Best trans dating tips books

best trans dating tips books

Trans4Date is a place where serious daters can make a match with a transgender person for free. Contacting new friends and potential dates is completely free on the dating site. You can connect via an existing social media account (Amazon, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) or join using a valid email address. Trans4Date has 11 options under the Gender category so you can accurately describe yourself to date prospects on the web. Founded by trans MTF Candice Horie, Trans4Date offers an understanding and secure forum for dating. URL: 13.

best trans dating tips books

Not every trans person get love and acceptance from the society regardless their gender identity. Even in this so-called "Modern" world, there exist some people who are against relationships with transgender men and women. In order to upend this stigma and help trans people find someone who truly loves them, several different best transgender dating sites have originated to serve their needs.

In this list, we've put together the 10 best transgender dating websites working in the romance department. This will help you find a person who is open to trans-dating to mingle or have a deep relationship with. 1. AdultFriendFinder is highly recommended to those transgender individuals who prefer fling over deep relationships. The site is well established and has been running since ages. The userbase is extremely large, and loyal too. It can help you find the right person to make out with, regardless of his or her gender.

AdultFriendFinder comprises of over 77 million individuals who are into hookups without any fear of judgment. Not just one night stands, you can even find a threesome, swinger, or affair partners on AdultFriendFinder really quick. What amazed us is its search and discovery options which are notably vast.

There are plenty of ways to communicate too. The website will let you know who's currently active so you will be able to make a connection pretty much instantly. Expressing yourself is also quite easy with a plethora of options such as an extensive profile or a blog or even private webcams!

Although one of the best casual dating websites, we did notice a few shortcomings on this dating portal.

Firstly, the matching algorithm is not much developed and shows irrelevant profiles too. Also, they haven't publicly confirmed the gender ratio so we are not sure how many transgenders are active on this website.

Furthermore, the paid membership option does not cover additional costs of points, academy courses, and model videos. Despite the above-mentioned weaknesses, we are still sure that no one can beat AdultFriendFinder when it comes to casual flings. 2. Zoosk is an online dating platform that incorporates a Behavioral Matchmaking Algorithm and is widely used by young individuals all across the globe. Started in 2007, Zoosk is the most popular dating platform among transgender singles.

The site has a clean and intuitive layout and is backed by an enormous member base. Not only this, they even offer a mobile app for its users to look out for dates constantly on the go. The site is well integrated with popular social media platforms like Facebook and Google+ and gets all your information right from there so you need not go through long questionnaires to get into the website.

Manual verification of each and every profile assures that all the members of the website are genuine and you won't be hanging around with automated chatbots. Users can promote your profile and increase the exposure by a number of ways, especially the premium members. Smart Picks is a feature on the website that learns from your preferences to better match you with relevant singles. The discovery options, however, are limited to browsing through the profiles one by one.

With a free membership, you can set up your profile, find matches, and interact with them in different ways. But, messaging is restricted only to its paid members.

Therefore, you must consider upgrading your membership if you are serious about finding a suitable match. 3. Welcoming all different genders and sexual orientations- is undoubtedly one of the in existence.

The site is meant for each and every single willing to find a suitable partner for dating, regardless of his or her gender or sexual orientation. With over 30 million members from 25 different countries, gets to the top of our list mainly because of its well-established network and higher success rate. When it comes to transgender dating, match lets its users search for transgender singles by filtering the database according to gender, sexual orientation, age, location, personality type, etc.

Not just this, based on your feedback and behavior, it will even send you a list of all potential and highly compatible matches right to your inbox along with all necessary information every 24 hours. There are a lot of different ways to communicate and show interest in someone. All the interactions are nicely organized in the Connections section of the website.

More features and options keep on getting added on Match from time to time. There's a lot to explore in there. However, the free membership is not really usable and the premium membership is quite expensive. If you have a decent budget and are serious about transgender dating, is the perfect dating platform to go with! 4. BeNaughty Just like AdultFriendFinder, is a website focussed on individuals who are open to trying new things when it comes to casual dating & flings.

