Best white label dating login

best white label dating login

White Label Dating is the only dating services provider of its kind, with a 60-strong in-house development team based in their U.K. headquarters. That means partners can rest assured their customers are in safe hands, using the best possible product with a rich user-experience. The company also has an industry-leading customer care team that is committed to solving any and all queries members have, as well as helping to fight online fraud.

best white label dating login

White Label Dating, a dating site platform with over 25,000 websites, struggled to connect with an increasingly mobile user base. Having relied solely on email for customer communication, White Label Dating turned to Intercom, finding in-app messaging strikingly powerful at driving memberships and increasing customer lifetime value. The Challenge Prior to Intercom, White Label Dating used email as their primary channel for customer communication.

“We had robust email campaigns operating throughout the customer lifecycle,” recalls Harry Lloyd, Head of Customer Engagement. Though inevitably, White Label Dating came up against a number of challenges including growing customer opt-out, deliverability issues, and getting lost in a customer's inbox. At the same time, customers were increasingly accessing sites via mobile devices, making the need for mobile web engagement particularly salient. “Emails are less and less effective.

The ability to engage the user on a mobile device has become absolutely essential. Intercom is the appropriate tool and the appropriate engine that helps us survive in this new world,” says Harry.

Adding Intercom was swift and simple, immediately enabling White Label Dating to reach users on desktop and mobile web. Whether promotional campaigns, surveys, or encouraging actions like adding photos and profile information, it was clear Intercom could transform the website experience into a powerful customer engagement channel.

After a two-week trial, they rolled out Intercom across all 25,000 dating sites incorporating more precise and tactful messages during key moments throughout the customer lifecycle. Everything from age, gender, location, membership level, and visit frequency inform the content, timing, and audience of their in-app messages. Driving Customer Lifetime Value White Label Dating relies on strong customer lifetime value (LTV) to keep the business growing and profitable.

To improve customer LTV, they run ongoing promotional campaigns that encourage membership upgrades throughout the customer lifecycle. With Intercom, promotional messages are now delivered in-app and via White Label Dating's bespoke email product. In only a few months, in-app messages have proven to be staggeringly effective, getting registered users to upgrade 14x better than email. With 33% of all membership upgrades driven by promotions, these campaigns are a significant source of revenue for White Label Dating.

Promotional campaigns target a number of segments including: newly registered users and lapsed customers who churned or downgraded their membership, but still occasionally check in and browse the site.

When a person registers for the first time, they are encouraged to engage with the entire product and preview paywall features through free trials.

During this initial period, they receive targeted discounts to upgrade from a basic membership. For lapsed customers, Intercom in-app messages prove especially powerful.

White Label Dating found that despite downgrading, lapsed customers continue to visit the dating sites, giving White Label Dating another opportunity to engage and incentivize them to reactivate their account.

In a recent campaign targeting lapsed customers, the in-app message had a 35% click-through rate, while, with a significantly higher send volume, the email channel achieved a .36% click through rate. In this campaign, in-app messages proved nearly 100x more effective in engaging customers.

Email continues to drive financial returns, but cannot match the strength of in-app messaging to connect with the customer in real time. Getting Customers to the Right site When a person joins one dating site but doesn't convert into a paying customer, White Label Dating uses Intercom to cross-promote and cross-register them to another site.

These in-app campaigns show that 16% to 33% will click through to explore another site, and between 6% to 11% will then cross-register. This additional revenue is recouped from customers that would have otherwise disengaged. Inciting Action with In-app Messages Apart from driving membership upgrades, in-app messages have also outperformed email in other customer engagement campaigns.

For instance, when encouraging members to upload a photo, in-app messages were 10x more effective than emails. The Lasting Value of Intercom Intercom already has a massive impact in terms of value to the company. In nine months, Intercom’s in-app messages have resulted in 12 thousand membership upgrades for White Label Dating, which translates to more than £1 million worth of additional revenue. Intercom now drives 5.2% of all monthly upgrades and 49% of all promotion-driven upgrades – a number that's expected to grow.

