How dating should best friends

How dating should best friends

If your friend is your bff, he/she should understand that what s/he does makes you (at the least) uncomfortable. He/she should know what your thoughts and also you know his/her mind. You guys should talk about whats going on, maybe your bff may think you didn't care anymore about your ex The easy answer is your best friend isn't really your best friend if he's dating your ex - well that's what a real best friend should do. The challenge is that we are human; we are bi-products of a lifestyle and love obsession. He may have better chemistry with your ex than you did and who knows, what if they end up getting married?. How are you still calling that person a best friend. Even friends don't do that type of thing. But anyway, you can be angry, but what would that accomplish?

How dating should best friends

Best friend relations are the door to find a soulmate that can fulfill our heart. But, there are no many people that can decide to make romance relation with a best friend. Friend zone is the reason to avoid the romance relation. Here, there are 13 reasons to make date with a best friend that you can think over: Also read: • • 1. Knows your behavior (habits) Have a best friend is a happiness that you can buy in your life because a best friend is a person that can understand about yours besides your parents.

It could be nice if you have a best friend that knows about your behavior or habits although he or she is not part of yours (family) and it can be accepted by him or her. He or she has never been disturbed by your habits either good or bad. 2. Knows your failure (past) There are no people that want to get failed or have the bad experience in life, but it can make your life better. Bad experience or your fault sometimes make you do not want to other knows but a best friend always knows about your stories because a best friend is a person one that you can believe to tell about your faults or your past.

3. Knows each other If you want to get a date with someone that you never knew before, you can get worries to face with your a date time. It is a problem that you do not find if you decide to get a date with your best friend because you knows each other before with your best friend. Knows each other is one reason to make you comfort to make dating with a best friend.

You knows each other about yours and your best friend’s personality, you can adapt with it and do not try to hide it.

4. Knows your items (likes & dislikes) Your best friend is a person that knows how to treat you because he or she knows your like and dislike items. A best friend that loved you will make you always happy by giving you favorite items and avoid you from your hate items. 5. Knows how to make you calm when you are in anger or in a bad mood Sometimes, when we are in anger feeling or really bad mood, we inclined to respond a problem with bad respond.

It will not happen if make dating with best friend because he or she knows how to make you calm and how to improve your mood. He or she knows your mood booster things. Besides he or she knows how to boost your good mood, he or she also can see you from other views even when you shows a bad to him or her.

He or she always can understand if your reactions are not your original character. A best friend tries to find a way to know your reasons (the responds reasons).

6. Long relation The proverb says “Habits can grow love between two human beings”. It is a true fact in life, habits that you always do with your best friend sometimes foist a love you do not realize. You feel get envy with your best friend if he or she has another friend that closer than you. Although you never admit with your best friend but sometimes it can be seen by other people.

It is certainly not easy to find your feeling and evaluate them, love as a friend or love more as a life partner. That is why date with a best friend is a good idea to find your true love if you have same romance feelings.

7. History, moment and moment The one people that often spend time with you beside parents is your best friend. the spending much time that always you do with your best friend creates the moment and moment. Absolutely from moment and moment you have a history with your best friend that unforgettable in life.

8. Knows your passion You do not need to explain about your passion and try to get supports with your passion. Your passion that can support your interest and happiness will get always support by your best friend. He or she is the one that always supports your future (your choice) beside your parents and family.

9. No secret With a best friend, you can be yourself. You can show who you are without the doubt because your friend knows your secrets. 10. Comfort each other Because he or she knows everything about you even your secret, you can feel comfort if you are beside him or her.

Your comfort zone is when you are with your best friend. 11. You are a priority A best friend is a pearl that never lost shine, he or she always be on your side, good or bad time, happiness and sadness feeling, and up and down position. Those are the reasons why you make him or her as one of your priority in life.

He or she is too much important for you. You always present in his or her life. Also read: 12. Knows your friend zone Have a relationship with someone that you never known before make you have to introduce him or her to your friends.

Different if you have a relation with your best friend. Commonly, a best friend knows about your friends in your work, school, neighbor or your past (your ex). Also read: 13. Familiar with your family There is no worried if you have a romance relationship with your best friend. You do not worry if you do not permission with your relationship because your family knows your best friend very well.

They are too familiar with your best friend because often meet and talk with your best friend. Moreover, your family such as your parents consider your best friend as their son or their daughter or your grandparents always asks about your best friend.

Your family feels if your best friend is a part of your family and vice versa. 14. Knows you better than you do Yes, a best friend is everything.

They know everything about you, your fears, your dreams, your pains, your smiles, and that’s why you always want to be around them. If your best friend is in your opposite sex, then you will feel like you want to date him/her for god shake. Sponsors Link 15. Like a shoulder The best thing about having a best friend is you always have someone to talk, about anything.

When you fall, they will be there to catch you. Then, a best friend is likely a shoulder to lean on. 16. Better than a boy/girlfriend When it comes to be a relationship between boy and girl, there will be always fights, sorrows, broken hearts and things like that.

Then, if stay as best friends, that might last forever. That is why, this may be one of that silly reasons why you should date your best friend. They are better that typical boy/girlfriends.

You may also read: More Signs Why You Should Date A Best Friend Indeed, here are more reasons why you should date your best friend: • They would never break your heart cause they love you right • They would never leave you cause there is something in blood to keep you guys together • They know how to make you laugh and happy even in the worst time • They also know how to make you happy when you are not • They talk silly jokes that want you feel like yourself • You both know how to rule the world together • Everything and anything are the best when you with your best friend.

