Best compatible zodiac signs for pisces

best compatible zodiac signs for pisces

Zodiac Sign Compatibility for Marriage. According to Western astrology, the movement and alignment of celestial bodies such as stars and planets has an influence in our lives, destinies Pisces is a Water sign, and it includes people born from about February the 19th and March the 20th. Piscians are ruled by Neptune, and they are thought to be good at negotiating, coming up with new solutions for everyone's sake and adapting, but they can also be lazy and tend to avoid their problems as far as possible to preserve their feelings The Best Zodiac Signs for Wealth. Leo and Pisces Compatibility: Love, Friendship, Work.

best compatible zodiac signs for pisces

What Zodiac Signs Are Compatible With Pisces? The Pisces horoscope compatibility indicates that the Fish is one of the most sensitive and profound of the zodiac signs.

They are also endowed with creativity, imagination and are very sympathetic to the feelings of others. Pisces zodiac compatibility suggests that the Pisces native loves to maintain a low profile, often deliberately keeping their distance from the limelight. Pisces Natives Are Most Compatible With: Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn There is a powerful magnetic attraction between the Pisces and the Scorpio zodiac signs, according to Pisces best compatibility.

Though different in natures, their traits are exceedingly complimentary, so that while the wishes to be the leader of the relationship, the Pisces native is happy to be the follower as it comes with the perk of protection.

And, Pisces love compatibility suggests that both the signs are interested in finding out what is beyond the known, so they keep experimenting, even in bed, which makes for a very satisfactory relationship. Pisces compatibility suggests that they are also very compatible with the Cancer natives, because both the signs are compassionate and can understand each others' needs very well.

While the Fish is good at imagining things, the Cancer native has the ability to actually make them come to fruition, so it is a relationship cut out perfectly for the long run. When it comes to a with the Capricorn native, Pisces compatibility indicates that though both sings differ widely, they tend to compliment each other's strengths and weaknesses.

The pragmatic Capricorn provides the means to keep the flighty Fish grounded. Also, Pisces love compatibility suggests that the Pisces native will be only too willing to let the Goat take the lead role, even in bed. Pisces Natives Are Least Compatible With: Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius Though the natives begin a relationship with a bang, it soon runs out of steam, as their different traits are likely to jar on each other, as per Pisces compatibility. While the Fish is an introvert, the Libra is an extrovert and neither will be able to accept the other as they are.

Even physical relations between the two are unlikely to be satisfactory, according to Pisces compatibility. The Gemini natives’ frivolous attitude sometimes can get under the skin of the Fish, as per Pisces compatibility. Their natures tend to work at cross-purposes, and a relationship between the two is unlikely to ever work. The Pisces compatibility chart indicates that though they may initially get physically attracted to each other, things will soon fizzle out. Pisces compatibility studies suggest the Fish crave for a lot of attention and caring in a relationship, which the freedom-loving Sagittarius native be unable to provide.

Moreover, Pisces compatibility suggests that even if they get into bed together, they are unlikely to enjoy the session and will make sure not to hook up again.

best compatible zodiac signs for pisces

best compatible zodiac signs for pisces - #LoveCompatibility

best compatible zodiac signs for pisces

What are the best Zodiac signs for compatibility in friendship, love and marriage? In part 2 of my special expert reports on Zodiac sign compatibility I reveal the four most compatible Zodiac signs. If you have not already read part one of my you should do so now before you read this report. Once you fully understand the meaning of compatibility and matches between the signs of the Zodiac you will then be able to understand why I have chosen these signs.

As I have mentioned already when it comes to compatibility there is really no such thing as completely compatible Zodiac signs. We all are collection of our experiences and our backgrounds as well as our Zodiac signs tendencies. Our Zodiac signs tend to push our personality a certain direction. It doesn’t completely dictate our personality, but it does make things predictable because people tend to follow their predispositions more often that they care to admit.

Based on these facts, here are four of the most compatible zodiac signs in 2014. Sagittarius Zodiac Sign The fact that Sagittarius is one of the most compatible of all the Zodiac signs should not come as a surprise; the Sagittarius after all is one of the friendliest Zodiac signs.

In fact in my experience it is very hard to not get along with Sagittarius. Sagittarius gets along with everybody not because he or she mirrors people’s emotions. Sagittarius is not a Gemini after all. Sagittarius gets along with everybody because Sagittarius is very accepting.

