Best hookup bars nyc 2017

best hookup bars nyc 2017

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best hookup bars nyc 2017

This tried and true Williamsburg venue has held the title of Brooklyn’s #1 hook-up spot since its debut. It’s like real life Tinder, soaked in booze and grease. But it’s not all ogling and , the bar also features live music and a huge backyard, which houses a seriously good taco truck. Monday is our favorite night to go; you get to skip insanity and long waits of a weekend night and get to experience , whose frenetic jams and James Brown-esque dance moves have inspired many faithful followers.

What is it about dancing yourself sweaty and chowing down on a heap of bacon that’s so sexy to strangers? Maybe it’s the primal smell of pork on your breath? Here’s another Williamsburg haunt that specializes in mixing and mingling between the young and the restless hipsters of the neighborhood, but this time instead of tacos, there’s maple bacon sticks from Landhaus. Another key difference between the two Billyburg hot spots: While Genessy and PBR are the drinks of choice at Union Pool, the hyped up crowd at The Woods opts to bolster their egos with tropical tiki drinks and boozy slushies.

Weekend nights, the back patio heats up with sweaty dancers and their greasy bacon fingers, but in the early evenings on weekdays, the venue is a calm and picturesque haven. This meat market bar is appropriately located in the heart of Manhattan’s Meatpacking district. If you’re into independently wealthy jetsetters and models, then this is the place for you.

A “penthouse discothèque” located on the roof of The Standard Hotel, Le Bain features a wide array of luxuries to help you seal the deal. Inside the pitch black club you’ll find a heated (don’t worry, you can snag a swimsuit for $80), and the outdoor roof deck features waterbeds, artificial grass to relax on and a creperie if you need to nosh.

Come early and look your best to get inside on the weekends. With aerialists, magicians and even occasional fire dancers, this wild, out of this world event space deep in Bushwick is unlike anything else in town. Each night of the week the venue hosts different themed costume parties (dressing up is not required but encouraged, and their website lists suggestions on what to wear for each party). Expect lots of dancing, excess frivolity, hedonism and exhibitionism—in other words, the perfect night out.

Whether you’re seeking out men in skin tight Wranglers or the women who fawn over them, this Williamsburg honky-tonk bar is your go-to destination. Inspired by the Texas dives of yesteryear, this nostalgic spot is packed every night of the week. With live bluegrass and country music, and DJs spinning the classics, it’s where to go for a nightly hootenanny. There’s a bevy of cheap beers to choose from, a bathroom plastered with vintage porn and an infamously boozy coffee slushie that will keep you awake and buzzed enough to makes moves on the dance floor or otherwise.

This Williamsburg bar has seriously beachy vibes, a huge patio and great cocktails—all of which encourage laid back mingling. Inspired by Caribbean beach bars and New York’s go-to summer party locale, Rockaway Beach, Battery Harris has live raggae, a smorgasbord of jerk dishes and rum-heavy libations aplenty.

If the jerk wings and jalapeño mac and cheese don’t get you in the mood for love, their refreshingly intoxicating cocktail made with lemon, a kumquat shrub, vanilla, orange blossom water and , rum and more rum, surely will. You can’t get much steamier, or sexier, than this Latin inspired Williamsburg lounge. On a Friday night, Bembe looks and feels like a club in Miami with it’s light and airy tropical decor and bootylicious dance party.

Expect reggaeton and afrobeat DJs nightly with occasional live drummers. Don’t worry if you’re a shy dancer—there’s enough rum behind the bar to get your hips shaking and the vibe on the floor is so contagious it’s impossible to just watch from the sidelines.

This East Village dive is one of the last remaining bars on Avenue A that hasn’t become overwhelmingly packed with Bridge and Tunnel bros on the hunt for debauchery.

Keeping its trashy, rocker roots, Niagara packs the house nightly with locals from the neighborhood. Come for loud music, cheap beers, girls and boys that actually know who the New York Dolls are and inevitable conversations at bar about what the neighborhood used to be.

If you have money or are looking for someone that does, this sexified, Parisian-esque nightclub is the place to be. Inspired by the City of Light’s infamous red light district, Hotel Chantelle features three different levels including a rooftop bar.

If you’re looking to flash your financial prowess, cozy up in a leather booth and order their Champagne bottle service. Or, if you’re on the hunt, dress your best and look for said person ordering bottle service.

