10 best romantic restaurants in delhi

10 best romantic restaurants in delhi

1. Tian, ITC Maurya 2. Sevilla, Claridges 3. Lavaash 4. JW Marriott, poolside 5. Kylin 6. Amour Bistro 7. ATM, Sundernagar 8. Spice Route, The Imperial 9 .

10 best romantic restaurants in delhi

Nothing can be more romantic than fresh, cool breeze, falling golden leaves and the aroma of fall around you. So why not use this romantic setting to impress the love of your life and make the night memorable? There’s no denying that romance and food go hand in hand. So, if a lot can happen over a cup of coffee, imagine what will happen if you take the love of your life to one of the best romantic restaurants in Delhi.

And in a place like Delhi, where you can take your loved one for some kind of adventure or maybe some , you can spend your night in the beautiful restaurants to have some splendid time.

In Delhi, there are many food joints, restaurants, hotels and to taste different variety of foods. These places won’t feel like so romantic for you to go as a couple. We have listed some of the favourite where you can have a dreamy date with your bae over some amazing food to please your taste buds. Must Visit Romantic Restaurants In Delhi for Couples 1. Sevilla This Spanish-themed restaurant is named after the popular culture and art capital of southern Spain.

It offers delicious preparations from Italy, Morocco and Southern Europe. Along with the candlelight dinner and romantic music in the background, they offer canopy tables in a dreamy outdoor setting to add to your romance. If you’re not very fond of open-air dinner, or if it is chilly outside, they also have cosy tables inside for the lovebirds, to keep them warm. This is surely one of the most romantic restaurants in Delhi.

Location: The Claridges, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Road Must Try: Lamb Shank with Risotto 2. Olive Bar & Kitchen This restaurant belongs to The Olive group which also owns SodaBottleOpnerWalla, the Local and the Monkey Bar, and is one of the best private places for couples in Delhi.

Sitting by the huge trees, enjoy the view of the timeless Qutub Minar from its terrace or if you want to, you can hide in the underground caves with your love, experiencing the beauty of ageless nature. They serve an Italian menu along with the live music and a full bar menu that offer exotic cocktails.

They are also known for their live stand-up comedy gigs. Location: One Style Mile, Haveli 6, Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi Must Try: Spanish chorizo pizza 3. Lodi – The Garden Restaurant If you love organic food with tranquil ambience, this is the place for you.

It offers Lebanese, European, and Mediterranean cuisines along with the bar menu. This garden restaurant has more to offer than just the exotic food. It houses century-old trees, delicately decorated tombs that date back to 17th-century Mughal architectural styles and small water bodies that keep the ambience pleasant even during the summers and is one of the most romantic places in Delhi to celebrate birthday.

It is also adjacent to the famous Lodhi Gardens. If you’re looking for a romantic dinner in Delhi, you should definitely give it a try. Location: Opposite Mausam Bhawan, Near Gate 1, Lodhi Road, New Delhi Must Try: Sea Food Platter 4. Fio Country Kitchen and Bar With soothing ambience and lush greenery all around, this restaurant is popular for its . Though it is located inside the Garden of Five Senses and is just about 20 minutes away from Saket Metro station on the yellow line, the place is surprisingly peaceful and has beautiful landscapes along with the mouth-watering dishes.

It is truly a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. They serve European, Italian and North Indian cuisine. They also have five different indoor and outdoor seating areas just to make sure that you get to experience a new ambience every time you visit.

Location: Gate 1, The Garden of Five Senses, Saidulajab, New Delhi Must Try: Minestrone Soup 5. Lavaash by Saby Lavaash means bread.

As the name goes, Lavaash offers a rich menu that includes various types of bread. It serves Armenian and Bengali cuisine which gives it a distinct identity. They are known for beautifully decorated cocktails and dishes that also taste delicious. If you’re looking for romantic restaurants in Delhi that serve wonderful seafood, this is the place for you. It has a blend of artsy and rustic ambience that is perfect for a romantic rendezvous.

The view of Qutub Minar from the terrace makes the whole experience an unforgettable one. Location: H5/1, Ambawatta No.1, Kalkadass Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi Must Try: Mezze Platter 6.

Cherie – One Qutub You can try this restaurant if you are a kind of person who likes to stick to one cuisine and is not too open to experimenting.

