Best tips on dating a shy guys

best tips on dating a shy guys

When you date online, you get time to write and express yourself. More than anything else, you can set your filters and look for a date suited to your preferences. hellogiggles. Advertisement. 2. Meet new people by joining a class or by volunteering for some cause. After all, being with people who share the same interests just increases your chances of finding the perfect date! huffingtonpost 4. Never shy away from seeking a friend’s help. At least some of your friends will want to see you happy, and will be more than willing to set you up with someone nice! buzzfed. 5. Gather some courage and have a night life. Stop being a couch potato, and have some fun! Who knows what’s in store for you out there! mountrantmore.

best tips on dating a shy guys

You’re Going To Discover… The 3 most important “Interest Signals” that a girl will send you (often subconsciously) when she likes you and exactly what to do when you see each of these signals...

How knowing these signals can almost eliminate your chances of getting rejected or making an embarassing mistake with a girl... Why 99% of men completely miss these signals and let cool, attractive women walk out of their lives every week, without even knowing it... The four “magic words” you can tell a girl once you know she likes you, that will increase her interest in you and make sure things go the way you want...

And whole ‘lot more! Discover The Common Dating Tips for Shy Guys That May Be Killing Your Game–Plus The Tips That Get Her Home With You… If you’ve ever Googled “dating advice,” then you know there’s a lot of information out there… Some of it is really phenomenal… and some of it straight-up sucks. This makes “doing your research,” or trying to figure out if a source is credible, very difficult (if not impossible). This is especially true of dating advice for “shy” or “introverted” guys.

If you’re on the quiet side, that comes with its own specific set of challenges–and there’s a lot of crappy advice out there that can get you in trouble. I wanted a way to solve this problem, once and for all… so I got together with some experts, and we scoured the internet for some of the most common, yet ineffective dating advice out there right now. We compiled these bad pieces of advice into a list for you, so you know what to watch out for–and we also included some fixes so you can start attracting more hot women right away.

So with that in mind, here are the 3 most dangerously common “dating tips” that you should never fall for, and what you can do instead that really works. 1) “Just Interact With More People” This is a commonly handed out piece of advice that is not completely accurate. The thinking behind this idea is that when you talk to more people, women will see you as a fun, more social guy. After noticing this about you, these supposed women will then approach you, and it takes all of the pressure off of you.

William Chou, from The Good Men Project, on the other hand, says that after many attempts at this style of picking up women, this reverse-psychology strategy has almost never worked. Unless he was in a dance class, Chou never had women flocking to him, no matter how many cooking classes, concerts, or parties he went to.

I’m not sure where this advice first started, or why it continues to circulate, but I think there’s something to be said for quiet guys in public. The Fix: Become The “Calm, Cool & Collected Guy” For me, if I’m at a party, or meeting new people for the first time, I always notice the quiet guy.

And a lot of my girlfriends do too. I see it as a challenge to get him to talk to me, so I immediately approach him, trying to make any kind of conversation. Now, if he gets super awkward, or the conversation goes dry, I leave and don’t turn back. You have to realize it’s OK if this happens–you’re not going to mesh with every woman you meet.

However, there are ways to combat this. With most of the quiet guys I’ve encountered that I’ve kept talking to, they always have one surprising thing that makes them interesting.

This one thing makes the chat go from “small talk” to an actual conversation with depth. Once you get to the depth part, then you can actually start figuring out if this woman is someone you can see a future with, or just one night. 😉 2) “It’s Just a Numbers Game” To say that meeting women is just a numbers game is to completely take the human aspect out of it.

This is exactly what you don’t want. The minute you start looking at talking to women as a “numbers game” is the minute you fail.

You won’t be able to think about each woman as a unique experience–you’ll only be able to focus on what your ratio up to this point is. This thinking will lessen your emotional investment into each experience. And as a result, it will destroy any chance you initially had with each particular woman. The Fix: Focus On Quality Over Quantity It’s OK to remember a “ballpark” number, but don’t focus your entire game around it. Chou reminds guys that it’s not about the quantity, but the quality.

He says that the amount of women you talk to doesn’t matter if you’re having really awful conversations and meetings with every one of them. I mean, it makes sense–right? Now, if you only talk to three women in a week or two, but you really hit it off with one or two of them, then you’re doing great.

You’re working smarter, not harder. Make sure that your focus is to make the best out of each singular meeting, not what number she is on your list. 3) “Man Up and Ask Strangers Out” This might be the most enticing piece of advice for the shy guy. This type of mantra gives you some courage for a couple of seconds–and it also gives you the false sense that all you’re missing is the courage. Though in reality, this false sense of courage can be dangerous. It’s scary going up to a random woman and basically cold-calling her.

Let me tell you, I couldn’t do it, and I don’t know if once you do it, it ever gets easier. Chou certainly doesn’t think so. He still wants to throw up every time he starts to approach a stranger, and even after the initial contact, he’s still nervous.

