appear after the date, but after the missions are complete, all of their bonuses are unlocked and they cannot be dated again.

Wei explains this to in , saying that having a girlfriend wouldn't be a good idea with his current lifestyle. Cheating/Breaking Up Should the player date Not Ping, whose phone number is only available after dating Tiffany Kim, two optional side missions will be unlocked. The first side mission is started in front of your in by doing a favor for . • • Upon completion of the side story Tiffany will break up with Wei. Not Ping will call Wei soon after and "break up" with Wei as well.

It is not possible to break up with Amanda, Sandra or Ilyana. Trivia • After finishing your date and the screen pans out as Wei is "getting lucky," there is sexual innuendo on billboards or signs that depict what the two are doing.

• Wei only goes out on one date with each of the girlfriends. • Sandra is the only girlfriend with one outfit. • Not Ping makes an appearance in the DLC. • After breaking up with Tiffany she is no longer an essential character and can be killed.

• Tiffany is the only girlfriend who can be killed.

Tiffany's Song - Sleeping Dogs Dating Mission #4
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