Best cs go matchmaking

best cs go matchmaking

Majors generally deliver the best CS:GO matches. Rivals clashing, underdogs upsetting and the general hype that leads up to the tournament. Every time rivals like Fnatic and Ninjas in Pyjamas, Luminosity and Na’vi, EnvyUs and Astralis face each other, a hell of a game is bound to happen There is something about offline games that brings the best out of some players. Matches that one team is heavily favoured to win, turn out to be a thriller. G2 Esports (Maikelele, Rain, Fox, JKaem, dennis) versus the clear favorite EnvyUs (Happy, KioShima, KennyS, Apex, NBK) at the Dreamhack Cluj-Napoca Major in 2015 was the most intense underdog match I have ever watched. It had everything. Two insanely close games, star players stepping it up and was just a barn burner in every single aspect.

best cs go matchmaking

There have been some thrilling Majors throughout Counter Strike: Global Offensive's history. Close matches, three game thrillers, overtime, you name it, odds are a CS:GO Major has had it. There are five in particular that had a lot of action and had fans sweating throughout the finals.

The five best Major finals of all time certainly provided that thrill and some slight heart attacks for fans. 5. PGL Major Krakow 2017 - Gambit vs. Immortals The PGL Major Krakow Final was one that saw the Brazilian side Immortals take on Gambit Esports in what was a close contest that went to a third map. Immortals squeaked out of the group, but grew as the event progressed and proceeded to smash Gambit 16-4 on the first map. But, Gambit bounced back and took the next two maps by closer margins to win their first Major.

4. ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta 2017 - Astralis vs. The ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta 2017 Grand Final featured take on Astralis. made their way rather easily through groups, while Astralis struggled to a 3-2 record. Astralis knocked off some big names en route to the final, however. They took down Natus Vincere and Fnatic. faced a strong North team and a very good SK Gaming side, but they pushed on and made it to the final.

The series was very close throughout. took the first map 16-12 on Nuke. Astralis countered by taking the next two maps, both with scores of 16-14, to win Atlanta. 3. ESL One Cologne 2014 - Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. Fnatic Ninjas in Pyjamas made it to five straight finals of Majors from 2013-2015 and were only able to win one of them.

But, at Cologne 2014 they were able to win one of those finals and beat Fnatic. They started strong winning the first match on Cobblestone 16-11, but dropped the next map 16-8. NiP kept their composure and closed out the series on Inferno 16-13.

That win still stands as their only CS:GO Major victory. 2. ESL One Katowice 2015 - Fnatic vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas These two sides played out three Major finals with Fnatic winning two of the three. This championship in particular was one of the more high octane and intense finals. Fnatic didn't want to just win, they wanted revenge for their loss at ESL One Cologne 2014. The Grand Final again went the distance to a third map.

This time, Fnatic took the first map before dropping map two to NiP. Fnatic kept their composure and clinched it on Inferno 16-13 to win their second Major title. 1. ELEAGUE Major: Boston - Cloud9 vs. FaZe Clan The best Major final of all time has to go to the most recent Major: FaZe Clan vs.

Cloud9 at ELEAGUE Major: Boston. The first North American side to win a Major in a classic match that will go down in the record books. Cloud9 were on the verge of elimination, with an 0-2 record in group play before sweeping all comers to make it to the final. They eliminated G2 Esports, SK Gaming and then beat FaZe Clan en route to the championship.

FaZe won the first map 16-14 before Cloud9 bounced back with a commanding performance on Overpass to win 16-10. Then, on Inferno, it was one of the craziest maps ever played. Cloud9 won 22-19 after both sides forced overtime at one point.

It was an instant classic and will be hard to top at future Majors.

best cs go matchmaking

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best cs go matchmaking

Here you can find the following topics: • 1. How to play CS GO Matchmaking & Basics of a Ranked Match • 2. About Prime Matchmaking • 3. Valves new Trust-Factor (important read) • 4. All CS GO ranks (extra article) • 5. CS GO Elo analysis + How to rank up (extra article) • 6. Bans & Time Bans • 7. Is the CS GO matchmaking good or not? 1. What is CS GO Matchmaking & How can I play it? In CS GO you can play different game modes, the most exciting and most played is of course the CS GO matchmaking game mode.

In these ranked matches you play based on your and will be queued against players with equal skill. The performance gets rewarded with a suitable . The CS GO matchmaking mode is also called CS GO classic competitive mode or CS GO ranked mode. For the CS GO matchmaking Valve created more factors to improve the competition and to make it fair at all: Valve added Prime Matchmaking, the Trust Factor and the ban system.

Requirements to play CS GO matchmaking: To play CS GO ranked matches, players just need to get to level 2 in the . The profile ranks are just a personal level system that does not have impact on CS GO matchmaking. This keeps fast smurfs away, but of course it is still easy to enter ranked matches.

How to get a matchmaking rank: To get a CS GO rank icon you have to win 10 matchmaking games, while the maximum is two per day. This means in the best case you need 5 days to get a CS GO rank. After getting the rank, the limitation is removed. This is a system to prevent new players who rush too fast into matchmaking games.

Basics of a matchmaking game: • CS GO matchmaking games can be searched alone, but also with team mates. To ensure a fair game there is a maximum allowed gap between the skill ranks (5 ranks difference is max). If 5 players group up, any skill difference is allowed. • To play CS GO matchmaking games, a search time is calculated based on the map pool and the rank, once 10 players that fit together are found the countdown of 20 seconds starts.