The Fix: Start Slow Chou believes that the approach is only one part of the puzzle. Yeah, sure, you got the courage to go up to her, but now what? You have to establish a base connection of mutual trust and–I hate to say it–that doesn’t happen with these “cold-calls.” All my girlfriends & I agree, when a guy just walks up to us, there’s not enough time for us to figure out if any “sexual chemistry” is there, because everything is happening so fast.

So what can you do instead? Try to establish a connection before you ask her out, and throw this “cold-calling” advice out the window. Allow me to illustrate this point with a story of my own: One time this guy asked me to let him into the campus library because his card wasn’t working. Obviously, this was a line, but I just played along, let him in, and ended up keeping him company while he attempted to do some homework.

I left the library at 12 A.M. that night thinking, “OK, that was weird, I don’t think I’ll do that again.” A couple weeks later, though, we were still in touch. I mentioned that first day to him and he started laughing. He asked if I wanted to know something, then proceeded to tell me his version of that night.

“I was a little drunk when I met up with you,” he said. I was shocked–I had never really hung out with this guy before so I didn’t know what his normal was, but I never thought he was intoxicated. “Yeah, I had been watching the [baseball] game,” he told me, “and then I was super nervous to meet you and I didn’t think I’d be able to talk to you without some liquid courage.” The point I’m trying to make isn’t that you should drink before approaching women–it’s that you just need a way to get it done.

Which brings me to my final piece of advice that can help you meet more women & get laid fast… The #1 Dating Tip PROVEN to Lead to More Sex (And Less Rejection)… …has to be this one: “Only go after the girls who you know are interested in you.” Not only does this save you a ton of time & energy… but it also practically eliminates any chance of rejection… The problem is… for most guys, this piece of advice is absolutely useless… because they don’t know … and you know what?

It’s not your fault. In fact, studies show that the male brain is simply not hardwired to pick up on a woman’s subtle cues… which is why I want to show you this list: These are surefire signs that a woman wants to sleep with you… and once you know how to spot them, you might be surprised to see just how many hot women want sex with you right now.

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best tips on dating a shy guys

best tips on dating a shy guys - Top 6 Dating Tips for Shy Gay Guys

best tips on dating a shy guys

Top 6 Dating tips for Shy Gay Guys Shy? Horny? Want to meet someone for some bedroom rodeo, or even more, like a relationship? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few dating tips for shy gay guys. Even the most super confident guy can lose his bravado on a first date, so don’t think you’re the only one. In fact, almost everyone suffers a little anxiety when dating, which can even be part of the thrill.

Anyway, read on before we spill all the best bits in the intro. Related: 1. Be upfront about being shy. Tell your date that you’re shy straight away. Most ‘aware’ people will have already worked it out, and keeping it secret may only inhibit you, which gives the shy feeling more power over you. 2. See being shy as an unlikely asset. OK. So, being shy is part of who you are, don’t apologize for it.

Being modest means you are more likely to listen to your date, and could actually become aware of their feelings faster than louder personality types. Shy guys get their energy from within, which is a charming quality. 3. You are more than just shy, so make sure to mention your other qualities. We’re all complex sophisticated gay men, and we’re more than just one personality trait.

Identify your other qualities and bring those to the table when you’re chatting to your date. If you aren’t sure of who you are beyond being shy, then lean on your network of friends. Ask your buddies how they would describe you. Reflect on what they say, and decide for yourself if you agree. When you settle on a few more traits that represent you, be sure to mention them along with being shy. You could be a shy guy, but also be a very open-minded and conscientious person.

Note: Don’t list your full personality resume all at once – deal with being shy, let that land, and then move on to being curious, or reliable or whatever else it is that describes you. 4. Know what you want to talk about ahead of time so you aren’t lost for words. Conversation skills can be challenging for a shy person, but you’ll need to speak a little on every date.

Preparing yourself will boost your self-confidence. Ask open-ended questions on topics that interest you. Maybe you recently did something cool, like you went to a new city, or you discovered a really fantastic band. Mention these things. Going in with a plan will help you feel more relaxed, and that will help you to be more you. 5. Shy guys spend less time talking and more time doing. This is not to throw shade at confident guys, but our goal today is to celebrate the quieter gay man, so let’s look at talking versus doing.

Guys who do a lot of talking probably aren’t getting as much as their boasting implies. Shy guys tend not to boast and are usually getting more action. Talkers be talking; shy guys be doing! 6. Put yourself in the shoes of your date. Let’s assume everything has gone well and now you’re feeling a little thirsty.

But you’re nervous about making the first move. Put yourself in his shoes. Would you like him to reach out and hold your hand? If you feel this way, chances are, so does he. Now, this is the make or break moment.

