Best clever dating taglines examples free

best clever dating taglines examples free

Your dating headline examples for online dating is one of online dating taglines for example, witty or clever profiles. This are on pof, you want more ideas for your tagline from the women and hard steps. Forum Taglines for online dating examples - Vecmuiža Even free trangender dating the best dating sites you can forget. Wishes to share his love with all in the values no matter what the color of your skin is or any of that other. Event provides unique opportunity to compete examples dating online with some of you mentioned that you don’t.

best clever dating taglines examples free

» » Good Personal Ads Good Dating Profile Examples by Barb Marcano Personal ads featured on this page were written by real men and women and posted on various online dating sites. They should help give you an idea on what type of profiles get attention and have more people responding to it. Sometime all it takes is a bit of inspiration to come up with a good personal ad of your own.

Examples of Good Profiles If I like you...Can I keep you? I am secure & happy with myself, but...Life is meant for 2!! A little bit about myself: I enjoy travel, camping by a lake, gardening, home decorating, Comedy Clubs & Dinner Theater, music, my dog, & celebrating special occasions. I am self-sufficient, independent, honest, I have a great sense of humor, & family & friends are very important to me.

A man who ONLY has eyes for me & can make me laugh are important qualities! No Pressure! Let's just relax...become friends & get to know each other...

and see what happens. Headline is very inviting - makes you want to click on it. Also, there is plenty of personal details to know right away if you both have anything in common.

Lost Smile---Reward For Recovery I'm putting out a world wide web bulletin to get everyone's help. You see, I've lost my smile. I'm not really myself without it. I have a couple leads that give me hope that it may have been found, including a vague description.

She appears to be between 26 and 40 years old, but may appear younger than her age. She at least 5'7" (I am 6'), not a bbw, but doesn't live at the gym either. She has high-maintenance looks with a down-to-earth attitude, values, and personality.

She loves rock & roll and may be found at concerts. I have conflicting reports that she's either a blonde or a brunette. She's intelligent with her own career and not dependent on someone to support her.

If this person can be found, I can offer a reward of lifetime devotion, long, slow kisses that last for days, midnight massages, a partner that loves to cook and doesn't mind sharing in the household chores, someone to wash your back, a shoulder to lean on, and someone who will hold you at night. If you think you may have found my smile, please e-mail me as I really need it to be myself. Thanks. Original, appealing and very well thought out.

This is one of my favorites. "Spark Plug" When people are sometimes asked to describe me, the term "spark plug" is often used. I know how to speak my mind and get what I want, but I do so with a smile. I've been known to assess first impressions quickly (both personally and professionally) and generally do not waiver from my initial conclusion.

I'm considered a very generous person in all aspects of my life especially in friendship, family and love. I've been told that I'm smart, beautiful and sensitive, although I also tend to be a bit modest too. I'm looking for a man who shares my views on love, family and friends and is ready for all of it to begin with me.

best clever dating taglines examples free

best clever dating taglines examples free - How To Create A Great Tagline For Your Business (w/ Examples)

best clever dating taglines examples free

Do you want to increase your matches on Tinder and immediately meet more women in real life? Are you searching for the best Tinder taglines for guys that get women to respond to you? If so, this article has you covered! One way to stand out is to have a great Tinder tagline.

Your tagline can be as important as your photos when it comes to this dating app. It can also be the difference between a left or right swipe.

I spent the past several weeks analyzing thousands of Tinder profiles. From this experiment I’m including the top 25 best Tinder taglines for men who want more than just a fling, plus some helpful tips for you to get more matches and swipe rights. Check it out below. And lastly, don’t forget that the Tinder tagline is just the first thing you need to select.

Once you’ve gotten some tagline ideas from below, don’t forget to check out my article on the best . These lines will increase your chances of getting responses from women even further. Best Tinder Taglines for Guys #1: Don’t Look Divorced There’s nothing wrong with being divorced, but don’t give your divorce the spotlight when it comes to your Tinder tagline. Don’t make me think for any reason that your life sucks. I don’t want to see previous wedding photos, pictures of you with a wedding ring or something like, “Divorced single dad over here!” Just say that you’re a dad.

If you see someone three or more times or things with a woman seem like they’re heading into serious territory, she can learn more about your backstory then. But dating is meant to be fun (especially in the beginning!) and at this stage of the game, you want to focus on building trust and rapport as opposed to airing all your dirty laundry.

The below is a tinder tagline you can emulate that’s super fun and positive. Tagline #2: Don’t Be Contradictory You’re an early riser who likes to stay out and party all night. You enjoy craft beers but also like to abstain from alcohol when you’re not drinking craft beers. You have a fear of heights and enjoy skydiving. Don’t be contradictory. You may think you’re showing that you can be the best of both worlds, but women are actually just finding your contradictory statements confusing.

See below for one of the best Tinder taglines for guys that is totally NOT contradictory. It’s just a compelling list of a guy’s personality traits and interests. He’s a vegan, a Scorpio, a world traveler and an expert pillow fort architect (my favorite).

He’s not being contradictory with any statements, he’s simply offering concise and compelling reasons to swipe right in an easy-to-read list format. Tagline #3: Don’t Look Like You’re Ready for a Gang Fight Don’t post pictures of you with neck tattoos and/or signs you’ve been to prison, or have a look like you’ve been there.

Don’t throw up gang signs. You don’t look cool. You look like you’re gonna screw up a woman’s clean record by leaving your stolen gun in her car. Instead, just try using a funny Tinder tagline like Steve’s below (read to the bottom).

Tagline #4: Don’t say “I Don’t Play Games” Ugh. This line is sooooooo overused. Saying “I don’t play games” is basically like saying, “I have a really big dick — trust me!” Women are always going to assume that you’re lying. If you want to let her know that you don’t play games, do so in a clever way that doesn’t just rely on stating the obvious. Check out the Tinder tagline below that is letting the ladies know that he’s not a player, a tool, or that you’re going to play games.

“I don’t send unsolicited dick pics. I do send unsolicited duck picks.” This will make her laugh and be more inclined to swipe right. Tagline #5: Don’t Complain Unless it’s in a joke, don’t complain. and making your first online impression one that is wrapped in negativity will lead to nothing but left swipes in your future.

The best Tinder taglines always exude positivity, even when everyone knows that being single comes with a lot of alone time: Tagline #6: Don’t Flip Off the Camera in Your Photos I don’t know why this is something I have to remind people not to do, but here we are.

I’m not sure why flipping the bird is something that certain men post on Tinder. Maybe during that photo, you were actually making a statement — maybe that was a day you were flipping off injustice, or flipping off people who are mean to puppies. I don’t know. Regardless of the reason, a Tinder profile doesn’t offer that context, so when women come across your account, it just looks like you’re flipping them off.

Keep it classy. But if you HAVE TO be serious (better to be serious than gangsta), add a note to the bottom of the last Tinder tagline example like this: Tagline #7: Write About What is Good About You Why would a woman want to date you?

Remember that your Tinder tagline is supposed to be a succinct way of talking yourself up and grabbing a woman’s attention so that she will swipe right. Think about your most positive and compelling traits and showcase them in order to be among the best Tinder taglines for guys (see above example). Do you notice how the author is relaying what he’s good at?

Tagline #8: Don’t Say “I Have a Car” Dude that’s not special. I have a car too. What’s your point? Pointing out things that are positive but not in any way unique will get you nowhere. Here are some other examples of things that women will be SUPER GLAD YOU HAVE (because not having them could cause some issues), but that you don’t need to share in your Tinder tagline: • “I have a roof over my head” • “I have a job” • “I have access to running water” • “I have pants and shoes and socks and shirts, too!” Try using a unique Tinder tagline like the below.

There’s also a lot of adjectives which are compelling to the reader. However, I recommend using spell check. Tagline #9: Use Stereotypical Tinder Taglines to Your Advantage One of the best Tinder taglines for guys involves turning an overused tagline on its head.

A lot of girls jokingly say they’re looking for a guy that can open jars and kill spiders, which is fun and cute, but it gets used too often. It’s like listing your height as your tagline — why is it so relevant that SO MANY PEOPLE put it there? With the below tagline, the guy still uses this originally funny and cute line but adds “…that seems to be a common theme around here.” It also shows that he’s paying attention to other taglines, as opposed to just scanning photos.

Tagline #10: Show Confidence Show confidence in your tagline. Focus on what you can and like to do. I consider this to be one of the most clever Tinder taglines for guys because he managed to stuff in a bunch of things that he is good at without overwhelming women with a bunch of text. He also made it clever and showed he didn’t take himself too seriously. Tagline #11: Offer Date Ideas In Your Tagline Although you can’t use a in your tagline, some of the best Tinder taglines give girls a taste of what going on a date with you would be like.

The above tagline is great because the guy is painting a picture of what a night out would be like with him, while also incorporating some humor. Tagline #12: Reveal Personal Things in a Positive Non-aggressive Way Remember how I said don’t look divorced?

Yeah, STILL don’t do that. However, there are certain things you may want to reveal about yourself in a Tinder tagline in order to weed out people that would automatically be incompatible.

Case in point, if you are a parent, it can be a good idea to reveal it in a way that’s similar to this guy: He’s a single dad and makes sure to note that while also showing very attractive qualities by noting how much he loves being a dad and is “very old school and a gentleman.” This is great, too, because if a woman does not have any interest in having kids or doesn’t want to date someone with kids, she’ll see this up front and swipe left.

This way you won’t be wasting time with women who aren’t interested in children. Tagline #13: Elaborate on Your Interests Don’t say something typical like “I love sports.” LOTS of people love sports. What is it about sports that you specifically like?

Who is your favorite team? The above is one of my favorite Tinder taglines because the guy not only talks about what his favorite sports team is but also mentions that he likes to play rugby and work out. When you make your Tinder taglines personal instead of generic, you capture attention and set yourself apart from the competition.

Tagline #14: Approach Sarcasm Cautiously Sarcasm can be a great way to lighten the mood and infuse some humor into your Tinder tagline when used appropriately. But it can also backfire when you use it the wrong way. If you don’t use sarcasm carefully, it can just come off as petty or hostile.

