Best buy elite customer service number

best buy elite customer service number

Customer Service. Title. Posts. Need support with your order? We can help! 27597. Best Buy Store Purchase. Did you visit one of our stores and need help? Let our community of experts, as well as our team of moderators, help you out!. Points, Policies & Certificates. Elite and Elite Plus Membership. 0. + Best Buy Brands.

best buy elite customer service number

Photo Provided by Pixaby What’s one of the best ways to foster creativity and growth in the workplace? Dismantling silos and building internal bridges. Members of various corporate C-Suites are beginning to recognize that silos are a major factor that prevent companies from hitting growth and profit targets. Not only that, they understand that silos are partially responsible for key employees not reaching their full potential and losing them to competitors.

The term ‘silo’ has been used in the corporate arena for the last 30 years. It is borrowed from what we know as farm silos which store grain for farmers. When you look at farm silos, they have no windows, they have limited points of entrance, and in older silos, the grain cannot be easily extracted.

How ironic. The instrument that is used to store a product to sell at a later date for profit is the same instrument that obstructs the full life and fervor of the farm. The same is true when applied to companies. Photo Provided by Pixaby During one of my recent training sessions, several participants were surprised to hear me say that employees, not customers, are a company’s most valued asset.

Customers are second. When employees understand and champion the corporate mission, vision, and core values, their work will reflect what they believe in. They will be engaged and motivated…in fact, they’ll give such incredible experiences that customers will want to keep coming back to buy more goods and services.

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best buy elite customer service number

best buy elite customer service number - Best Buy customer service phone numbers and support

best buy elite customer service number

Good afternoon Hwong, As you will read in prior responses in this thread, the dedicated phone line is for My Best Buy™ specific questions.

Our members with Elite and Elite Plus status can call that line directly when they have questions about their account rather than calling 1-888-BESTBUY with the majority of our members. If you were to call that line with questions about order status or an appliance delivery, then there is a good chance your call will be transferred over to another team that specifically handles those sort of calls.

The phone number is not public to help prevent a lot of those misdirected calls. I would strongly suggest posting any ideas that you have for Best Buy or the My Best Buy™ program to the section of the forum. That would allow other members who feel the same way to cast their vote.

If one of your ideas were to get enough votes, then it would at some point be forwarded up the chain of command for proper review. There are quite a few ideas that Best Buy has implemented into everyday business that were first posted to IdeaX.

That would be your best bet when you want to add a couple cents to the donation box. I hope that you have a great weekend, and thank you for being a My Best Buy™ member. Having seen this on 24/7 Customer Service Line My Best Buy members can call Customer Care 24/7 at 1-888-BEST BUY with questions about membership, points, certificates, and more.

Elite and Elite Plus Customer Service. Elite and Elite Plus members have access to dedicated customer service help at a special phone number found on their membership card.

I of course read this to be a special service number that did not involve the first level customer service that seems to be outsourced. As I am having a problem with a camera that is mysteriously 150 miles away in a warehouse but can not be shipped due to weather(????). So it will be 6 days in making it to my local store. No hurricanes in FL right now, and thunderstorms are a daily occurrence and do not affect business to any great degree.

But no one seems to know what is the reason the camera is delayed, or even where it is. Searching the forum I have seen Derek-BBY numerous posts about privately messaging him for the secret number, then the last few include a disclaimer about how it is only for the Elite program. Really what is the point of that? Not sure there is a real need for that service; and if most people interpret that the web-site says that the enhanced benefit is a special number to assist in resolving issues with the program I would be surprised.

Seems like people are hoping to have extra service for being good customers. Please find someone who acts like they care that customers want products in their local stores and can give a real answer to the status of an order.

Secondly if you are going to rely on automation make it work, and have a way for a live person to assist a customer when issues occur. Hello Bill-CUST, Welcome to the forum and thank you for reaching out to us! I'm truly sorry to hear you're having trouble with a camera order, and seem to be having difficulties getting some answers. Please know that Elite and Elite Plus customers have access to a dedicated phone line intended to assist with My Best Buy related concerns.

Other concerns would need to be directed to our general support lines, which may be reached at 1-888-237-8289. I apologize if this causes you any disappointment, as it seems like you may have been anticipating a higher level of service for all issues. With that said, it looks like you were able to pick up your order today. If you should still like to receive the dedicated phone line, please feel welcome to send me a private message with the below information.

Name Phone # Email address My Best Buy™ ID # Sincerely, Hello ChrisMcClave - It is incredibly discouraging to hear you feel this way regarding our dedicated Elite and Elite Plus customer service line.

With that said, please know these teams are only intended to handle My Best Buy related issues, so any other concerns would be transferred to our general support teams that may be reached by calling 1-888-237-8289. If you have a particular concern you would like to discuss, please feel welcome to send me a private message using the link in the signature below. Sincerely, Greetings plandersen, and welcome to the Best Buy forum, It looks like you may have found some of my prior responses after the fact seeing as you did end up sending me a private message with the information I have requested, which is preferred in this case.

Any other members with Elite or Elite Plus status that read this thread and wants the dedicated phone # can feel free to just send a private message. I will follow-up with you shortly. To read private messages, you will first want to login to the forum and then click on the little yellow envelope icon that is located at the very top of the page. Thank you for being a My Best Buy™ member!

Good afternoon hawaiiinsomniac, Welcome to the Best Buy forum! I was about to ask that you please read over some of our prior responses in this thread where we ask that a private message be sent and then about five minutes later a private message was delivered with your information.

I will follow-up with you shortly. To read private messages, you will first want to login to the forum and then click on the little yellow envelope icon that is located at the very top of the page.

Thank you for being a member of the My Best Buy™ program. I am an elite plus member. I purchased an item on 10/08/17 and it is on sale this week for 30.00 cheaper...

I called the dedicated line for elite plus members and spoke with someone in order to see about getting the difference back because I can't make it to the store this weekend and the sale might end Saturday. She could not look up my order because she said she could only look up online orders. She said she could transfer me to someone who could look up the in store purchases. I waited on hjold 5 minutes and the same lady said the person she was going to transfer me to had hung up...

ok ... while =on hold I pulled up the purchase on my phone and gave her the number associated with purchase. She said sais she still couldn't find it and told me to call the store to get the difference.

My questions are... is this normal that reps are not able to look up in store purchases? Also what is the point of having this dedicated line if I can see more things on my phone than they, a best buy elite plus representative, can see on their computer?

It is very concerning that they cannot see all that I can see as a customer. Either that, or the rep was incompetent.

best buy elite customer service number

• Thanks for calling Best Buy, this call maybe monitored or recorded for quality purposes. So how can I help you today? • You can say reward zone, • store hours, • order status, • order status • OK, I can look up your order with your order number.

If you need help finding it press the star key, otherwise go ahead and enter just the numbers from your order number. • If your order number starts with BBY01 just include the numbers after that. • computer repair status • or say more options • More options. • OK, let me transfer you to someone who will help you. Please wait.

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