Best dating a pilot long distance relationships

best dating a pilot long distance relationships

If you want to keep your long distance relationship healthy while simultaneously keeping you and your partner healthy as well, you can also resolve to exercise together. Whether you talk on your Bluetooth when you’re out on a run, have a set time when you do push-ups together or are able to take advantage of the different apps that allow you to track each other’s progress, exercising together enables you to stay fit while showing how well you fit together as a couple Whether you want to brush up on your French, dig into the world of web design or write your first TV pilot, you and your partner can connect on a deeper level by jointly learning new skills and hearing new ideas. Remember, when you sign up for a class together, you’ll likely learn a lot about each other as well.

best dating a pilot long distance relationships

Due to my line of work as a full-time pilot, people sometimes assume that I don’t have the time for a committed relationship. It’s certainly not easy to have a girlfriend when I’m traveling from country to country. But, believe it or not, there are ways to make a long distance relationship work. Both parties have to be fully committed to each other and their relationship.

They can also agree to . You need a high level of trust for this, though. Here are a few ways to have a successful long distance relationship. Meet Each Others’ Needs Everyone has different needs in a relationship; one partner might like texting every few hours, while the another prefers a phone call every other day instead.

This doesn’t change when a relationship goes long distance. What does change is that meeting each other’s needs becomes a little more difficult. Be sure to communicate with your partner and find out what type of communication they’d prefer.

A few examples are video chat, phone calls, texting, and streaming movies together online. Even a cell phone spy app can help you feel connected. This kind of program will allow you to , online activity, and GPS location.

You should also establish how frequently you both want to talk to each other. Have an End Date Visiting each other can feel like a vacation, but you should make plans to eventually live together. Ideally, a long distance relationship shouldn’t be permanent. It’s much better for both parties when there’s an end date in sight, where you two can be together in person again. I’m not talking about just visiting each other when possible. Besides that, you should eventually so you can share your daily lives.

I may be constantly traveling for work, but I’m at home in Philly when I’m off. That’s why I usually try to date other people within this city. Don’t Put Your Life on Hold You need to , whether your significant other is by your side or not.

Don’t put off trying new things and spending time with friends because your love isn’t physically there with you. Both of you need to continue living your lives, even though you can’t be together right now. Don’t lose sight of your hobbies and the other things in life that bring you joy. Depending too much on your boyfriend or girlfriend, or building your entire life around them, can lead to unhealthy codependency. Fortunately, long distance relationships aren’t as hard as they used to be.

Technology and social media have made it easier to keep in touch. Plus, there are mobile apps available to help you stay connected, such as a cell phone spy tracker. If you’re interested in learning more about why you should use social media, .

best dating a pilot long distance relationships

best dating a pilot long distance relationships - Dating Tips for a Long Distance Relationship

best dating a pilot long distance relationships

1. Trust each other You're probably reading this, and thinking to yourself, duh. That's an obvious one for any relationship. But for a long distance relationship to work, trust has to be a huge priority. Jealousy is going to play a role in any relationship. You need to both know, with certainty, that neither of you is going to do anything you wouldn't want your significant other to know about. When you talk to each other, you will tell each other about people in your lives.

And you need to know that just because one of you is spending time with someone that you could be attracted to that it is platonic and will not undermine your relationship. I wish I had some good tips for building trust. It is difficult to do when you are not near each other.

That's why it's a really hard one for long distance. You have to speak with both actions and words, and speak with sincerity. The best advice that I can give is that you need to tell each other that you trust each other.

Telling someone you trust them encourages them to live up to that trust, and to trust you as well. If you are suspicious of every action they do, they will start hiding things from you. It's easy to hide stuff if you want to when you don't live near each other. That's why you need to make a point to be open about what you do and about your trust for each other. 2. Have something to look forward to Whether it's an upcoming visit, a phone call, a letter, or a Skype date, it is important to have something to look forward to.

Something that you can count the days to each other until it happens. When you don't know the next time you are going to see each other, it is easy to feel down.

So make something to look forward to. Nothing feels as good as seeing the days in a countdown get lower. This will keep positivity in your relationship and make being away from each other seem like it lasts less time. 3. Talk about your life, even if it seems meaningless We tell each other most of what is going on in our lives. Even the small stuff. When you think about it, it is often the small stuff that keeps a relationship going. Of course I will tell Lars if something bigger happens in my life, like getting a good grade on an assignment, but I also tell him lots and lots of little stuff, like the corny joke my professor says during class.

Keeping a connection to each other's lives is really difficult in a long distance relationship. That's why you should tell each other seemingly meaningless things, things that mean a lot to the person who can't see you when they want to. I love hearing about anything he's doing, whether it's deciding how to best exclude pomegranate seeds from a smoothie, or planning out his future career directions. The small stuff counts. 4. Send pictures This is one of my favorite things that we do.

Luckily, we have technology to help us through our long distance relationship. I like to send Lars pictures on days that I am feeling particularly cute, or sometimes to illustrate what I'm doing. This helps us feel like we are participating more in each other's lives.

Or if we miss each other a lot, we can ask each other to send pictures to picture ourselves being together. We send each other pictures a lot. Lars at his desk at work. Me with a pile of books. Laying on your pillow at night. Trying on clothes. The first successful omelette I ever made (mine always turn into scrambled eggs). The title picture from this post is from pictures we have sent to each other. This is a great way to include each other in daily life without actually being together.

5. Make contact, even if only for a few minutes You don't get to see each other often, so you have to make up for it. Lars works two jobs and is a busy guy. My schedule is more flexible, so we usually try to find time on his breaks. He calls me on his walk to work, or his lunch break. I use him as an excuse for study breaks. We have longer Skype sessions on the weekends when we are both free.