He or she knows that people have different personality quirks. Sagittarius knows that people have negative sides and good sides. Most importantly, Sagittarius is perfectly happy with this. Sagittarius doesn’t want to change this reality and accepts it, compare that with Virgo Zodiac sign. Virgo has these ideals and if the world doesn’t fit those ideals then it’s the world’s fault. It’s not uncommon to see Virgo signs walking around feeling disappointed.

They might not express it, but deep down they feel disappointed and feel that there is something off with life because it doesn’t match this ideal picture they have in their heads. Not the Sagittarius. Sagittarius looks at the world the way it is and makes the best of things. Most importantly, from the perspective of friendships and relationships compatibility, Sagittarius tends to look at people and their lives from the best possible angle.

In other words, they look at a person based on their fullest potential. They might have a friend who may have fallen into drug addiction or smoking addiction or some sort of addiction instead of looking at that friend and saying ‘Well, this is an addict. This person is worthless because this person is an addict’. Sagittarius is able to divorce the value of the person with what that person does.

This is why Sagittarius is so loved by many other Zodiac signs. This level of acceptance while still being rooted in reality is not very common. The downside to Sagittarius Zodiac compatibility is that they can be quite superficial.

In other words, they can accept you after a certain level, but the friendship doesn’t really progress deeper than that. For some reasons, Sagittarius can’t really take it all the way and become intimate friends with all his or her friends.

In a very real sense, Sagittarius is friends with many people and very-very popular, but very few people truly know the Sagittarius. That is the paradox of the Sagittarius. That is the dilemma of the Sagittarius. Interestingly enough, Sagittarius is more than happy with this that they accept it; they just shrug their shoulders and move on.

That’s why Sagittarius tends to do well in life. They have this great ability to get along with everybody, be accepting, try hard to change things and make things right, but they always find a way to be happy with the results. • Zodiac Sign Love Compatibility Score: 91% • Zodiac Sign Friendship Compatibility Score: 78% • Zodiac Sign Marriage Compatibility Score: 85% Pisces and Gemini Zodiac Signs This Zodiac compatibility is a little controversial so please read this carefully.

It is well known that Pisces and Gemini can be very nasty enemies. Pisces is very emotional and Gemini can often be misunderstood as some sort of emotional traitor or backstabber or liar.

So why is this combination designated as to one of the most compatible Zodiac signs? Well, if you put two developed people together, like a mature Pisces and a mature Gemini, this combination can actually produce really great things.

Not just for other people around, not just for work or for academic purposes, but also for the partners involved. Pisces and Gemini if they develop a truly deep friendship or deep relationship are actually highly complementary Zodiac signs and extremely well matched in friendship and love. The problem arises when Gemini changes. Gemini is a Zodiac sign that is based on the twin. There’s two sides and two or more faces to Gemini.

Many people feel betrayed by Gemini when it shows different faces. They think they know one face. The problem is they tend to view Gemini as only having one face. That’s their fault. They didn’t really accept Gemini fully. If you learn to love and accept Gemini fully, you would know that the many other faces and you wouldn’t be surprised. This is what makes love relationship with a Gemini particularly problematic for Pisces.

Zodiac sign friendship compatibility The Pisces is so emotionally in tune and are big on emotional authenticity that when they see a seemingly different face of their Gemini partner, they feel betrayed. However if you take a fully mature and develop Pisces into a relationship with a Gemini, you can see that Pisces will probably take the time to fully know the Gemini. Once this happens, there will be no feelings of betrayal. Instead, the strong points of bull signs come out.

Pisces is very big in terms of creativity, in terms of emotional debt and emotional reality. Gemini on the other hand can get along with a lot of people because it’s a master at emotional mirroring.

Put these two together and Gemini can be a great spokesperson for all the emotional truths and creative ideas that the Pisces produces. This combination can produce great and long term relationships but just be warned – on the other hand it can also produce great trouble as well.

• Zodiac Sign Love Compatibility Score: 87% • Zodiac Sign Friendship Compatibility Score: 68% • Zodiac Sign Marriage Compatibility Score: 75% Pisces and Aquarius Zodiac Signs One of the most common features of Zodiac compatibility charts are the pairing of Pisces and Aquarius Zodiac signs.

Pisces is very big on emotions. It has a lot of emotional material to work with. Aquarius on the other hand is very big on ideas.

If you put these two together, you have a dynamic dual. It can change the world. When Pisces people fully develop their emotional authenticity and they are completely honest with themselves, they can be quite persuasive people. If you pair this trait with Aquarius predisposition for ideas, you might have a very strong combination.

You might have a business that can solve all sorts of problems and add value to many people’s lives. You can have a love relationship that never gets boring and becomes emotionally richer with each passing day. You might have two great parents that can nurture children to live life to the fullest.