Comprising of a userbase of single as well married individuals, BeNaughty is a website that facilitates casual dating and cyber-sex. The site has a massive userbase of young and hot singles having varied wants. No matter what your sexual orientation is, BeNaughty is just the right website if you are into easygoing relationships. Signing up on the website won't cost you anything.

Above that, you can even verify your profile for free to give members one more reason to connect with you. Just when you enter the website successfully, you will be exposed to a massive user base, growing at a rate of 40,000 new members every week. By using a feature called FlirtCast, you'll be able to send a message to multiple users once every 12 hours. The portal offers a website which is fully functional on mobile devices as well.

Furthermore, you can download a dedicated app from Android or Apple App Store to enjoy dating on the go. A major problem on the website is with its matching algorithm. It is not well programmed or verified to show compatible matches to its users.

However, the site comes with extensive search and discovery options to connect with like-minded individuals in your vicinity. Another thing that really irritates us is the layout of the website which is heavily bombarded with advertisements.

This makes it hard to distinguish between ads and actual dating features on the site. Apart from this, live notification can sometimes be distracting as they continually bounce on the screen. The website happily accepts transgender individuals who want to indulge in a one-night stand or an affair. Singles are free to join the website and search for a suitable date.

Hate, however, is not accepted and any member spreading hate gets a permanent ban from the website. One unique feature of FriendFinder-X is its rating feature which sorts members and their pictures and videos on the basis of their hotness. You can customize your own profile extensively with a plethora of customization options. In order to find a suitable single to hook up with, you can use their advanced search options with varied filtering and sorting features to get a list of all like-minded individuals with a similar personality as yours.

Just like a few other websites on this list, the matching algorithm is FriendFinder-X's weakness. You'll have a hard time finding a suitable single from its list of suggested matches. Also, the free membership is restricted to only browsing through profiles but communication needs a paid membership.

Even if you buy a premium membership, you'll have to pay an additional cost if you want to buy adult videos, model chats, gifting and other features on the website. The website is really fun to hang around but tends to be really expensive when it comes to pricing. The site follows a for transsexuals by transsexuals mission and was started by a French man who has a trans wife to uphold the status of all the transsexual people in the society and to end the negative stereotypes about transsexual dating.

The site provides a safe and secure environment for transgenders to find a suitable partner for dating or a deep relationship from all across the globe. You can easily flirt with other members of the website and fall in love with them on this established and trustworthy dating platform. It is only because of this website that trans women have been able to connect with good-hearted men who love them the way they are.

The site has successfully led several lifelong relationships with trans women. If you are trans women looking for a loving partner for a deep relationship, MyTranssexualDate is the site to go for. The website has a decent userbase comprising of members mostly from the US. If you are a citizen of any other country, TGPersonals is probably not the site to go for.

TGPersonals offers very versatile search and discovery options. The matching algorithm takes into account the data provided by you at the time of signup to help you find people that might be interested in you.

You can filter users based on their age, location gender identity, and some other important criteria. You can even choose the type of relationship you are willing to have, be it friendship, love or even flings. This, in turn, makes the search results more effective and relevant. The site offers all basic features that one requires in a dating site.

It houses people of all interest groups, from those who are willing to fall into a deep relationship to those who are just finding a suitable roommate, everyone can be a member of TGPersonals. The search system, as mentioned earlier, makes it easier to find suitable individuals in your neighborhood to connect with. The site also takes into account your safety very seriously and takes all possible measures to keep your information private.

However, the site fails to identify scammers and fake accounts. You may encounter some while trying to find a suitable match. 8. TSMingle is a premier online transgender site to meet and fall in love with transgender MTF as well as FTM, all across the globe. The site gathers all beautiful Transsexuals under one hood. No matter what your relationship goal is, TSMingle can help you find a suitable trans single around you to date with. There are no gimmicks or hidden charges and the site is 100% free and open to all trans people and those who admire them.

