Best about me date templates free

best about me date templates free

Many free portfolio templates give you only space to showcase your work, but the Pixels template gives you a separate homepage to give a nailing intro about you and an overview of the services you provide. The creative design of the template gives ample amount of space for both the texts and the images Till date this template has 1400+ downloads, people who love simple and elegance will like this template. With the long homepage design, you have plenty of space to add almost all elements and sections to promote your services and showcase your work The best part of this free personal website template is you get color switching option. In most of the free personal website templates or other templates, you rarely see the color switching option.

best about me date templates free

Free save-the-date templates Make sure your guests save your date with one of these save-the-date templates 4 to 6 months prior to the ceremony. That’s the best time to send out your save-the-date. Make sure your guests will block the date in their agenda! Free download Easy-to-edit Word document (.docx) The agendas of your guests are getting pretty busy and you really want to let them know when you’ll be getting married, so they can block the date in their agenda. For this you would like to send out some nice looking save-the-date announcement, but you don’t want to spend heaps of money as you know this is only the start… You got your wedding day circled in permanent ink… what’s next?

You want to spread the word! Four to six months prior to the big day would be best to send out the save-the-date announcements. But if you are getting married abroad, you’d better add another month as your guests will have to arrange a bit more time off from work, make sure the kids have a place to stay and they might need to book travel and lodging.

What style to use for your wedding save-the-date? You don’t know yet what kind of style you would like to use for the invitations, but hey, no worries! The save-the-date announcement can be completely different, you can even use a photo of the two of you. After sending out the save-the-date announcement, you’ll have plenty of time to think about the style and colors you would like to use for the rest of the wedding stationary.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the website for e.g. wedding invitations and RSVP cards! Your friends and family will be so excited about your wedding, they will be marking their calendars to save your date and be part of your amazing wedding!

Create your own wedding save-the-date, how does it work? Well, it’s pretty simple. You just need to know the date of the big day, that’s all! You won’t be needing the rest of the information yet (e.g. time & location). Now you just have to download one of the templates, amend it to your wishes, print the file and cut it using the cutting lines (or you can ask the guy or girl at the copyshop to do this for you).

Don’t want to spend any money on post stamps? You can also save it as a PDF-file and e-mail it your guests. Easy does it!

best about me date templates free

best about me date templates free - Save the Date Templates for Word [100% Free Download]

best about me date templates free

The personal website template is a broad category. For each professional the needs vary, some might need a simple template to only showcase their works and experience. While some of the people might need a template to promote their business; for example, solopreneurs and freelancers.

We on this list, have collected creative modern free personal website templates for professionals of all level. Whether you need a simple template or a template that promotes your business, template for all needs is there in this list. While choosing a personal website template, there are certain criteria you must think of. The template should have a design that revolves around you. Personal website template for singers, speakers, and authors the template must have elements and spaces in its design to boost their personal image.

On the other hand, for freelancers, more emphasis needs to be given to their work to attract clients. We have managed to collect both types of templates in this list. Make sure you check all of them, as all have their own unique features. Black Black is a dark theme multipurpose website template. The flexible design of this template makes it a perfect fit for personal websites as well.

Dark themes are as capable as minimal , with which you can create a goal focused website. The Black template is no different to a goal focused site, the neat layout helps you to arrange the contents and web elements neatly. The use of green color scheme for web elements not only adds richness visually to the template but also manages to get user attention easily. On the top bar, you have the option of adding social media profile links. In a personal website, social media links are credibility building factors.

With the modern web elements, you can elegantly showcase your talent and experience in this template. Since it is a multi-page template it will be useful for you to promote your business. If you are a freelancer, then you will find this multi-page option useful. Online CV Online CV, as the name implies it is a resume template. If you are looking for a simple template to only showcase your skills and professional experience, then Online CV is the best option for you.

This template uses a split screen design, with which you can add your image and share your expertise side by side. The big static image to the left helps you to increase your personal branding.

Since it is a resume template, the fonts used for texts are neat and easy to read. One thing you will be missing in this template is the navigation option. If you wish to use this template as a base and love to create a custom personal website template, you can easily do it with this template.

It uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. Alias Alias is a perfect personal website template for both professionals and freelancers. The logically designed homepage first tells about you and your experience. Ample amount of image sections are given in this templates so the new visitors will have a clear look of you.

In the header section, you also have text space to give an impressive intro of you. “Hire me” call to action buttons are given to let the users know that you are open for new projects. Animated skill bars are used to show your skills and experience in an interactive way.

Testimonial section is given right below the skill section to improve the credibility factor. In the testimonial, you have the option to show your client images, which encourages the new visitors to believe in your work. The top navigation bar is actually a sticky bar, but the developer of this template has made it to appear only on hovering over the green line; this design provides the visitors a distraction-free environment and also provides a better user experience.

A tabbed interface is followed in the portfolio section so that you can easily organize your project. Beckham Beckham is a unique personal website template with a dark theme. With the crystal clear background and interactive scroll effects, this template presents the contents engagingly to the users.

This black minimal theme template is a perfect option for any type of professionals. Another best thing about this template is it is a multi-page template. Plenty of space is given in this template to improve your personal branding. Even in the hamburger menu page, you have the left side reserved for adding a portrait image. The creator of this template has handled the visual effects elegantly so that it adds life to the contents of the website.

Bright blue colors are used to highlight the important web elements and texts. The portfolio page in this template uses a listing type along with texts. If you are a developer you can this text space to explain the project and your role in achieving the solution. Very fewer icons are used in this template, as font awesome icons are used in this template, you have plenty of icon options to choose from. Vcard2 Vcard2, as the name implies it is a virtual card.

You can use this template for your personal use or you can use it as a . Instead of giving all the web elements and sections in one-page, a tabbed structure is followed. With the full-width layout, the developer of this template has given you ample amount of screen space.

In this tabbed interface, all the related information can be accessed simultaneously. Scrolling is almost reduced in the desktop view, but on the mobile devices, the user has to scroll down the pages. In the mobile view, all the sections are organized logically so the visitors will get the required information easily on the small screen devices as well. On the homepage itself, you have a call to action button to let the user download your resume. If you wish to really stand out from the rest of the applicant for a job or a project, this template will help you impress your employer or client.

Martin Martin is a professional looking perfect website template for business use. If you are a freelancer and in phase to up your business, this template is the best option for you. This template has both personal brand-boosting elements and promotional elements to help you run a successful business.

With the personal brand-boosting elements, your existing customers can identify easily and the new visitors can understand more about you.

Right below the header section you have big content blocks to show the services you offer. Texts are made bold and bigger so that users can easily interact with your website. Fonts used in this template gives an artistic look, without compromising the readability. Bright yellow and blue colors are used as the color scheme in this template. Using this bright colors you can elegantly highlight the important sections on your website.

It is a multi-page template so you can explain all your projects and services in detail to the visitors. The creator of this template has used both mild visual effects and flashier visual effects but has handled the effects smartly so that users will have a better experience on your website. Jackson Jackson is a boxed width creative website template. This one-page template helps you to list all your services and expertise in one place.

You have space to add your image in the sticky sidebar and in the header. An image slider is used in the header section, to give an impressive intro about you and your services. Colorful icons are used in this template to elegantly depict your services. This template gives you an ample amount of space for both images and the texts. In between section, you have fully stretched banner elements to promote your business. Call to action button to hire you are given in different parts of the website to increase the chances of getting a project.

Parallax images are used in between the section to give an interactive feel when the user scrolls down the pages. Many web elements like accordions, carousels, and sliders are used in this template to help you add more contents within the given space.

The sticky sidebar helps the user to easily navigate around different sections on the website. Law Law is a personal as well as professional website template for lawyers. Since this template is developed for the professionals you can expect a business class design and premium finish. It is hard to find a combination of personal website template and premium finish in a free template category. With this template, you get a premium quality design and well-written code.

The quality design helps you to elegantly share your expertise and the well-written code helps the developers to customize the template easily. This is a , so for those who are on the lookout for clean single page template, the Law is the best option.