In reality, that’s all we are. We are ideas and emotions. With the right focus, with the Right discipline and with the right inputs, there’s no telling what we can do with the potential that we have and this makes the Pisces and Aquarius one of the most compatible of all the Zodiac signs.

• Zodiac Sign Love Compatibility Score: 97% • Zodiac Sign Friendship Compatibility Score: 93% • Zodiac Sign Marriage Compatibility Score: 91% Capricorn and Taurus Zodiac Signs Money makes the world go round and when it comes to two Zodiac signs that love money and what it can buy, nothing beats Taurus and Capricorn combination.

This is a couple that can make money whether we’re talking about business partnership or romantic relationship. When Capricorn and Taurus get together be sure to listen for cash registers going off. This is a money making combination. They are very compatible because they tend to look at the world in the same way. Taurus can be the face of the relationship.

Taurus takes charge. Taurus likes to be the centre of attention and can be a very strong presence. However, Taurus has internal debates, has internal contradictions.

Many times, Taurus comes out strong because it’s really driven by doubt. It only achieves and tries to win because deep down it feels like a loser. In a very real sense, many Taurus people suffer from low self-esteem.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are losers because they are in the worlds eyes winners. They take first price. They achieve a lot of things. They make a lot of money, but deep down they feel that something is missing. Capricorn on the other hand doesn’t have these internal contradictions. Capricorn is a worker. Capricorn sees a goal and keeps blasting away at that goal until that goal gives way and then he or she moves on to the next goal.

Capricorn is methodical. With a Taurus partner, Capricorn can achieve all sorts of things. Capricorn is very easy to underestimate because it’s easy to think Capricorn people are boring, but with a Taurus spokesperson or a Taurus public persona, Capricorn can really blow away the competition. More importantly, from a romantic and emotional perspective, Capricorn’s stability can help the Taurus get over his or her internal dilemmas and truly live up to the fullness of the Taurus personality.

In other words, Capricorn can help the Taurus mature. Capricorn just by its reliability and its loyalty can heal Taurus from within. Taurus on the other hand can help Capricorn stop being timid. How can this be, we already said that the Capricorn is a hard worker.

That is precisely the problem. Capricorn is such a hard worker that they don’t really focus on becoming the center of attention or going for top prize, they just focus on the work. Taurus on the other hand zeros in on the top prize. So if you put these two together, you really do have a very successful relationship on many rare, emotional and spiritual levels.

• Zodiac Sign Love Compatibility Score: 91% • Zodiac Sign Friendship Compatibility Score: 88% • Zodiac Sign Marriage Compatibility Score: 87% My Final Thoughts on the Best Zodiac Sign Compatibility What do you think about my top four matches for Zodiac sign compatibility?

Do you agree with the signs I have chosen as my most compatible or does your own life experience suggest other signs? Although I spend many weeks preparing these reports and countless hours studying the Zodiac I always love to hear opinions and thoughts from my readers.

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best compatible zodiac signs for pisces

People usually pay special attention to the section of astrology dedicated to the Zodiac Signs Compatibility. Here is information about the representatives of the 12 celestial constellations and their love compatibility. Thus, you can easily check how the relations with representatives of these signs will develop.

Western scientists distinguish four natural elements: Fire and Air (active), Earth and Water (passive). They are able to predetermine the temperament and destinies of people, their compatibility in a family union. The combination of celestial constellations of each pair of natural primary elements, both among themselves and with each other, is quite natural: Air promotes the firing of Fire, and Water makes the Earth fertile, filling it with moisture.

In combinations of signs of the Zodiac with different parity, such as: Fire-Water, Fire-Earth, Air-Water, Air-Earth - there is a lack of creative basis. Some pairs are antagonistic, which can lead to destructive consequences in family life. In astrology, it is believed that the multi-pole elements are poorly matched, and partners with a dominant horoscope of the same element are quite difficult to get along together. For long and harmoniously developed love relationships, the combination of different elements is the most successful.

Compatibility of the elements of the zodiacal belts can significantly affect the business and financial spheres of man, and be both absolutely ideal and completely incompatible.

The location of cosmic talismans relative to each other on the zodiacal circle will prompt a more detailed description of the partnership interaction. Knowledge of how the signs of the zodiac unite, allow you to better understand your inner world and the nature of another person, build harmonious relationships in your personal life, choose a partner for marriage, and learn how to interact correctly with others.

It is important to be able to correctly correlate the western cosmic constellations with the natural elements controlled by them.

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