You may also read: • • • Why You Can’t Date Your Best Friend Although it could be nice to find your true love by dating with best friend, you have to think over about the risk that you can face if you decide to date with your best friend. Here, the lists: 1. Awkward There is always a different taste in every change of life, it is also applied to the status change. From friend to boyfriend or girlfriend.

It is a good idea if you want to make an upgraded life include in your romance life, but to make a best friend as a boyfriend or girlfriend, it is not easy. You can feel awkward in your together time (after the breakup moment). There is no a ban to make dating with a best friend but an awkward feeling is the one risks that you can get if your date does not the success.

2. You don’t want to lost your best friend This is the fact if “not many relationships end in communication that keeps going well in the future”. If you want to make dating with best friend, you have to understand about this risk. Aptly, like a cracked glass, broken relationships will also be difficult to repair. You have to be careful with it because the hardest thing in the world is the problem of the heart.

So, you have to make a commitment before if you do not want to lose a best friend. Sponsors Link 3. Your secret is not safe anymore There are many facts that show if the broken heart will make someone do things beyond reason. A person who are in broken heart often shows the sadness and depression in his or her life, that is why he or she has a possibility become a person that can open your secrets in public. He or she knows how to make you ashamed, the disgrace in your friend line.

4. Out of comfort Zone You can get success by dating with a best friend if you have same romance feeling each other.

If you do not have same romance feeling, you will not in comfort zone to decide. You will feel sympathy with his or her feeling than listening to your heart self. You do not have a bravery to break up. It must be admitted that making a friend as a date is a good idea but with a note of success, if it fails or not works very well, the risk of long-standing friendships will be undermined.

Here, some tips of to make fewer risks: 5. Make a commitment You have to make a commitment if everything that will happen in your romance future life with your best friend can not break up your friend relation.

6. Honest with your feeling It is not easy to be honest if you know that your honesty will make someone that you loved broken heart. But, to hide your feeling, it is also not good idea because it is better if you try to be honest although it would be him or her, broken heart than if you try to lie and let he or she knows about your feeling by his or herself.

A good friend will not be angry with the honesty of the feelings expressed by his or her friend even if it will hurt him or her. He or she will not be selfish and try to understand with his or friend’s feelings. Love can not be forced. 7. Communication as usual It is so hard but you have to try if you do not want to lose friends. But once you are in relationship with your best friend, the risk of loosing him/her is much bigger.

Also, there will be unusual communication. Indeed, the pleasure of life is to hold best friends with both hands. Yet, there will be time where your best friend is sweeter that any boys or girls, or crushes you ever loved. Indeed, you might find more reasons why you should date your best friend. In case you ever heard, always spread love on every corner.

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How dating should best friends

How dating should best friends - Christian Dating Advice: Should You Date Your Friend?

How dating should best friends

If your BFF can’t see how great she is, it can be hard to deal. You know she deserves better, but what can you do? When it comes to her , you have to tread lightly and know that things may not work out the way you want.

So if she’s dating , what’s a girl to do? Get your facts straight. Have you just heard baseless rumors, or do you have a legitimate beef with the apple of her eye? You can’t approach her with uncertainties. Just know that even if your skepticism is justified, she may have an excuse for his .

Express your feelings to your friend. At some point, you’re going to have to make your feelings known. You never want to be the person that could have warned her and didn’t.

Have the talk in person and one on one, so she can fully understand you without feeling like you’re ganging up on her. Validate her amazing qualities. She’s your for a reason. You know her better than anyone and know exactly why you love her, so remind her. If you think she deserves better, tell her exactly why she’s so great. She may need that little boost of confidence to send him packing. Assure her you’re there no matter what.

Giving her an ultimatum won’t solve any problems. She needs to know that whatever she decides, you’ll be there. You don’t have to agree on her decision, but it also doesn’t have to be the end of your friendship. Know you’re not in control. It’s never easy to see a friend making a bad decision. Just remember it’s her decision to make. You can’t make her choices, even if she’d be better off with you taking the reigns. It’s her life to live and she’s in control of her happiness. Don’t judge.

If she chooses to stay with that sorry excuse for a man, don’t judge her. She obviously believes she sees something you don’t. Maybe she’s wrong, but it’s her mistake to make. Even if you warned her, it’s your job to be there if/when it all falls apart.

Accept the consequences. People can be pretty sensitive when it comes to their relationships. No one likes to hear that their special someone isn’t all that great. She might be defensive, feel unsupported, or even become angry with you. Give her time the time to think about what you said, and just know for some friendships, this can be a dealbreaker.

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How dating should best friends

You can't disagree too much on basic things if you are best friends. Best friends should sometimes date though keeping in mind if you are too close of friends it can become complicated to be more.

But being close friends and having it then not work out shouldn't in the end terminate your friendship with each other. I say go with what you feel is right. no don't risk a perfectly good relationship,i'm glad you stood back and realized that you are both different and it probably wouldn't work,you... no don't risk a perfectly good relationship,i'm glad you stood back and realized that you are both different and it probably wouldn't work,you did what any smart person should do.he's more or less your security blanket who helps you forget your troubles and the sadness you have in your life.maybe down the road things may change and the both of you may see something different in each other and take it to another level,but for now i would leave it as it is.if it happens later on you will know it because you won't wnt to be away from him for one second and vise versa.good luck to the both of you its worth a risk, i went out with my best friend, and now we dont speak anymore.

this was recent btw. we didnt last long, and we both really liked each... its worth a risk, i went out with my best friend, and now we dont speak anymore. this was recent btw. we didnt last long, and we both really liked each other. if you do, have to promise each other, you'll still be close as you were before...x Asking costs 5 points and then choosing a best answer earns you 3 points!

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