Best you dating love you songs to tell your husband youre pregnant

best you dating love you songs to tell your husband youre pregnant

Wanna know some ways you can tell your boyfriend you're pregnant? Here are just a few ways to do so! Been looking for bad/creative/good ways of telling your .

best you dating love you songs to tell your husband youre pregnant

I’m 99 percent sure that my pregnancy days are all behind me, but I’m still surrounded by ladies having babies. In the past two years, I’ve had one friend who wasn’t trying, two who were trying, and one who was sort of “Whatever happens happens” all get pregnant. And guess what? They’re all considering having one more baby. My best friend is definitely planning to have a fourth baby, and we’ve been thinking of fun ways for her to announce the pregnancy to her husband.

As an experienced father and an ER doctor, he’s seen just about all there is to see when it comes to pregnancy and babies. With three kiddos already in the family, my friend is going to have to get pretty crafty to surprise him. You can imagine how giddy she was when I mentioned I was researching creative ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant. As I gathered more and more ideas, I read down the growing list and we discussed the logistics of pulling off each one.

Let’s just say, that husband of hers is in for a surprise the next go round. If you, or a baby-loving friend, are dreaming of the pitter patter of little feet, then check out these creative ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant.

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best you dating love you songs to tell your husband youre pregnant

best you dating love you songs to tell your husband youre pregnant - 3 Ways to Tell Your Husband That You Are Pregnant

best you dating love you songs to tell your husband youre pregnant

28 Shares Photo Credit: The Whimsical Photographer Y ou have checked and double-checked, in fact you probably tested with 3 home pregnancy kits and still aren’t sure that you believe it. You’re pregnant! Before you start buying your nursery furniture online, you have to tell those who mean the most to you! Here we have compiled a variety of ways, some popular and some original, for you to surprise your sweetie or family with this important news.

Image Credit: Telling Dad-to-Be • Let your husband know that soon he won’t be the only one watching the big game. Present him with a onesie that sports his favorite team logo.

My husband would love this • See how long it takes him to get the hint when you surprise him with a funny book or movie about pregnancy. will give you both a good laugh after celebrating your excitement.

Or boost his ego with the book, ! • We all know how much guys love t-shirts. Sure, you tried to make him get rid of all of those fraternity or obscure band t-shirts, but to no avail. For once you can fuel his addiction by buying your man a t-shirt that lets him, and the world, know of your surprise. This gets the point across without being too cheesy. • Next time you and your husband are out at the mall or the movie theater drag him into the photobooth. He will assume you just want cute kissing photos but you can surprise him with your positive pregnancy test and let the photobooth do the work of capturing his reaction on film.

Later, you can copy the strip of photos and send them to out of town relatives and friends as your pregnancy announcement. • Have you seen the Sharpie coffee mugs on Pinterest? We think they are absolutely darling! If your man likes to begin his morning with a cup of joe, have a personalized mug waiting for him by the coffee pot with the words “you + me = baby” printed on it. Don’t feel particularly crafty? This requires no effort, just place it in the cupboard with his usual assortment of mugs and watch as his expression changes from confused to surprised!

• Who doesn’t love a good movie, especially if they are the star! Make a slideshow from photos of you and your husband. Let it detail your entire relationship: from friends to lovers to husband and wife, and at the end be sure to include a photo of your positive pregnancy test. • Do you and your man do the grocery shopping together? Fill your grocery cart with prenatal vitamins and parenting magazines and see just how long it takes him to realize what you are doing.

• Pull out your video camera, or turn on the video feature on your iPhone and have your husband record you “saying hello to your out-of-town relatives” or “singing a song to your best friend” but shock him before you begin by telling him that you are pregnant. This approach works to get his reaction without making him suspicious since he is the one holding the camera. • Like we mentioned above, no man can resist a t-shirt, nor can he resist humor.

Combine the two and wear a shirt that will break the news for you. Thiswill bring a smile to any face! Telling Your Families Unlike planning a surprise for your guy, you don’t have to go about this announcement on your own! Team up with your man to create the perfect surprise for your families using these tips. Image Credit: The Whimsical Photographer • Use a holiday like Christmas, Easter, or Valentine’s Day to give a gift bag of baby items.

Mother’s Day cards are made even more special when they are addressed to “Grandma.” It may take your mom a minute to realize what you are trying to say but when she understands you won’t soon forget the joy on her face!

• Set a place for baby at the table during a family dinner. Or during Thanksgiving sharing, mention how thankful you are for the new addition to the family. • Are your parents music fans? Create a mix CD of their favorite tunes and some new ones they might like. At the end of the CD record you and your spouse announcing your pregnancy. Not only will this be an exciting reveal for them, but it is also a memento they can keep long after baby is born. • Do you already have children?

Let them announce the new member of the family! This is particularly adorable! • If you don’t have kids already, but still like the idea of the shirt doing the talking, use that you got for your husband! • Tell your mom you picked up a new outfit & ask if she likes it.