Below is one of the best sarcastic Tinder taglines I saw during my research experiment. This tagline uses sarcasm perfectly, because it starts with the guy poking fun at himself (“I hate myself for liking the choker necklace look”) before taking some lighthearted jabs at some of the cliched taglines he’s likely seen on many woman’s Tinder taglines (“You probably like the outdoors, cats, and Disney. You hate drama and you’re not here to hook up”).

If you can execute something like this, go for it. But if you have any hesitation or feel unsure, steer clear of sarcasm. Tagline #15: Be Careful When Using Emojis If you’re going to use emojis, make sure they are used to enhance your text and are not the centerpiece of your headline.

The best Tinder taglines that use emojis only use them as a way to enhance or reference what they’re talking about. If you just use a surplus amount of emojis, it’s going to seem overwhelming and obnoxious.

See below for a good example. I really like how he used the same emoji twice on each line. It definitely makes the text stand out. Tagline #16: Don’t Make Her Guess Which One is You in Pictures It’s great to include pictures of you and your friends or you and your family. But don’t turn her scanning through your photos into a game of “Where’s Waldo?” Make sure that the first photos are of just you and that you are easily identifiable in pictures that include you and your friends.

If you create a funny tagline like below, but she can’t tell who you are in your pictures – then what good is your tagline even doing? Tagline #17: Don’t Get Hung Up on Height Don’t let constant proclamations about height and height preferences get in the way of your confidence when it comes to online dating.

By saying something like, “I don’t care about your height” or poking fun at this superficial stat by saying something like “8 feet when I’m in heels — 3 feet in flip flops,” you turn the superficial stat on its head. This also will help you weed out shallow girls who would consider being above or below a certain height a deal breaker. Tagline #18: Mention a Daytime Date Plan I always recommend that take place during the daytime because it makes girls feel safe and it eases the stress.

Plus, this gives you and the girl time for Saturday night plans with your friends. The above is one of the best Tinder taglines for guys because he says, “Let’s meet up for breakfast and plan for the day.” It shows that he’s not trying to just get a girl to a bar at night to buy her drinks and also indicates he’s into more than just going out for happy hour.

Tagline #19: Smile in Your Photos Don’t post photos that make you look like a serial killer or the saddest/angriest/loneliest man in the world. Lots of guys post shirtless bathroom selfies where they pair their bare chest with a vacant stare that screams “I MIGHT kill someone tonight.” I don’t know why this is something that is seen semi-frequently on Tinder, but trust me when I say you do NOT want to be this guy. Here’s an example straightforward tagline that closes off with a funny emoji.

And by the way this guy had a great smile on his main profile pic. Tagline #20: Don’t Say You’re “Down for Anything” and Leave it at That Don’t say the following and make that you’re entire tagline: • “I’m down for anything” • “I’m down for whatever” • “I love everyone” • “Good vibes…” And??? This is really cliche and it’s something women see a ton when they’re scrolling through profiles.

Let her know specific things that you are “down for” and what makes you adventurous, unique, creative and compelling. Here’s a good Tinder tagline example: Tagline #21: Don’t Lie Don’t make up a wild story just to get more right swipes. She’s going to ask you about it on a date and when you come clean, there will be no .

Or, if you continue the lie, you’re just starting off a new relationship on a dishonest note and dooming it from the beginning. Here’s a great example of a guy who seems to be naturally genuine.

Tagline #22: Use Actual Pictures of Yourself Sometimes people are using Tinder for seemingly serious purposes (like finding a relationship) and forego using pictures of themselves, or wait until the last picture to show their face.

Don’t post a picture of Steve Carell or Grumpy Cat and hope she gets a chuckle and automatically right swipes. Save the jokes for your Tinder tagline and choose flattering pictures of yourself — not someone else. For example, check out this funny Tinder tagline: If you’re feeling self-conscious, check out some tips on photos to post and learn some of my confidence strategies . Tagline #23: Post Pictures of You With Cute Animals You know what makes everyone automatically cuter?

A cute animal. If you have an adorable puppy or cat, do a photo op with your pet. If you don’t have a pet, go mozy down to a petting zoo or hang out with a friend’s cute pet. Even if you don’t have a pet, you can use the animal in your picture as a conversation starter. Here’s an example of a great Tinder tagline I found under a profile with the most adorable dog photo pic.

I had to swipe right. Tagline #24: Embrace Your Inner Nerd of Sapiosexual It’s not just gym rats and sports gurus that women are swiping right on when it comes to Tinder — quite the contrary. Women are often attracted to intelligence and when you confidently embrace this quality, you’re more likely to get matches and find someone compatible.

Tageline #25: Lure Her in With a Pop Culture Reference or Special Interest If you’re a Harry Potter nerd or an Avengers fanatic, making a reference in your Tinder tagline can make you stand out and also offer a great conversation starter. Best Tinder Taglines for Guys Wrap-up If you want individualized help with creating a Tinder tagline or want more specific dating advice, head over to my calendar and book a with me today.

During our session, we will discuss your dating roadblocks and come up with an action plan to help you crush your dating goals FAST! My coaching services are for men looking to find a lasting long term relationship. I don’t coach men looking to learn how to become a pick up artist. 🙂 You can also check out my and comprehensive . All of these services have been expertly designed to help you find the girl of your dreams and stay out of the friend-zone for good!

best clever dating taglines examples free

for your own files and share it with your team. When talking about a “Tagline” for a business, you’ll commonly hear some popular names cited such as: The taglines examples you’ll see are typically that of ginormous brands. But that’s the problem with these examples… They’re all HUGE PUBLIC COMPANIES! Every single one of these examples has been around for decades and is worth billions of dollars (here’s a list of all the ), yet somehow people think their much smaller businesses should have equally vague brand taglines.

Well before we build our billion dollar brands, we might wanna start a little smaller: The Evolution of a Tagline: Let’s you and I start a little side business together. Let’s see how our tagline may change as our company grows in size. Notice how the tagline grows from a “descriptive tagline” into a more “aspirational tagline” here: At that very beginning stage when we’re at $0/year, having a vague tagline such as “Tell the world” will be relatively useless to us.

However once we start closing gigantic deals, have that fancy office on 5th Avenue in New York, and handle marketing for Fortune 500 brands…..then maybe “Tell the world” is a more appropriate tagline! So yes, when you’re at the level of a large business, your tagline will often be something short and clever and “aspirational.” However, if you’re not there juuusst yet, here’s a quick formula to follow: Here’s the 3-step process for creating a tagline: Step 1.) Dump out your entire business in a few sentences.

Step 2.) Trim it down. Step 3.) Trim it down to one short sentence. The #1 best way to create a tagline for your business is to describe what you do in the shortest space possible. This process is like trying to cram a large thought into a single Tweet. Let’s jump into some examples of how we would do this: Sumo Tagline Example: Step 1.) Dump out your entire business in a few sentences: “We create tools that go onto any webpage that help promote and share your website to get more traffic through several tools: Share buttons, Welcome Mats, Pop Up email collects, and more.

We make these tools really easy to use.” Step 2.) Trim it down: “Tools that go onto your webpage to help promote and share your website to get more traffic.” Step 3.) Trim it down to one short sentence: “Tools to Grow Your Website’s Traffic.” WPengine Tagline Example: Step 1.) Dump out your entire business in a few sentences: “It’s really cheap to host a WordPress site, but when something goes wrong, your host will be no where to be found.

Also, WordPress gets hacked if you don’t upgrade it or choose poorly designed plugins.” Step 2.) Trim it down: “WPengine makes hosting a website on WordPress super easy. We’re like the perfect website host.” Step 3.) Trim it down to one short sentence: “WordPress hosting, perfected.” WeWork Tagline Example: Step 1.) Dump out your entire business in a few sentences: “WeWork is a community space where people can co-work together or rent larger private offices.

We let you do what you love by providing fast internet access, bathroom facilities, coffee, beer, and meeting spaces.” Step 2.) Trim it down: “A community space where you can focus on what you love doing, and we will handle all the hassles of running an office.” Step 3.) Trim it down to one short sentence: “Do what you love.” Think of your tagline like a “Headline For Your Business.” Your tagline will often be placed on things like: • Flyers • Stationary • Outdoor signs • Business cards • Website headers These are items that have only a quick-shot at getting someone more interested.

For this reason, the only job of your tagline is to get attention and make your customer want to read/research more! A note to people who have spent more than 2 hours of brain-time trying to “Come up with a great tagline”: Your tagline will unlikely be a big driver of business. Like….at all. I’ve NEVER gone to McDonald’s because “they had a cool tagline.” It’s cause I want food stuffed into my face immediately. I’ve never done business with a web designer because his tagline was clever like “Design for life.” I’ve never bought a car because the tagline was “Zoom Zoom.” Just remember….

You should be focusing waaayy more of your time on: • The quality of your product. • Getting referrals from other people. • Getting feedback from customers. THOSE are all things that will increase your business. If you have spent more than two hours trying to come up with a tagline for your business, you are definitely focusing on the wrong thing. Use the 3-Step Tagline Formula shown above, knock your tagline out, make sure it’s not “too clever”, and then focus on improving your business in REAL ways!

With all that said, I do respect some taglines floating around out there. For example, here’s my all time favorite tagline: Geico has gone through all sorts of cutesy characters as their “spokesman”, but their tagline has remained the same: “15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.” This tagline kicks butt because it’s jam-packed with important stuff….and only in about 10 words!

Dang…..that Gecko knows what he’s doing! Let’s just compare this brilliant Geico tagline to a few of their top competitors in the insurance space….Statefarm and Allstate: I mean, without having previous experience knowing what these companies do…..would you have ANY clue what they sell based off their tag lines?? No. Bravo Geico. Your tagline could be used for a $100/year insurance business or a $50Billion/year insurance business. So remember, use the 3-Step Tagline Formula from above to create a quick tagline and description for your own business: The 3-Step Tagline Formula Step 1.) Dump out your entire business in a few sentences.

