Best cartoon pick up lines for guys tagalog

best cartoon pick up lines for guys tagalog

Terribly Good Pick-up Lines For Boyfriend. Even if there wasn’t gravity on earth, I’d still fall for you. I thought happiness started with an H. Why does mine start with U? If I were a cat I’d spend all 9 lives with you. Are you a supermarket sample? ‘Cuz I wanna taste you again and again without any sense of shame. You must be a vodka shot, because you hit me hard and spun my world around Can I talk you out of it? The Best Pick Up Lines to Use on Guys – Get Your Master’s Degree in Flirting. I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours? Your hand looks heavy can i hold it for you? You look so familiar… didn’t we take a class together? I could’ve sworn we had chemistry. Is your mom a drug dealer?

best cartoon pick up lines for guys tagalog

Funny Pick Up Lines Surf here Often? Pick up lines are one of the most valuable tools in your collection when it comes to meeting people that you'd like to get to know a little better. A good, well targeted, well timed, well placed line can show that you're creative, clever, and funny - qualities that almost everyone appreciates. That's why we created! Feel free to jump into viewing our .

You're sure to find something you can use! Look over at the side bar and you'll that we have tons of categories of pick up lines. Some of them are based on things like Profession (you'd use different lines if you were a plumber or were hitting on a plumber than you would in the case of a lawyer), by venue (some lines are great for bars others for the ball game), by holiday, and many more major categories.

We've got multi cultural (Spanish, French, Tagalog) lines for those of you who have your eyes on someone who's in to other languages. Finally, we've got lines that are specifically focused on the ability for girls to use them on the guys that they're interested in. This is what we mean by well targeted, well timed, and well placed. It's in your interest to choose the line that suits your current situation the best so that's what we try to help you do.

Just keep in mind that in the end your goal when delivering a pick up line is to make a first impression that will make your new found friend want to get to know a little more about you. If you can make them laugh or make them feel good about themselves then you're on the right track! Enjoy the site, and feel free to add your own lines. You can even comment on the pick up lines to tell a little story about them when you load them.

Everybody likes to be complimented. "Wow, you're gorgeous" is a great way to get their attention. How can they possibly argue with that anyway? What you compliment them on is up to you. You can praise them for something smart or impressive that they did. For example, if they gave a presentation you can compliment them on it. Or you can compliment on their looks / features. "How long do you work out each day because you are so toned!" You can be crude or smooth, but either way compliments are great way to get them in to you right off the bat.

Some of the most endearing pick up lines are those that are cute pick up lines. Something that is cute often doesn't come across as aggressive (even if it is) and your ability to deliver a cute line actually says a lot about you. It definitely shows that your able to be confident without necessarily being too macho - both of these traits tend to be really big turn ons!

We've got a pretty good and growing list of cute pick up lines here so get some ideas and give a go! Good luck! Dirty pick up lines don't really need an introduction do they? The idea behind them is that through innuendo or possibly just flat out statement you let the object of your desire know that they are the object of your desire.

Dirty pick up lines are really great for people who are already hooked up because they give you a way of showing your appreciation for the other person in a very upfront way. For people who are not already together a dirty pick up line is a little more dangerous - there is a huge risk and a huge reward... so tread lightly, but if you're going to drop a dirty pick up line then make it count! Girls, if you want pick up a guy then you can often start by just saying hi.

But it is definitely a lot of fun to be playful and sometimes you can learn a lot about a guy by how they respond to a real pick up line vs a simple greeting.

This collection of lines are all pick up lines for girls to use on guys and range from funny sassy to whoa sexy! Choose your favorite few and go try them out! Have a good time! These are funny pick up lines - getting them to laugh is a great way to get them talking! First, if there is one type of pick-up line that will fare best with most women, humor is it. Since many women do rate having a good sense of humor and being able to make them laugh as one of the main qualities they look for in a man, if you can show her you’re capable of this at your very first line to her, you’ll get her attention.