Another great advantage of using a one-page template is you can focus on particular keyword alone. For example, best lawyers in the country, being a personal website template this also helps you to get your site higher in the search result.

Trainer The Trainer is one of the best templates we have already mentioned in our . This template is primarily designed for the personal trainers. You get lots of personal brand boosting elements with this template.

There are also many spaces reserved in the template for adding your images. It is a light theme, so legibility of the texts and readability is great. At the bottom, you get a big footer to accommodate all links, options, and social media links. Since this template is built with a thought of promoting business, it has multiple pages designed and developed.

You can explain your services in detail using this multi-page template to the users. The visual effects are also mild and minimal, which is used only at the required spots. Pixels Pixels is a by default. Many free portfolio templates give you only space to showcase your work, but the Pixels template gives you a separate homepage to give a nailing intro about you and an overview of the services you provide.

The creative design of the template gives ample amount of space for both the texts and the images. When the intuitive visual effects combine with the creative design makes the Pixels a smart and adaptive template. It is also a multi-page template, you get a separate page for the portfolio.

The portfolio page also follows almost the same split screen design layout of the homepage. This template uses a yellow color scheme, which looks bright on the white background. Other useful elements you get with this template are image slider, carousels, and neat animation effects. MyProfile MyProfile is also a resume type template, just like the Online CV template mentioned above. With this template, you don’t get any creative designs or attention-grabbing visual effects.

It is simple, clean and does its job perfectly. Till date this template has 1400+ downloads, people who love simple and elegance will like this template. With the long homepage design, you have plenty of space to add almost all elements and sections to promote your services and showcase your work. With this template, you get skill bars, carousels, and a neat contact form. If you don’t find the default contact form attractive, check out our creative . Resume X Resume X is another simple looking resume template.

This boxed width template keeps all the web elements and contents aligned properly. Like the Online CV, this template also follows a split screen design, with a static left bar. If you are looking for a simple and neat template for showcasing your experience and help you stand unique among the hundreds of job applications, then the Resume X is the template for you. This template uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework, coders will find this well-written template useful and easy to work. As most other modern HTML templates, this template is also mobile optimized.

Initial Initial is a typical multipurpose website template. The versatile design of the template makes it a perfect choice for the personal website template as well. With the full-width design, you have plenty of space to add your web elements and contents. Ample amount of white space is given in this template to make the contents appear neat and also easy to read in small screen devices.

This template is mobile optimized and all the web elements are scaled perfectly for interacting with the small screen devices. Since it is a multi-purpose website template all the icons used in this template are generic and fits almost for all types of sites. If you have special needs with the icons you can customize the template by editing few lines of code. Explorer Explorer is a minimal website template for photographers.

This gives you plenty of space to add high-quality images. Since it is a photography website template by default you have image holder for both the landscape as well as the portrait image.

The use of white background adds more richness to your photographs. Apart from the home page you also get other subpages like services, about, and contact. As mentioned in our photography website template, one common mistake all the beginners make is to miss image on the about page.

But don’t worry, this template gives you space for adding an image on the about page. To match the overall minimal look of the template, line icons are used in the service section. In the contact page, you have an interactive map, which is integrated with the Google maps. Noah Noah is a fresh new entry in the free personal website templates category. The premium design of this template will surprise you when you hear it is a free template.

The texts and fonts play a major role in the creative website template design trends. On the clean white background, the images and the texts are easy to read. Each and every segment in the homepage is distinguished with bold text background. The balanced use of black and grey texts on the white background add more richness to the visual aesthetics of the template.

This template uses a hidden hamburger style navigation option. The Visual effect is another unique and strong point of this template. To match the minimal design of the template, the animation effects used are also subtle. You also get multiple subpages designed for you with the same minimal design consistency. The subpages you get with this template are services, work, about, contact, and blog. Overall an elegant and modern looking website template with a number of useful features.

CV Portfolio CV Portfolio, as the name implies it is a resume template and portfolio template. One big drawback of a resume template is you get the only limited amount of space for adding your portfolio. With the CV portfolio, you have coequal space for portfolio, expertise, and experience.