Step 2.) Trim it down. Step 3.) Trim it down to one short sentence. Watch this video guide on How To Create A Great Tagline: Download this Taglines post: –Get the entire post in PDF format– –Keep it in your own files– –Share with colleagues– –Enjoy!– P.S.

(all the slogans from the top 500 companies). P.P.S. Try running your own business through the 3-step process for creating a tagline: Step 1.) Dump out your entire business in a few sentences. Step 2.) Trim it down. Step 3.) Trim it down to one short sentence. Before you leave, did you know we make a great training course here? It's quick, it's useful, and even just picking up one new concept can make back your entire investment quickly.

It trains you and colleagues on: • Writing website copy that makes sales or signups. • Creating high converting blog posts. • Writing autoresponders that automatically sends marketing and makes sales. • Writing emails that bring in sales and attention. If this sounds like something you'd like to start learning, take a few minutes to checkout P.S. Leave a comment below with your own tagline!

New at this law firm and starting looking into re-branding as a family business brand since the law firm provides general law services. below are some of my tag lines and underneath is their first paragraph of the about us. Needing major help! I have tag lines such as the following: 1) rare and different – like your legal matters, 2) deep family ties which provide rare insight to the law, 3) a unique approach to a standard practice MAK & Associates take pride in being one of the longest established legal practices in Dubai.

Since 1983, our diverse and multi-layered experience has given us profound knowledge of the local laws and procedures, and combined with unprecedented international legal expertise, guarantees that we provide our clients with bespoke and up to date counsel.

I am a Digital Marketer starting my own business to show others that there is a way to make a change in their life. I always knew I was made for a purpose/more than to slave the 9-5, but it wasn’t until recently that I finally found my own way. . . I know there are others out there. I just don’t know how to put it into a tagline.

As of right now I have “Strengthening Everyday Courage to Awaken Your Life’s Purpose and Master Success”, but it’s not to the point. I need to add something about turning employees into digital entrepreneurs. Thank you! Here is my Business tagline (Growth is Possible.) My business focuses on training individuals, business owners, nonprofit organizations leaders, and government agencies in the following subjects: Leadership, personal development, Entrepreneurship, and Technology.

Please let me know whether the tagline above will be useful. Thank you in advance for your help. Mading, I am a handcrafted artisan who makes all natural soaps & Skincare. I do have a website, facebook, and do shows/festivals.

No storefront yet. My business name is very self explanatory.. Valaura’s Artisan Soaps & Natural Skincare….I’m thinking this for my tagline..but would love some opinions back too :) Thanks I could use some feedback please :) Ive recently tweaked my business name and along with it am looking to update to a new tag line also.

Heres what I’m thinking…Tell me your thoughts please and ty “S.K.I.N.CARE WITH A SOUL” (Sustain-ably sourced, Kind to animals, Intergrity in every bottle, Never any dyes, phthalates, formaldehyde) This has been a good discussion and I like the followup conversation, too. I am struggling with a tagline because I am not sales-driven like many other firms.

I have a non-profit organization that provides reference books and theological training for pastors in Latin American countries who typically cannot afford to go to Bible college/seminary, and who, in many cases, cannot even afford to buy good reference books to help them. Sorry for the abbreviated post; I will continue. The organization is Books for Pastors, and my original tagline was “Making disciples in all nations – one book at a time.” However, that seems long and languid.

I am open to some suggestions, and am thinking of something like “Equipping pastors with tools and truth” I like alliteration when it works, but this sounds too “kitchy”: “Preparing pastors with training and tools” The other challenge with alliteration is that the tagline will be in Spanish also, and it is not likely that alliterated English will translate to alliterated Spanish.

What are your thoughts or suggestions? Excellent article! Thank you very much! Guys, I’m working on a healthcare app. In brief, it is a family healthcare app that automatically updates your medical records and allows you to store, access and share them – anytime, anywhere. In addition, we offer a plethora of services like vaccination reminders, quick search for doctors, hospitals, book appointments, manage medical insurance, and so on.

Any suggestions will be most welcome! Thank you in advance. Collective hive mind! I’m loving all the suggestions here. I’m a product / UX person, not a copywriter, so I’d love help on a tagline for my business. We’re building a fitness platform where coaches and athletes can quickly and easily program and log workouts, track and analyze over time, and communicate around all aspects of training.

The challenge is there are two user personas: Coach and Athlete/Client. Help! Hi A Rey, You are UX, I’m front-end, but I started writing because I really need it. For a long time all writers in the world couldn’t express what I really meant so I started writing myself. And I really know some of the feelings. Now I open a new business from a side hustle. Quick suggestion – and it’s mainly same strategy like the one above.

Fitness, Coach, Client/Athlete and the way they find each other. To the fitness and back. Change the fitness between you. Give or take my fitness. Athletes’ Coaches growing together. Find something for you, it’s not that hard but the trap is we try something too complex. It’s named neurobranding – simple things that really grab attention without a lot of logic. Hope it helps, Alex It would be great if someone could suggest a few ideas for a tagline.

In the works of revamping our website. We are a consulting practice working with small & midsize companies when they need to realign their financial & accounting teams for future growth, or they have outgrown their IT systems or they are thinking of going to market.” Good morning, If this is for the business that has the ‘parachute’ metaphor… please do not use it since it is has been used and seen so much it is pretty much a turn-off—hence the opposite affect on your potential customers.

A possible idea: ‘Your company’s financial picture should not be a thousand words… it should be a succinct message for your customers.’ Great article which has given us a good structure to work through.

Wanting to get a tag line to state clearly what we do – used to just say Marketing Consultancy. I know…. generic and bland. What we do is pretty niche – working with businesses wanting to position, promote and sell products/ services to corporate Human Resources or HR. Salary surveys, I/O tests, engagement surveys and so on ‘HR Marketing’ sounds like we promote the actual HR team not marketing to HR.

We’ve come up with ‘Focused on marketing to HR professionals’ and ‘Experts in marketing to HR’ What do you think? Doesn’t sound exciting but says what we do and who we’re targeting…. thoughts. Hi, I am a start up running a Travel company and more of a Travel adviser and work as a the Travel partner with our clients . We do and assist with all Travel components ( Leisure & Business Travel). I am looking for a Tagline to match with my visionary words which is short but speak and shows us as a Travel advisor/partner and not travel agent..any thoughts on Tagline Perhaps call your company the following: Travel Consierge– Addressing all of your travel concerns to maximum satisfaction.

Travel Consierge– You ask, we make it happen. Or Travel Buddy– We are the friend you want to have before you board the plane. Travel Bud– A buddy that takes the worry out of your travel plans. Travel Guru– Wisdom for your next adventure. Peace of Mind on your vacation. The Travel Whisperer– We just get it: We prepare, you relax.

The Travel Whisperer– We understand and we deliver a vacation to remember for a lifetime. The Travel Whisperer– Making vacation and travel plans for a holistic experience. Anyway…I ran out of steam… good luck and reach out to me via e-mail in the future. This a tough one because it is very broad…let’s see what I can do.

Depiction- To Depict or not to depict? That is the question. We have the answer: Designing your business to answer your customers’ questions. Depiction- We depict that your business will grow with our tools. Depiction- Let us depict your business success.

Depiction– We depict and you deliver to your customers. It’s that simple. My startup is a creative agency for social change / impact projects for nonprofits and foundations.

Kaboom – ‘the sound of social change’. I am in the process of hiring young creative talent to make a small team. I wonder if this tagline will resonate with young creatives. The tagline needs to work for potential clients as well. Please share what comes to you mind. Eagerly looking forward to hear! Hey Neville, I guess a common issue is: “What if it is a new product that needs more than 10 words to explain?” Example: We run a Permaculture Online Course.

The shortest (but still precise) that I can think of: “Design your home and life after sustainable principles (by mimicking nature’s patterns and understanding how nature works) to provide for all your needs: food, water, energy, shelter; plus how to design your life and social aspects of living together.” Hmm… Learn how to live one with nature.

Ultimately design your life to merge work and play, to a life of kick ass satisfaction. :-? Any ideas? “Design your home and life after sustainable principles” “Design your life after sustainable principles, learn how to secure property and design your life to play more and work less.” “Play more. Work less. Grow more food. Create new spaces.” ….would be grateful for some creative input … we got a free introduction course if anyone is interested ;-) Hello Neville, I’m starting with a mobile Carwash & detail services company combined with providing of cleaning services such as window, concrete floor and walls.

I already acquired a small truck, Carwash unit plus a steamer for the same purpose. The unit is multi-purpose to do any kind of cleaning. Suggestion; “We wash and detail cars to protect your second most investment”. We were running a institute in India that institute is basically oriented to skill development courses where we provide Diploma & Certificate courses like hotel & catering management, Nutrition & Dietatics, Travel tourism, Foreign Language and so on.

Help the student in the placement assistance also. For that we need some good and catchy tagline. If you have some catchy line please do help us in this. I will be very grateful to you. Thanks With Warm Regards Aparna Khanna We have a film festival, please feel free to chime in to help. Long: Tribal Film Festival’s increases Native American representation on a global scale.

With premier film Showcases and live event Screenings; we touch people with our values, culture and customs. The festival showcases unique stories of unparalleled importance that celebrate the Native experience and educate others in all things indigenous. Shorter: We increase Native American representation on a global scale. Short: We increase the visibility of Native Americans (?) idk,,, any thoughts? A few thoughts to help get you going… “(Name) Int’l Film Festival…Where the Native American Experience Comes Alive!” (my favorite) “Native Americans Going Global” “Native American Film Goes Global” “Film, Fun & Native Americans!” “(Name) International Film Festival…The Native American Experience” “…The Only Global Native American Film Festival” Our work in one line – Mixed reality software tools to disrupt on site work processes.

Best part is that we’re technology agnostic (hence cross platform working on multiple AR devices and mobiles) and no coding required. Our company name is Ainak which means spectacles. Please recommend a tagline(s). Really need it soon. Hi Neville, I love your straightforward message about spending time on business and that the tagline is to create a hook to interest in the reader. The three steps are easy enough to follow but hard to implement. Concise has always been a challenge for me.

