Dating best romantic comedy on netflix now

dating best romantic comedy on netflix now

Here, we compiled some of the best romantic movies on Netflix in every category from indie tearjerkers to feel-good musical films. You can stream them all from your couch right now You're not going to watch an existential tearjerker on your second date, but you might screen a sexy road trip flick from the couch. There are so many good movies out there in the world, but there's a time and a place to watch each. Below, we compiled the best romantic movies that you can stream right now (they're all on Netflix!) that suit every occasion—from classic comedies to a musical filled with iconic actors. A Musical Rom-Com Worth Watching Over and Over: 'Mamma Mia!'

dating best romantic comedy on netflix now

Advertisement Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or just another day spent with your loved one, there’s no better way to end the night than by watching a bit of Netflix and chilling. Netflix has dozens of romantic comedies just waiting for people like you to sit down and tune in when the mood takes you. But which ones should you actually watch?

If you want to end the night well, the worst thing you can do is pick a terrible title. Want something lighthearted and happy? Or maybe you’d prefer one that’s more serious, realistic, and dramatic? Whichever side of the fence you’re on, Every time Netflix increases its prices, millions of binge-watching users balk at the prospect of paying a couple of dollars more. But this is dumb, because Netflix is an absolute steal.. 1. (2007) IMDb: 7.7 | RT: 76% Often called a spiritual successor to cult-classic The Princess Bride, Stardust is a wild and crazy fantasy adventure that’s exceptional for its well-realized setting and wonderful characters.

But at its very core, Stardust is a love story. Starring Charlie Cox, Claire Danes, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Robert De Niro, the performances are wonderful all around — and that comes on top of witty dialogue and a self-awareness of its own genre that keeps it from taking itself too seriously. There’s so much to love about this film, most of all that it’s the kind of film Thanksgiving is a time to reconnect with family, eat too much food, and...

watch films together on Netflix. We may have just made that last one up, but you're here aren't you?!. 2. (2003) IMDb: 7.6 | RT: 63% Love Actually is the quintessential romantic comedy, comprised of an ensemble cast that spans 10 different plotlines that somehow manage to come together and tie up into a satisfying ending in just over two hours.

What I love about this film is how it touches on the many different kinds and phases of love: love may not always end happily, but when it does, it’s the sweetest part of life. For maximum enjoyment, treat this film like a summer blockbuster: take it for what it is and don’t think about it too hard. 3. (2017) IMDb: 7.3 | RT: 71% Did Beauty and the Beast really need a remake? Not really. But all things considered, this one was nowhere near as terrible as it could have been.

It brought new life to an old tale yet still managed to stay faithful to the original story. My only recommendation is to set aside any expectation of the film tickling your nostalgia bone. If you’re going to spend the entire two-hour runtime comparing it to the original, you may as well save yourself the headache and skip it altogether. 4. Definitely, Maybe (2008) IMDb: 7.2 | RT: 71% Definitely, Maybe sets itself apart from other lesser rom-coms with its captivating cast and commitment to character-driven drama.

The story centers on a young daughter who incessantly asks her father how he ended up with her mother, who are in the process of divorcing. It’s far from perfect, mind you, but the strong performances from Ryan Reynolds and Abigail Breslin will carry you along and keep you invested. Here’s a film with lots of heart, and at the end of the day, isn’t that all that matters in matters of love? 5. Wedding Crashers (2005) IMDb: 7.0 | RT: 75% In Wedding Crashers, a womanizer falls in love and seeks to reform his womanizing ways.

It may not be the most original plot, but it’s executed well and results in a remarkably memorable film. Not to mention the film is downright hilarious! Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson have incredible chemistry as starring buddies and they’re a pleasure to watch. Just note that Wedding Crashers earns its R rating with copious amounts of crude, vulgar, and raunchy humor. This is no family-friendly film. 6. Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001) IMDb: 6.7 | RT: 81% For some reason, Bridget Jones’s Diary gets more praise from critics than regular watchers like you and me, but it’s a satisfying watch.

Starring Renee Zellweger, Hugh Grant, and Colin Firth, this book-turned-film is full of charm and likable characters. There was some controversy over the casting of Zellweger for the role of Bridget Jones because many believed that Jones, a British character, should be played by a British actress.

However, it all blew over when Zellweger delivered a quality performance, resulting in a sympathetic character who’s easy to root for. Without a doubt, this is one of the There is so much content on Netflix it's difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff. This article offers a helping hand, counting down the 100 best movies you should watch on Netflix right now..

7. (2012) IMDb: 6.7 | RT: 55% It sounds weird to have a romantic comedy set during the last days of Earth, but Seeking a Friend for the End of the World manages to run with the idea and end up in a satisfying place. In essence, it’s an exploration of what people do when faced with such a scenario.

