Best son dating mom wedding dance youtube

best son dating mom wedding dance youtube

Best Mother & Son Wedding Dance. Mom kills the Watch Me Whip & Nae Nae Dance. #Cabello2K15. 0 04:34. Best Mother & Son Wedding Dance. Mom kills the Watch Me Whip & Nae Nae Dance Our wedding dances!!! (epic mother son rolex dance). 0 06:15. Our wedding dances!!! (epic mother son rolex dance). by : Cole&Sav on : 22.07.2017. 11,474,27411.5 M+.

best son dating mom wedding dance youtube

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best son dating mom wedding dance youtube

best son dating mom wedding dance youtube - Mom and Son Wedding Dance

best son dating mom wedding dance youtube

Now that we've all got access to cheap video equipment and fast Internet connections, it seems every moment in our lives is poised to be the next viral video hit.

Weddings are no different, and some people really go above and beyond to make a fun memory for themselves, and the entire internet, to enjoy. This adorable (and bouncy!) couple forced their wedding guests to learn the dance moves to three separate songs.

Sure, that sounds kind of high maintenance for the guests... but still. The results are this cute and funny flash mob to Kesha's "Timber" that will make you smile AND do a little chair boogy. This video was destined because it combines the wedding dance genre with moves, music and inspiration from the hit viral video , one of the most viewed videos on YouTube of all time. The result is a fun and fast romp through wedding dance history, starting with Elvis and Chubby Checker and ending with Jay-Z.

For the first minute or so of the video, newly married couple Norm and Renee slowly dance together to Jack Johnson's "Better Together." Thanks to their totally vanilla first minute, when 1987 hit single "The Way You Make Me Feel" comes on, the entire room erupts into cheers.

Then, when the couple (and especially the shockingly good Norm) pull off some complicated dance steps, they keep the room cheering up until the very end. The characters from The Office proceed down the aisle to Chris Brown's song "Forever" and, for a bit, the choreography is more or less the same as in the original video (#2 on this list).

Unfortunately, at around 1:30 into the video, Dwight accidentally kicks a woman in the face. Which, if this video was real, would be terrible. Thankfully it's just a scene from a TV show, so we can laugh instead!

best son dating mom wedding dance youtube

The surprise wedding dance, once a novelty, is now a hallmark of the fun-loving and sillier brand of newlywed. This is apparent from the number of YouTube videos that contain couples dancing to the first two minutes of, say, "My Girl" by the Temptations and suddenly breaking out into Chris Brown, the Gorillaz, or that "Jump on it, jump on it" song.

Do you know how many surprise wedding dances — some viral, most not — are on YouTube? About 1 million grillion of them. And I just watched them all, just for you. You're welcome. 10. Groomsmen dance to "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction. I'll be honest, choosing between this one and was tough. But in the end, the above video seems more about the couple, whereas the other video is pretty much all about the bride.

Also, according to YouTube, the bride in this video is a doctor when she is not being a bride. SO, she wins. 5. Groomsmen dance to "Single Ladies" in almost full Sasha Fierce garb. However, that ending really kills it, not to mention that professional-looking Irish folk dancing groomsman (??!) at 3:46.

I have to say: Considering the level of work put into this, the bride's reaction at the end is way lackluster. 1. Despite it all, this old chestnut remains the best surprise wedding dance.

Best Mother / Son Dance At a Wedding
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