He knows you’re shy, you already told him, (if you followed step one). Now all you have to do is take his hand and here are 3 possible outcomes of that bold move: A. He’s impressed and excited a shy guy reached for his hand, and he reciprocates. This could put you well on the way to your first kiss this evening, and figuring out how versatile he really is. B. He actually didn’t want to hold your hand, but he will continue to keep it for a few seconds and then will somehow wriggle out and carry on chatting, like nothing happened.

In this case, bail and abort. He’s just not into you. C. He was on the fence about whether he liked you or not and wasn’t sure whether to hold your hand, but your bold move makes him now wonder if versatile on his profile means he gets to top or bottom later. SUCCESS!! BOOM BOOM BOOM!! Dating tips for Shy Gay Guys – Conclusion Of course, you’re thinking, “Oh come on, it’s not that easy.” Let me tell you, it is that easy.

First dates are hard, both for you and the other guy. Nerves play a role, and self-doubt will creep in no matter how confident or shy you are. Opening up about your shyness and then mentioning your other qualities sets the balance for you being more than one thing and shows you’re self-aware. Talking about safe stuff like food and travel helps to give you both a second to calm your nerves, and the hand test is the most excellent way to see if this is going forward, or if it’s over, without crossing that creepy line.

Of course, you don’t have to agree with me and are more than welcome to offer your own pointers for shy guys. Send an email to .

best tips on dating a shy guys

Do you feel like your shyness holds you back when it comes to the dating world? It doesn’t have to! As a , I have worked with lots of guys who feel like their shyness has prevented them from finding a compatible partner. But you don’t have to be a social butterfly or extrovert to attract amazing women.

Below are 10 dating tips for shy guys that will help you get out of your dating rut, increase your confidence, and make it easier to lock in dates with the types of women you’re most attracted to. Tip #1: Take an Improv Comedy Class I’m starting this list off strong with one of my favorite dating tips for shy guys.

In fact, this tip can be useful for anyone trying to put themselves out there and find love. An is a great way to increase your confidence, work on your social skills, and learn how to be charismatic — all while having fun! I love improv comedy classes because they really teach how to celebrate yourself and get out of your head. Because improv strives to provide such an inclusive environment, you’re bound to form some new friendships as well. You can even use some of the improv games you learn in class as a great way to break the ice with women or add a creative twist to a date.

Tip #2: Choose Active Dates If you’re a shy guy, the idea of sitting interview-style with a woman during a date and making conversation can seem like torture.

Once you know each other better, it won’t be so bad, but let’s face it — first impressions are everything when it comes to dating. You need to impress her right off the bat, and you’re not going to be able to do that if you clam up during the first couple of dates. This why getting active can be an important thing for shy guys. When you pick , you don’t have to worry as much about lulls in conversation because you have an activity you’re focused on.

Conversation tends to come more easily on active dates, particularly when you choose natural surroundings because you can point out the things around you. When you go out to dinner or coffee on a first date and have nothing else planned, you might struggle to come up with things to talk about.

On a physical date, the activity can do the talking for you. Here are a few active date ideas to get you started: • Hiking • Cycling • Roller skating • Bowling • Indoor rock climbing • Ziplining • Beach volleyball • Partner yoga Tip #3: Choose a Date Based on Shared Interests Conversation is going to come more easily if you choose a date that focuses on mutual interests.

For example, let’s say that you and the girl you’re going out with like to paint (or dabble in painting). There are tons of fun paint nights or affordable/free paint events that would make for the perfect date. Websites like and LivingSocial usually have a broad range of these types of events.

Checking out events in your area or even a Google search can help you locate the perfect creative event as well. Tip #4: Try Speed Dating When it comes to dating tips for shy guys, look no further than speed dating. Speed dating is an awesome way to meet a lot of women at once without a ton of pressure.

Because your interactions are timed, you don’t need to worry about there being a ton of awkward silences. Another great thing about this type of dating experience is that it gives you a lot of practice when it comes to talking to women.

Even if you don’t make a bunch of amazing connections, the fact that you overcame a fear of talking to women and did it with a variety of women will really amp up your game in the dating world. If you haven’t done a speed dating event before, it’s important that you know speed dating is no longer some awkward event with desperate singles involving name tags and a cafeteria-style facility.

Like online dating, speed dating has become pretty mainstream and tons of singles go as a way to make new connections and enjoy a fun night out. Tip #5: Fake it Til You Make It A lot of guys who are shy lack confidence when it comes to expressing themselves around women.

Although my tips will help you increase your self-esteem, having isn’t going to occur overnight. Until then, try to do things physically that will help you fake confidence. By making yourself act in a confident way, even when you’re feeling unsure of yourself, will help you push through anxiety.

It can even turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy, where you are so busy acting self-assured that the self-assuredness actually ends up coming naturally. Some ways you can fake it and then make it include: • Smiling: Research shows that the (even when it isn’t genuine) can alleviate anxiety and boost your mood. • Strike a pose: Don’t stand with your arms folded and your head down.