There are a plenty of gender identities to choose from while signing up so you can be sure to fit into this website. The site was created by a group of transgender coders who wanted trans-dating to be more open and free from any bias. By creating this website, they have actually created a destination for all non-escort individuals who identify themselves as transgenders and are willing to fall in love with someone they are truly compatible with.

The userbase of this website is comparatively small. The site claims to have over 10,000 active members which is much lesser than those on this list.

The site still serves its purpose well when it comes to helping trans singles fall in love without any explicit cost. 9. MyTransgenderCupid facilitates free online dating for transsexual women. The site was first open for public in December 2015 with an idea to give transgender women a platform to find a partner for them for a serious relationship.

Creating meaningful and healthy relationships between Trans women and their admirers is the motto of the website. It is a global dating website for trans men and women who are looking for someone to have a deep relationship with and not just quickfling. The site has a fairly decent member base from America, Europa, South America and several other countries. All the profiles are monitored by the staff and any fake or scammy profile is instantly censored from the platform.

The site still seems to be in the developmental stage and is not properly taken care of as is evident from the typos on the website's homepage. It's hard to recommend MyTransgenderCupid to someone who's serious about transgender dating. You can still give it a try if you are looking for a free alternative, though.

It allows you to contact new friends and potential dates without any additional cost. You can either signup using your social accounts like Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, etc or register using a valid email and verify it.

The site gives you 11 options while selecting your Gender category. This will help you to accurately describe yourself which is essential to find potential dates. You can also join their forum to increase your chances of getting a compatible date. What bugs me is that the website is fairly new and the userbase is extremely low. Only 7835 members have been registered on the website so far on the date this article was written with around 18 people online at any given time.

Out of those 7835 members, we doubt that how many of them will actually be active. This is surely going to make your love finding journey very hard. Although free, it is highly recommended to go for some other website on this list than Trans4Date. Registering on this site should be your last resort Share Your Thoughts.... The list is endless and we had to drop several other transgender dating solutions on this list.

While some of them didn't seem trustworthy, others lacked a sufficient userbase and are on the verge of dying. We hope that you've read this article thoroughly so as to make sure that you choose the right website for yourself. Do let us know which one you chose! Meanwhile, you can check out similar articles like best transgender dating sites on our site: • • • • • You recommend

I made a profile, but there was no option for trans. I am legally female so I put woman looking for man and disclosed trans in my description.

It took all of 15 minutes for them to revoke access and remove me. You shouldn’t give bad information. They are not even trans friendly. Everything else is a bunch of hook up sites where verse and bottom men come to try to live out the porn fantasy of being topped by a girl.

I want a long term relationship. One night stands are very easy for a trans woman. I really don’t need a site to do that. Why can’t I be seen as nothing more than a woman with a birth defect? Christ, if I wanted to do one night stands on the down low I would run an ad and get paid to do it.

best trans dating tips books

best trans dating tips books - 10 Essential Dating Tips For Trans Women

best trans dating tips books

Last year a college friend of mine came out as a transgender woman. It was a shocking revelation to those of us who’d known a rowdy, raunchy frat boy in undergrad and suddenly saw the poised, purple-haired woman who’d been hiding for all those years. My friend said coming out on Facebook was a liberating experience for her. She was lucky to have the support of her longtime girlfriend, who stayed with her throughout her transition — but not every trans person has a committed partner to give them love and acceptance regardless of gender identity.

Unfortunately, there’s still a stigma working against trans men and women, especially in the romance department. Trans daters can be easily overlooked by the general dating populace. Some dating websites don’t even give “transgender” as an option when signing up! To help trans singles find where they fit in, we’ve put together a list of the top 14 transgender dating websites. If you’re a transgender dater — or someone open to dating a trans person — a free transgender dating site offers you a friendly niche community and nonjudgmental space for meeting romantic partners.