One of Williamsburg’s oldest gay bars, Metropolitan is a notoriously great spot for singles to meet no matter what their sexual preference is. Besides being a great dive with dirt cheap beers, there’s roaring fires in the winter, free BBQ every Sunday in the summer and a pool table if you’re up to the challenge. Weekends tend to be wilder with DJs and rowdy patrons, and often feature karaoke and drag shows.

This weekend brunch spot is one of the bougiest daytime hookup spots, extending Friday night parties into Saturday afternoon and giving you that second chance at “love.” Come around two for dance-party brunch, complete with DJs, Champagne-drenched debauchery, tabletop dancing and three-figure bar tabs. If you can sneak your way past the bouncer (ladies, you’ll have no problem getting in), this brunch locale will surely lead to an .

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best hookup bars nyc 2017

best hookup bars nyc 2017 - Date Bars NYC: New York’s Most Notorious Hookup Bars

best hookup bars nyc 2017

Although we may be tethered to Tinder, we’ve got more brick-and-mortar love shacks to choose from than in those halcyon days of newspaper columns and whatever made Big so rich. These are the best lounges, dives, and neighborhood gems for single folks to get out there and meet cute. Worst-case scenario you can swipe at the bar. Nolita One of the last true dives in chichi Nolita, Botanica is a workhorse in the downtown nightlife scene.

Its post-work happy hour is one of the best (read: cheapest) in Manhattan, so you can try your luck at buying drinks for a few folks with minimal investment.

Karaoke nights also make it a great spot to send a musical message to the object(s) of your affection. Greenpoint This neighborhood gem has a sexy ‘70s Vegas vibe... and everyone knows, what happens in Vegas probably doesn’t live up to your expectations. Like dating! Curvy banquettes are easier to slide into than your Twitter obsession’s DMs and a horseshoe bar is practically built for catching that showgirl’s eye.

If you can’t snag a high roller here, at least snap a profile pic with the bar’s ceramic big cat. Astoria Unlike many parts of the city, Astoria is still a neighborhood, with locals looking for a good time in their own backyard. Or, in this case, a backyard. This sports bar-meets-beer garden has more than 20 rotating beers on tap and no fewer than three spots to aim for the fences. Strike out on the patio? Punt near the pool table!

Bomb over billiards? Another sports metaphor at the darts board! Or, just make like that time Diane broke his heart and he fell off the wagon and sidle up to the bar. Bushwick Tiki drinks were made for love, and this beachy spot raises the tide with its tropical decor. If you get very lucky, you could eke out three dates in one night here: Start in with the chit-chat over zombie cocktails at the bar, move to a table for dinner, then head upstairs for DJs and dancing.

Flatiron On the opposite end of the spectrum, you’ll find the NoMad: A refined classic Manhattan barroom throwback perfect for meeting your first husband or second wife. This hotel bar has become a real-life Slack room for the area’s internet manufacturers. A large-format cocktail built for up to 10 -- like the massive -- pings all the boys to the yard.

Nolita Cramped quarters are often a detriment at a bar, but when you’re by your lonesome looking handsome, an intimate space can be a boon. If you hang at the bar long enough you’re bound to get a tap on the shoulder -- even if it’s just from someone who wants your coveted bar stool or a bite of your scrumptious waffle fries.

Squeeze into the cozy, candle-lit window seat if you do meet your match. Bushwick Best described as an “,” a loop around this newish Bushwick pub may inspire you to find someone to retire with (for the evening, at least). Summon some liquid courage during a prolonged happy hour (drink specials run until 9pm weekdays), load up the jukebox with slow jams, and get your flirt on.

Kingsbridge If you live in the neighborhood and you’re through with interborough relationships, this is a chill spot for local craft beers and seven varieties of chicken wings.

(Alternatively, it’s a good backup for when you’ve burned through everyone in your own borough.) Sunday night trivia, Big Buck Hunter, and Skee-Ball machines are handy icebreakers whether you’ve set your sights on the local Fly Girl or Jenny, from the block. Williamsburg Once an overflow room for ‘burg staples like Union Pool and The Commodore, Rocka Rolla is still the neighborhood’s premier destination for sloppy seconds. Together, Southern Americana decor (an American flag hangs on a wood-paneled wall over a jukebox), adrenaline-tapping but inoffensive rock music, and massive cocktail goblets make this the perfect place to take a long, deep breath and love the one you’re with.