We've sourced some of these from (with their permission) and we encourage you to check them out once you've checked out our collection. These pick up lines are the kind of lines that are actually good pick up lines because they're not totally corny, too dirty, or completely lame. In order for a pick up line to be good it needs to be delivered well, but also at the right time.

So, when you get ready to use one of these lines just make sure you do so with confidence and without being over aggressive. Let the good pick up line do the work rather than being over the top yourself. You know you have heard a terrible pick up line if it makes you shake your head, groan, or gag! These are the pick up lines that no matter how they are delivered, they just are not gonna work.

Unless they work simply because they are so very bad that your intended target must turn to you and say “that was horrible. You didn’t think that was actually gonna work did you?” in which case you could respond “You are talking to me aren’t you?” Star Trek has always had a cult following so there has always been an audience for star trek pick up lines. But, with the recent, younger, Star Trek movies there's been a new following and the genre has become much more main stream and socially "acceptable".

Give these Star Trek pick up lines a try if you're ever off planet, and if that doesn't happen often enough then they can really be used any time you think you're dealing with a Trekkie. If the one you have in your sights is a Star Wars fan (and who isn't!?) then these Star Wars pick up lines are for you! Using one of these Star Wars Pick Up lines is like waiving your hand and saying "I am the droid you're looking for". Heck, that's probably one of the lines - if not, it ought to be!

In 2013 doctors were the voted the most sexy profession for men. With that in mind we've set aside a whole category of pick up lines devoted solely to lines that can be used to get across to the good doctor that you are interested. These pick up lines to pick up doctors are full of puns and double entendre, but they'll leave no doubt about your intentions. Some of these lines are good to use on docs and others are for docs to use on their interests. Many of these lines are great as pick up lines for girls to use on guys so it's kind of a double whammy.

And that's what you're after isn't it?! Firefighters enjoy the benefit of being viewed as heroes every day that they go to work. This makes those men and women very sexy in the eyes of the public, and since it is such a physically demanding job the role of firefighter is generally played by strong, physically fit people. It's no wonder that finding out that someone you've just met is a firefighter can often make you burn with desire.

These firefighter pick up lines are pick up lines that can be used BY firefighters or TO PICK UP a firefighter. There's plenty of material to work with so let's see what you've got!

Lawyers tend to be intelligent and strong willed. Law students spend a lot of time in class, in the office if they're lucky, and in the library studying to pass the bar exam. But like everyone else, legal professionals and hopefuls, want to be wanted by someone.

They sometimes seem uptight, but if you try you'll find the seeking ways to chill whenever possible. If you've got your eye on a lawyer or law student try breaking the ice with one of these pick up lines geared directly at them.

These lawyer pick up lines are appropriate everywhere, except the workplace! Maybe it’s “Talk like a Pirate” day or maybe she’s just really into those romance novels with dark guys with long hair wearing billowing white pirate shirts on the cover.

Of course, if your she and she's a he then change all that around so it all works. Maybe add that what he wants is a bad attitude and lots of cleavage. Well, Arg, MAtey, have we got just the right pick up lines for you! If you're a single Christian or if you're looking to date someone who is a Christian then you might find these christian pick up lines useful.

These types of pick up lines will often contain biblical references and they tend to be a little less dirty. However, they make up with cheesy everything they miss out on in dirty. You can also check out our friends over at where is all they do!

It happens all the time. You're in the coffee shop or at the cafe and your eyes fall on someone that you think you might like to get to know better. The good news is that coffee shops and similar venues are great places to meet people and chat! This list of lines are pick up lines that are focused for use in the cafe or in the coffee shop. When it's time for Halloween it's time for parties and meeting people. Having something awesome to say the first time you meet someone is often the hardest part of approaching!

But have no fear - we've created a section of pick up lines specially focused on Halloween just so you can be sure to catch the perfect hottie you've had your eye on! Also, don't forget that if you or your target is dressed up as one of the "professions" that we have special categories for that you can also make use of those lines! I love Halloween!