At the top bar, you have the option of adding personal details and contact details. At the top right corner, you have the option for adding a call to action button for downloading CV. The placement of Download CV is a wise choice when a recruiter sees your profile they can download it for further reference. The portfolio segment is designed like a masonry grid to accommodate all size of images. The tabbed interface helps the user to filter the category they want. Just below the portfolio segment you have animated status bar to share your skill range.

The timeline style design helps you to tell your experience neatly and elegantly. Po Portfolio Po Portfolio is a creative style website template that is designed exclusively for the portfolio. It is a full-width and full-page website template.

All the space is used to add your work and showcasing it. The pristine clean design fo the template easily adapts to any colors you use in your portfolio image.

This template gives high importance to images than texts. Since the space given for the texts are limited the developer have used the visual effects to show the details of the project.

To give users a distraction free website experience this template does not gives you sidebars. The hamburger style menu option is used to give users a similar user experience in both the desktops and mobile devices. In the menu bar, you have the option to add your social media profile link. Overall Po Portfolio is the best personal website template for creative professionals. Riddle Riddle is also a fresh new entry in the free personal website templates category.

It is a creative website template for design agencies and creative professionals like graphic designers. If you are a person who likes to talk with your work and impress the users, then this template is for you. In the homepage, you have a full-width design and image holders with different shapes. At the top, right below the menu bar, you have big text space for giving an interactive intro about you. Only thing this template miss is a personal branding element. You get space to add your image in the About page.

In both the header and the footer sections you have the space to add a call to action button. In all the pages at the footer, you have the option to add social media profile link. Suitcase If you are serious about your profession and like to get more projects through your site, then the Suitcase is the best template for you. This template is not only creative but also have all the web elements placed in the right spot, to improve the chances of getting leads.

In the header section, you have an image slider with beautiful texts to give an intro about you and a call to action button to hire you. Fonts and icons used in this template unique and matches the creative style of this template. In many creative website templates, the fonts used will look clumsy and difficult to read, especially on the mobile devices. But in the Suitcase, the fonts used are unique and is also easy to read. It is a multi-page template, so you get plenty of pages to explain each of your services in detail to the users.

Sasha Sasha is personal blog website template. With this template you get five homepage variations, eight single post type, and two common subpages. The best thing is you get all these for free. Yes, it is a free template, if you are a blogger and you are expecting for a premium design before going for a premium template check this one out first. Why pay for a template, when you get all the premium features in the free template itself.

All the five homepage variations follow a clean layout with a white color background. Each homepage uses a different layout, so you get layout options also to choose from. Since it is a personal blog template, you get plenty of space for the personal branding. One common widget which you find common in all template is the full-width image gallery section if you need you can use this space for integrating your Instagram feeds.

Sierra Sierra is a jaw-dropping creative modern website template. This template is primarily designed for the corporates, but the flexible layout of the template makes it a perfect fit for a personal website as well. This template ticks all the boxes for a creative website template. With the full-width design and clean white background, the image and the web elements feel like floating on the screen.

If you have a chance try to see this template on a high-resolution screen, you can see how vibrant and pixel perfect this template is. This template has all the web elements necessary to create effective personal website template and also to boost your personal branding.

All you have to do is to add your content to the template to make it reflect your work and service. It is a multi-page template, so if you offer more than one service these multiple pages will help you. Ramirez Ramirez is also an online resume template. With this template you get two version, both of them follows almost similar boxed-width layout with minor changes. In the previous resume template, we have mentioned that some of the templates lacks navigation option, but this template you get navigation options.

The recruiter can navigate and see immediately the sections they want, it saves the time and improves the chances for you to get a job or a project. The best part of this free personal website template is you get color switching option. In most of the free personal website templates or other templates, you rarely see the color switching option.

The Ramirez template gives you six color options to choose from. Another useful element you get with this template is the animated skill bar. The versatile design of this template makes it the best fit for simple as well. Work Work is a brand focused website template. Hence you can use this template to promote your personal brand. Like most other creative templates this template also uses static left bar navigation, where you have the option to add your logo and social media profile links as well.