Looking ahead, White Label Dating plans to continue using Intercom to improve the customer experience by targeting points of friction, and utilize Intercom's support solution to help customers more meaningfully. “I don't think we really even scratched the surface with Intercom, truth be told. There are lots of elements to the Intercom system that we're not taking advantage of. One of the main reasons that we chose Intercom in the first place is to have flexibility and room to grow.

It's the beginning of the ride."

best white label dating login

best white label dating login - Is there any white label software for dating websites?

best white label dating login

Checked out all the Solutions & by far ‘Dating Framework’ seems the best. Its white labelled, superior in technology and comes with impressive mobile apps. Here is my knowledge on this: So, there are 2 types of White labelled dating software’s: • Hosted solutions ( SAAS based models ) • Install-able solutions ( You run on your server ) Un-fortunately all the hosted solutions are complicated in their business models ie. either you will need to meet a lot of their eligibility criteria, to even open an account with them —or— You would need to be in a constant fear of when they will ban you!

Once you are banned, all your effort so far on their platform goes down the drain :( Come on, you cant run a dating business on a constant fear of what will happen the next day to your site.

So, the best option to run a white labeled dating business is to get a good Install-able version and run it on your own server at your own terms - however you want it. The reason being, feature wise both these types of platforms offer the same features. The cost of running your dating business is all the more costly running on a hosted platform than on your own server. Now this brings up the question: • Will it be technically challenging to run a White labelled Dating software on your own server?

• Answer: Not at all. You just pay one time a small fee & get the software. The folks at the company itself install the dating software on your server & hand it over up-and-running. From there you just need to concentrate on your business and worry about nothing else.

The biggest advantage of using a downloadable dating software like “Dating Framework” is it also comes with fantastic mobile apps ( and the current dating industry is going towards Mobile apps ).

While hosted solutions have yet not figured out a clean way to provide your own mobile apps. Hope this helps :) One of the best is by far “DatingFactory” (and you don’t need web hosting to create a website with them). You have also the British service “WhiteLabelDating” (but more difficult to be approved, and you will need to create a “modern” landing page to promote their service in order to be approved. Finally, the commission rate is lower than DF.

The thing I don’t like with SaaS dating builder is that you don’t own any data (even not the users’ emails), so if they decide for some reason to ban you account or to close their business, you end up with nothing, absolutely nothing and your business is just dead. You can however own your own dating website quite easily with a “dating script” such as Dolphin or pH7CMS (“pH7CMS” is more appropriate for dating web apps than Dolphin).

P.S. “HubPeople” is the newest in the industry, and I never had the chance to try it. There are three major ways one can have a dating website done.

1. Build it from scratch 2. Go for a SaaS solution (software as a service) 3. Use turnkey software and build from that From the way you worded your question, you probably ruled out the #1 already, as it requires a lot of spare money. The second method, a hosted white label solution, is good for gaining experience or for proving a hypothesis and checking if the proposed target audience will actually be interested in your dating service or not.

You get a website with a ready database of members, and basically all you need to do is use your marketing and promotion skills to bring the traffic. You will also have to share revenue with the service provider, of which the most prominent are White Label Dating (run by Venntro Media Group) and Dating Factory (originally based in Switzerland and later acquired by Agile Wings Ltd). The number three, turnkey dating scripts are something of an in-between solution. They let you save money on the development, and focus on promotion instead.

You stay independent and decide for yourself whether you want to run a free website, or whether you want to charge users for certain services and memberships, and if you do, you have full control over the tariffs.

Also, you see from the very start what you will be getting, you can play around with the demo of a ready website or app. Consider , , , or if you’re into WordPress.

There are other options as well, but these are the most popular and dating-oriented. Hope this helps.

best white label dating login

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