Pick up lines have recent become a big fad in pinoy life and the culture itself lends to some very awesome pick up lines. As one filipino friend of mine described it, "we are very dramatic, and that all comes out in the pick up lines we enjoy". When you read these pick up lines (many in tagalog, but translated to english if you click on them) you'll experience the drama that is intentionally built into them.

best cartoon pick up lines for guys tagalog

best cartoon pick up lines for guys tagalog - Best Pick Up Lines

best cartoon pick up lines for guys tagalog

Are you in love? Or you’re just in the mood to make somebody smile? Cheesy tagalog pick up lines, commonly known as “banat” in the vernacular, have been more popular nowadays as sites, fan pages, and even SMS with the said theme grow larger and larger everyday. And now, they come cheesier and sweeter because they are in our own language, Filipino! Cheesy tagalog pick-up lines are quite risky, but sometimes work if you catch your target off-guard.

Using cheesy tagalog pick-up lines to throw a punch line or break the ice is better than the purpose of getting yourself a date.

Never say these lines to a girl whom you never know in the first place, except you want a decapitating slap or punch to land your face. You don’t wanna lose your head, do you? Here are some of the latest cheesy tagalog pick-up lines that will surely make your someone special feel the “kilig” feeling or create some “laugh trip” among the barkada. “Teleserye ka ba? Ang sarap mo kasing subaybayan.” This quote says that he/she is very interested in your life.

As we all Filipinos know, drama series in the Philippines are epic, epic as in extremely protracted. Remember the original “Mara Clara” series? It was aired for as long as 5 years.

With that being said, you are certainly that interesting if someone decides to have his/her eyes on you for that incredible span of time. “I’m not stalker, I’m just following my dreams” Here is a perfect excuse for those who aimlessly follow their “apple of their eyes” wherever he/she goes.

Stalkers never leave a good impression. Stalkers are intimidating, creepy, and of course, very irritating to the senses. Who would want to be watched all the time as if you’re in the PBB house? But hey! It did say you are his/her “dreams”, isn’t that something flattering? On the other hand, good-looking stalkers are never called “stalkers”, and hence termed as “admirers”. LOL. “Ikaw ba ang kadiliman?

Wala kasi akong makitang iba pag andyan ka.” He/She could have shouted “Let there be light!”, but chose to remain in the darkness to see nobody, nobody but you! Although this sounds a bit impossible (especially for the guys), it will certainly touch your heart to hear somebody say that they have only set your eyes on you.

Imagine, there are others out there who look better than you, and yet you have found someone who doesn’t care at all. “Table of contents ka ba? ikaw kasi ang laman ng bawat pahina ng buhay ko.” Okay, this is a spin-off of the cheesy line “Patingin nga ng kamay mo, ang liit ah. Paano mo nahawakan ang mundo ko?” This simply says that every part of him is about you. You are his world!

You are the captain of his ship! Yes, sounds like too good to be true, but doesn’t it sound like music to your ears too? “Natikman ko na lahat ng matatamis, kelan naman kaya ang matamis mong ‘Oo’?” Now this is really, really something! Now he said that he have tasted almost all of the luscious confections such as the ever-famous Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Dairy Queen’s Strawberry Cheesecake Blizzard, Frey White Chocolate bar, Häagen-Dazs ice cream, but he still craves for your sweetest “yes”.

Yup, this three-letter word is the sweetest thing for him in this world. This “yes” would take him to the seventh heaven, the perfect bliss, because that “yes” merely says “I love you too. I would like to be your girlfriend”. Here are some more tagalog pick up lines created by creative Filipino teens. Bagyo ka ba? Kasi the moment you leave my area of responsibility, you leave my heart in the state of calamity. Kung bola ka at ako ang player, masho-shoot ba kita?

Hindi! Kasi lagi kitang namimiss. Geometry ba ang favorite subject mo? Kasi kahit anong angle, ang ganda mo eh.