With more than 30 million members from more than 25 countries who speak more than 8 different languages, welcomes singles of all genders and sexual orientations. The site allows you to filter through profiles by these two criteria as well as age, location, and interests, among others. Match will also send highly compatible match suggestions to your inbox boxed on this information.

All of this, and more, is 100% free. Launched in 2007, is one of our favorite options for transgender singles who are constantly on the go. The site and app are integrated with Facebook and Google+ (with more social networks probably to come soon), so you only need a couple of minutes to sign up.

In addition, it won’t cost you to put up a profile, look for matches, and communicate with them in several ways. For those transgender singles looking for a hookup, we recommend .

Its 77 million users express who they are and their desires without fear of judgment. If you’re interested in something besides a one-night stand with one person, Adult Friend Finder can also help you find threesome, swinger, and affair partners and will show you who’s online now so you can make a connection within seconds. If you’re open to trying new things in dating, relationships, and sex, then just might be the site for you.

BeNaughty has a massive user base of hot singles with unique wants and needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, lesbian, trans, bi, or something in between — BeNaughty encourages people of all orientations to sign up for free. is an adults-only site that can cater to transgender daters and those who adore them. FriendFinder-X doesn’t put up with hate, so any malicious members are banned from the site.

You’ll find millions of diverse members who you can connect with — whether you’re looking for a one-night stand or affair. Anyone can join the site and search for a date for free. For more than a decade, has been among the leading trans dating sites. You could be looking for new people to meet or a committed relationship — it doesn’t matter because Trans Date can help.

Its members come from all across the globe, and its available in most major languages. A spokesperson told us, “Some of the great features other than meeting great people include the ability to add your own and watch other members videos, host your own webcam, member blogs, and monthly contests. The site is fully optimized for all your devices. With hundreds of thousand of members, there is a good chance to find love near you.” URL: TransgenderDate, which was founded in 2007 and recently redesigned, is a 100% free and genuine transgender dating site.

You can put your wallet aside because all of the features (chat, blogs, videos, photo galleries, etc.) won’t cost you anything. And you can rest assured that you’re in front of the right audience because every profile (400,000+) is verified by the team. “TransgenderDate was built over a decade ago because there was the need for a safe dating platform for the trans community,” said Jim S., of TransgenderDate.

“Due to our wonderful members, the site is still going strong 10 years later. I am happy to provide the wonderful members of the site a much needed upgrade. TrangenderDate has the most verified members of any dating website in this space.” URL: MyTranssexualDate tops our list because of the authenticity of its members and mission. The site was founded in 2014 by a French man and his trans wife because they wanted to upend negative stereotypes about trans dating. They created a decent international dating site designed for transgender women, transsexual women, and transvestites looking for a loving partner.

MyTranssexualDate helps transgender women meet transoriented men so they can easily flirt and fall in love on a trustworthy dating platform. URL: Launched in 1999, TGPersonals helps trans singles 18 and older make a match online. You can browse through member personals by age, location, keyword, gender identity, and other important criteria to find an ideal partner. The layout of the personals encourage singles to describe themselves in their own words so you can get to know someone on a more personal level by reading his or her bio. is 100% free to use, from browsing to chatting, which means transgender daters can have a great online dating experience without having to pay a cent. URL: Whether you’re looking for a date or a relationship, TS Mingle is a premiere destination for transgender daters. The site promises no gimmicks and no hidden charges.

TS Mingle is entirely free and open to all transgender people and their admirers. When signing up, you can identify as a man, woman, pre-op male-to-female, post-op male-to-female, pre-op female-to-male, or post-op female-to-male. Transvestites, cross dressers, and transexuals are welcome on TS Mingle as well. URL: As a premiere personals website, Transgender Friend unites transgender singles and their admirers in a safe space.

