Best autistic dating uk free

best autistic dating uk free

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best autistic dating uk free

Find Other Autistic Singles to Date Here at Autistic Dating we have realized that autistic people have specific needs when it comes to finding romance. It is usually very hard for an autistic person to communicate with regular people in the every day world. The same goes for communicating with people on regular online dating sites. Autistic people have problems in general when trying to communicate, that is why they need special conditions for dating as well.

We completely understand that, having spoken with and gotten expert opinions from many social workers and experts on autism, and we have designed a dating site that will make the entire dating experience much easier on autistic people. Our experiment has already received great support and there are already hundreds of autistic people who have registered on our dating site.

There are also more coming in every single day after hearing about it. Autistic Dating is a special site that is designed with the special needs of autistic people in mind. You can browse the hundreds of profiles and personals that are already on display at our site, or you can check out our chat rooms, where there are always cool people hanging out and talking to each other.

The chat rooms are a good way to break the ice if an autistic person might have some anxiety about talking directly to a person they are attracted to. We have seen many people meet in the chat room and then begin to date afterward. So if you are an autistic person looking to get out into the dating world, this is the perfect site for you.

Autistic Dating was designed to help make dating for autistic people in the UK easy and fun.

best autistic dating uk free

best autistic dating uk free - Best Dating Site

best autistic dating uk free

Love Has No Boundaries at Autistic Dating Being on the spectrum used to mean the end of having a so-called 'normal' life. But nowadays, with more and more people receiving autism diagnoses, it's no longer impossible to imagine living a normal life, including one with love, a family, and happiness in it.

No matter if you're high functioning but struggle with the social rules of society, or facing challenges on the opposite side of the spectrum, Autistic Dating can help you find someone special for friendship, romance, even long-term love. If you would love nothing more than to have someone to share life's up and downs with, just wait until you see who you can meet here! We have plenty of singles who want the same things out of life as you.

See for yourself when you sign up now! Simply register and create your personal profile and you're on your way to meeting people from all across Oz--both autistic and non-autistic. Our members are all caring and compassionate individuals, many of whom know firsthand the challenges that you face in everyday life as well as in your social life. Now you can sit back in the comfort of your home or flat, browse through member profiles at your leisure, and contact whomever you want when you are ready.

Imagine, not having to get dressed up and go out to crowded places just to see if you meet anyone you may or may not have a connection with. Your new social life awaits you at Autistic Dating; just join now and start your journey to knowing and experiencing love firsthand.

best autistic dating uk free

Whilst researching autism-friendly dating websites recently for the new section of AdultsWithAutism, I came to the conclusion that I would not recommend any of these websites. The first few results in Google search revealed autistic dating sites that appeared-at best-unregulated and unmanaged by anyone with knowledge of autism.

The worst examples, were sites that did not seem to care about the safety of potentially vulnerable autistic people. As an experiment, I signed up for one these websites. Having registered, I was immediately shown a page full of people with autism and their profiles. Before I could go any further, I was taken to a page where I was asked for my credit card details. It was something like £20 per month to contact a certain amount of possible dates. And that is what this particular dating site was all about: Making money.

I'm not anti-business, but this is unethical and could put a vulnerable person in a dangerous or compromising position. It's difficult enough for even for neuro-typicals to stay safe online. Many of us on the autistic spectrum are even more prone to manipulation. It may be much harder for us to know when we are being lured into an unsafe situation. Surely, at the very least, an autism-friendly dating website needs to check who's signing up to their service.

Ideally, an autistic dating site would: • Carry out checks on people signing up. These checks should be done in person by someone who understand the challenges we face with relationships, and social situations in general. • The initial dates would be chaperoned by someone from the agency.

• Autistic dating websites should be regulated by a dedicated body to maintain safe practice. • There should be regular discussions between the dating agency and the user to ensure nothing inappropriate is going on. • The user's safety should be considered as priority at all times. Running this type of an autism-friendly dating service would be costly.

It would be difficult for the agency to maintain such high standards of safeguarding, whilst making a profit. I honestly cannot see a good business case for setting up an ethical autistic dating website. As a result, some of these companies are attempting to put profit over the safety of their users. I also think there are much better ways autistic people can find a suitable partner for a relationship.

Neuro-typicals generally find a partner through a social setting of some kind, or at work. Why should we be any different? As autistics, we are likely to isolate ourselves This makes it extra difficult to meet new people and form relationships. Another factor is that a very high percentage of autistic people are not employed. So this way of meeting that special someone, at work will not possible.

