Best chinese matchmaking services san francisco california

best chinese matchmaking services san francisco california

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best chinese matchmaking services san francisco california

Sometimes, the urge to have Chinese food strikes, and nothing will satisfy you until you get it. Whether it's the desire for a tangy sauce or the need for a crispy crunch, Chinese food is unique and often can't be resisted. Although there are many, many different cuisines in San Francisco, including the zesty Italian of North Beach and the sizzling Latino fare of the Mission, the history of Chinese cuisine is a long and prosperous one in San Francisco. Whether that's because of the relative proximity of San Francisco to China in comparison to the rest of the U.S.

or the large local population of Chinese Americans, one thing's for sure: San Francisco has a fantastic selection of Chinese restaurants. When the urge to eat stand-out Chinese food grabs you, count on 10Best to point you in the direction of San Francisco's best Chinese restaurants. We understand the desire to have a great meal, and we work hard to bring you the top places to eat in San Francisco.

We vet restaurants carefully for quality, and when we recommend popular eateries like or tell you that gets good reader feedback, you can believe it. From Chinatown to Richmond District, we'll make sure you get - and eat - what's best. Vegetarian restaurants can be expensive in the city, but Shangri-La is a good option if you want excellent Chinese food at a reasonable price.

Shangri-La has been around since 1978 and doesn't do vegetarian as a gimmick; everyone who works there believes in the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle. In fact, they take the approach that food is the same as medicine and proudly proclaim that statistics show those who follow a vegetarian diet have longer, healthier lives.

Shangri La uses only fresh garden vegetables, bean, nuts, tofu and whole grain products for their dishes, including the very popular Veggie Chicken Soup boiled in a nutritious broth of Wolfberry and Lotus Seeds. Tourists, locals, and critics alike sing Ton Kiang's praises. Ton Kiang features a specific cuisine, "Hakka" cuisine, which makes it a very unique restaurant in terms of Chinese cuisines.

The Hakka people traveled all over China and picked up all kinds of regional influences for their dishes.

Hakka cuisine (regional fare influenced by Indian dishes) is the restaurant's signature, but you'll also find a variety of other styles.

Begin with a fresh spring roll and chicken wonton soup or even beef and fish-ball soup. Main courses include crab in black bean sauce and plenty of tofu and vegetable dishes.

Best of all, the dim sum is known as some of the area's best! When you need a break from Chinatown but still want yummy Chinese food, head to Nanking Road Bistro.

Don't let the empty seats fool you - they do a tremendous catering business, so the restaurant is almost a side-venture.

The consistent quality of the sweet and sour soup symbolizes their dedication to fresh ingredients cooked just right. The Sesame Chicken is also very popular, featuring a succulent white meat deep-fried to perfection and lightly coated with a spicy sweet sauce. The thoughtful design of the restaurant, open and airy with long wooden banquettes along the walls, invites people in and makes them want to stay. Although locally respected restaurant critic Michael Bauer of the San Francisco Chronicle feels the service and quality of Mission Chinese has slipped, this restaurant started at such a great height, it could afford some slippage.

Founder Danny Bowien was met with such critical and commercial success when he opened Mission Chinese in 2009 that he soon opened another restaurant in New York City.

Some feel Mission Chinese has suffered from his absence, but his original dishes mixing traditional Chinese with California innovation still make this restaurant worth visiting.

From the Sour Chili Chicken to the Stir-Fried Pork Jowl, you'll find Chinese-inspired dishes here that you can't find anywhere else. But get there early - the line forms quickly at this restaurant that's especially popular with Mission neighborhood locals. If you've been up and down the alleys of Chinatown, and the egg rolls and dim sum are all starting to taste the same, drop by Lucky Creation for a different take on Chinese.

Their orange chicken alone will make you bite twice to believe it's really not chicken...! It's a fun place to take meat-eaters who dislike vegetables, too; their Fried Honeyed Walnuts & Taro Cake will make even the most ardent meat-eater happy.

If you're looking for a special ambience, though, this is not exactly the place, as it's no better or worse than many other small Chinese restaurants in Chinatown. Chinese food enthusiasts flock to Hunan Home's Restaurant for award-winning cuisine that's reputedly "the best kept secret in Chinatown." The extensive menu features all the traditional items you expect to find, including classic Kung Pao chicken, Mongolian beef and eggplant with spicy garlic sauce. Diners particularly love the chicken with orange peel, prawns with honey walnuts, pot stickers and, of course, hot and sour soup.

Attentive service rounds out an authentic and satisfying dining experience. Opened in 1983, Hunan Home's has remained a favorite for travelers and locals alike. Owned and operated by the Yuan family, the restaurant has stayed remarkably consistent over the eyars.

Dragon Well creates comfort through simplicity. Owners Gary and Christina Tan offer pure, unadulterated Chinese dishes that ably satisfy, including kung pao chicken and steamed butterfish. If you like consistent, family-run establishments, Dragon Well is a great choice. If you're looking for a prelude to the meal, consider vegetarian potstickers or sauteed pea shoots, both wonderful additions.