The film stars Steve Carell and Keira Knightley, and both bring solid performances that bring a lot of heart to what could have been an otherwise bland and predictable journey. The film also packs an emotional punch that’s stronger than you might expect going in. 8. (2005) IMDb: 6.6 | RT: 68% Hitch stars Will Smith, and he’s as charming and delightful as ever in his role as a love guru who can help others find true love, but can’t win the girl of his dreams.

Eva Mendes plays the target of his affections, and Kevin James brings a healthy dose of humor as Smith’s hopeless client. It’s a predictable premise right from the start, but that doesn’t prevent Hitch from delivering a solid, heartwarming story that hits all of the right notes for Valentine’s Day and beyond. It’s nothing special, but it’s easy to watch and easy to love. 9. (2017) IMDb: 6.5 | RT: 86% The Incredible Jessica James won’t knock your socks off with its standard, predictable, low-key narrative and characters.

But it’s fun! Jessica Williams brings her best performance as Jessica James, elevating a potential dud into a pleasantly watchable film. The story’s a simple one: recently split-up woman hits it off with a recently divorced man, but things get complicated when their pasts meet up with them.

Can they overcome their hindrances? You’ll have to watch to find out. Note that The Incredible Jessica James was produced and released by Netflix, proving that Not all of the original Netflix movies are good, of course, but many of them are.

Here are some of the best original films that Netflix has funded to date.. 10. (2015) IMDb: 6.5 | RT: 63% Sleeping With Other People is an independent film that puts a twist on the traditional rom-com premise: two serial cheaters meet by happenstance years after having a one-night stand, pledge to remain just friends, but find that much harder than they thought.

Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie are awesome in their roles, and the story is a breath of fresh air among all the other cliched rom-coms out there. 11. (2011) IMDb: 6.3 | RT: 79% Chalet Girl is a lesser-known, oft-overlooked film that is surprisingly polarizing as far as critics are concerned. If you enjoy films that are silly and corny and well aware of it, then you’ll love this one.

If you need depth and something more, then you may want to skip this one. Chalet Girl stars Felicity Jones, who brings a lot of energy to her role, and if there’s one thing that everyone praises about this film, it’s her cheery performance.

Do you want to end your Valentine’s Day on a light, upbeat note? Then this is the one for you. 12. (2013) IMDb: 6.1 | RT: 83% Starring Olivia Wilde, Jake Johnson, Anna Kendrick, and Ron Livingston, Drinking Buddies is not the kind of romantic comedy you’d expect from a film with its name. It has elements of romance and comedy, but it’s first and foremost a drama — and that’s what makes it so compelling. Drinking Buddies has a lot in common with films like 500 Days of Summer and 50/50: a low-key premise that’s brought to life by strong performances and a non-traditional narrative.

There’s a bittersweet undercurrent here that really sets it apart as a movie worth watching, even if it isn’t stereotypical Valentine’s fare. Which Romantic Comedies Top Your List?

Are you more inclined to watch movies that are funny, silly, and corny? Or do you prefer films that are more serious and dramatic? Either way, Netflix has a lot to offer, so start queuing them up in your to-watch list already! And remember that Netflix is great for other holidays too. Keep that in mind the next time you’re or when you need Tired of digging through Netflix for the good stuff?

Here are the best Christmas movies on Netflix to watch this holiday season.. Which of these films will you be watching this Valentine’s Day? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below! Explore more about: , , .

dating best romantic comedy on netflix now

dating best romantic comedy on netflix now - Best Romantic Comedy Films On Netflix

dating best romantic comedy on netflix now

Latest Posts • Thursday 7:41 PM • Thursday 7:18 PM • Thursday 6:11 PM • Thursday 5:17 PM • Thursday 4:06 PM • Thursday 3:47 PM • Thursday 3:31 PM • Thursday 2:37 PM • Thursday 1:40 PM • Thursday 12:42 PM • Thursday 12:36 PM • Thursday 12:25 PM • Thursday 12:18 PM • Thursday 12:11 PM • Thursday 11:27 AM What constitutes a “romantic comedy” has evolved over the years, even if some of its more have not. Many modern rom-coms take into account the highs and lows of online dating and go beyond the tiresome will-they-won’t-they storyline.

has started pumping out its own takes on the rom-com—, , Easy—but they don’t beat some of the classics of the genre. Here are the best romantic comedies on Netflix. The best romantic comedies on Netflix 1) 13 Going On 30 A mid-’80s teenager tired of cliques and puberty drama wishes to fast-forward to adulthood—specifically, to age 30.

When her childhood wish becomes a magical reality overnight, one of the funniest coming-of-age rom-coms is born. Jennifer Garner stars as a successful and single 30-year-old who finds that adulthood still comes with its set of challenges, especially when your BFF (Mark Ruffalo) could possibly be your soulmate.

