Best tony romo dating jessica simpson in cabo

best tony romo dating jessica simpson in cabo

Jessica Simpson and her new Dallas Cowboys quarterback beau Tony Romo enjoy a date night out at Teddy’s lounge in West Hollywood on Saturday. The pair celebrated her former assistant Cacee Cobb‘s birthday. Jessica and Tony (both 27) spent Thanksgiving weekend together in Texas. It’s been reported that Jessica‘s dad, Joe, set up the pretty pair. “Joe and Tony have been friendly for a while,” said a pal of Jessica. “Joe is a huge Dallas Cowboy fan, and Tony has always had a crush on her – he even said on his Web site like a year ago that it was his dream to date her. Jessica has been in Nashvill .

best tony romo dating jessica simpson in cabo

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo headed down to Mexico this weekend for a little romantic getaway — well, as romantic as you can get with Papa Joe and Tina in tow, plus a few of Tony's fellow Dallas Cowboys.

The team got a first-round playoffs bye and what better way to get some R&R than at the beach? At least Jessica and Tony got to . Maybe Jessica also took this time to get on the good side of Tony's teammates because something tells us they if their quarterback is distracted by her pink jersey next weekend. More of Jess and Tony heating things up in Los Cabos so just

best tony romo dating jessica simpson in cabo

best tony romo dating jessica simpson in cabo - Is Jessica Simpson still dating Tony Romo

best tony romo dating jessica simpson in cabo

Jessica Simpson and pervy Papa Pimp Joe Simpson and her mother and her friends took Tony Romo to Cabo this weekend for a little R&R. Apparently Jess and Tony were seen rubbing each other’s asses, very affectionate with each other and very friendly with her parents. Ew. They also enjoyed the services of a personal chef. Sounds like Romo is livin’ the Simpson life.

Large. Well done. Or is it? The Cowboys had a first round bye and will not play until they face the New York Giants on Sunday. Tony is now presumably back in Dallas to begin preparing in earnest. And he better be prepared come game time. Because the Giants looked good yesterday. Tops in the entire league in sacks with one of the strongest road records. If Romo stumbles, they will blame the Bimbo and they will not look back very favourably on a weekend getaway during the playoffs.

Given that Jess is cutting a country album and is trying to connect with Texas, it’s also her career on the line too when the Cowboys face the Giants on Sunday. Can’t wait!

best tony romo dating jessica simpson in cabo

Remember when was Dallas’ promising young quarterback and he was dating , one of the most popular women in Hollywood? It’s hard to believe that was almost 10 years ago.

The power couple dated from 2007-09, shortly after Simpson and singer Nick Lachey divorced. Today, Fox Sports 1’s Skip Bayless—who is unabashedly one of sports media’s biggest Romo supporters—said the quarterback’s romance with Simpson hurt his career.

“It was just tumultuous,” Bayless said on his new show Undisputed, which he hosts opposite former NFL tight end Shannon Sharpe. “It was always one thing after another off the field. He had to pay too much attention off the field and he was not dedicating himself to the process of playing NFL quarterback.” Romo and Simpson’s drama-ridden relationship was constantly in the press, and he ended it after a year and a half. Shortly after the two began dating, Romo began struggling on the field, and some friends blamed Simpson.

"I think he knew that it was wrong," Bayless said. They also took shortly before Romo’s Cowboys played the Giants in the playoffs—a decision that many naturally questioned. Why would you go to Mexico right before the playoffs?

POST CONTINUES BELOW Romo got married to Candice Crawford in 2011, and they have two children together. Simpson, meanwhile, is married to former 49ers tight end Eric Johnson, and they also have two kids.

Romo is expected to return from his compression fracture soon, and Jerry Jones insists he’ll be Dallas’ starting quarterback despite Dak Prescott’s impressive play through five games. With the rookie under center, the Cowboys are 4-1. We’ll see how long that decision lasts. Romo is 36 and injury-prone. Besides, if he comes back and the Cowboys struggle, who’s to blame Jason Garrett for wanting to get the rookie back in the game?

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