Dating best romantic comedies 2015 rotten tomatoes

dating best romantic comedies 2015 rotten tomatoes

The romantic comedy is a genre that will probably never wear out as the best films capture the foibles and frustrations of modern relationships with an ease and humor that can keep anyone entertained. The best romantic comedies on Netflix consist of films now considered either cult or mainstream classics. Below are the best romantic comedies on Netflix and their worldwide availability, sorted by their average IMDb rating. 10. Save the Last Dance (2001) Release date on Netflix: August 17, 2015 Director: Lorene Scafaria Runtime: 1 hour 41 minutes IMDb Rating: 6.7 Rotten Tomatoes Score: 55% Streaming on: Netflix Australia, France, Germany, South Korea. Unfortunately, this movie is no longer available for streaming on Netflix US, but you can watch it through Netflix’s DVD service.

dating best romantic comedies 2015 rotten tomatoes

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dating best romantic comedies 2015 rotten tomatoes

dating best romantic comedies 2015 rotten tomatoes - Rotten Tomatoes: Best Romantic Comedies

dating best romantic comedies 2015 rotten tomatoes

We all know how it goes. Girl meets boy, or boy meets girl - sometimes it’s at a high-school, or at work. Sometimes, the girl already has a boy; sometimes the boy and girl have been friends for so long it’s impossible to imagine anything between the two. In some instances, the boys disguise themselves as women and the girl really can’t imagine herself being in a relationship with either of them.

Whatever the set-up, a good romantic comedy is one that captures you wholly while you watch it and leaves you thinking about the meaning of love for hours after it’s over. In a romantic comedy, the pursuit of love is a guarantee and we generally know how it ends, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy getting there.

At Stacker, we poured through data on hundreds of movies, leveraging a combination of IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes scores to create a list of the best romantic comedies of all time. From classics like Some Like It Hot to modern spins such as Easy A, we’re confident this is a list you will be able to draw from, no matter the state of your love life. To you, from Stacker, with love. • Stacker Score: 66.50 IMDb rating: 6.6 Tomatometer: 68% A suave dating coach (Will Smith) helps awkward, love-frustrated men find their groove and woo the women of their dreams.

After befriending one of his clients (Kevin James), the two are tested in a number of ways, resulting in a middle of the road rom-com that entertains but doesn’t quite push the envelope for the genre. • Stacker Score: 66.75 IMDb rating: 6.6 Tomatometer: 69% Nora Ephron writes wonderful romantic comedies, and the ones featuring both Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are among the most enjoyable.

“You’ve Got Mail” follows two people who are in an online relationship but have no idea the roles they play in each other’s day-to-day lives: business rivals. • Stacker Score: 66.75 IMDb rating: 6.6 Tomatometer: 69% A California creative (Justin Timberlake) moves to the big apple after being recruited by a headhunter (Mila Kunis), begging the age-old question… Can two people have an intimate relationship without “being in a relationship”?

Full of laughs and classic performances from the A-list cast, this has been one of the must-see’s so far from the 21st century’s rom-coms. • Stacker Score: 67.00 IMDb rating: 6.6 Tomatometer: 70% An elegant Woody Allen release, “Café Society” has 70% on Rotten Tomatoes but wasn’t as favored among audiences.

Nevertheless, if you love early Hollywood flicks this is for you: it takes place in the 1930s, when Bobby Dorfman decides to move from New York City to Hollywood on a discontented whim.

• Stacker Score: 67.00 IMDb rating: 6.8 Tomatometer: 64% Steve Carell is a single-father in “Dan in Real Life,” who becomes unfortunately infatuated with his brother’s new girlfriend while on a trip to their Rhode Island family home. At once bittersweet and warm, “Dan in Real Life” is a good romantic comedy for the days when a melancholic edge feels like a perfect addition to your rom-com cravings.

• Stacker Score: 67.75 IMDb rating: 7.1 Tomatometer: 58% Originally a novel, “It's Kind of a Funny Story” is an eccentric film about unexpected love between two teens in a psychiatric hospital. It’s possible the novel is better than the adaptation, but “It's Kind of a Funny Story” is still worth a watch for its content and portrayal of mental illnesses.