Although you won't find extravagant decor at Dragon Well, you'll be thrilled by the great food. A real crowd-pleaser is the Tea-Smoked Duck, which is steamed then wok-smoked with Pu Erh tea and served with hand-made buns and hoisen sauce. Dragon Well also offers one of the most satisfying gluten-free menus in the city. Great Eastern is so appreciated for its authenticity that you're likely to find a large clientele of native Chinese folks enjoying the cuisine.

Seafood is always top-rated, as you'll see with lobster sashimi and prawns prepared a number of ways. Other dishes feature everything from duck and quail to abalone and pork. Dishes offer good value, and reservations are accepted for large groups.

With its location on Jackson Street in the hear tof Chinatown, Great Eastern is a great spot for lunch or dinner (or both) as you wind your way through the large crowds and shops of this fascinating neighborhood. A hidden gem of San Francisco's Sunset district, San Tung Chinese Restaurant boasts a menu that consistently impresses locals and visitors alike.

The most popular item by far is the original dry-fried chicken wings, but other patron favorites include the shrimp and leek dumplings, hot and sour soup, string beans and black bean sauce noodles. In addition to these innovative creations, the menu features beloved Chinese dishes like chow mein, Mongolian beef and garlic chicken. Located near Ninth and Irving, the energetic heart of the Sunset District, a visit to San Tung can include some of the bars and other nightlife hotspots of this underappreciated but vital neighborhood.

On the hunt for top-notch Chinese food? Check out Yank Sing, one of the city's most popular spots for authentic Asian fare. Although the restaurant serves many popular dishes, they are especially known for their deem sum. Yank Sing has over 100 varieties of deem sum (with some 60 varieties served fresh everyday). Deem sum carts laden with enticing, freshly made offerings make their way to each dining room table, affording patrons such must-have options as spring rolls and pot stickers, barbecued meats, Peking duck and soft-shell crab.

For those seeking quick noontime eats, the combination lunch is a terrific option.

best chinese matchmaking services san francisco california

best chinese matchmaking services san francisco california - Macy's Locations in San Francisco, California

best chinese matchmaking services san francisco california

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best chinese matchmaking services san francisco california

About Us For over 40 years the SF Match has provided residency and fellowship matching services to specialties and subspecialties across the spectrum of medicine. Our easy to use applicant review and ranking process has a proven record of success and our Centralized Application Service makes the processing, distribution and review of applications as easy as clicking your mouse. The key to understanding the matching process is the concept of 'tentative acceptance'.

The process is an 'applicant-proposing' one; this means that it is driven by the applicants' requests for placement. At first, all acceptances are tentative. As programs receive more requests, they will retain only those applicants they consider most desirable.

The Matching Program's role is that of an intermediary, executing binding instructions. The outcome is pre-determined by the rank lists of programs and applicants. At no point can this outcome be modified by a judgment or bias on the part of the intermediary, nor is there any element of chance. In the following example, ten applicants (1-10) compete for eight positions offered by four programs (A-D, offering 3, 2, 2 and 1 positions respectively).

Initially, each applicant requests placement in his/her preferred program. • A receives requests from 2, 6 and 9; it tentatively accepts all three. • B receives requests from 4 and 10; it accepts 4, but did not list 10 as acceptable.

• C receives requests from 1, 3 and 7; it accepts 1 and 7, but rejects 3, since it has only two positions. • D receives requests from 5 and 8; D is not interested in 5 and accepts 8, even though it is its last choice.

PROGRAMS APPLICANTS 3 2 2 1 <<< Number of positions available A B C D 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (6) 7 4 1 (C) (A) C (B) D (A) (C) (D) (A) B 10 (4) (1) 4 A D B A C C B A D D 4 6 6 7 D B A D A A B C A 3 1 (7) 10 B C D C D C C 1 5 10 6 8 3 3 9 7 9 (8) (9) 2 5 (2) 10 5 <<< These applicants were not listed. Legend: (...) tentative acceptance; --- rejected request In the next round, the rejected applicants (3, 5 and 10) request placement at their next choice. Most of these requests will create a cascade of further reactions and requests.

• 3 requests B; B accepts. • 5 requests C, but C is not interested. 5 now requests A; A considers this an improvement and rejects 2. 2 now requests D, but D is not interested, nor are B and C. 2's list is now exhausted, so 2 will remain unmatched. • 10 requests D; this is an improvement for D, so D rejects 8. 8 now requests A; A moves up again and rejects 5. Since 5's list is now exhausted, 5 remains unmatched also.