Only if everyone accepts, the ranked match will start. • A CS GO matchmaking game takes place between 10 players in a 5vs5, the game starts when everyone has successfully connected to the server. • The mode is Best of 30, this means the team that reaches 16 round wins first, wins the game.

If both teams have 15 wins, the game ends with a draw. • After 15 rounds the sides T/CT switch. • Each round has a starting time of 10 seconds and a fixed maximum time of 120 seconds, the end sequence is about 8 seconds. Doing the math each CS GO game requires an average of 50 minutes to accomplish but some stomps can be much faster. • Every player starts with the same amount of money, each kill in the game gets rewarded with more cash.

A big part of the game is the correct timing and behaviour how to use the money individually but also as a team to make the right decisions. • When a player disconnects from the game, he has 180 seconds to reconnect, if he wants to come back at all, this time window is fair enough. • The better team brings the win home and the winning team players will have a higher chance to .

2. CS GO Prime Matchmaking Prime Matchmaking anticipates the impact of cheaters, trolls and smurfs to improve the overall quality of CS GO competitive games. How to get Prime Matchmaking The requirements for the CS GO Prime Matchmaking are: • Level 21 in the profile ranks (Lieutenant) OR a . • Deposit and verify your real mobile phone number. • Activate the CS GO Prime Matchmaking in a lobby.

Now the CS GO matchmaking system will only queue players against each other who have also Prime Matchmaking enabled. Same goes for groups, if at least one player has no Prime, the whole lobby can’t search for Prime Matchmaking. 3. Valves new CS GO Trust-Factor Valve realized that the Prime Matchmaking system is not perfect and needs to be adjusted. In 2017 the CS GO Trust Factor came into play: The Trust Factor estimates a players reliability with a set of mixed factors.

The Problem The Prime Matchmaking system was too rough. While it ensured a better gameplay for all Prime players, it did the exact opposite for all non Prime players.

The ultimate free for all anarchy and an empire for all smurfs, cheaters and trolls were born. Even players who could play Prime could voluntarily play without Prime. But for which reasons? The Solution The CS GO Trust Factor estimates a players range of behaviour. What are the factors that come together in the Trust Factor?

• The CS GO overall playtime as well as the Steam play time of other games. • How many reports did the player and how many times got he reported?

• The overall behaviour in Counterstrike Global Offensive and Steam. • Be a positive member of the community and the Trust will increase. • Possible Factors: Amount of kicks, leaving rate and so on. It is not possible to calculate or view your own Trust-Factor, Valve is taking this secretly.

Players with an equal Trust factor get queued against each other. This leads to a great gameplay for serious players.

Valve claims that the system seems to work and that it was the right call. The CS GO Trust factor will be adjusted over time to ensure a great gameplay. Well this is just the opinion of Valve – while we think it made the game better, still many ruiners troll around in higher matches.

What do you think of the Trust system? 4. All CS GO Matchmaking ranks In CS GO matchmaking games, players can achieve one of 18 skill group ranks.

We recommend reading our , with cool insights. Did you know that you are better than average if you reach Gold Nova 3? 5. How to rank up in CS GO Matchmaking (CS GO Matchmaking Elo) Is it real, is there are value behind the CS GO ranking system?

What is the key to rank up fast? I took a close look onto this question . What is your real rank? 6. CS GO Matchmaking Bans Ohhhhhhh you got banned! The CS GO Matchmaking ban system: Valve needs to have a ban system, to punish offense people who insult or threaten other people and ruin games on purpose.

To prevent these players from taking part in the CS GO matchmaking, valve has the ban system. The CS GO ban system has multiple stages to increase the penalty ascending. GSLT Ban – not meeting the server hosting rules 8 days ban Ruining games on purpose (trough Overwatch) 30 days ban Using CS GO cheats (trough Overwatch or Valve Anti-Cheat VAC) permanent ban What can lead to a CS GO Matchmaking ban? So what is it, people get bans for? • Two matchmaking wins on new accounts, lead to a matchmaking ban.

• Leaving a CS GO matchmaking game. • Beeing AFK for a long time. • Getting kicked too often and also trying to kick other players too often! • Teamkills, shooting too often at teammates. • As a server admin: deactivating the game server login tokens. • Griefing: Any behaviour that ruins the game, like flaming & trolling. • Cheating: Of course, cheating in CS GO and using third party software is the biggest rule you can break and it will lead in a permanent ban.

Is the CS GO Matchmaking good or not? The CS GO matchmaking is always under pressure, many people hate it and some love it. But the most important thing is: The CS GO competitive mode is the most played game mode. It is demanding, it makes fun, it is hard. It throws 10 players into a battle field and in a short time it will be exposed if you fail or bring the victory home!

This is touching man, losing is hard, some can’t even deal with a loss. Good players try to learn from a lose and think about how to make it better next time. In my opinion, the CS GO matchmaking system works quite well, it got better in the past seasons. There will always be a or cheaters, but Valve is taking this serious and many games reach a high level.

What do you think about the CS GO matchmaking system? What should Valve change? Gaming News, Guides & MoreOn you can find News and Guides for many different Online Games like Fortnite Battle Royale, Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne & Warcraft 3 Reforged or Counterstrike CS GO! Find useful Tools, Patchnotes, Downloads and Tips & Tricks to maximize your gaming experience!

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