• Stacker Score: 67.75 IMDb rating: 7.0 Tomatometer: 61% Prostitute turned escort turned love interest, “Pretty Woman” is exactly the kind of movie you watch when you want to actively cheer for your protagonist - especially when played by Julia Roberts.

While not a movie of much critical acclaim, you would be hard-pressed to find a romantic comedy list that didn’t feature “Pretty Woman.” • Stacker Score: 68.00 IMDb rating: 6.7 Tomatometer: 71% There are many romantic comedies that feature young, burgeoning love, and less that highlight middle-aged couples who have some life experience to color their romance. “Something’s Gotta Give” does just that.

With Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton to up the ante, “Something’s Gotta Give” is witty, and a welcome relief to adult romance movies. • Stacker Score: 69.00 IMDb rating: 6.8 Tomatometer: 72% Now that Harry Potter is officially over, Daniel Radcliffe has the freedom to pursue other projects: such as this 2013 Canadian romantic comedy that follows two best friends who begin, slowly, to have feelings for each other.

Touching and unexpected, it’s exciting to see Radcliffe in a role that doesn’t involve him waving a wand around. • Stacker Score: 69.00 IMDb rating: 6.8 Tomatometer: 72% Commercially, “Sleepless in Seattle” was a hit with over $220 million worldwide (equivalent to over $380 million today). Critically, it was also enjoyed, although it didn’t receive any major awards.

A Nora Ephron favorite, combined with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, including this movie on the list was a no-brainer. • Stacker Score: 69.25 IMDb rating: 7.2 Tomatometer: 61% A modernization of Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew,” “10 Things I Hate About You” is the type of film you can watch over and over again. It stars Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles, both of whom perfectly capture the archetypes laid out for them. Funny, warm, and just edgy enough to remain interesting, it’s a movie for any day.

• Stacker Score: 69.50 IMDb rating: 6.5 Tomatometer: 83% At times a mockery of corporate culture, “In Good Company” is a fun, easy to watch romantic comedy. The film stars Dennis Quaid as an aging advertising executive forced to confront a significantly younger boss (Topher Grace), who simultaneously pursues his daughter (Scarlett Johansson). • Stacker Score: 69.75 IMDb rating: 7.3 Tomatometer: 60% If you’re sick of the mainstream stuff and looking for an independent romantic comedy, “Stuck in Love” just may be the movie for you.

Complex family relationships are at the heart of this film, making it one of the most drama-heavy entries on this list. • Stacker Score: 69.75 IMDb rating: 7.0 Tomatometer: 69% For some, the American Dream can be as simple as finding the love of your life - at least according to the crown prince of Zamunda (a fictional African nation), Akeem Joffer, played by Eddie Murphy. He travels to America in search of a wife, experiencing many adventures along the way.

• Stacker Score: 70.00 IMDb rating: 7.3 Tomatometer: 61% “The Terminal” almost didn’t make this list because it doesn’t fit the ideal mold of romantic comedy, but in the end, any movie with Tom Hanks and a good story was good enough for us. It follows a man who becomes trapped in New York’s John F. Kennedy airport as he is at once deported from the United States and unable to leave because of a military coup in his native country. • Stacker Score: 70.25 IMDb rating: 6.7 Tomatometer: 80% With a worldwide box office gross of over $182 million, “While You Were Sleeping” is one of those movies that is everything you want it to be at all the right moments.

A feel-good, at times surprising, romantic comedy, “While You Were Sleeping” shows Sandra Bullock at her most winsome. • Stacker Score: 71.25 IMDb rating: 6.8 Tomatometer: 81% Everyone knows what it feels like to be painfully single. That’s how “Man Up” opens, making it completely believable that 34-year-old Nancy allows herself to be mistaken for a man’s blind date.

The film takes place over just a one day, nevertheless creating an incredibly engaging, humorous story of how meeting your match can be entirely unexpected. • Stacker Score: 71.25 IMDb rating: 6.7 Tomatometer: 84% A box office hit in 1988, “Working Girl” has a star-studded cast of Harrison Ford, Sigourney Weaver, and Melanie Griffith. Melanie Griffith is incredibly relatable as protagonist Tess McGill, roping you into her chances for success, and moments of failure.