Free members can fill out their profiles and search for attractive dates using advanced search tools. The internal email system makes online trans dating simple and low pressure, so you can chat up potential partners from the safety of your own home. On Transgender Friend, singles of all orientations come to celebrate their diversity and mingle in an expressive and open-minded community. URL: Trans4Date is a place where serious daters can make a match with a transgender person for free.

Contacting new friends and potential dates is completely free on the dating site. You can connect via an existing social media account (Amazon, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) or join using a valid email address. Trans4Date has 11 options under the Gender category so you can accurately describe yourself to date prospects on the web. Founded by trans MTF Candice Horie, Trans4Date offers an understanding and secure forum for dating.

URL: I Love TAT offers the transgender community a virtual bar from which to flirt with available singles over the age of 18. The premise of the site is experimental and open-minded — TAT stands for Try A Transgender. Straight men, trans women, crossdressers, and transvestites, lesbians, and couples can register with a free profile to give the site a shot.

Free members can send up to 10 flirts a day, so it’s easy to connect. If you want full access to the entire TAT community, you can get a one-year premium membership for less than $2 a month. URL: Thousands of transgender singles await you on TS Scene. Joining this open-minded dating community is easy and free. You can identify as a man, woman, couple, or TS/TV/TG and then start your search for attractive partners in your area. The dating site and app makes flirtatious fun more accessible for transgendered singles across the US.

URL: I’m proud to know many authentic, caring, and admirable human beings who are also transgender men and women. It takes a lot of courage to come out as transgender, transsexual, gender fluid, or someone who doesn’t fit neatly into traditional gender boxes.

The act of coming out can mean losing some close relationships, even significant others; however, a supportive LGBT community can lighten the load for transgender individuals and help them forge new relationships. The dating scene presents transgender singles with unique challenges, including safety concerns, so it can be intimidating to join a dating site dominated by straight singles.

Instead, trans men and women can turn to niche platforms built to accommodate singles like them. Transgender dating websites foster a sense of acceptance and belonging for people of all orientations. Our list of 14 free transgender dating websites can help trans singles find a partner who admires and loves them for who they are.

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best trans dating tips books

Dating: What Does a Transsexual Girl Want? Anonymous Article Submission Webmaster’s Note: This is a good glimpse inside the mind of one transsexual. This member’s comments are fairly typical for a self-identified transsexual. This is good reading for a male admirer who hopes to develop a meaningful relationship with a pre-op or post-op transsexual.

Every transgender girl is different, so I can only talk about my experiences. Being that I am highly active in the largest inter-mountain transgendered group in Utah, and write a monthly article entitled “Pride!” for the newsletter we publish, and also the fact that I am currently a pre-op TS, I think I have some valuable knowledge on the subject.

First of all, let’s get a few things straight: if you are a guy who is entertaining gay or bisexual fantasies by being with a Transsexual, then you have come to the wrong place, period. You have got to understand this: a TS girl is like any other woman on the planet.

No straight woman wants a gay guy and no bisexual woman wants a gay guy who thinks of her as a guy. A bi-sexual woman wants another woman. A straight woman wants a straight guy. She may date or marry a bisexual guy, but obviously he won’t be fulfilling his fantasies with her, as she is not a guy.

So, if you look at a transsexual woman as being a “she-male” (horribly offensive term), or a woman with “something extra”, then you have completely missed the fact that a TS woman is NOT male in any way, form. Yes, that is what I said. What? you say. But a woman doesn’t have a penis, does she? YES! We sometimes are born that way, but all are still women. Let’s examine a few things: what makes you a woman or a man?

Is it your genitals? If you are a guy and your penis is cut off tomorrow, would you all of a sudden become a female? NO! Look at what happened to John Bobbit, who had his penis cut off.

Did he become a woman all of a sudden until it was re-attached? NO! The fact is, gender identity comes from the brain, not the genitals. We all start off as female in the mother and some will turn into males.