PROGRAMS APPLICANTS 3 2 2 1 <<< Number of positions available A B C D 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 [6] 7 4 1 [C] (A) C [B] D [A] [C] (D) [A] B 10 [4] [1] 4 A D [B] A C C B [A] D [D] 4 6 6 7 D B A D A A B C A 3 1 [7] [10] B C D C D C C 1 5 10 6 [8] [3] 3 9 7 9 (8) [9] 2 (5) (2) 2 2 10 5 5 <<< These applicants were not listed.

Legend: (...) tentative acceptance; --- rejected request At this point the matching process ends, with 2 and 5 remaining unmatched. That at least two applicants would remain unmatched is predictable, since there were ten applicants for eight positions. Note that the matched applicants are always matched to the highest program on their list that was willing to accept them. Programs retained their preferred applicants but usually did not get only their top choices.

Applicants who do not match were presented for consideration to all the programs on their list. The Matching Process was developed to allow applicants to Residency and Fellowship training to visit and evaluate various training programs in a systematic fashion without the pressure of being asked for a commitment before the evaluation process is completed. At the conclusion of their evaluation process, applicants can rank programs in a confidential fashion with the opportunity to match to the best available program.

These rules were prepared to ensure the integrity of the Matching process. Violations may well result in loss of opportunity for both applicants and programs to achieve the best possible match.

If one becomes aware of violations of these rules, they should be reported to the SF Match Office. All reports regarding violations will be kept confidential.

Violations of these rules by program directors or faculty may result in penalty actions regarding participation in the Matching process.

Rules for Program Directors: Appointments The participating programs agree not to make any appointments prior to the match. Positions that remain vacant after the match may be filled by direct negotiation between program directors and applicants. These positions may be listed on the Vacancy Information System. Confidential Ranking Lists All ranking lists are confidential. The matching program will not reveal how any applicant ranked any program, nor how any program ranked any applicant.

Statements of Intent If made, such statements must be unilateral, voluntary, and unconditional. Neither party may ask the other for a commitment. A statement like: "I will rank you first if you rank me first" is against the matching rules. A statement like: "You are among the best programs/applicants I have seen so far; I appreciate meeting you regardless of how you will rank me" is permitted.

Binding Commitment Both the program and the applicant formally commit to accepting a position with any one of the rank choices listed. Both parties are bound by the results of the match. However, an applicant’s actual entry into the training program (and continuation in it) is contingent upon satisfactory completion of the prerequisite training, any special requirements the program may have stated explicitly for all applicants and satisfactory performance during training.

Violations Observed violations of the matching rules must be reported to the SF Match Director, who will forward information to the sponsoring organization. Rules for Applicants: Match participants make the following binding agreement: • I am solely responsible for the choices on my rank list and for the match outcome resulting for those choices.

• I understand that no participating training program has the right to require that I state how I shall rank that program on my confidential rank list, nor do I have a right to demand that any program inform me how it plans to rank me. • I understand that I cannot avoid accepting an appointment to which I have been matched without a written release from the applicable program. I also understand that another program cannot offer a position to me unless I have this release. I understand that releases are not automatic and my actions may be challenged.

• By submitting a rank list, both the applicants’ choices and the program directors choices make the match result a binding commitment. However; Any offer made is contingent upon satisfactory completion of the prerequisite training as generally required and special requirements if specified by a particular training program; • If I obtain a position in this match, I will withdraw from all other matches in post-graduate medicine that compete and conflict with this match.

I agree that Match results may be sent other formal matching programs as notice of action under their respective rules. • I declare that I have no obligations (e.g. military) which might prevent me from accepting a position if offered; • I authorize SF Match the use any information I have provided in any study approved by SF Match, provided that no information clearly and uniquely identifies me is disclosed in reports resulting from such a study.

*** This page outlines the requirements, conditions, and timeline for consideration of your specialty match joining with SF Match. Overview The SF Match reviews requests for matching services on an ongoing basis throughout the calendar year.

Requests must be made in writing by an appointed representative for your society. Clients that can demonstrate committment to a match and that will be able to maintain a majority of member programs each year are considered along with other factors including number of positions offered and match timeline desired.

Selection of a society for matching requires that the leadership of the society communicate all current matching rules with the SF Match. Process The process begins with a request for matching services sent to . The email should include basic information about the number of programs involved, number of positions available, desired timeline, sponsoring society, and if there is a current match in place. Receipt and acknowledgement of the request will be returned within 3 business days and further communication will occur.

Approval is subject to agreement to the match rules, and agreement to the SF Match contractual terms. We do not accept 3rd party contracts for matching services. Requirements of Sponsoring Societies The SF Match does not handle sanctions or disciplinary actions.

All reported violations will be provided to the sponsoring society representative in writing. Reported violations will be handled in a confidential manner between SF Match and the sponsoring society. Societies are required to provide requested information and maintain accurate records of participating programs. Each society must provide a representative that can respond to requests for information within 2 business days. The society chooses the match timeline and is not limited to any specific date each year.

Changes to the match date are subject to approval by the SF Match and changes are generally not allowed during the match cycle. ***

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