• Stacker Score: 71.25 IMDb rating: 7.0 Tomatometer: 75% Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn team up in “Wedding Crashers” to produce a romantic comedy with humor similar to that of “Zoolander” or “Blades of Glory.” This is a film guaranteed to leave you laughing, and rooting for the love interests of both protagonists. • Stacker Score: 71.50 IMDb rating: 6.7 Tomatometer: 85% As much about the friendship of two girls as it is about the love they seek, “Bend It Like Beckham” is about two female soccer players who both develop feelings for their coach.

Touching and funny, “Bend It Like Beckham” is a must-see for anyone looking to enjoy themselves. • Stacker Score: 74.00 IMDb rating: 7.1 Tomatometer: 83% “Notting Hill” broke records for the highest-grossing romantic comedy in America the weekend of its release. Its popularity prevails, almost a decade after its release, in part because of its timeless story: Hollywood starlet falls in love with English book clerk, and the rest is history.

• Stacker Score: 74.00 IMDb rating: 7.1 Tomatometer: 83% If you want a romantic comedy that rests heavily on the comedic side of the equation, “There’s Something About Mary” is definitely the film for you.

Witty and raunchy, with a cast featuring Cameron Diaz and Ben Stiller, it’s a movie that will entertain under most any circumstances. • Stacker Score: 74.50 IMDb rating: 7.2 Tomatometer: 82% “Better Off Dead” confronts the painful reality of having your heart broken as a teenager.

If the title doesn’t give it away, “Better Off Dead” follows a young man (John Cusack) through high-school immediately after his sweetheart dumps him for the captain of the ski team. Yes: it is as good as it sounds. • Stacker Score: 74.50 IMDb rating: 7.1 Tomatometer: 85% A modern twist on the much-loved novel “The Scarlet Letter,” this one features an engaging performance from Emma Stone as a young woman instantly labeled as promiscuous once rumor gets out that she lost her virginity to a college-aged guy over the summer...except she didn’t.

Touching, funny, and at times deeply unfair, “Easy A” is a must-see. • Stacker Score: 75.00 IMDb rating: 7.4 Tomatometer: 78% This may be one of the most thoroughly enjoyable films released in the 21st century.

It follows a few different storylines, all of which feature characters earnestly seeking love, acceptance, and some unexpected twists along the way. The humor of Steve Carell transforms “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” from just “fun” to laugh out loud funny. • Stacker Score: 75.25 IMDb rating: 7.0 Tomatometer: 91% It’s about time a fairytale made the list. Or, at the very least, fairytale-inspired. Not to mention, it stars Drew Barrymore. If you’re not already sold, consider “Ever After: A Cinderella Story” is set in Renaissance-era France, costumes and all.

Happy watching. • Stacker Score: 75.25 IMDb rating: 7.2 Tomatometer: 85% Jason Segel wrote “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and you can hear him in every line. A deeply funny story about a heartbroken man who vacations to distract himself from thoughts of his ex-girlfriend - only to find her, in Hawaii, with her new rock star boyfriend.

• Stacker Score: 75.50 IMDb rating: 7.2 Tomatometer: 86% This is arguably more a coming-of-age story than a romantic comedy, but “Sixteen Candles” is so good that editorial discretion demanded it have a place on this list. If you love coming-of-age stories but are in the mood for more of a romance, this may be your ideal combination.

• Stacker Score: 75.75 IMDb rating: 7.2 Tomatometer: 87% It’s near-impossible for Marilyn Monroe to have starred in a film that doesn’t produce at least one iconic moment, and “The Seven Year Itch” is no different. Even if “The Seven Year Itch” wasn’t a charming, entertaining romantic comedy, it would be worth watching to see Monroe on a subway grate in her white dress, creating one of the most notable images of 20th-century cinema.

• Stacker Score: 75.75 IMDb rating: 7.4 Tomatometer: 81% We warn you: the premise is a little unsettling. “Lars and the Real Girl” is about a man called Lars and...well, a sex doll. It’s worth the cringey moments, though - Ryan Gosling is talented enough to make Lars an endearing, likable character and the resulting story is one sure to stay with you. • Stacker Score: 76.25 IMDb rating: 7.1 Tomatometer: 92% If you want cold, hard proof that Nicholas Cage was once in a romantic comedy that was actually good, this is your chance.