This is one of the finest restaurants for romantic candlelight dinners in Delhi. They have an amazing variety of continental dishes. The ambience will make you feel like you are in an ancient Roman town that is tranquil and royal at the same time. To add to that, the staff also gives you the royal treatment and make you feel like royalty. They also have a well-set bar with a variety of drinks and cocktails. Location: 1501, Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi Must Try: Drunken Tiramisu 7.

Rose Café Though it is a café, it serves a full course meal; that too, at pocket-friendly prices. They have Italian, Lebanese, Continental and Mediterranean cuisine apart from the salads and the usual dishes, drinks and mocktails.

The speciality of this café is its ‘Instagram worthy’ ambience that makes it one of the best romantic restaurants in Delhi. The pastel walls, wooden chairs and antique mirrors and frames will make you feel like it is the 1960s.

Apart from the rich non-vegetarian menu, the café also offers a vegan menu. So if your date is strictly vegan, now you know the place where you both can enjoy the food of your choice. Location: 2, Westend Marg, Saidulajab, Saket, New Delhi Must Try: Spaghetti Aglio Olio 8. Kylin Premier If you’re hunting for romantic restaurants in Delhi, this one should definitely be on your list.

This is a speciality restaurant for the lovers of Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Oriental cuisines. You will also find many Thai restaurants around Delhi for you to taste authentic Thai foods. The place is known for the authentic flavours, a variety of dishes and a warm black and maroon ambience.

Apart from the cuisine that brings the feast to your taste buds, this place is also known for their amazing garnishing and presentation of the dishes. They also have a sky bar and the starry ambience adds to your romantic dinner. It could get a little crowded at times but if you and your date love authentic Asian cuisine, you should head over here, right away. Location: 3rd Floor, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi Must Try: Khao Suey 9.

Masabaa – The Treasury If you’re looking for a royal experience along with the romantic dinner in Delhi, you should visit Masabaa.

In the middle of the hustle bustle of the city, Masabaa has managed to create the magic and stand out from the other restaurants and cafés. They offer a variety of cuisines from across the world and present them in their unique style. Be it Continental, Indian, Chinese or Italian, you are sure to get the dish that you desire to enjoy.

They have a rich non-vegetarian and bar menu. Another plus point is they are open until midnight. So even if you are thinking to celebrate after a long working day, Masabaa will always welcome you warmly and make you feel homely. Location: 37, Club Road, West Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi Must Try: Dahi Ke Kebab 10.

OWC- Old World’s Charm As the name suggests, OWC tries to take you down the memory lane with the help of its ambience. Heavy wooden chairs, vintage photo frames on the walls and the dim lighting will surely make you nostalgic. The restaurant has a terrace that offers a beautiful view of Punjabi Bagh. But if you and your date are not particularly looking for the usual romantic restaurants in Delhi, you should sit inside and enjoy the live streaming of current sports events along with the DJ and Hookah.

Location: 3rd floor, NWA Club Road, West Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi Must Try: Dahi Ke Sholey 11. Le Bistro Du Parc Romantic weather, romantic language and romantic cuisine. France is all about love and romance and so is Le Bistro Du Parc. If you are looking forward to spending some quality time with your loved one, this is one of the most romantic restaurants in Delhi for couples. They have the best French menu in the town. They believe in serving the classic French menu using local organic products, straight from the farmers.

Apart from the mouth-watering menu, they also have Jazz nights every Wednesday and Friday where musicians from all around the globe play classic and contemporary jazz. This award-winning restaurant doesn’t have a fixed menu like other restaurants as they keep on changing it according to the season.

So you will get to see a new menu every four months. Location: A-57, Moolchand Market, Defence Colony, New Delhi Must Try: Pan Fried Calamari 12.

Veda is one of a kind because of the food that they serve and also their genuine service. This place can be said as an epitome of luxury and elegance. Contemporary takes on a variety of Indian classic dishes served in an opulent dining room and is served in style. The drinks will set the tone for your perfect dinner.

A Candlelight dinner with your loved one will be an unforgettable experience for you both. Location: H-27, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi Must Try: Mutton Nihari, Cinnamon Mojito, Paneer Tikka, Kadhai Murgh There are many unusual and and all these places are best for individual or a group of people.