Get Unstuck with proven strategies grounded in science. What do I do? I am a life coach and a licensed professional counselor who uses evidence-based practices and programs in helping people live a life they love by teaching them how to make effective decisions that work.

Well, I am not sure how to trim it down and still get the message across. Any ideas or suggestions or good enough?

This is my first visit and will be back for more. Hi Neville, An email come in that this thread is still active. Been following this post since 2015. In 2012 I created a business as a Virtual Assistant. I changed my branding and services a few years ago to working with clients who do not have a strong online presence. I manage their website, set up online group coaching programs, basically help them power up their online presence and attract clients.

My tagline is “Shine Your Expertise Online” Am I going in the right direction? Yes? No? Vote is appreciated. Thank you in advance! The information you have share is very limited… are the goods and services insured? if so, Safety is a tangible claim. tagline could be on these lines – ‘If we fail, we pay’ / ‘No risky business’ – this is a rock solid promise! Unless of course the safety comes from extra care of professionally trained staff or technology enabling transparency etc..

in which case the tagline could be ‘In good company’ – its more intent and not really a promise promise which will then lean on your firm’s reputation which is built over time. The difference is in how sharp we can be about the claim. Wow ! Great post and comments .. Maybe I’m a little late haha but I’ll give it a shot because I’m going crazzzzzy trying to find a simple tagline ! Your simple process is great but I’m still drowning ! I’m a single mom with 2 kids (young adults) blogging/selling for travel and home..

We create great moments when we travel and at home.. planning is key (and so hard for many) as well as finding things we can connect together to make it memorable.. I tried : Imagine. Plan. Sparkle up. / Think up and Connect / Shine up your moment / Human connections done simply / Create and shine together / Any suggestions ? Sorry if i’m a few years late ! And thanks for reading.!! This is a great article! My business tho will be so wide that i have been hitting my head for so long to come up with something and still don’t have it… I just opened up a Consulting Company called Omnia Consulting, LLC and will be doing bookkeeping, customized excel and word templates, assist with preparing documents for citizenship, passports, etc., resumes, and eventually doing taxes next tax season, and I am a Notary Public… that’s why I called it “Omnia (from Latin – Everything) Consulting”.

The tagline is giving me a hard time tho.. can you please help :) Hi Neville, Such an Educative post you’ve made available here, had I seen I a while ago it would’ve saved me time. I’m starting a retail business and so far I’ve come up with the following tagline drafts. I value your skillful suggestions! 1. ONLINE, CART SET, GO SHOPPING For 6Gb Ram Phones, Unique Electronics, Accessories, Gadgets, Parts & DIY.

2. A SHOPPING STORY of 6Gb Ram Phones, Elegant Electronics, Accessories, Gadgets, Parts & DIY. 3.YOUR SHOP AT HOME – 6Gb Ram Phones, Latest Electronics, Accessories & Gadgets, Parts & DIY. I’m with a company we offer memberships for discounts on travel, cruises, rental cars, shopping, dining, entertainment, theme park tickets, sporting events tickets, concert ticket, movie tickets and so much more, plus looking for people to join my team can u give me some pointers on what to post to get leads we give away free trips and other things plus people can try our services for one month for free!

Hi, I would like your suggestion to advise me on the tagline. Basically I am doing a ecommerce for healthy snacks made by food dehydrator. We are making healthy snack to provide your baby and children and even if you are a working adult to meet their need of eating between meals.

I need advise to trim down to a tagline. Thanks in advance. Just stumbled upon this post and the timing is impeccable as I’m trying to create a new tagline for my company.

Currently we have “Connected Healthcare Intelligence” which doesn’t say much and is misleading. So.. 1) We provide cloud-based data and analytics software that helps healthcare manufacturers set product distribution strategies to ensure optimal patient access.

We partner with manufacturers, distributors, and industry constituents to improve the efficiency and safety of the supply chain using data and analytics. 2) Cloud based data and analytics guiding product distribution strategies for efficient and safe delivery of product to patients in need 3) Analytics to improve distribution and treatment delivery to patients What do you think?

Seems kind of cheesy and slightly misleading but from exec team “patients” is a key word they want to include with our brand. I am struggling with a tag line… We are an independent family run business.

We believe in providing our customers with a high quality service at low prices. We undertake all aspects of vehicle maintenance and restoration. We appreciate that most of us need our vehicle on a daily basis, therefore we can offer an overnight repair service to get you back on the road for the morning, depending on the availability of parts. We are proud of our reputation for being fair, honest and going the extra mile to give a friendly, helpful and reliable service.

As a copywriter who has made a living for the last two decades in large part by specializing in writing taglines, I almost don’t know where to start in commenting on the original post and the following year and a half of comments. 1. It’s true that the effectiveness of a tagline can’t really be measured other than anecdotally.

This is a blessing and a curse. I can never (or, perhaps, almost never) prove to a client that the tagline helped grow their business. Juxtapose this fact with another fact: great taglines are, by far, the most powerful single expression of a brand. People remember some taglines from before they were born.

When all of the other communications from a brand have long been forgotten, the tagline is usually the only remaining artifact. 2. The assumption underlying this whole discussion, (which underlies every discussion about how to write taglines) is that anyone can write a good one.

Just because you can write, and so you can write a tagline, doesn’t mean you can write a good tagline. Imagine a post like this, and a subsequent thread like this, about creating a logo. It just never happens because, since most people don’t think they can draw or design, they assume that only a designer can create a good logo.

This is, of course, generally true. JUST as true as it is that only a certain kind of copywriter can create a good tagline. Small businesses will spend many, many thousands of dollars on a design firm to create a log.

Then they look online and pay a hack copywriter $100 for a forgettable “tagline.” OR the business owner spends the 20 minutes or whatever that the guy originating this post recommends coming up with a tagline.

3. Meanwhile, I’d like to suggest that this whole approach to writing a tagline is based on a mistaken assumption—that the tagline should be descriptive. Here’s how I view this issue: If the brand name tells you what business the brand is in, then the tagline doesn’t need to duplicate this effort, and is freed to try to garner some interest, curiosity, intrigue or in some other evoke a positive emotional reaction.

THAT is the value that a good tagline brings to the party. If the brand name doesn’t communicate what business the brand is in, then what is needed is a “descriptor”. Almost all of the preceding discussion going back a year and a half has actually been about how to write a descriptor.

Descriptors should be clear and descriptive. Period. Again, once you have the descriptor in place, you are free to put the tagline to work doing what it’s supposed to do—evoke a reaction, so that it makes an impression and sticks. STICKINESS is the quality you strive for with a tagline. Not Clarity. Not necessarily brevity. Not even simplicity in many cases.

All of those thing have been taken care of by the boring but useful descriptor. I could write a book on how taglines work and why they are so valuable and obscenely undervalued. (In fact, I have.) There is so much misinformation and misunderstanding about taglines, I’d be discouraged.

Except that, this means the demand for what I offer (really good taglines) has never been greater. To all who preceded me in this thread, by all means, try to nail down a good descriptor. But, if you don’t understand the value of a good tagline, and you don’t understand that a tagline writer is essentially a designer working in the medium of language, you’re seriously better off with no tagline, than with the pedestrian, generic, invisible tagline that you will almost certainly come up with on your own.

Because that invisible tagline will reflect badly on your own understanding your brand and of how branding works. Thanks to anyone who has taken the time to consider this contrarian point of view. Thank you for your detailed response in differentiating between a tagline and a descriptor.

I am in the process of learning about copywriting and this makes sense. In my attempts at writing taglines above, I felt that business names were needed to get the big picture. Perhaps my intuition was on track. Hey I am a bit late to the party but am trying to do a tagline for my new accountancy name. 1.We complete vat returns, accounts and tax returns and aim to make our clients life easier and save them some time and tax.

We advise them on how to save tax and administer their accounts 2.We do our clients books and tax to save them time and money 3. Help!! Much appreciated My business name is not linked to music or entertainment (don’t want to post on here as don’t want my comments coming up in searches when I launch my website. Its a pretty cool rememberable name though which my business advisor has said is very memorable and fits with a music agency but it means I need a tag line to pull it all together.

So : 1. Premium live music and entertainment agency providing a personal touch. Creating bespoke entertainment for corporate events, hotel residencies, weddings and functions.

2. Tailored entertainment created for your events with a touch of class 3. Entertainment with a difference Or 3. Entertainment you’ll remember Any thoughts ? Hi Neville! We have an organic health food business where I personally source the best, most local as possible health food products (everything from medicinal Chinese mushrooms to spelt flour, high quality organic chocolate, fresh produce to having kombucha and bone broth on tap).

We offer classes on how to make nutritious soups, elixirs, baking, etc (incorporating optional medicinal herbal foods). We also have a small cafe attached where we offer delicious elixirs, hot soup and snacks made daily. We are building a small community of like-minded folk who are interested in food as medicine. It’s time for a tagline! We are having difficulty in coming up with something that doesn’t make some sort of a claim, i.e., “Let healthy food be your medicine”. The tagline we really love is “Building community and a healthy immunity” but again, worried about making some sort of a claim.

The major comments we receive from our customers: – When they purchase something in our store they trust where we have sourced it from (trust and convenience). – The range of organic products & produce we carry. – The elixir bar is a big draw. – The feeling of community and welcoming friendly faces. – The opportunity to walk in and access advice or answer questions (knowledge).

– Many positive comments after our classes. Help! Really struggling with this! Many thanks! Hey Neville I have been working with my Family (Retail jewellery Business) for almost Four Years now. But now i am thinking to get into something more Creative.

May be somewhere i can make taglines, or come up with ideas behind advertisement. Honestly I am still not sure weather its my cup of tea to get into advertisement. I don’t even know, people Who make Taglines in an ad. agencies what are they called .I know It might be sounding funny to You. But Somehow I have always been Fascinated by Ads. One of my fav Taglines..

MasterCard (Money can’t buy everything, For everything else there’s MasterCard). Do you think you can help me with some of the basics, how things work in an ad. agencies. P.S – Looking Forward for your Reply regards Vasu Hi Neville, great post! And such great feedback and suggestions for so many businesses! I thought I’d give this a go and would be so appreciative if you could let me know your feedback.