The fifth-highest grossing film of 1987, “Moonstruck” didn’t win Cage any awards, but Cher won an Oscar for Best Actress. • Stacker Score: 78.50 IMDb rating: 7.2 Tomatometer: 98% Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” is for everyone.

Marilyn Monroe’s performance is iconic: both her and Jane Russell put their hand and foot prints in cement outside the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre following the release of this film. • Stacker Score: 79.75 IMDb rating: 7.7 Tomatometer: 88% Audrey Hepburn’s most memorable role is one that has withstood the test of time.

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” can be referenced by almost anyone over the age of 20; the iconic image of Hepburn as Holly, elegantly clutching an oversized cigarette holder, should carry this movie through the 21st century. • Stacker Score: 80.00 IMDb rating: 7.4 Tomatometer: 98% If you like young love, this is the movie for you.

Cameron Crowe’s directorial debut follows the romance between a high-school valedictorian and an aspiring kickboxer. Parents try to keep them apart, studies often get in the way, and beneath it all is the tension of two kids desperately trying to figure out what love means. • Stacker Score: 80.50 IMDb rating: 7.7 Tomatometer: 91% One of many Woody Allen films to make this list, “The Purple Rose of Cairo” is a classic Allen mix of fantasy, love, and humor.

Allen considers it one of his finest pieces of writing - he gained an Oscar nomination for this quirky piece and won multiple other awards (including a BAFTA) for his writing. • Stacker Score: 80.50 IMDb rating: 7.7 Tomatometer: 91% Although Harrison Ford starred in the 1995 remake of “Sabrina,” we have to give the candle to the 1954 original.

With a cast including Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart and a Rotten Tomatoes score of 91%, this is a classic romance that features some of Hepburn’s finest moments. • Stacker Score: 81.00 IMDb rating: 7.7 Tomatometer: 93% Fun fact: “Midnight in Paris” is Woody Allen’s highest-grossing film at $151 million worldwide.

A screenwriter (Owen Wilson) finds himself in Paris with his fiancee when the unthinkable happens; at midnight, he finds himself able to travel back to the 20s.

This is the movie for anyone who likes their romantic comedy mixed with a bit of fantasy. • Stacker Score: 81.50 IMDb rating: 8.0 Tomatometer: 86% A crowd favorite with sometimes dark humor, “Harold and Maude” toys with macabre themes as it follows Harold Chasen (Bud Cort) through his existential crisis and obsession with death. Harold finds a kindred spirit in 79 year-old Maude, who helps him stage faked murders and shares his passion for attending strangers funerals.

• Stacker Score: 81.50 IMDb rating: 7.8 Tomatometer: 92% Originally a book, “Silver Linings Playbook” features Bradley Cooper as a man with bipolar disorder who engages in a dance partnership with a young woman with depression and no filter (Jennifer Lawrence) to win back his wife. Although it was feared she was too young for the role, Lawrence ended up with an Academy Award for her part. • Stacker Score: 81.75 IMDb rating: 7.9 Tomatometer: 90% If you love the Irish countryside - or anything about Ireland, really - this is a must-see.

John Wayne steps away from the desert to film this movie about an Irish-born American who returns to Ireland to explore his familial ties; with 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s clear Wayne made a good choice in his experimentation.

• Stacker Score: 83.25 IMDb rating: 7.9 Tomatometer: 96% Spoiler: this is the last movie produced in the 21st century to take place on this list. From here on out it’s Hollywood classics, so a French comedy-drama that’s won more awards than any other French film is a perfect bonsoir to the romantic comedies of the 21st century. • Stacker Score: 83.75 IMDb rating: 8.0 Tomatometer: 95% Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant are an unbeatable combination in this screwball comedy - and, fortunately, not the last time the pair make this list.