Surgeon ka ba? kasi ikaw lang ang nakapagbukas ng puso ko. May license ka ba? Kasi you’re driving me crazy! Chinese ka ba? Kasi I’ll siomai love to you, and I hopia love me too. Who said flattery will get you nowhere?

Stating compliments makes people feel good about themselves. Just don’t get too flowery so you could spark a good conversation between the two of you.

best cartoon pick up lines for guys tagalog

In my opinion, Funny pickup lines are best used when you already know someone and you want to make him/her laugh. For example, when you're out on a date, later whem you get back from the bathroom for instance, you can pretend to be a complete stranger and hit on your date with a ridiculous but hilarious pick up line.

Although being funny is probably the best approach when hitting on someone, using funny pick up lines on girls who don't know you will usually not get you the results you want. What's more important is Girls, in this page I gathered all the most effective pick up lines you can use on guys and also some more cool surprises for you to enjoy.

(18+) Do you like getting slapped or getting kicked in the family jewels by women? If you do, than you're in the right place! Since women hate being objectified and get really angry of anything that might suggest they're sluts or sex objects, these dirty pick up lines will get them REALLY furious... Especially the big butch lesbian ones; they will kill you... Take my advice; don't use those... These are old-fashioned lines that every girl over the age of 12 already knows, and we're not into picking up the little ones, are we?

The people who use corny pick-up lines are usually not the brightest light bulbs in the chandelier, and unless you want every girl you pick up to think you're a moron, don't use these lines.

Yes, they're sometimes funny and they are usually clever, but they won't get you anywhere. These romantic pickup lines are usually best executed on women whom you know are attracted to you. (For example if some girl looked at you like you're her lunch and she's VERY hungry...) Combined with good body language, strong confident eye contact and maybe a compliment (if it's not already in the line) it can get you far. Romantic lines reveal your intentions to the girl, so you better be a man and have a plan on what to say next and what you want this relationship to be.

If you're going to play with women's emotions you should know that they WILL find out pretty fast if you're serious or just want to bang them.

Although most of us know that pickup lines are usually not so effective when we want to get the girls that we like, and they can really sometimes embarrass us, some of them can work wonders; especially when combined with REAL attraction skills. The lines in the “Best Pick Up Lines" section are the best ones from the “good pickup lines" section that also contains the average ones. These lines don't contradict the seduction community's rules; as a matter of fact they're often being used by real pickup artists.

These lines work because they're honest, kind of witty and straight to the point. You don't have to be afraid before you approach the girl because you're not taking any risk of being laughed at. They say to the girl "hey, I'm not playing games, I'm confident and experienced enough to not use silly pick-up lines and... Well... I like you…" Deliver these pickup lines with a smile, good body language and good game afterwards and you'll be more than fine... The bad and the lame lines are here so people like you, who are interested in pickup lines will be able to learn and understand what is total crap and what is gold (in other sections).

Never ever use one of those bad and lame lines, unless you get a kick out of being totally humiliated. If you're way too much into sci-fi, had sex maybe once and she was fat and drunk, have over 250GB of porn on your hard drive and know at least one bully that deserves to die, then these lines are for you. They're funny, they're clever ant it takes more than 130 IQ to understand half of them...

If you've got a pair of huge balls and are attracting plenty of girls without even trying, you might want to try some of these sexual innuendos to shorten the waiting period with slutty girls who seem to be sexually attracted to you. These lines are funny, show a lot of confidence and tell your targets (who are already attracted) what a hot confident guy like yourself would really enjoy doing with them without actually saying it... Be prepared to get slapped a lot… This section contains both the "good" section and the "best" sections mixed altogether.

These are all quality lines, but if you want only the best stuff, you know where to find them. Get all the lines, comics and attraction/seduction advice on this website in this one cool free ebook. In order to download the ebook right click and "save targes as". (384KB PDF File) (Ctrl+D) If you like this website you're more than welcome to link to it To link to this website just copy the following html code to your site: Funny Pick Up Lines • • • • • • • • • • © Copyright 2009 - - All rights reserved

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