1. I’m a property investor who works with women to help them gain the confidence and knowledge needed to open up the path to financial independence through property investing.

I show them the importance of their money mindset and provide simple ways to take control of their finances and move closer to a life of wealth and abundance. 2. Educate women to create wealth through property investing by … Gee, I’m stuck already!!

Great article. I’ve been struggling with a great tagline. I’m a freelance graphic designer/web designer/photographer and you name it artist. My motto, so to speak, is to create, imagine, and escape to a place only our minds can take us, which I call our “Mindscape”. Because it is a “thinking outside the box” notation, I’ve come up with this: Design tailored to fit your needs using out of the box thinking.

I’m still not quite sure if I like that. It’s hard for me to settle for anything less than perfect. Do you have any suggestions? I could really use your advice. Hello, I’m what you call a techie virtual assistant, I started out as a executive level VA. Now I design website, set up marketing funnels, online coaching programs or digital products to sell, email marketing, etc. I am changing my business name from Bizy Biz Virtual Assistant to Bizy Biz Consultant and my tagline with BizyBizVA is “Your work is our business” Which basically meant delegate tasks you don’t have time for.

Do you think “Your work is our business” still makes sense? How about “Power Up Your Online Presence” I am going into a consultancy business (B2B) that offers services in the area of media space, events and advertising. Our concept is to provide clients with a new perspectives for their various marketing campaigns. Our strength is on concepts and providing holistic marketing solutions. Still cracking my heading for a catchy tagline.

Would love to seek some additional help. Thank you in advance! This is a new product not yet on the market but looking to create a tagline to help market it. Here’s a description: Our backpack with stabilizing handles is a tool used to assist teachers and parents that live and work with children with special needs. It allows special needs children more independence and helps them navigate their tasks more efficiently throughout the day.

The pack may help better integrate sensory information, making them calmer and better organized with improved ability to concentrate, learn, or accomplish other important tasks. Hey thanks for the little tricks. But I have few hassles for getting suitable tagline for my bussines.

What would you suggest for my tagline by the info I’ve provided below (hoped you’ll help). 1. We sell health and beauty product. But we focused on health then beauty follows.

We guaranteed inner health so the eternal beauty and health may follows, too. 2. We aren’t selling beauty. We are provide health and then there comes beauty, from inside. 3. Still thinking. Hoped that you’ll help me to find suitable tagline for my bussiness. Thank you :) Signing-up to your newsletter is one of the best things I’ve done. Check out my head-line (actually, its my landing page). A CRAZY AND BIG HAIRED MAGICIAN FOR YOUR EVENT Make people go nuts and make your event the best in town [ MEET THE SHOW ] — [ BUDGET ] (its a bad-translated version from portuguese haha) – I say what Im and what they typed on google (I have adwords) – A MAGICIAN – My USP – crazy and big haired – Where I work – events (not parties) – Benefit – make ppl go crazy… – 2 simples CTAs – whether you wanna know more or ask for ratings What do you think?

What could I improve? Thanks! =) 1) I make the Bible into animated videos, charmingly illustrated ebooks, and coloring pages with no scary stories especially for preschoolers who have been through trauma.

I also blog about the Bible for parents/caregivers from the perspective of a foster mom. 2) Preschool Bible: All the love without the trauma, videos, ebooks, and coloring books 3) Preschool Bible: Teach your kids the Bible without scaring them. Any thoughts? (I’m up for thoughts on the name Preschool Bible, too. I haven’t launched yet.) Thanks! OK, since this discussion has turned into a group mastermind and coaching page (thank you all, it’s GREAT!), what do you think about ending up with a QUESTION as the tagline?: 1.

We provide fitness, nutrition, and physical therapy to people in lots of locations. We’ve been in business since 1993, and our staff is the most experienced, highly-qualified bunch of fitness professionals in the area.

2. Your health and your body are some of the most important things in your life. Don’t you want to make sure you get the best quality help available? 3. Why would you trust your body with anyone else? Great article. I’ve been struggling with this for some time.

1. I am a doctor and I teach busy people how to stay healthy through priority, simplicity and consistency. I teach a bigger picture approach looking at how everything has flow on effects and how health affects everything else.

I focus on the fundamentals that have the biggest impact and show people how to follow through on their good intentions and how to make lasting change. 2. Build a foundation of health for your busy life … So you can feel great, do more and get the most out of life. Would appreciate any opinions. I do some copywriting for my CrossFit gym affiliate and they want a new tagline. The tagline for the main CrossFit brand is ‘Forging Elite Fitness’, however how can I come up with one specific for an affiliate gym owner?

Here’s my attempt anyway, 1. We teach people exercises to become fit so they are prepared for any physical situation. We teach things like weightlifting, running, climbing, gymnastics, powerlifting and bodyweight workouts. We believe fitness can be measured by the most amount of work in the fastest time. We do all this is a family-friendly community driven environment. 2. Get fit and prepared for anything, learn all types of fitness in a fun friendly community.

3. Get fit for anything, in a fun environment That was a sucky attempt but meh, thats why Im reading your shit Nev lol Need to come up with a tagline for the 60th Anniversary for a cleaning company so I’m back here for a refresher: 1) “Cleaning Company” has provided commercial cleaning and facility supply services for 60 years. We are a family owned business. Our services help businesses of all types to have clean, healthy, facilities that don’t require you to worry about your janitorial services.

We handle all of things about taking care of a facility that suck like cleaning toilets, taking care of carpets, emptying trash, and finding / managing good employees so you can focus on doing what you’re actually in your office to do. 2) “Cleaning Company’s” janitorial services and great employees have made it easy to have clean and healthy spaces without any hassles for over 60 years.

3) Making cleaning easy for 60 years. Hey Neville A few years ago Sprite did IMAGE IS NOTHING. THIRST IS EVERYTHING. I was a kid when they did that, but after I launched a digital agency in 2011 that Sprite commercial came back to me and now I use a tagline for the agency that goes: INFLUENCE IS EVERYTHING. The agency is named Fluence so sometimes I also say IN FLUENCE IS EVERYTHING meaning we’re a full service digital marketing agency.

The thought that keeps gnawing at the back of my head is whether I am assuming people will get it since we’re mostly B2B and people working in business should be smart enough. Would you say I’m overcomplicating it by trying to go that simple?

Here’s a question, and one that has been plaguing me for a long time (many more hours than two): My “brand” is VERY diverse.

Imagine this: professionally carved faux pumpkins, clothing, bags, handmade soap, downloadables, greeting cards, gifts, jewellery, DIY’s, napkins, tablecloths, costumes and fascinators, pinback buttons, silk floral arrangements, jewellery boxes made out of wooden coffins…just for a start…I literally do just about everything…and I like it that way (keeps me interested, and it’s a hobby…not my main source of income).

Now add crazy diverse styles, from ‘Goth’, to ‘Halloween-oriented’, to ‘Audrey Hepburn meets Martha Stewart’. High end to geek. Goth to gifts for Grandma.

I have wondered about splitting up my stuff into two brands…but I don’t want to lose out on the 5 years of marketing, referrals, web seo, etc, that has come with the brand name I started with, when I was only playing around, carving custom pumpkins for people.

‘Gothic Gourds’ is an awesome name. People remember it. Are curious about it. But ‘grandma’ is probably not going to look twice and think, ‘I bet they carry really nice sets of Thanksgiving napkins, hand-sewn and embroidered, that would look perfect with my classic decor.’ I am not saying ‘grandma’ won’t think about checking out my site for a gothy/geeky type gift for their grandkids… (no offence to Goth grandmas…I will be one, someday…I am totally generalizing for the sake of target audience description).

I am also verbose. It’s great when writing posts, but for copywriting, taglines, etc, it’s HELL. So, two different brands? A hobby that becomes crazy? Change the name? How does one write a tagline for this crazy mess of my crafty brain?

It really reflects ME, a goth who owns real Vuitton, is happy wearing classic pearls as well as leather cuffs, who likes Laura Ashley, Doctor Who, Jane Austen, GOT, neutral colour crystal jewellery and neon purple skulls. Help! Please! Thanks for reading my really long Komment… Stacy (aka Gothic Gourd Girl) Hey, I just started following your blog, and so far it’s been great!

So I tried this out – here’s what I came up with. I’m a fitness/strength coach. 1. We provide in person or online customized programming and coaching for anyone. We will meet you where you are on your journey to help you meet your goals. If you are a remote client you will have monthly phone calls, and unlimited e-mail support. We will use smart testing for our program design. We take your life into consideration, and work with you and your specific life situations to keep you on track and constantly improving.

2. We provide coaching for anyone, meeting you on your journey. Working around your life we keep you on track and help you reach your goals. 3. Customized coaching for anyone. Meeting you on your journey and helping you reach your goals. Hi Neville Great post – like…really great. Came at the perfect time for me :) I’m trying to use your formula not so much to deliver a snappy tagline but to actually focus a client on who they are and what value they bring.

They’ve been SO wrapped up in ‘features’ and credibility that they have missed what they have actually been selling for the past 20 years(!) Right now, they use a ‘clever’ line: “We turn cost into profit” It’s a small outfit with some serious nous and track record.

After researching their target market, I got that they should only approach FDs and CFOs. The obvious differentiator is hopefully captured in the summary statement below (best I could come up with): “We help FDs gain greater and more intelligent visibility and understanding of non-core costs, keeping the focus on reducing their major strategic cost challenges [/headaches].

Our entire function is to help reduce those non-core costs with minimal impact on the day-to-day operation of each business for enhanced benefit, zero risk and maximum savings. We do this more effectively [/successfully] and more intelligently than anyone else you will have seen.” Three elements to this: better business intelligence (which the FDs usually think they have) moving the business’ focus back to core rather than non-core costs (eg people, if you’re a legal firm, vs stationery) the idea that their people usually aren’t doing the greatest job (for the best of reasons) Trimming this down is hurting my brain.