With this template, you get all modern web elements, but in a creative form that matches the overall design of this template. The use of visual effects in this template is another notable point. The animation effects are mild and minimal that matches the simple design of this template. Like most other free personal website templates in this list, the Work is also a multi-page template.

The use of orange call to action button looks attractive and gets user attention as soon as they land on your site. Shout Shout is a personal website template for photographers, bloggers, travelers and lifestyle blogger. The adaptable design of the Shout makes it a global template, which you can use for any site. The pink color scheme of the template make it an obvious choice for the girls.

The color scheme not only looks pretty on this clean layout but also looks distinct from the rest of the design. In the header, you have the image slider, where you can add your featured posts. The Pinterest style long layout on the homepage gives you ample amount of space for the texts as well as images. Since this template uses a latest HTML5 framework, adding video and audio content to the template is an easy job.

Just above the footer, you have the full stretched widget for adding Instagram feeds. Medica Medica is a by default. But the clean design and the flexible layout makes this template perfect fit for a personal website template. Doctors and medical professional who are in search of modern website template for their personal site can use this template as such without any modification.

Since it is a medical website template by default, all the web elements and the icons used are closely related to the medical field. In the homepage itself, you have the option to add appointment booking form. The interactive web elements help you to share your expertise elegantly to the user. As a trust-building factor, you have the option to include testimonials. Overall a neat looking website template which meets all the needs of both personal and business websites.

Studio The Studio is a creative website template for photographers and creative artists. This template does not use a usual homepage design. In the homepage, you only have the option to add image slider. Just below the big image slider, you have image thumbnails to show the next images.

To indicate the user on which image they are now, a small blinking dot is used. With this creative design you don’t have the space to mention your contact detail, so the designer has used a static vertical bar to include social media profile links. With this template you not only got stuck with the homepage, you get several subpages predesigned for you. In the loader you have the option to include interesting facts; it is a small gimmick feature like the Pixel to find music option, if you find it interesting you can use the feature.

The subpage uses a clean minimal look on which the texts and images look clean and is also easy to read.

best about me date templates free

The reason behind the epic success of popular blogging platform, blogspot is the simplicity involved in creating, publishing and monetizing your website. Moreover unlike paid hosting, blogger doesn’t charge a penny for hosting your contents. Blogspot also features free as well as premium themes so that one can customize it according to their needs.

Whenever a premium theme is released to the public, developers often release a “lite” version of the theme for free as a way to encourage people to buy their premium theme if they are satisfied with the lite version which is a stripped down version of premium theme.

Another encouraging factor to use blogspot is its seamless integration with Google+ profile, helping you reach new readers and participate in the conversations your posts inspire. Speaking of income generation, adsense – Google’s ad platform is integrated into blogspot which is an added boon for bloggers so that they get paid for what they do. Blogger is available as a multilingual software hence it breaks the language barrier. What I’ve done here is I collected a few free, modern, responsive and elegant new themes of 2015, 2016 and shared it for you.

I even hosted it to my server (indirect links) to give you direct download link. I hope you enjoy this post. So let’s begin. Neo Mag – Free Blogger Template Its a perfect blogger template with full screen header for showcase your blogs to public. Feel free to download this template and customize as per your need. Commenting options, recent post and much more functionalities are included. Flatness Free Blogger Template Free elegant, modern and flat blogger templates, horizontal menu tab and full width footer are used.

As usual popular posts, recent post sections are included. Blogari Minimal Blogger Free Template Clean and modern blogger template suitable for your blogging purpose.

Feel free to download and use. 2016 Free Blogger Template 2016 is a flat and neat logger template, which can be used to showcase your blogs, post. Feel free to download and use. Search section, drop down menu and social network plugins are included in the template. Vienna Blogger Template Awesome blogger template with modern look and functionalities. You can freely download this template and use it for your personalized blogs and posts.

BrandX Responsive Blogger Template Full screen blogger templates with parallax effect, where the header image is full width and footer is designed with newsletter subscription, popular posts.

Pagination buttons are included in the end of the post for easy navigation and for adding more posts. Eleganto Blogger Template Simple flat design blogger template where you can use this template for your personalized blogs, feel free to download an use.