But every so often, what happens is that the brain stays female identified and yet the body turns into male, or even ambiguous, as in the case of intersexed, those born with both genitals. In some other cases, the body turns female while the brain stays male.

My brain, my identification is all female. My body is rather ambiguous, looking much more female than male. Because of this, I personally hate the fact I have a penis. I grew up showering in the dark so I wouldn’t have to see it. I sit down to pee, and I have thrown up at the sight of it. I am all female, guys, and so are the other TS’s I know. Search the Transgender Personals! Try a transgender personals search. The TG dating search functionality includes age, distance from you, body type and ethnicity.

You’ll find all types so you’re likely to find someone that matches your personal preferences. You can also place a free ad and let them come to you.

– Transgender Dating – Interested in transgender dating? You’ll find many local t-girls and admirers looking to connect with others for friendship and relationships. Our site is new but it already has more than any other transgender personals site on the Internet.

and let them come to you. Discover new friends or meet your special romantic connection here! Using the internal mail system, you’ll remain totally anonymous and discreet until you’ve met someone special and you’re ready to reveal more about yourself. A transvestite is different: that is a guy who gets his kicks dressing as a chick.

He doesn’t identify as a female, he identifies as male. I however, identify as female, not male. I consider myself simply as a woman in need of cosmetic surgery, not much different from any other woman. In fact, I don’t even think of myself as “TS”. I am just a woman, period.

I use the term “TS” because it is what others understand. A transsexual woman is NOT a gay guy! That is, however, sometimes true for transvestites and crossdressers but that is NOT TS. TS’s are not homosexuals, and that is a medical fact. If a TS were gay, she would be attracted to women, and be a lesbian.

Anytime she is attracted to guys, she is straight. So, if a gay guy wants me, then he has just insulted me greatly. If a bisexual man wants me, then he has also just insulted me, if he is in fact seeing me as the male part to his attraction.

It means he doesn’t see me as the woman I am, he sees me as something else. To understand us, you simply have to ask yourself: what would any other woman think of this? Can you imagine climbing into bed with a woman and telling her you are into her because she looks like a guy?

She would slap you so hard it would make your head spin. Now, if a guy who is open-minded, and has what I call “vision to see the future surgeries”, can see me simply as a woman, and not “something extra”, then he has made the first and greatest step towards getting to know me.

After all, you fall in love with a person’s BRAIN, not their BODY. Falling for the body only is LUST, which easily assumes the disguise of love.

Don’t be fooled, and don’t try to fool your TS girl, as she will figure you out quicker than you can say “but baby….” Now, let’s talk sex. This doesn’t hold true for every TS woman in the world, as women are as different from each other mentally and emotionally as are men. Within the genders you have such a wide variety of people. Within men you have the Arnold Schwarzenegger types, and also the effeminate gay guy. But they are all men. Within the women you have the hard core biker chick who drinks beer and shoots pool, and the ultra-feminine Liz Taylor type.

All women. Transsexual women are the same: we are as different as night and day from each other. Understand that first. When it comes to me, you will never touch my penis. If you do you will make me cry and I will lose the mood. I hate that damn thing, it is a horrible thing to have to live with, being a woman with this “thing”. Being with me sexually means that I will enjoy pleasing you and watching you being pleased with my actions. It gives me pleasure to see you enjoying me; the greatest joy when you are experiencing me, feeling me, seeing me as the person I truly am: just a chick.

I will get my orgasmic pleasure later after the surgery. So, once again you see that if you are entertaining some “gay” fantasy you will be sorely disappointed with me in bed.

If you are a straight guy, you will be quite pleased to discover I am gentle, beautiful, and move like any other woman sexually. Now, I know that holds true for many, many pre-op TS’s. I have heard it several times. A post-op TS woman has her vagina, and if you get sexual with her, you may find in many instances that it takes some extra effort to bring her to orgasm.

She may like a extended time period of love-making to reach her climax. This has to do with her surgery. Not all TS women are that way, of course, so you must learn your woman’s wants and needs. The problem between the sexes is that men often (not always, dears, k?) objectify women and thru these masturbatory fantasies they lose their empathy.