To be fair, that ain’t hard to do :) Any ideas where I should look? Cheers, Dino I am an Independent Demonstrator with Stampin’ Up! I teach individuals and groups how to make greeting cards using paper, ink and stamps. In addition they also learn other papercrafting techniques such as making 3D items with the use of embossing folders and other materials to help die cut paper.

For the most part I focus on the greeting cards and the materials used to make them which I sell from my online store. Most everyone I come in contact with say they are not creative and cannot do what I do.

My first tag line was Unleashing Your Creativity. Now I am using, Finding your inner artist..Unleashing your creativity. Any suggestions? I’m a little late to the “Create a Tagline” discussion (just found your site). I loved reading all the comments/examples–a great exercise. Here’s what I came up with for my own website: 1.

The Foreign Language Library Online is a dual-language website for beginning language learners that helps them increase their knowledge of the target language. 2. The FLLO–an educational website where you can read short articles in both English and another language, without having to look up words in a dictionary.

3. Learn a second language online by reading for fun—no need for a dictionary! Hi Neville, I’m a new comer in the copywriting world though it has been my dream job since college. Currently, I’m hired as a freelance and requested to come up with a catch phrase for a motorcycle product that is targeted for younger customers (18-25 years old) who have desire to “break their limits”.

I’ve come up with almost 50 options but only 2 that are (almost) approved. My superiors said that those two options weren’t expressive enough. What should I do? Hi Neville, This is very nice advice. When I was reading books on these, I always hated when people gave the example of Nike and say why it’s great. I never liked those. But, you explained it so beautifully, really nice man!!

So, I practiced, wanted to share with you my result. what do you think? Step 1 – Our company is Brain Station-23. We provide outsourcing software development service. Our key differentiating factor is talent, we find, hire, retain, grow talented brains who make better software for enterprise and database driven web and mobile applications.

Step 2 – Software outsourcing company by talented brains making better software for enterprise web and mobile applications Step 3 – Brain Station-23, Where brains meet to make better web & mobile software Neville, I have a group of inline investment programs that I’ll be launching and I read your email about creating taglines.

Let me know what you think of these: Pension Capital Recovery Program recreate the nest egg The Equity Curve higher yield returns within reach The Yield earn more with the blockchain Hey Nev, Love the 3 step formula – of course, step 3 is the hardest for me, hehehe!

I think another thing that makes Geico’s tag line amazing is that it is a hell of a brand promise that also doubles as their USP! Your post came at a great time as I have been working on revising my own USP/Tagline/elevator pitch in the last week or two.

So since you offered to take a look (and I appreciate you for doing so), here goes. Here’s my step one: “The Derenco Agency creates copy and content marketing strategies that generates more pre-qualified leads and closes more sales for personality based brands such as coaches, authors, licensed professionals and independent distributors. We also create marketable resumes for professionals that expertly positions their transferable skills for the new direction they want to take their career in.” I’ll spare you step two and get to step three.

I’m tossing up two final options for my tagline: “Creating the “write” words to help personal brands profit.” or “Creating the “write” words to position and promote personal brands.” I’m quite partial to the first one because the word “profit” signifies quantifiable results that everyone wants, whether it is the company (getting more leads and closing more sales) or the career professional (getting a higher paying job).

What do you think? Thanks :) Hey Denise! Well…….I like your first run, but the problem is it’s just SO generic. Everyone promises to write the “right words to double your sales” and stuff like that. Try talking like a human on this one (I know you can)! Instead of: “….we create marketable resumes for professionals that expertly positions their transferable skills for the new direction they want to take their career in.” Maybe transition it to something more benefit driven like: “After a one-hour consultation, your resume will pop to the top of HR’s resume list.

We use our insider knowledge of hiring software and writing smart copy to do this. 9/10 of our applicants double the amount of call-backs they get after us.” …..basically describe it like you would to a friend sitting across from you.

The 2nd and 3rd taglines you wrote were trying to be TOO clever. You can use them, but just know THAT is not what’s gonna be bringing in the money!! Synopsis: I think you should add more concrete benefits in (use numbers, real examples, past clients results etc).

Neville! I’m a digital marketing consultant and lead generation specialist. I help service professionals get clients with online marketing (e.g. PPC, email marketing, website marketing). Zappy Go Lucky is the name of my business (with “Zappy” playing off of my last name). How about these: 1) “New Internet Leads in a Zap!” OR 2) “Call on Zappy to Get (Internet) Clients Snappy!” (Not sure whether to put the “Internet” in there… and “clients” could be “leads” to make it punchier.) BAHAHAH!!

1.) Your name is ZAPPY which is highly unusual. 2.) I think the 2nd version you created was SO unusual and funny, that you could use it! However like the article suggest, just having a clever tagline won’t bring in clients on it’s own…..but it did make me laugh, and therefore pay more attention :) I would keep the “internet” instead of “leads”.

It sounds better. Great job Michael! 1) We’re a digital marketing and advertising firm that helps hospitals and clinics with their advertising, marketing, CRM management, funnel development, etc. Ultimately we help them get more patients to self refer. (Patient referral as opposed to a doctor referral). We have a strong focus on digital, but also do off-line ad work. 2) We help hospitals and clinics fill open appointments with patient-referrals through digital marketing.

3) Healthcare advertising. Holy moly Andrew, that’s a lot of buzzwords! You may wanna simplify it to something like: “Patients will love you so much, they’ll tell all their friends.” –or– “35% of referrals are through past patients. We’ll double that.” If you’re using strong buzzwords like “social media” and “healthcare advertising”, those almost make it counterproductive as they are WAY too vague. Ok, it does have some buzz to it, I’ll give you that. [clarification] And, just to be clear, a patient referral is someone who refers themselves rather than anyone (doctor, friend, whatever) referring them.

For example, you have an ingrown toenail and you know it so you call up the local podiatrist and make an appointment. You (the patient) have referred yourself. It’s an term the audience will get (since they invented it).

Ok, that’s all. :) [/clarification] How about: Vena: Get more patient referrals. • There is a company that takes four different images of a tumor while the surgeon is operating and, using proprietary software, overlays those four images (near infrared, spectroscopy, x-ray, and anatomic) so that the surgeon gets 100% of the tumor.

No chemo or radiation required. The current tagline is awful, “Envision the Possibilities.” It’s an aspirational tagline, not descriptive. I’ve been playing with the idea of foursight/foresight for the four views. I’m also reminded of the old World Book encyclopedias that had those overlays of the human anatomy e.g., skeleton, muscles, nerves.

The significant different with this technology is that the views are different, real-time, and layered by the software. But, the word layer could also mean depth in medical terms, which could give the wrong idea. So, I have “Four-in-one view of tumors improves your surgical outcomes.” It seems unwieldy and too long.

Open to any ideas you may have. Hey Teresa, sounds like a really helpful piece of software. It sounds like MOST of the business coming to this company is going to be from trade shows or sales reps or word of mouth…..not the tagline. So it might be ok to have a more “aspirational” tagline on this one. Here’s my thoughts: –“A complete view” –“Get the FULL view” –“Better imaging.

Better lives.” –“See 100%” –“Don’t operate blind.” –“Get the full scope.” –“See everything” Ok, maybe you all can help. My business is an unfamiliar concept to much of my target market, so I struggle with succinctly describing what it is that I do.

1. I’m a house call veterinarian offering chronic pain or symptom management, hospice and home euthanasia for pets. 2. Pain management and hospice for pets, in the comfort of your home. 3. (Current tag) In-home Comfort Care for Pets I feel like #3 is too vague because “comfort care” isn’t a well known term. Help? This post is terriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiific!

My drops of sweat: I help mortgage debtor achieve two objectives: First, Save 50K, 100K or more dollars in interest depending on the amount of mortgage and Second, Pay your mortgage on half or less the time allotted by the financial institutions.

2) About 50% savings in time and 150K in money to mortgage debtors. 3) Time and money breakthrough for Mortgage debtor Why thank you Hernan! Your first version seemed the best. The others were far too vague to be helpful. It seems the best compromise would be “We help mortgage debtors save 50% of their time, $100k+ on their interest, and 100% guide you through the process.” ……something like that basically sums up your entire business in a small sentence!

Hey Katie, I actually like the 2nd and 3rd taglines…..but I think if your business is still pretty small at this point, you may want to stick with the 1st one. It definitely casts a wide net (bloggers, businesses, non-profits, ministries, and churches….), but I understood what you did IMMEDIATELY without any question.

The 2nd and 3rd ones, whilst very clever, just confused me further. Good job on your 1st pass! “Till each glass of the world its a Green Glass” 1) We save bottles from the streets through trash collectors and create the most AWESOME drinking glasses in the world. B certified and Fair Trade chilean company. 2) We cut glass bottles and make drinking glasses 3) “Till each glass of the world its a Green Glass” Your article in a quote : “Brevity is the soul of wit” ;) Thanks for sharing this tip.

Step 1 We are mobile game developers in India. We provide mobile game development services like 2D and 3D game development services. Feel the real thrill of your creative ideas. (Blah!..Blah!) Step 2 Feel the thrill. We will convert your creative game ideas in to the reality. We are experienced mobile game developers (Blah!) Step 3 Awaken Digital Athlete Inside You Written for : The website is still under construction.

What do you think about the tagline ? It kind of sucks! It’s so generic. Can you maybe add some cool stats that’ll set you apart? Like: We are mobile game developers in India that’s done over 120 games that have over 500,000 daily played. We do both 2D and 3D games for a super competitive price. And by the way, we only make AWESOME stuff. I know that doesn’t sound “cool”….but it’s very functional. 1) We help new home owners find the right lights for their new home.

We do that by giving them a personalised consultation so we can understand their needs and make the right recommendations. 2) Personalised consultation to help you find the right lights for your new home. 3) Your personal lighting concierge. Hey Winson, great 1st try…..but there’s one big thing I’m missing: BENEFITS. Can you maybe sprinkle some benefits into WHY people would want new lights?

Maybe like: “We help new home owners find the right lights for their new home that can save them between 40% and 85% on their electricity bill every year.” See how just adding some benefit in can really add to the message? Great post Nav, Having an catchy and descriptive tagline is really essential for any business.