And they have some amazing for couples. They could head out on a date to one of the most romantic restaurants in Delhi to make their lives and memories. You will never go wrong with these romantic restaurants when you go for an . With their amazing cuisine, beautifully presented dishes and warm ambience, your date will surely be a memorable one. Swateja I am an avid reader who loves to pen down her experiences and thoughts.

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10 best romantic restaurants in delhi

10 best romantic restaurants in delhi - Best Romantic Restaurants in Delhi

10 best romantic restaurants in delhi

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10 best romantic restaurants in delhi

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you decide to take your partner for a romantic date in Delhi NCR? The most important part comes when you have to decide which Delhi-NCR restaurant you should take your date to or which will be the most romantic restaurants in Delhi? Here is a list of the top restaurants in for fine dining and to experience the best of romantic candlelight dinners in Delhi.

So what are you waiting for? Go on and select your pick from the below and enjoy your date. 1. One of the most pleasing and top romantic restaurants in Delhi - Indian Accent is built entirely of glass. They have an elegant interior with a classic ambiance and a rich seating. You will absolutely love the decor here, for its so mesmerizing and radiant.

The hospitable staff provides a quick service and makes sure that you don't leave disappointed. Couples have always chosen this restaurant to make every date they go to very special.

It's one of the most romantic places in Delhi NCR to dine at. ADDRESS: The Manor, 77, Friends Colony, New Delhi ( ) MUST HAVES: Butter Chicken Kulcha, Scallops, Pepper Panner Cornet, Kashmiri Morel Musallum COST FOR TWO: INR 4950 CUISINE: Modern Indian TIMINGS:12:00 pm - 2:30 pm, 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm 2.

Nothing can beat the surreal ambiance and interior of Jamun, you'll be pleased by their commitment to the food they cater too. In a sea of new places, Jamun has definitely stood out with its original concept and exquisite meals. You'll surely have a pitcher perfect moment here and it's definitely one of those restaurants where you would want to bring your loved one for a dinner.

ADDRESS: 17, Lodhi Colony, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi - ( ) MUST HAVES: Jamun Kulfi, Butter Chicken, Roast Chicken, Mishti Doi, Mutton, Kala Khatta, Tender COST FOR TWO: INR 1800 CUISINE: Indian TIMINGS: 12:30 pm to 15:30 pm, 7:00 pm to 12:30 am Suggested Reads 3.

Sevilla’s styling is inspired by the azure skies and landscape of the Mediterranean. A truly romantic place, the indoors and outdoors merge to provide you with a free-flowing, casual dining experience.

The restaurant continues to win unprecedented praise, awards and rave reviews for its innovative gastronomy from the Mediterranean. This is one of the most romantic hotels in Delhi for couples. The CClaridgesin Central Delhi, it’s a perfect place to be with your loved one.

The moment you step into the restaurant you realize that you have stepped into somewhere special, the ambiance is just awesome! The place is just perfect for a first date and many dates after that. You can vote this out for a perfect candle light dinner in Delhi. ADDRESS: The Claridges, 12, Near Lodhi Road, Aurangzeb Road, New Delhi ( ) MUST-HAVES: Grilled Asparagus, Pan Seared Halloumi, Chilly Garlic Prawns, Lamb Albondigas COST FOR TWO: INR 6000 CUISINE: Spanish, Italian TIMINGS: 7 pm to 11:45 pm 4.

The names Lavaash brings to mind the Mediterranean region, the blue and white hues of this restaurant reinforcing the same. The food is Armenian with Bengali influences. The must haves there includes – The Egg Devil, the Pumpkin Manti, Chicken Kalagyosh, the dark chocolate mousse. The interiors of this place are very charming and their outdoor seating is one of the prettiest.

The food is out of this world and the portions are more than enough for two. It's definitely one of the most romantic restaurants in Delhi suitable for an unforgettable date. ADDRESS: H-5/1, Ambawatta One, Kalkadass Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi ( ) MUST-HAVES: Prawn Claypot Casserole, Lavaash Spiced Chicken Pizza, Char Grilled Mutton Ribs COST FOR TWO: INR 2150 CUISINE: Bengali TIMINGS: 12 pm to 12 am 5. Worlds collide and time stops in this alfresco Mediterranean restaurant with its beautiful white walls, white pebbled courtyard, a canopy of the Banyan tree and the star-lit tree-top terrace bar.