They never have realistic fantasies. Their fantasies are this “perfect” type of world. There are no odors, feelings, awkwardness, nothing involved but this “perfect” type of sex. They entertain these fantasies and then someday, they might try to make them a reality. What they often find, however, is that no one wants to just jump in bed with them like they do in their fantasies; and that feelings arise and hearts get broken.

Men often think that because they think this stuff, and because they feel that way, that women must think that way too. WRONG! Women usually think very, very different from men. Women often fantasize about their “Prince-Charming”, the one guy who is sweet and strong, who sweeps them off their feet.

We can sometimes orgasm thinking about being loved and appreciated. In fact, some ONLY orgasm that way! And so the battle begins for understanding between the two genders.

Men who have been married and been in love for a long time are usually much more understanding and gentle people than the single guy. This is from their interaction with a woman who teaches them how to “feel” more deeply.

Obviously, seeing a pre-op TS woman as something attractive physically to a straight guy takes a very open mind and a empathetic heart. We understand that. But, you have to look at a person’s mind-set: because that is where any real relationship is formed. You don’t marry a “body”, and if you do, you will soon learn that it is a shallow, meaningless existence bringing no real fulfillment.

The emotional/mental connection is what forms a true bond that can weather any storm. Looks fade, people, looks fade. On the upside, you will many times find that a transsexual woman is a bit more “appreciative” of being able to live their life as they feel it. This oftentimes makes for a woman who really LOVES being a woman, and is many times more feminine than the average woman. (Again, people, there is ALWAYS the exception to the rule!!!) We are not often burnt out on wearing skirts or heels, and many enjoy doing makeup daily.

It is for the reason that many of us were denied the chance to do it when younger, and so now that we can, we go all out and really love being ourselves! As for me, I have the very feminine, soft voice, and a very feminine walk. I do my makeup everyday except Sunday, which is pampering time and I do my facials and nails, etc. I dress very nice, every day. Everywhere I go with you, no one will ever suspect a thing.

If you have the right mind-set you can find the woman of your dreams here at the site, but you can’t do it by coming in and being a jerk. So let’s discuss manners. Think of coming into the transgender chat room as walking into someone’s home where there are many classy, great people there, all having a good conversation. So you walk in and say, what? “I want to 69…any takers? ” Now what would happen to you? You would get told to leave, or maybe even get thrown out the door. But say you walk in, smile a bit, take a seat and wait to join in on a conversation.

You listen to others, what are they talking about? And when you have something to add, you say something witty and maybe charming, followed by a smile. THAT is what women notice, guys. We may not get right up and walk over and sit next to you but some of us just logged your actions into our brains, and thought, “he seems nice….” Now you are in our minds as a nice guy, and the sky’s the limit as long as you don’t blow it.

We are watching you, paying attention to every word, even when you think we aren’t. And that is exactly how you should treat the TS chat room. Be nice and don’t be impatient: it takes time to get to know someone, ok? If you come in and act like a jerk you will get kicked out. I encourage you to read up on transsexual women, and learn all you can about us. And most importantly: get real with yourself about why you are here. If it has anything to do with being gay, then sayonara!

You have found the wrong place! If you came here expecting something else, maybe wild sex, and then learned something that has altered your perception of us to be one more flattering and kind, then stick around. As I said, we women are good at teaching you guys how to “feel”, how to respond to us. We are usually more gentle by nature, and it is the perfect compliment between the sexes.

I hope this has been of some value to you. So what does a transsexual girl want? Respect, love, kindness, humor. A “nice” person who sees us as our true selves. Listen, this I can probably guarantee: our greatest fight, our toughest challenge in life has been: getting others to see us for who we really are, just a woman. So, if you can do that, if you are here because you simply think of this site as another way to meet good quality women, then you have come to the right place!

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