— Kristen Hubby 2) 5 to 7 Defying the norm of a traditional rom-com storyline, this film shows a different perspective of love and changes the way people think about relationships . and Bérénice Marlohe play the role of two different people who fall into an open love affair that sparks a challenge for Yelchin’s conservative family and views. The romantic notions of French culture collide with a New York love story in 5 to 7 , and will capture viewers who are open to the idea of modern relationships with its transcendent beauty.

— K.H. 3) Heathers This isn’t a rom-com in the traditional sense, thanks to the line “,” among other things. But the relationship between Winona Ryder’s and Christian Slater’s characters is one of the more complex to emerge from the ‘80s high school genre.

Veronica (Ryder), one of the four popular “Heathers,” finds a mirror in JD (Slater), an outcast who inadvertently hatches a plan that kills one of the Heathers. Their relationship doesn’t have a ; it’s more about what love (or lust) makes you blind to. — Audra Schroeder 4) Amelie Jean-Pierre Jeunet 2001 film made Audrey Tautou a star, and it’s easy to see why.

As the title character, she finds joy in bringing joy to others, quietly pulling strings around Paris to brighten the lives of strangers. She’s not a matchmaker; Amelie’s goal is something bigger. But then she stumbles upon Nino, a man with a similar goal. — A.S. 5) Blind Date We can all relate to a noisy neighbor who won’t stop making noise, but in this case, annoying relationships with neighbors bloom into an unexpected love story.

In this 2014 French film, a pianist (Mélanie Bernier) moves next door to a man (Philippe Duquesne) who needs peace and quiet for work. The two build a bickering relationship that slowly grows into something more. The only catch is the two have never met before, they communicate entirely through a shared wall in the same building. —K.H. 6) Midnight in Paris Written and directed by Woody Allen, Midnight in Paris is a feel-good movie that will make you want to book a trip to Paris in hopes of finding adventure.

While on a trip to Paris with his fiancée’s (Rachel McAdams) family, a nostalgic screenwriter (Owen Wilson) travels back in time to the 1920s when the clock strikes midnight. He hangs out with F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald and learns what’s missing in his own life in the process.

— K.H. READ MORE: • • • 7) Moonrise Kingdom This Wes Anderson film is as beautiful as it is witty and touches on the innocence of young love. Set during the summer of 1965 on an island in New England, two young kids fall in love, flee their hometown, and run away together. A search party ventures out to find the two, and they turn the town upside down, weather a storm, until they find them. — K.H. 8) Forgetting Sarah Marshall It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since Judd Apatow and Jason Segel brought us this modern comedy classic.

A raunchy rom-com in typical Apatow fashion, the film follows Segel’s Peter, who flies to Hawaii after a breakup with his actress girlfriend. The only problem is that she’s there too, and she’s brought along her new boyfriend. Featuring a great ensemble that includes Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, and Russell Brand, as well as Bill Hader, Jack McBrayer, Paul Rudd, and Jonah Hill in smaller roles, Forgetting Sarah Marshall is an ideal blend of bitter and sweet.

The script from Segel has a surprising amount of heart for a movie featuring full frontal male nudity. — Chris Osterndorf 9) Outsourced After a large number of employees are let go at a call center and the department is outsourced, the manager (Josh Hamilton) is directed to travel to India to train his replacement. The American businessman realizes he has to sensitize himself to the culture of India and understand the way they live—and falls in love along the way.

— K.H. 10) Larry Crowne After he’s fired by a wave of corporate downsizing at his longtime job, run-down and middle-aged Larry Crowne (Tom Hanks) is forced to find a solution to solve his debt and unemployment. Crowne decides to go back to college and makes friends with a group of misfits who may be nearly half his age but are facing the same trials as him.

This quirky and honest rom-com makes a midlife crisis look like it’s not-so-bad, especially when Crowne’s love interest is his professor (Julia Roberts).

— K.H. 11) Adventureland Before American Ultra, another quirky rom-com, Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg starred together in this throwback to 1987.

Ryan Reynolds, Kristen Wiig, and Bill Hader also star in this film about a gang of kids stuck working at an amusement park, directed by Superbad’s Greg Mottola.

— A.S. 12) She’s Gotta Have It Dramatically deciding whether someone is right or wrong for you is a common trope in the dating world (and in romantic comedies) but having to choose between three people is another story. Directed by Spike Lee, She’s Gotta Have It follows Nola Darling (Tracy Camilla Johns) who is in the middle of choosing between three men on totally different ends of the personality spectrum. One man is a total narcissist, another a controlling alpha male, and the third a shy geek who seems the most genuine.