It’s set in the time of the prohibition era when cocktails were served in teacups and the entertainment was live bands, silent cinema, and floor shows.

They offer the best martinis in town which are whipped up by the celebrity bartender Zdenek Kastanek along with delicious food and eclectic music in a beautiful setting. You've got to add Olive Bar & Kitchen to your list of best restaurant in delhi for couples.

ADDRESS:One Style Mile, Haveli 6, Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi ( ) MUST-HAVES: Mezze Platter, Parma Ham Pizza, All Things Broken, Melon & Winterbor COST FOR TWO: INR 3200 CUISINE: Italian, European, Mediterranean, Salad TIMINGS: 12:30 pm to 12:30 am Suggested Read: 6. It is a magnificent room decked with rows of beautiful sofas and tables with a great view of the surroundings.

There is also a bar taking a whole side of the room and a live kitchen making scrumptious dishes. This is exactly the kind of one would see in movies. However, it is a reality come true for those who love the class , elegance and luxury dining all combined into one. Specialising mostly in French and Italian cuisines, this place also has a bar with imported liquor and innovative refreshing cocktails and mocktails.

It’ll be perfect to have a romantic candlelight date here with your loved one. Leela Palace is a hotel in Delhi that gives us real romantic vibes.

I am sure there’s a reason it is named Leela. ADDRESS: The Leela Palace, Diplomatic Enclave, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi ( ) MUST HAVES: Creme Brulee, Macaroon, Morel Mushroom Risotto, Scallops COST FOR TWO: INR 5200 CUISINE: French, Italian TIMINGS: 7 pm to 11:45 pm 7. If you’re an authentic Italian food lover, this is the place for you. Noted to be one of the most best restaurants in Delhi for couples - NCR, Tonino is known for its elegant decor, remarkable hospitality and romantic ambiance, perfect for dating.

They also play live Jazz in the background which adds up to the atmosphere. The staff is professional and extremely courteous. Their branches are quite popular among customers. Their Bruschetta, Tonino Fantasia, Chocolate Lasagna and Tonino Ristorante are must try. The fresh vibe of this place is for couples who have just freshly fallen in love.

ADDRESS:T1-111, Plaza Level, Sector 43, DLF Phase 5, Gurgaon () MUST HAVES: Chocolate Lasagne, Tiramisu, Bruschettas COST FOR TWO: INR 3500 CUISINE: Italian, Salad TIMINGS: 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm 8. A breathtakingly beautiful open-air restaurant, this place is a must-visit for everyone.

The ambiance is kept close to nature and the tents in the garden make this restaurant unique. Perfect ambiance with greenery in surroundings. It has both sheltered as well as tables in the open. It also has carts decorated with seating. Perfect lighting with decent interiors. The ambiance here is really very soothing. Served European, Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisines, it also houses a full bar with a range of cocktails and mocktails available. Must try on their menu are Homemade Fig Ice Cream and Fresh Rosemary & Thyme Quinoa.

ADDRESS: Opposite Mausam Bhawan, Near Gate 1, Lodhi Road, New Delhi ( ) MUST HAVES: Devilled Eggs with Maple Bacon, Seafood Platter, Penne with mountain lamb ragout COST FOR TWO: INR 2700 CUISINE: European, Lebanese, Mediterranean TIMINGS: 12 pm to 12:30 am 9. One of Delhi’s most romantic setups, their ambiance is fabulous and the pleasing music is a cherry on the cake.

The seating is surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful flowers. The food tastes scrumptious and is an eye-candy in itself. Since it is a fine dining restaurant, the prices are on the higher side but the time you spend here totally makes up for it.

The Paprika Thyme Chicken and the drink hot wired are highly recommended! Some of the best and the most romantic candlelight dinners in Delhi have happened here. Fio can also host really great first dates for you to form a great impression. Fio Country Kitchen is a must go place for the people who not only love to eat good food but want to eat amazing food with the amazing ambiance.