Practicing poor, closed-off posture exacerbates shyness and sends this message to women: “Don’t talk to me.” Instead, stand tall, shoulders back and keep your arms unfolded to exude a sense of openness.

You can also check out this for ideas on how to pose in a way that increases self-esteem. • Ask questions: Don’t let the fact that you clam up keep you from approaching women. If you don’t feel like talking, ask her questions (and then follow-up questions) to show her that you are interested in her and know hot to be a good listener. Tip #6: Lookin’ Good, Feelin’ Good When it comes to dating tips for shy guys, busy guys, or really any type of guy, physical appearance is far from the most important thing I mention.

You don’t want to base a relationship on the superficial. However, the way that you look does play a part in a first impression. No, you don’t have to be a male model or be sporting a six-pack to attract a woman, but putting in a little effort when it comes to physical appearance goes a long way.

Moreover, when you put in the said effort you end up feeling better about yourself overall, which will make it easier to overcome shyness and approach more women.

Exercise Don’t feel like you have to “go big or go home” when it comes to incorporating fitness into your daily life. In fact, going from to herculean workouts could actually be detrimental to your mental health. According to a study from the , exercising 45 minutes a day tends to help mental health and wellness. The study went on to say that participating in team sports, cycling, and aerobic and gym exercises tend to be the most effective.

Consider taking a group exercise class or joining a co-ed sports team. This will help you get active and improve your social skills without the pressure of having to talk a lot.

Eat Healthily You truly are what you eat because a healthy diet can have a big impact on your mood and overall self-esteem. A recent study from found that certain foods can significantly improve mood, while others will exacerbate issues like anxiety and depression. Try to fill your diet with whole, unprocessed foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats.

Limit your intake of refined sugars, caffeine, alcohol, processed foods and fried foods. This will make you look and feel a lot better, which will help you have more energy when it comes to the dating world. Dress to Impress Think that women don’t pay attention to a guy’s style? Think again. You don’t need to dress like you’re prepping for a GQ cover shoot, but putting effort into your clothing can go a long way and make you stand out from other guys.

It may seem superficial but in actuality, dressing well is just another form of self-care. When you put an effort into your appearance, you’re going to feel more confident and people are going to be drawn to that.

In fact, that dressing well can make you appear more sexually attractive, intelligent and trustworthy to others. Tip #7: Warm Up Socially Before a Date Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, this tip is great for curing pre-date jitters.

My boyfriend actually used to do this a lot before we got together. Set aside a couple of hours before a date to “warm up” socially. You can do this by chatting with friends or going to your local coffee shop and making small talk with the baristas. This will prevent you from ruminating over the date and get you ready for conversation. Tip #8: Embrace Your Shyness Shyness isn’t a bad thing.

In fact, lots of girls really like shy guys because they find them to be more genuine and humble. Take a look at any romantic comedy and you’ll notice that the nice, bashful guy is the one that audiences root for and the one that — inevitably — gets the girl in the end.

Women aren’t going to turn you down because you’re shy. What they really want is a guy who can push through that shyness in order to approach them, take them out on and that they can find a connection with. Tip #9: MegaDate Of all the dating tips for shy guys that I could come up with, this may the most important. In fact, this is the top dating strategy I recommend to all of my single clients looking for love. is a dating process that involves going out with several different people at the same time in order to diffuse energy and keep your calendar full.

If you’re a shy guy, MegaDating is going to help you get lots of practice in the dating world so you can get better at approaching women and not feel so self-conscious while doing it. MegaDating also helps with .

When you’re already putting yourself out there and hanging out with different people, getting rejected by one person isn’t such a big deal. More importantly, MegaDating shows you that there are plenty of fish in the sea, proving that you don’t have to settle for someone who isn’t truly in alignment with you. Dating Tips for Shy Guys #10: Get a Dating Coach A dating coach can give you advice and provide a strategic plan that is tailored specifically to your needs and goals.

As a dating coach myself, I have worked with a plethora of men, many of these who were self-described “shy guys” or “introverts.” The thing is, being a dating coach isn’t about creating a one-size-fits-all plan for certain “types” of guys. One of the reasons that dating coaching is so effective is because you’re able to receive one-on-one help from someone who will be able to tailor tools and strategies to each facet of your personality.

At least, that’s how I operate as a coach and it’s been working so far. I’ve helped men around the world find lasting love; I’d like to do the same for you.

If you’re ready to get started, head over to my and book a new client 1-on-1 Skype session with me today. During our 50-minute session, we will come up with a unique plan that will help you overcome the roadblocks you’ve been facing in the dating world. You can also check out my Dating Profile Services for all your online dating needs and my comprehensive Online Dating Course for men.

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