Most usually use it to decide if they’ll stop at a blog or not. You have tell them exactly what your blog is all about in a very concise manner. Those brands you mentioned here are already successful and famous so, their tagline does not matter much again as they’re no more aggressive in looking for new customers because they’ve already gotten many. But for a startup that has not gotten any name out there, its good to attract your people to your brand using your headline.

Thanks for sharing It’s still fuzzy for me what the difference between Tagline and headline is.. but here’s my take on this exercise: step1) I help you implement strategies on you how you can rapidly grow your instagram page by using other people’s networks.

While raking in targeted fans to visit your website without any SEO. step2) Strategies to grow your instagram fame without chasing after everybody step3) Strategies to gain exposure without spamming everybody Took me like 30 mins haha. I’ll prolly change my mind a few hours later! lol! A headline is generally what you write on the front of your website, title a blog post, or an email subject line. A tagline is a little blurb that describes your entire business.

I like your #1…..but it’s a little buzz-wordy. Maybe something concrete like: “I’ll grow your Instagram by over 50% in the next 2 months. I specialize in getting people from 1,000 followers to 70,000 followers.” 1. We help professionals manage all aspects of their continuing professional development (CPD), from sourcing educational material to completing the activities, logging it all and reporting it to the regulatory body.

2. We’ll help you to manage your CPD quickly and easily, with nothing left to chance. 3. Your CPD, Hassle-Free 1) I help employees kick ass at their jobs using systems and automation to help them work less so that they can have less stress and spend more time with friends and family.

2) Help employees automate work, work less, and regain their time. 3) Work less automatically. Reclaim your life. I’m writing this from my phone, but I think I just found my new website subheading! I’ll give it time to soak in and see if I can play with this concept some more.

Thanks, Neville! Great resource as always Neville. Thank you. Mine: Digital Marketing Agency Step 1: We resource you with relevant marketing campaigns that speak to a targeted audience to produce transactions through desired actions from customers.

Step 2: Marketing campaigns for your target market that bring about desired actions. Step 3: Marketing that leads to action ____ I think as I was doing this my only concern was it was too “insider language” focused. Would love your thoughts on this concern? HI Neville, I just found your blog–it’s great. Keep those tips coming.

I do Leadership Development, helping companies develop leaders at all levels through training, coaching, or developmental assignments.

More importantly, successful leadership development depends on leaders having the right mindset about being a leader; i.e., you really have to wanna be a leader. So my tagline would be: “Leadership works, when you DECIDE it does.” I think that would work for the actual leaders, and for the people who are actually paying for my development services. Thanks, Rose Hey Rose, great try! However could you make the example more concrete?

WHO do you train? Kids? Parents? Teachers? School Principals? Or you can show in your tagline an example of results. “We take managers struggling with their employees, and turn them into strict-but-fair managers with a 70% increase in productivity.” ….something like that can give a REALLY CONCRETE example of what you do. The idea of upgrading your copy with your business is an awesome way to look at it.

Like Apples marketing would never work for a child’s lemonade stand but when I start a new project that’s what I think about. Now Its just knowing what I do and boiling it down to the point where its concise with a huge impact no matter the stage! One thing I keep in mind is I think good tagline’s express the thought or idea “what are you NOT”. Apple says “think different”. Implying what? We’re NOT conformists. That others are conformists, and that YOU…you’re the “crazy ones” and here’s to you…the Rebels etc.

etc. BMW says “the ultimate driving machine”. Message received. Burger King “have it your way”. implies everyone else is forcing you to deal with whatever they give you. Chevy “like a rock”.

Other trucks aren’t built soundly. Club Med “the antidote for civilization”. We’re NOT your everyday life. Cialis “Will you be ready?”. So Viagra leaves you not ready?…Sorry – I had to. CNN “the most trusted name in news”. We’re NOT a news source people distrust. Disneyland “the happiest place on earth”.

Energizer “it keeps going, and going, and going…” Hmmmm……perhaps you can give an example (of yourself or someone else) to solidify this claim. Like: “We have a 2 acre ranch that’s completely sustainable from: 8 solar panels, 4 dogs, 4 people, 2 cows, 2 goats, and 1 big windmill. Come join the fun.” …..even something like that will show you REALLY know whatchyou’re talking about! Hey Sunny…..that’s relatively descriptive, but it doesn’t whet my appetite to learn from you. (FYI people….”WoD” is a common CrossFit term from “Workout of the Day”).

What if you said: “I took my WoD from 300 seconds to just 50 seconds in three weeks. I’m gonna show you how.” …..whatever a metric is that shows you (or your students) have improved dramatically.

Otherwise the info isn’t that compelling. I am a weight loss specialist and fitness coach. I help women in their 40’s keep off mid-life weight gain and show them how to get and stay lean through the development of habits. The goal is to make weight loss and looking/feeling your best, so easy, you’ll think you’re cheating.

How is this? “Make your weight loss goals a habit.” Or, “make living lean a habit” or “weight loss so easy, you’ll think you’re cheating”. Sometimes I wonder if I do too many things to market all together — although to me, it all feels like the same work. So… 1) I teach yoga for people recovering from addiction, injury, or heartbreak, without being wimpy or woo-woo. I perform unique weddings for the spiritual but not religious who want to honor the solemnity of the occasion without being too serious.

I coach extraordinary people who are transitioning to a new phase of life. I inspire people to be curious and courageous through connection.

2) I teach and coach extraordinary people to greatness. (UGH. TOO WOO WOO!) This is usually where I get stuck. Thoughts? In my opinion, you kinda need different taglines for each service. Do people look to you for combined services? It seems like you would attract people from different walks of life.

Is that the case? If so, a separate tag line is needed for each. Yoga- “Yoga is your answer to life’s tough questions. ” Marriage- “Honoring your commitment the way you want” Life transformation- “Your life re-imagined, through curiosity and courage.” This is so true. I’m constantly surprised by how many business owners, or entrepreneurs launching their new biz, seem completely surprised when you boil it down like this. Just tell people what it is you do for them!

(Okay, not quite so simple, but that’s the bare bones!) “Hey, what’s your slogan?” “Oh, it’s Exceeding Greatness, Redefined.” “Um… so what do you do, exactly?” “We sell ice cream!” *HEAD EXPLODES* We create music for every imaginable use including radio,television, and Internet marketing.

We listen to your needs and with 10+ years experience in commercial music production we capture your ideas. It’s possible we already have created what you need. 2. We create music for every imaginable use including radio,television, and Internet marketing. It’s possible we already have created what you need 3. Music Everywhere! Hi Neville, To my right is your pop up box that is a terrific example of this post.

It says, “I’ll make you a better writer.” My current tagline for my personal finance blog is “See where saving can take you.” I do like it, but ironically, I don’t think I’m taking my readers on that journey yet. So I either need to apply your 3 steps and come up with something new, or get my act together and deliver on this promise. Thanks for the guidance. Hey Laura, don’t stress too much about the tagline just yet on your blog….it’s not what’ll make-or-break you.

My own blog ( used to be one of the first personal finance blogs online. I had thousands of visitors a day, and never really had a tagline.

However I eventually made it “One man’s journey to financial freedom starting at the age of 21.” (Cheesy I know….but I made it in like 2005 or something) :-P I HATED the idea at the time trying to teach people about financial freedom, so I just documented my personal journey, and people liked that. 1) I work with business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers to get more customers. I call it Sales Coaching. Together we design a simple system for them to generate new leads and stay in touch with current customers (to stay top of mind).

We build a database of leads, write a phone and email script and work on the sales pitch. We also work to go after “stale” clients that have fallen off the map. Everything is tracked so we can measure results. i.e. Every 10 calls nets 3 meetings, Every 3 meetings nets 1 sale, Every 1 sale = $30,000 per year Cha ching!

2) I work with small business owners to find new clients and amaze current clients, all build around a systematic daily approach. 3) A System to Get New Clients and Turn Them Into Raving Fans I’ve been on a 2+ year sabbatical, taking care of my father, and am coming back to “the world of business” and it’s changed. Just finished my autobiography and wrote it in the form of an autobiographical novel, and an eCourse to help people write their story.

The 45 beta readers gave the book rave reviews and I’ll be launching the book in Oct. I’ve already been asked to speak to many groups and my message is basically to help people find hope and to keep persevering in the midst of seemingly unrelentless trials.

I found you, somehow, and learning from you has been fantastic. Your thoughtful emails are insightful – and help me think outside of my comfort zone, and it’s been fun! Thank you. So, I used to have: Manna For Life – One Life. One Planet. Our Time. But now, I’m thinking about Manna For LIfe – Being Joyful and Free. Or, Manna For Life – What Neville Said Was Possible… :) Thank you again for everything!

You’re wonderful :) Thank you Manna, glad to have helped! One suggestion: Don’t worry about clever titles too much at the moment, they won’t help you one bit in the beginning. You might wanna try elaborating for now and keeping the tagline a bit longer and more descriptive. Like: “Manna has started two companies and worked for 3 different Fortune 500 companies.

She can help you organize your supply chain for 30% more efficiency within 3 months.” ….something like that is more boring, but FAR MORE EFFECTIVE for a business just starting out. Good luck! 1. Dom and tom provides design and product creation services for mobile and web. We also do devops, maintenance and marketing. Basically everything your Fortune 500 company or startups needs to build a successful digital product.

2. Dom and Tom builds successful mobile applications for Fortune 500 companies and startups. 3. Dom & Tom: We build iOS & Android apps for the Fortune 5000. Cool Alex… might even be useful to give some actual numbers to solidify those claims, like: “Dom & Tom has made 214 successful apps (and 3 bad ones).” “Dom & Tom makes mobile apps for 45 of the Fortune 500 companies.” “Dom & Tom has built apps that collectively get 490,000,000 daily users per day.” ……that kind of stuff really PROVES you can handle the job rather than saying “We build successful apps.” Good job though!

1) We help companies implement process improvements to get rid of redundancies, streamline their process, and eliminate waste. We also help you implement international ISO standards. 2) We’ll redesign your facility, your processes, and train your people.