ADDRESS: The Garden of Five Senses, Saiyad Ul Ajaib, Saket, New Delhi () MUST HAVES: Chilly Pommery Chicken, Piatto Romano, Smoked Chicken + Zucchini Pizza COST FOR TWO: INR 3500 CUISINE: European, Italian, North Indian, Salad TIMINGS: 12 pm to 12 am 10. Famous for its rooftop view of the Qutub Minar, this place is a big entity in the area.

Thai High is one of the perfect places and praised romantic restaurants in Delhi - NCR to enjoy those weekend evenings with your loved ones. As the name suggests, it specializes in Thai cuisine. Served best here are Tom Yum Soup, Satay Chae, Propia Chae, Thai Curry and Prawns and Yam Woon Sen Kai, which will definitely take you on a flavourful joyride. There are fairy lights on the floor below and the entire restaurant has been done up quite beautifully for dinner.

The food is very mentionable and would have received a much higher rating than the ambiance which makes it one of the most romantic places in Delhi. ADDRESS: 1091/1, Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi ( ) MUST HAVES: Satay Kai, Porpia Kai, Lotus Stem, Tofu Crispy Basil COST FOR TWO: INR 2150 CUISINE: Thai, Salad TIMINGS: 11 am to 11 pm Suggested Read: 1. 2. 3. 4. 11. Popular for their lip-smacking Chinese fare, this is the place to go if you wish to slurp up some authentic Asian fare without coughing up a lot of dough.

With sufficient variety on the menu and pocket-friendly prices, this joint is great for people with all kinds of preferences. Plus, the prompt services allows a quick fix for hunger pangs. Recommended: Chilli Garlic Noodles, Schezwan Prawns, Khao Suey. I am sure you wouldn’t have a better romantic candlelight dinner than this. It's one of those best restaurants in Delhi which can't miss out on when looking for options to take your bae out.

ADDRESS: Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi ( ) MUST HAVES: Bokchoy and Black Mushroom Dimsums, Dragon Roll, Thai Herb Fish COST FOR TWO: INR 800 CUISINE: Asian, Chinese TIMINGS: 11 am to 11 pm 12.

Popular for its elegant rooftop seating that is one of the best spots in the city to take your partner on a date, this casual dining restrobar has more than one trick up its sleeve to get your sky high.

The place offers an extensive range of multi-cuisine preparations and a well-curated selection of liquor varieties available. The serene atmosphere, coupled with cordial service, soulful live music, good food, and good booze, is just what is needed for an uplifting mood. Do try their Peri Peri Pizza and Dal Makhani. It is the aptest place to have a romantic candlelight dinner in Delhi. ADDRESS: Ansal Plaza Mall, Hudco Place, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi ( ) MUST HAVES: Ceaser Cardini, Lebanese Mezze, Bento Fried Ocean Prawns, Birds Nest COST FOR TWO: INR 1800 CUISINE: Continental, North Indian, Mughlai, Italian TIMINGS: 12 pm to 1 am 13.

As the name suggests, Parikrama is the only revolving restaurant in Delhi which lets you enjoy absolutely stunning views of what Delhi has to offer - Red Fort, Central Park, Jama Masjid, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Yamuna River and more! Each revolution is completed in 90 minutes.

Head here during the evening for spectacular sunset views - ADDRESS:Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi () MUST HAVES: Fish Tikka Achari, Sikandri Naan, Panner Shabnam, Bharwa Aloo COST FOR TWO: INR 2400 CUISINE: Chinese, North Indian, Thai, TIMINGS: 12:30 pm - 11:30 pm, Mughlai 14.

Piso 16 is one of the casual dining romantic restaurants in Delhi for couples - NCR serving European preparations. A great place in Nehru Place, it is praised for its stylish presentation and is a nice joint to visit when one is looking to satiate hunger pangs with tasty, hygienic food.

You've got to plan your next date night here! ADDRESS: 16th Floor, Eros Corporate Tower, Nehru Place, New Delhi () MUST HAVES: Cuban Nomad, Chicken Skewers, Ravioli, Burrata, Carbonara Pasta COST FOR TWO: INR 1800 CUISINE: European, Italian TIMINGS: 12:00 pm to 1:00 am 15. Named after the famous Japanese Chef Akira Back, this place is extremely popular for its luxury dining and authentic Japanese cuisine. It has two floors, the upper floor serves the meal and the lower floor has a wide variety of liquors.