Darling’s process of trial and error is pretty laughable, but it also leads her to discover much more about herself than she knew before. — K.H. 13) Leap Year Leap Year is a delightful cliche: Girl goes to find her slightly self-absorbed man, meets a sweet stranger along the way and falls in love with him instead. Amy Adams is a quirky character who always has to be in control and meets the charming and kind Matthew Goode when she travels to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend.

The film will not only make you want to travel through the countryside of Ireland but make you believe that once you go with the flow of life, love can be found in unexpected places. — K.H. 14) Spanish Affair In 2014, Spanish Affair became the highest-grossing film in Spain, and for a good reason.

The culture clash between a southern man from Seville—where people are stereotypically outgoing and witty—and a woman from the fierce Basque region, makes for a rollercoaster of passion. Spanish Affair is rooted with a lot of the country’s local and cultural references. Even if you aren’t familiar with the historic competitiveness of the different regions of Spain, Spanish Affair is a rom-com that will have you giggling all the way through.

— K.H. 15) Operator Directed by Logan Kibens, Operator explores how technology in the modern world can get in the way of our life and relationships. As a husband and wife start working together on an artificial intelligence project featuring his wife’s voice, the husband begins to rely on their creation rather than his wife IRL. The film has a sudden dramatic turn of events toward the end, setting the movie apart from other rom-coms with a distinct poetic nature.

— K.H. 16) The Matchbreaker Nearly everyone has experienced that moment of unemployment when you will take any odd job just to pay the rent, even if it means you are about to ruin someone’s happiness. Wesley Elder plays a man who gets hired by disapproving parents to break up their child’s relationship in exchange for money. All goes well until one of his client’s daughters is his high school crush, and Elder is faced with a decision: Break her heart, or win it?

— K.H. 17) I Give It A Year Getting married is the easy part, but keeping the sparks flying is a lot more difficult. An ambitious go-getter (Rose Byrne) and a struggling writer who are crazy in love decide to get married after being in a relationship for only seven months. The people closest to them are not convinced it will work out. When the daily obstacles of marriage get in the way of the fantasy the two imagined, both husband and wife become distracted by an ex and a client, respectively, who could possibly be a better match for each of them.— K.H.

18) Chalet Girl Chalet Girl is a heartwarming and whimsical rom-com that will make you believe in finding love at the most unexpected places. Felicity Jones plays the role of a girl who takes up a position of chalet girl during ski season to support her dad back home. Jones learns the ropes of the job but faces a tough situation when she falls for her boss, whose family falls on a different end of the class scale. The witty humor and heart-stopping exchanges between Jones and Ed Westwick in Chalet Girl are reminders that love can blossom even from the top of a mountain.

— K.H. 19) The Incredible Jessica James opens on something many of us are all too familiar with: a very bad date. Jessica Williams plays an aspiring playwright, working through her failures in New York. She’s not above stalking her ex on Instagram or lying to her parents. But Williams gives us a performance that reminds us that we’re all human and that falling down is not something to be ashamed of.

In the process, she breathes life into the tired rom-com genre. — Sarah Jasmine Montgomery 20) Romance is easy. Love is hard. Romantic comedies are even harder.

Sam and Mollie, played by Ben Schwartz and Noël Wells, spend their third anniversary debating their future as a couple. As the movie goes on the story presents a more compelling case in favor of the couple breaking up than staying together. The performances play into that, and both shine brighter in the fight scenes. But at a scant 78-minute runtime, Happy Anniversary is a minimal time investment with enough charm to get by.

—Eddie Strait Still not sure what to watch tonight? Here are our Netflix guides for the , documentaries , , , and streaming right now. Editor’s note: This article is regularly updated for relevance. Kristen Hubby is a tech and lifestyle reporter. Her writing focuses on sex, pop culture, streaming entertainment, and social media, with an emphasis on major platforms like Snapchat, YouTube, and Spotify.

Her work has also appeared in Austin Monthly and the Austin American-Statesman, where she covered local news and the dining scene in Austin, Texas.

dating best romantic comedy on netflix now

HOLLYWOOD, CA – JANUARY 27: Actors Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey attend the premiere of ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ at the Cinerama Dome and after-party at the Sunset Room on January 27, 2003 in Hollywood, California.

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images) A Ranking of the 50 Best Romantic Movies on Netflix Looking for a romantic movie to watch on Netflix? Our team at Netflix Life has ranked the 50 Best Romantic Movies on Netflix to help you navigate Netflix and find the perfect romantic movie for you! Any film that Netflix includes in their “Romantic Movies” genre and category on Netflix is eligible to be included in the rankings.

We’ll update this ranking weekly and every time new movies are added to Netflix to make sure we have the most up-to-date movie ranking on the web. We have also other 50 Best on Netflix rankings to check out to find the TV show or movie you want to watch on Netflix! We also update these posts weekly, as well. Check them out! Let’s get to the 50 Best Romantic Movies on Netflix!

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