3) We’ll help you do what you do, only better. Suggestions? Hey Mary, it ALMOST seemed good…..but I was still confused about what industry you were talking about. Maybe “We’ll redesign your manufacturing facility, document your processes, and better train your people to reduce operating costs by 35% or more.

Guaranteed.” …..something like that is much more specific and descriptive. But great first try! Neville! I appreciate you man. I’m just finishing up your Kopywriting Kourse (if you other readers haven’t gotten it yet…Get it!) – I’ve already implemented your teachings/tactics into my autoresponders and sales pages.

I like this stuff so much, I may want to try my hand at being a Kopywriter too. For my latest business 1. I help everyday, average people, create a simple online income by providing them with a 3-5 page website, a professional logo, and all they need to start accepting payments and selling their products, ideas or services, in just 14 days. I help you jump start your business, get you pointed in the right direction, and provide you with a roadmap to escape your day job.

2. A “done for you” website service that provides all you need to get your business idea off the ground and on the path to making money, in just 14 days. 3. “Your own money-generating online business in just 14 days” That’s what I currently have. If any of you Kopywriters can help me out with something better – please do! Thanks! “Today’s tech educating our educators” “Today’s tech educating the educators” “Today’s tech explained when you need an explanation” “Today’s tech explained when you need it” “Stay connected and up to date with today’s tech” “Technology explained…now” “Lessons for educators when they need them” “Lessons learned.

When you want” Sorry if I went overboard. For some reason I like this idea. Hi Nev, Love this post on taglines. I did your process and like where it ended. Is #3 still too long for a tagline? 1) We offer custom built, professional-grade medical kit systems and vital emergency services to handle unexpected medical emergencies at home or during travel.

2) Custom built emergency medical kit systems and services for your peace of mind. 3) Anticipate the worst so you can enjoy the best. Hey Donna, great application of this! I think you can actually use all three of these lines: 1.) Use on your “about page” or “contact” or business cards. 2.) Maybe use on your email footer. 3.) Great little tagline for business cards or whatnot.

I personally like 1 & 2 the best because they’re descriptive of what you do. When you become a $100,000,000/year company then start using the third tagline more, but for now stick with the descriptive versions!

Yes! Sick of employers asking for little “three word clips” that they can brand themselves with, when they aren’t recognized for anything yet.

(Not that everything you want to be conveyed can’t fit into three words, but most of the time… Not yet) Biggest thing for me with “tag lines” or “slogans” or whatever, for me in the past, has just been sticking out. Zigging when everyone else is zagging.

If everyone else is putting out ads and marketing that stressed “extra strength”, let’s talk about how ours is made from a better process. If they’re all talking about how natural it’s made, let’s stress how strong it is. Watched a video from a copywriting convention (forget the speaker right now), but it said that 87% of advertising isn’t even SEEN. So the post you made about ugly ads sometimes doing better kind of ties in here big for me.

It’s all about sticking out like a sore thumb and letting em know that if they do business with you, things will be different then if you went with Tom, Dick, and Harry Lol…..I’ll let Tom/Dick/Harry know you didn’t mean it ;) I agree that a three sentence zinger won’t get you any business on it’s own. I actually more like the idea of a tagline for DEFINING what your business is. It’s sometimes a difficult exercise for people because they don’t really know what (and how) they do for people.

Thanks Aaron! Hi Nev, I’ve had to explain this to clients a lot. They just like having that tingling feeling a smooth-talkin’ line gives them. I found the easiest way to tell them straight is to let them find out themselves.

1. Pretend you haven’t heard of Company A before. 2. Open the website. 3. “Only the best from Company A” 4. What does Company A do? 5. *Crickets* Works most of the time. Although, some of them are still convinced that if it works for Apple, it should work for them.

I need to do a better job explaining. Great post! -Aki Very true Aki! It’s HILARIOUS to watch a group of adults debate a tagline for 6 meetings in a row. I think people try to be clever which is a problem. They need to simplify. Whenever they get to the size of a major corporation, THEN they can try to be all smooth and clever. But till then, your method works great. Thanks for the very NevBox-worthy comment Aki!

1) We provide proven email marketing growth tactics, sent out twice a week in byte-sized lessons via email. Using these tactics, our customers learn how to use email marketing in a way that’s ethical, yet extremely profitable… 2) Newsletter with ethical, yet extremely profitable email marketing growth tactics.

3) Profitable email marketing growth tactics. Hi Neville! First of all, thank you so much for this new “gem post”, it’s very useful and interesting. You know, the italian language is less marketing oriented than english so finding the right and short tagline can be very challenging.

In fact, the Apple tagline here in Italy is NOT translated but it’s kept original and the same goes with other big brands like Mercedes and McDonald’s.

This my personal method: 1) I start with the product name and I try to name it in a way that is super easy to understand and to remember. For example, I’ve created a program called “Easy Clients” which is for entrepreneurs and freelancers. To goal is to teach them how to use the educational marketing strategies in order to get “Easy Clients”, I mean clients that have been informed, educated and so they are ready to buy. 2) for the tagline, I usually start with “How”.

For example: “EASY CLIENTS: how to get a constant flow of contacts and clients through the Internet”. (I hope my translation is not too bad :)) 3) or I use the formula “How to…” + “without…”. For example: “EASY CLIENTS: how to get a constant flow of contacts and clients through the Internet without spending a fortune in ads”… or “without being sale sly” The are many variations of this formula: you can add things like “while … (building a great relationship with your list)…”, or indicate a period of time “within xx days…” Ok, I’ll try your tagline method and let you know the results.

Thank you so much Neville! You are a true inspiration to me. Matteo Hi, appreciate the process suggestion and will try it right away for my business flying.fred Step 1) We make films and showcase you & your beliefs in a way, you haven’t thought about it yourself.

We’ll show the world how we perceive you. You deserve to show the world fully who you are and what makes you click. We’ll capture all that for you in 30 sek & package it in a beautiful video. Step 2.) We make films, and showcase you from our own perspective to get valuable insights about you from the outside. Step 3.) We make films & show the world who you are really.

What I’ve seen here are tag lines for companies with either virtual or physical products. It’s easier to have a tag line when you have an actual product. My company is in the services industry (IT Consulting & Cyber Security). Currently our tag line is: “Think outside of the box.” Which points to a couple of things: taking a different approach to information security and also hiring us to implement products sold by our partner companies such as IBM and Core IT.

Essentially, our clients are hiring us out right out of the box. It took me a while to make such a cliche tag line work but I have to say that our clients love it. In order to get here, I just asked myself one question: What does the person who should hire us want? And that’s where we realized that anyone who uses our services wants to have the experts at bay whenever they purchase a new product or software.

On the IS side they want nonconventional approaches to securing their infrastructure. Tag lines can be truly tricky if you’re offering a service that isnt unique. 1.) Determine exactly what my customer avatar is impressed by the most, what they need the most. 2.) See what my competitors are doing 3.) Speak to my customers desires, not about my product. 4.) short catchy and maybe even rhyme. So for example if I was Kleenex it would be something like “Sneeze at ease” Hey Neville, cool article.

Just a caveat for people who aren’t copywriting geniuses (yet, keep reading Neville’s blog!). You don’t want to use your tagline as a headline on your website, especially if you’re a new business no one knows. I can’t count how many startups I’ve seen try to use “aspirational” taglines (read: meaningless bs) as headlines on their landing pages.

Don’t. Do. It. You’re not Nike. You’re not Apple. People don’t know you. People have no fucking idea what you mean when you write shit like “Make your ideas a reality” or whatever. Until people know what you do and why they should care, stick to a clear headline that describes your main benefits.

So small, yet so powerful. By simply changing the tagline on my freelance profile, I raised a number of job invitations I get from 2-3 per month to several per day, even when I raised my hourly rate for 150%. My bio and portfolio stayed just the same as they were before. It is kind of a headline in my case, because my freelance profile is my landing page. People don’t know you, that’s true. But they don’t really care who you are. It is important that your tagline expresses the solution to their problem (whether in direct or subtle way).

In that case a tagline can be a great headline. But that also depends on the niche, and/or writer’s skill. However, I do agree that there is a lot of bs and people who have no idea what they do (and I was in their shoes, too), but failures are part of learning/growing process.

Thanks for helping during the way, Neville! Help!! I’m opening a home decor/gifts business that will be online and storefront. I’m creating a tag line to add to my social media accounts following my business name only because my business name is already taken on some social media sites and such. Does “Inspired Living” sound too aspirational?

I didn’t want to do something generic like “home decor & gifts.” Any help would be greatly appreciated. • Hey Nev, Awesome post. Quick question: WPEngine, SumoMe, and WeWork are all pretty techy, and have very unique value propositions.

Thus, it might be a *bit* easier to find a unique slogan. What’s your top 3 suggestions for a real estate agent looking for a great slogan? IMHO: Real estate value props are A LOT harder to make unique.

Excited to see your reply, Tyler Hey Tyler, great question. I would just follow the same 3 step formula as above: (I’m just using Austin as an example. Step 1.) I search for properties in Austin and let investors know which one’s are the absolute best value and will get them the highest return on investment. Step 2.) I get people looking to invest in Austin real estate the best deals. Step 3.) The Investors Choice. … I just followed the same process as above and got a cool tagline: “The Investors Choice.” Also I think for a real estate agent that their tagline is going to be relatively unimportant as say a large network of people.

Hope this helps! Thanks for this info on how to get an appropriate tag line and also cementing that , that alone does not guarantee good business. Well done. I just recently acquire a business that sell cosmetics, fragrances, toiletries and wears of different brand where authenticity and correct pricing is important.

It is an upscale environment but I however would want to satisfy every purse Can you please advice? Next Office Hours: Thurs, Dec 27th, 8pm CST Thurs, Jan 10th, 8pm CST Thurs, Jan 24th, 8pm CST Beginner Copywriter Guides: Copywriting Guides: Email Guides & Templates: Content Marketing Guides: Copywriter Mentality: Generators & Calculators: Consulting: Office Hrs: 1 Session: 4 Sessions: 8 Sessions: Follow KopywritingKourse: Personal Blog Twitter LinkedIn Instagram Facebook YouTube

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