Two column style is used for showcasing your post and animated header is used for better response from the viewers. Oracle Minimal Blogger Template One columned fully responsive blogger template, ideal for personal blogs, travel blogs. Feel free to download and use, where post dates, sharing buttons are included in this template. Honey Responsive Blogger Template Simple and elegant design is used for the template, where social sharing plugins are included for each posts.

Image slider is included in the header section and its fully responsive. Blogus Blogger Template Blogus is a modern freebie blogger template where the template is creatively designed and masonry images are placed in the header section.

Each post’s category is highlighted on the post section with a background color. Feel free to download and use. Invento Blogger Template One page free responsive blogger template with creative style and functionalities, awesome scroll effect is used in the template. Valid contact form, teams, galleries and much more awesome features are included.

Micro Mag Blogger Template Free responsive blogger template with boxed layout, ideal for blogging, magazine and news websites. Where reserved section for latest updates and much more useful features are adopted. Fresh View Blogger Template Flat and modern blogger templates ideal for your blogging purpose and it will help you for a better experience in the blogging. Posted dates, commenting options are included.

Glam Up Blogger Template Two columned modern free blogger templates, which is ideal for your blogging and newspaper websites. Feel free to download and use, fully resposnive and commenting options are included. Flamous Blogger Template Fabulous and creative blogger templates which is perfect for your website related to blogs, magazines, news medias and much more.

Feel free to download and use. Moviez Blogger Template Moviez is a multi-page blogger template can be used for your books, cinemas and also for review websites.

Its absolutely free for use with full responsive layout. Mega Shop Blogger Template Online shopping store designed using blogger, which is perfect for your personal items and also for your shops. Feel free to download and customize the design as per your needs. Motive Mag – Blogger Template Motive mag is a blogger template ideal for the magazine and other online publishing medias.

Its perfectly and creatively designed. Where posts, post date, social network plugins and much more features are used for better response from the users. Brand Mag UX It’s a fully responsive Blogger template supporting HTML and CSS3 web standards.

Built with a unique design concept. Use this theme for products, personal blog, portfolio and almost anything if you know how to customize. Theme is optimized for on-page SEO which boasts a 80% faster index rate.

HaletanisLux HaletanisLux is a magazine themed blogger theme with responsive design, content slider and social sharing buttons to take your blog to a whole another level. Red Hood Red hood is a portfolio blogger template which is responsive, modern and elegant theme.

Ideal for brand showcasing, photography websites etc. LepontoMag Free Blogger Template It’s a free beautiful business blogger template with right sidebar, 2 columns, 3 column footer, content slider, drop down menus and social sharing icons. Keilir Blogger Template Like I told you before, Kerlir is a lite version of their premium theme.

If you like the clean light weight interface for your blog, why not try this lite version and if you want something more, consider buy their premium version here. SkyBlue – Blogger Template SkyBlue is a 1 column, responsive, gallery styled, sleek look blogger template. Ideal for travelogues. Portify – Responsive Blogger Template Portify is a fully fledged premium theme free to use for 15 days.

After 15 days time period, you must either uninstall this theme or buy their premium theme. I listed this theme in free section because you’ll surely love the theme during your 15 days trial period and buy the premium version. Portify is a clean and well-structured Minimalistic Blogger Portfolio Template for Creatives,Portify iis perfect for artists from any discipline, web, graphic, motion, sound, print, art… anyone that needs a portfolio based websites or who needs personal websites.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous looking portfolio theme then you’ve just found it. Extinify Portfolio Blogger Template Extinify is a sleek looking template for graphic designers, illustrators or bloggers who want to showcase their work in a clean and spacious layout. FameMag – News & Magazine Blogger Template Famemag is a minimalist blogger template which has features like responsive design, first cap css for magazine effect, easy slider, drop down menu, support social icons.

Flat Mag Responsive Blogger Template As the name suggests, flat mag template brings a flat design precisely designed for news bulletin, entertainment and technology blogs. With elegant green color scheme, Fla tMag gives you visitors the experience of their life as they go though the responsive and flexible design. This is a premium theme available for free without any support! (who needs support anyway?