As I mentioned in a recent YouTube video on , people on the spectrum tend to isolate themselves. and feel overwhelmed by their struggle with social anxiety, lack of confidence and low self-esteem. The answer in my opinion; is not to hide behind your computer or mobile-phone, searching through Google for a meaningful relationship! Instead consider these ideas:​ • Go to places where you can meet others that have the same interests or hobbies as you. This doesn't necessarily have to be an autism based organisation.

• Find an autism social group in your area that meets on a regular basis.Try contacting an autism charity as they often run these types of groups.

• Depending on your social skills and confidence (and allowing for sensory difficulties) gatherings like parties or work related social events, are also opportunities to meet new people and form relationship. I know that for many people with autism, these suggestions on how to meet new people will seem scary, or beyond your present level of confidence. But there are so many positive benefits of saying goodbye to your isolation, and taking part in all that life has to offer.

On the other hand, if anyone does know of a high quality, ethical dating agency for people on the autistic spectrum, please let me know and I will check them out. But in the meantime, Be brave and Fight the fear. There are lots of nice people out there! Thanks for reading-Steve Hello Steve, I like your idea for a site.

I am 35 with autism and was diagnosed at 30, I have a failed marriage because she wanted a “normal man” and that was thrown at me often. After already having a natural distrust of females these type of things make it worse.

I to tried a couple of these sites and found it quite angering to see them charging for chance to meet someone and at the cost weighed up against the possible extra time taken to find someone, it’s criminal.

I have my own photography company (just started) called Spectrum Photography, I work from home and I really want to find a partner in life and business but as I don’t feel comfortable in social situations and I avoid alcohol. I feel lost and have zero hope of finding what I need and want, the rules on your site idea are brilliant and I wish someone somewhere could set this up.

Thank you for your research in to the sites though, I now know not to bother with the others. Hi Leanne I agree. I wish there were dating agencies for autistic people that offered proper safeguarding. Unfortunately, this would probably involve high costs, to employ trained workers. It may be a good idea to speak with organizations like the National Autistic Society (in the UK). They may know of local social groups where your son could meet a potential partner.

It may be a struggle for him at first, but with encouragement, he will gain confidence, socially. Regards Steve Steve, I really enjoyed reading your comments on this subject and it has been really helpful to inform my research also into Autism Friendly dating websites.

I am a specialist mentor for young people (college age) that are on the spectrum and together with a college I am currently thinking about setting up a local matching site for autistic people that want to find either love, friendship or a mentor.

I wish do do all the things you list as important as I am so aware of the difficulties with regard to keeping safe, protected and that the intention of the site is in fact to help rather than to make money. It is with this in mind that my work colleague and I are going to combine our training and skills and get something out there that can be trusted. Wish us luck, our first business meeting is tonight!

Kind regards, Karen (specialist mentor and learning coach) I think this sounds like a wonderful idea, Karen. How are things looking? I wish I had had a specialist mentor when I was in my teens. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of nineteen, and I think so many emotional problems then and now could have been prevented by having a knowledgeable and respectful person help me to understand my experiences and make effective choices for myself.

It would have made life easier for my whole family. Do you mind me asking how you trained? Are you employed by a college or the local authority, or self-employed? I might be interested in such a role myself. I have prior experience in teaching/mentoring as I worked for four years as a special support assistant for students who were not native English speakers.

This might be a great way to draw on my existing skills and my personal experience… All the best, Anna Hi Karen I have been searching for a safe site for my son to find a lovely lady. He has so much to offer but is unable to socialise in big groups. You mentioned setting up a site that would be monitored and safe Please can you keep me in the loop.

I would sign my son up if it was safe for him as he is so lonely Regards Sandy Hi Sandy Thanks for your message. I think the answer to meeting people for love and companionship is similar to that of neurotypicals-rather than dating sites.

For example: does your son have interests or hobbies he can do where he can meet other like-minded people? This is how I met my wife actually, many years ago. Or, there are various aspergers/autism social groups around the country where your son could meet a potential partner. The NAS (UK) may know of social groups in your area.

Regards Steve Hi Steve, Nice article! I read it as I was doing some research into creating a dating website or app for those on the Autistic Spectrum and I totally agree with what you said. Fortunately, I am married but want to do more to help others socially and with dating.

Unfortunately for me, I’ve been waiting to see a consultant for 13 months regarding a diagnosis for ASD…. maybe next year… I would certainly like to talk to you some more, especially as you are a film maker and I’d like to know how you are able to get by in day to day life. Sorry, I know that’s a lot there. Hope to hear from you . […] The Problem with Autistic Dating Websites – Whilst researching autism-friendly dating websites recently for the new l ifestyle section of AdultsWithAutism, I came to the conclusion that I would not recommend any of these websites..

The first few results in Google search revealed autistic dating sites that appeared-at best-unregulated and unmanaged by anyone with knowledge of autism.

The worst examples, were sites that did not seem … […]

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