Take advantage of the little time you have (especially if you're in different time zones!!). The first time around, when I was still in Chicago and Lars was in Florida, he spent about a month working the night shift. It was really hard for us to find time to talk. That's why regular contact in little bits is so great. 6. Skype dates. Like, actual dates. This might seem silly, but it is actually wonderful.

It is great to video chat with each other no matter what, but I love when we set little dates. It's our way of having dates even though we aren't together. Some examples: • Watch a movie at the same time. You can talk to each other and see each other's reactions. • Cook a meal at the same time while you talk to each other. • Get ready together in the morning.

• Play a game together. We actually set times for these skype dates and plan ahead. Sometimes they are spontaneous, but it is another one of those things that you can have to look forward to.

One of my favorites was when we both made popcorn and watched Harry Potter together. And ended up falling asleep with the video chat still going.

(check out our post on to see where you can make an amazing custom monopoly board to use on Skype dates!) 7. Express when you're having a hard time It's no secret that long distance relationships are hard. And some times are harder than others. Don't try to keep this inside, thinking it will worry the other person. You're in this relationship together. Talk about when it's difficult for you. Explain why. Keeping contact at these times is critical.

It will help you build your confidence in trust in each other, and it will help you figure out how to get through the most difficult times. Together. 8. Make a point to visit each other, and budget your travel Obviously this one will be different for everyone depending on how far apart you are and how much money you can spend. But we make a point to see each other. Our goal is to see each other once a month, alternating who visits.

This is easily justifiable for us. Just think about how much you would be spending on dates and such when you live near each other, and budget that much for travel. Once a month visits don't seem so expensive compared to weekly dates. And each of us pays for our own travel, but we help each other out too.

Sometimes it makes sense to take turns visiting each other, but sometimes it makes sense for one person to travel more often as well. In our situation, I'm away at school, but Lars is in Chicago near my family.

So when I visit him, I am also visiting home. So it makes sense for me to visit him more often than he visits me because I would be visiting my family anyways. 9. Support each other Another "duh" one. But because you aren't together, you have to be especially clear about supporting each other.

You can't give each other hugs to celebrate accomplishments. You have to use your words. So tell each other what makes you proud of them. Tell each other congratulations for accomplishments, even if they're small (see rule 3).

Don't get mad if one of you doesn't text back for hours because you were working, tell them how proud you are for their dedication. Support and trust go hand in hand, and you need to work especially hard at both for long distance relationships. 10. Always say goodnight One of my favorite things that we do is always say goodnight to each other. Usually through text, sometimes on the phone or on a video call. It is a wonderful way to include each other in your routine.

I can't go to bed without telling him goodnight (or putting on my eye cover). It's also a great opportunity to send a sweet message for the one who goes to bed first to read when they wake up. There is nothing like waking up with a smile. Having each other as part of your daily routine will make you feel closer. And knowing that you will get a goodnight text is one of the little things to look forward to.

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best dating a pilot long distance relationships

If you’re in a long distance relationship, it can be challenging to engage in with your partner. After all, much of the time you share may be spent in different locales, time zones or even separate countries, which means that going out on a will likely have to wait. However, there are many fun and exciting ways for you and your partner to keep your connection strong and stay close even when you’re miles apart.

Watch a Movie Together Sure, you and your partner may not live in the same area, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy this kind of classic date activity. In fact, there are websites that can enable you to watch videos online simultaneously, or you can always sync the time when you want to start a movie to which you both have access (Netflix, anyone?).

And whether you choose a romantic film or not, utilizing speakerphone, FaceTime or Skype while watching a movie together can help to keep the dialogue alive between the two of you. Make a Meal Together Along these same lines, you can always put your laptop in the kitchen and spend a romantic evening or morning with your partner.

Even though you’re cooking for one, you can enjoy the meal together as you virtually stare into each other’s eyes in every respect. And if you’re really looking to create a date-like ambiance, don’t be afraid to light candles, buy flowers and get dressed up for the occasion. While you may not be able to physically reach out and touch each other, these little extra touches can go a long way. Plan Your Next Visit If you’re looking for a fun date activity, why not focus on what you’ll be doing the next time you’re together?

Will you walk hand-in-hand to a farmers market? Have a picnic in the park? Hit up a local jazz club? When you’re able to talk to each other about all of the fun, excitement, and romance that you’re going to have the next time you’re with one another, it can help keep you jazzed up about your relationship in general.

Compete in Online Games If you have a competitive side, there are plenty of online games you can play with your partner that can make for a spirited date night.

In fact, there are even websites specifically designed for couples in long distance relationships who are looking for a little friendly competition. Whether you choose a board game from your childhood or a card game geared toward adults, taking advantage of game night can be a great way to keep your relationship ahead of the game. Plan a Vacation Together Another exciting night activity is to plan your ideal vacation together.

For instance, would you prefer a beach destination or do you long for skiing and snow? By opening up about your dream vacations, this can actually create the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to open up about other hopes and desires as well, including the ones that pertain to your future as a couple.

It’s also interesting to note that there are websites that actually enable you to take a virtual vacation together, which means you can share a unique experience with your partner without having to share a suitcase. Exercise Together If you want to keep your long distance relationship healthy while simultaneously keeping you and your partner healthy as well, you can also resolve to exercise together.

Whether you talk on your Bluetooth when you’re out on a run, have a set time when you do push-ups together or are able to take advantage of the different apps that allow you to track each other’s progress, exercising together enables you to stay fit while showing how well you fit together as a couple.

Take an Online Class Together If you and your partner share a love of learning, there are many different online courses that you can enroll in together. Whether you want to brush up on your French, dig into the world of web design or write your first TV pilot, you and your partner can connect on a deeper level by jointly learning new skills and hearing new ideas.

Being In A Long Distance Relationship
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