:O) Belastic Responsive Blogger Template Belastic is a responsive magazine template suitable for news hosting websites. The theme is made with maximum color variations to choose the best for you.

This theme also has well placed ad placeholders which is great for bloggers like you and me. lol Vortex Responsive Blogger Template Vortex is 100% responsive, high functioning and multimedia magazine style blogger template designed for richly professional bloggers and webmasters. It has some efficient features and functionalities that would certainly make you go gaga about this template. Most importantly, this template looks different on each and every device.

For example, check it on your PC, Laptop, iPad and even your smartphones you will find all layouts a slight different from others, we call it the excellent designing.

Dynamic Mag Responsive Blogger Template Dynamic Mag is a responsive premium template available for free download. They are kind enough to provide this theme for free. Documentation is included in the download. Plazify Responsive Blogger Template Plazify is a fully responsive magazine template (you can check yourself by resizing your browser) has 2 sidebars and clean layout area.

Karma – Creative Landing Page Blogger Templates Karma is most advanced landing page template for blogger which provides lots of incredible features. This theme is very advanced which means it may be a bit difficult to use for the average user. This is best blogger template till date. Sentify Responsive Blogger Template Sentify is super clean and modern design make it suitable for any type of website: creative, agency, portfolio, blog and many more, It is a very powerful, super clean and responsive design.

Coded with care in HTML5 & CSS3. Metrofy Blogger Template Metrofy is a amazing and unique style of magazine it may can use for, your personal blog or a magazine blog, includes perfect subscription box and unique slider.

Codify Magazine Blogger Template This is a modern magazine blogger template, which can look great on coding blogs, news blogs, including amazing notification bar.

Blackpress Responsive Blogger Template Blackpress is a blocky, portfolio-style theme with an emphasis on typography and attention to detail.

Write blog posts about your cats with the beautiful, minimal blog. It’s also responsive and Retina ready. Central Blogger A magazine template which is simple in design and will suit your design website which is updated daily. Montric Magazine Blogger Template GoGreen Blogger Template GoGreen is a multipurpose Blogger template with lots of new and indifferent functionalities. It is elegantly clean with a touch of FLAT UI but it is not totally flat. The dynamics of this theme are extremely pure and it gives a sparkling shine to your blogger site.

Galauness Grid Blogger Template Galauness is free premium blogger template with Elegant, Clean and Minimalist Design representing a grid system this theme can help you for many purposes.

Minute Grid Template Minuet is a grid based Blogger template with awesome parallax header and tablet optimized layout. This template is coded in best practice and featuring a clean, modern, and minimal design, packed with many possibilities from Template Designer.

K-44 White This responsive template is probably one of the most beautiful blogger template available to us till date. The template has massive number of unique features which brings the user interaction at its best. Flat Blue Magazine Template A clean flat magazine template colored in blue is just perfect for latest designs trends.

Movie Blogger Template Posted Blogger Template A premium looking magazine / news theme which will make your website look clean and nice. Magzon Blogger Template Magzon is a Blogger magazine template with a clean and elegant design . The template is ideal for the magazine, news and blog websites and can be very easily configured to use for any purpose. The theme is highly flexible and is incredibly easy to use. Created using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques.

WebDepot Blogger Template The WebDepot Blogger Template is a combination of different color schemes which makes it look unique. This theme is ideal for Designing, web developing, and Magazine based website especially for those who stress more towards designing niche. Rofl Rofl is free minimalist categories blogger template with responsive design, 2 column, red with combination black color for main background and menu for navigation at right header. Very simple blogger templates for gallery or personal sites.

Wedding Mag Wedding Mag is good wedding categories blogger themes with responsive design and full gallery style. Very professional and premium blogger templates for gallery or personal sites.

Thanks for sharing all these templates with us. Unfortunately, I have some of these templates earlier and the others too did not suit up to my interest. Can you please help me find blogspot templates that have been released recently? I find Blogger easy to manage and easy to go, hence I will not want to move to WordPress or else, but it is being hard to find any good templates paid or free.

Can you suggest some?

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