No, it’s great. Meatpacking District The archetypal meet market, Le Bain was voted “most likely place to hook up with a European” by us, just now. Perched at the top of The Standard and distinguished in its unabashed tourism, this rooftop bar boasts all the excess your single heart desires, including a dance floor pool and sweeping, Instagram-essential views of the Hudson.

Bring along some wing-friends or just sink into that sweet, sweet rosé. Alphabet City This spacious cocktail lounge turns NYC’s pseudo-speakeasy trend upside down with its staircase ascendent location. And the gimmicks don’t end there: Pouring Ribbons ranks cocktails on scales of comforting to adventurous, and refreshing to spirituous -- a clever way to incite conversation or even your first fight (aw!).

West Village The Jane nails a kind of Eyes Wide Shut, creep-sex aesthetic. A grand fireplace and plush, wine-hued furnishings lend the place an air of libertine exclusivity while heavy drapery shields you from prying eyes. This is the downtown destination for a good anony-shag, with or without a room. Financial District This is the perfect place to meet the hedge fund manager of your dreams. Kidding! There’s no such thing, and The Dead Rabbit is cooler than its location should allow. Serving authoritative cocktails in Celtic-chic environs, the FiDi Irish pub was named the in 2016, and stayed in the top five last year.

Hang downstairs in the convivial Taproom and break the ice over a traditional music seisiún, or slink upstairs to the intimate Parlor to sample novel cocktails and slurp happy hour oysters.

best hookup bars nyc 2017

New York City is definitely not a “one bar fits all” metropolis. The are diverse and virtually limitless, catering to everyone from “thrifty drinkers” to “cocktail connoisseurs.” Here are my NYC Summer 2017 top picks for bar partying. Best Dive Bar Barcelona Bar The only thing better than shots is themed shots. Try ordering ‘s famous Harry Potter Shots and not only will you watch them burst into flames, but you’ll also get to watch the bartender make them while wearing a Gryffindor house scarf.

If you’re not a Harry Potter fan, there are other shot options like Return of the King but be prepared to plop on a crown before chugging your shot from a goblet.

If you’re more of a beer fan, try to make it to before 7 PM on any weekday and enjoy $3 drafts. Honorable Mention: Best Sports Bar Stout NYC Photo: Besides serving the best tasting burger sliders and broadcasting almost every game you want to watch, is only one block from Madison Square Garden, making it the un-official official pre-game and post-game bar.

And if you don’t feel like splurging on tickets to the game, feel free to watch the game at while choosing from one of their more than fifty Irish and Scottish whiskeys. Photo: at The Knickerbocker Hotel puts you right in the middle of New York’s skyline. The menu includes some obvious items such as Gin mixed cocktails and upscale bar food like tomato brioche and eggplant polpette.

But you’ll also spot some less than typical items like Cuban cigars and pina colada and margaritas popsicles. Honorable Mention: Best Nightclub/Lounge Slate NY Photo: is perfect for that large group of friends with varying personalities.

Slate is one of the larger bars in the city so you’ll less likely have to deal with the overcrowding that can occur at many other locations. And while the bottom floor is perfect for those who enjoy a calm round of pool or a giant Connect Four with their drink, the top floor is a full lounge space that becomes a filled dance floor by the end of the night.

Honorable Mention: Best Cocktail Bar The Dead Rabbit NYC Photo: has completely transformed the typical cocktail bar atmosphere, by combining top-notch hospitality, high quality cocktails, and an Irish bar vibe.

With drink combinations like True Blue, made of Irish Whiskey, Apple Brand, Guinness, PX Sherry, and White Miso, it’s not surprising that this spot has been praised for their alcohol expertise. Honorable Mention: Best Speakeasy Raines Law Room It may seem at first that you’re walking into a basement apartment, but you end up somewhere that is so much better. not only captures the semi-hidden aura of 1920 speakeasies, but the entire design of the bar is crafted as prohibition-era New York.

Adding some modernity to the menu, allows guests to “build their own Old Fashioned”. You can expect a short wait when visiting but reservations are available Sunday-Tuesday. Honorable Mention:

We had drinks at Dead Rabbit to find out why it's considered one of the world's best bars
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