The film was over-budget at the time, and some even considered it a flop, but it’s comedic timing ensure a lifelong placement on everyone’s favorite rom-com list. • Stacker Score: 84.00 IMDb rating: 8.0 Tomatometer: 96% Now a Bill Murray favorite, when “Groundhog Day” was released in 1993 it was a comparatively modest hit.

Being trapped in the same day for the rest of your life is everyone’s nightmare - but being able to do everything over again, until it’s perfect, is a dream come true. Maybe that’s part of the reason “Groundhog Day” remains captivating to this day. • Stacker Score: 85.00 IMDb rating: 8.0 Tomatometer: 100% After a series of flops and categorization as “box office poison” (an infamous phrase assigned to many actresses in the 40s), Katharine Hepburn was so certain of this film’s success she forwent a salary to take a percentage of its profits.

Her confidence played out; “The Philadelphia Story” grossed $38.3 million at the box office (over $300 million today) and is a much-loved addition to this list.

• Stacker Score: 85.25 IMDb rating: 8.1 Tomatometer: 98% Audrey Hepburn, of course, makes the top ten. For her performance in “Roman Holiday” she won an Academy Award for Best Actress. The film was so successful in the 50s that talks of a sequel were tossed around - unfortunately for us, that never came to fruition. • Stacker Score: 85.25 IMDb rating: 8.4 Tomatometer: 89% Recently adapted into a Broadway musical, “Amélie” is a film you either love or you hate.

Fortunately, the majority love. A French romantic comedy, “Amélie” follows a fanciful girl around France on her trip to return a box of memorabilia to a child she’s never met.

• Stacker Score: 85.50 IMDb rating: 8.3 Tomatometer: 93% One of the last black-and-white romantic comedies to land success before Hollywood’s foray into technicolor, with a $25 million box office gross and ten Oscar nominations, “The Apartment” was received well by audiences at the time and remains a tenant of romantic comedies to this day.

• Stacker Score: 86.00 IMDb rating: 8.2 Tomatometer: 98% “It Happened One Night” is one classic on this list that was instantly recognized: it was the first movie to win Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress and Screenplay at the Academy Awards.

Ironically, Claudette Colbert was initially dissatisfied with the film. • Stacker Score: 86.25 IMDb rating: 8.3 Tomatometer: 96% Another classic, “Some Like It Hot” stands out for keeping the core elements of a romantic comedy while playing with what were, at the time, very progressive ideas.

Dressing men in drag and sticking Marilyn Monroe in the middle? It’s no wonder the film grossed $40 million at the box office (equivalent to over $300 million today). • Stacker Score: 87.25 IMDb rating: 8.3 Tomatometer: 100% Although only a modest success at the time of its release, any romantic-comedy list that didn’t include this film today would be ridiculed.

An insightful, concise Hollywood classic, it is no wonder “Singin’ in the Rain” has a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes. • Stacker Score: 89.00 IMDb rating: 8.6 Tomatometer: 98% Hailed by some as the original romantic comedy, Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights is considered one of his greatest works - and one of the greatest films of all time. It may not be the romantic comedy genre we’re familiar with today, but there is no doubt Chaplin is at his finest in this touching, hilarious love story of a tramp who falls in love with a blind flower girl.

The 21st century would do well to produce a rom-com of this caliber.

dating best romantic comedies 2015 rotten tomatoes

Created by . Favorited 14 times, disliked 0 times, added to 25 watchlists. With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, we at RT are aware you’ve probably already thought of picking up flowers and candy for that special someone.

However, if you’re looking for the perfect cinematic Cupid’s arrow, we’re here to help, in the form of RT’s Best Romantic Comedies! Nothing caps a romantic Valentine’s Day like watching glamorous couples fall in love -- often while trading witty barbs. And if you find yourself dateless, don’t despair: the likes of Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Woody Allen, and Meg Ryan make for good company. However, determining what made the cut wasn’t without its complications (kinda like love itself).

We utilized a weighted system that factors in both Tomatometer and number of reviews, and each movie needed 30 reviews to qualify.

Given the fact there’s hardly a lack of romance and comedy in the movies, we decided to winnow our candidates down to lighthearted films that primarily focus on love affairs. So dim the lights, pop the bubbly, and get cozy with our compendium of the best reviewed romantic comedies of all time!

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