The ambiance is very cheering and soothing in here and you can clearly observe the boundless creativity in the culinary creations of all dishes.

The seatings are also quite fancy and comfortable. This place is an ideal option for a date. Their Sushi, Chicken Tacos with Bulgogi Sauce and California Roll are must-have dishes. For couples, if J.W. Marriot isn’t it as the most romantic hotel, then what is?

ADDRESS:JW Marriott, Asset Area 4, Hospitality District, Aerocity, IGI Airport ( ) MUST HAVES: Sushi, Tuna Pizza, Sashimi, Chicken Tacos, Robatayaki COST FOR TWO: INR 5200 CUISINE: Japanese, Korean TIMINGS: 6 pm to 11:45 pm Suggested Read: 1. 2. 3. 4. 16. Elegantly placed tables on a sunlit and airy terrace, surrounded by lush greenery, gives the feeling of being transported to a quaint bistro in France itself. Indoor seating is also available here. This romantic restaurant in Delhi - NCR is known for serving authentic French cuisines; with elegance and flavor, abundant in all its dishes and beverages.

If classy is your types then this best restaurant in Delhi for couples is definitely the perfect place for an unforgettable dinner. ADDRESS: A 57-59, Moolchand market, Defence Colony () MUST HAVES: Chicken Satay, Ghee Roast Keema Matar, Grilled Fish, Lamb Confit and Valrhona Dark Chocolate COST FOR TWO: INR 1750 CUISINE: French, Salad TIMINGS: 12 pm to 11:30 pm 17.

It is a luxurious fine dining restaurant extremely famous for its delightful cocktails. There is an amazing rooftop area with some stunning views. They also have a nice seating in an open courtyard which is done up pretty well with warm golden lights, which adds the elegant and charming factor to the ambiance. This amazing restaurant is located in one of the most romantic places in Delhi near Qutub Minar. ADDRESS: Next to Qutab Minar, Seven Style Mile, Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli () MUST HAVES: Wine Soaked Lamb Shanks, Steamed Chicken and Paneer Tikka with Jammy Scotch COST FOR TWO: INR 2950 CUISINE: Italian, Spanish, North Indian TIMINGS: 12:00 pm to 12:30 am 18.

This is a beautiful cafe to spend some quality time with friends and loved ones while enjoying the live Jazz music their band plays. They are known for their beautiful set-up, pleasing to the eyes. The entire place has dim lightning with wooden furniture and serene ambiance. It hosts plenty of cultural activities like an open mic, slam poetry, band performances etc. There is a mesmerizing balcony seating with a very cozy arrangement, perfect for dating.

The staff is extremely cordial and attentive. If jazz builds up the romance between you and your partner then this has to be the most romantic places in Delhi to go for a date night. ADDRESS: B-6-7/22, Enclave Market, Safdarjung () MUST HAVES: Coconut Prawn, Pepperoni Pizza, Nachos, Fried Zucchini Grilled Jerk Chicken, Veggie Pizza, Whisky Sour COST FOR TWO: INR 1800 CUISINE: Mexican, American, Continental, Finger Food TIMINGS: 7 pm to 12:45 pm Suggested Read: 19.

It's one of the most trusted Italian eateries in the town that has an array of delectable flavors and cuisines. The place has a partially opened kitchen along with a cozy seating area and sophisticated interiors. The best thing is its marvelous presentation of the food and the quantity that is pretty sufficient to serve your appetite. Its Beetroot Risotto, Crispy Calamari, and Nutella Waffle are must-haves. A perfect romantic restaurant in Delhi - NCR to take your bae out for a romantic dinner or engage whisper sweet nothings in each other's ear.

ADDRESS: M-27, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi () MUST HAVES: Crispy Calamari, Omelettes, Nutella Waffle COST FOR TWO: INR 1650 CUISINE: Italian, Continental, American TIMINGS: 11:30 am to 3:30pm and 7:00 pm to 11:00pm For discovering more places in Delhi, you should also read our post on FAQ Q: Which are the best cafes in Delhi-NCR?

A: Cafe Tesu, Brew Room, Rose Cafe, Kumzum Travel Cafe Q: Which are the best Chinese restaurants in Delhi-NCR? A: Berco's, Chew, Chi, Mama Goto

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