When you open up the shopping bag, you pull out baby onesies and socks. Don’t know the sex yet? Use these gender neutral and for the reveal. • Is your family always taking photos at family gatherings? Get the whole family together for a photo and take a few of the family smiling or making crazy faces but on the last photo say “We’re Pregnant!” Don’t get so caught up in the excitement that you forget to catch that moment on camera!

• When driving out to lunch or to the mall, pull into the Expectant Mothers parking space and watch the reaction on your mom’s face as she tells you that you can’t park there. Smile smugly and tell her that, in fact, you can! • Use a ! Take a cute picture of you and your husband holding your sonogram, positive pregnancy test, or a pair of empty baby shoes and put it on a bar of chocolate!

Your family won’t turn down a delicious bar of chocolate and it makes your surprise even more delicious. How did you announce your pregnancy? Let us know in the comment section! Image Credit: With our first my husband told me!

I took the test, then let it sit on the counter while I took a shower. He busted in the bathroom and looked at the test. He pulled the shower curtain back and with his cute little grin asked “what does this mean?” While holding up the test! It was so cute that he was that excited! The next one I want to surprise him by having our daughter wear a cute shirt that says something about being a big sister. I tested Christmas Eve morning.

Since hubby and I were exchanging our gifts early before driving to our parents’ houses, I used that opportunity. I had his favorite book from his childhood. I wrapped it and gave it to him as the very last gift, but didn’t put a gift tag on it. (I always leave silly to/from names.) So when he opened it, he was happy but confused to get the book. I told him to see if there was an inscription or something that would tell him who it was from.

Inside the front cover, I had written “Daddy, will you read this to me, when I arrive? Love, your baby.” (Little did I guess that me/I should have been us/we and your baby should have been your twin babies!) When we decided to tell my mom we went over to her house and put a bun in her oven and told her to come to the kitchen we got a surprise for you but you have to find it.when she finally found it she was confused and asked why we put a bun in her oven and kept repeating it.after about a min she got it and was hugging me and crying.

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best you dating love you songs to tell your husband youre pregnant

Pregnancy is one of most amazing phases in the life of a woman that brings immeasurable happiness. It is the fruit of love and a beautiful relationship. And when you realize you are pregnant, there is every joy in surprising your husband with the news about the baby junior! But are you looking for ideas to surprise husband with pregnancy? Although the internet is flooded with different ways to surprise husbands with pregnancy, we compile the most popular and the real jaw-droppers.

Pick your favourite out of these ideas to surprise your husband with pregnancy and have fun! Give The Pregnancy Test Kit As Gift: If you are good with words, then there is nothing like it. You can always have a poem or a write up that is interesting, romantic and at the same time informs him of your pregnancy.

Writing it down has always been one of the classy ways to tell your husband you are pregnant. On how you play with words, will depend on your creativity and ideas. You may just want to put it up in simple words like, “So, are you ready for the little surprise coming your way?” or may be “Are you ready for awesome threesome?” or point your finger to his slightly outgrown tummy and say, “so do you also have a baby in there?” See More: Write It Down: If you are good with words, then there is nothing like it.

You can always have a poem or a write up that is interesting, romantic and at the same time informs him of your pregnancy. Writing it down has always been one of the classy ways to tell your husband you are pregnant. On how you play with words, will depend on your creativity and ideas. Pick Up a Memorable Place: This will vary from person to person as to which place is going to be memorable for them.

There are some who would want to go to their favourite restaurant and break the news while having a romantic dinner and then there are others who would want to go to their religious place to share the news.

There are innumerable places that can be picked for a good memory where telling your husband that you are pregnant is concerned. See More: Give Him Daddy-Baby Stuff: By giving your husband some daddy gear for the baby, he will definitely understand what you want to say without using words.

This is supposed to be quite an interesting, romantic and simple way to pass on the good message to your spouse. Plan and buy daddy gear which you think he will love. There are daddy mugs, aprons, t-shirts and a lot more for your help. Baby shoes and t-shirts can also be brought and gifted to him. This is an effective way to achieve your aim.

Plan Surprises: There are more than a thousand and one surprises that one can think of to announce their pregnancy. For example, while having dinner on the dining table, you can always put a third small plate on one seat and let him make the guess. There are many other surprises that can be planned depending upon how you think. This is a good way to pass on the message to the spouse. See More: Give Him the Reports: For those who are not sure of their husband’s reaction, it is best not to plan anything and be straight forward about it.

Give him the reports that say you are pregnant and wait for him to react. However, it is advised that you be a good listener and see what he has to say. Do not react before he does. It is one of the practical ways to pass on the news. When it is the best thing happening to the two of you, why not play up some more and make it the most memorable announcement?

From the list of ways to tell your husband you are pregnant, pick the best one that inspires you and play it up! Happy pregnancy! Image Source: Shutterstock

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